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Part 25: Operation Crimson Hook

Operation Crimson Hook

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Control: Operation Crimson Hook. A hostage situation has developed at a meat packing facility in Pilar, Argentina. In response to a request from the Argentine government, RAINBOW is being deployed to resolve the situation. Your mission is to secure the hostages and eliminate their captors.

Clark: According to police reports, a night watchman interrupted some intruders in the act of destroying company records at the plant. He was killed, but not before he managed to call the police. When the cops arrived, however, they found that the burglars had taken hostages, including a few night-shift managers. They also found that they were taking AK-47 fire whenever they got close to the building, so they pulled back and waited for the terrorists' next move. Now here's where it gets really interesting. Those managers call some of the most powerful politicians in Argentina "Mommy" and "Daddy," and they all seem to have gotten their jobs as political favors to their parents. Who gave them those jobs? Why, Mr. Gospic from Cayman Brac did. He just happens to have a small ownership share in the meat-packing operation. That, incidentally, is why a request was made for "the men in black." We can figure out the puzzle behind this later, though. Right now we've got at least two dead hostages and a threat to kill another one on the hour if we don't meet their demands. Get to work.

Sweeney: We're starting to find some links here. The story we're being told on the estate incident is that a member of the household staff took advantage of Gospic's absence. He'd run up debts with some local smugglers, and to pay them off he offered the house as a base of operations. It's a good story, but it's difficult to verify. It seems that the employee in question, a gardener named Michael Curry, was found conveniently dead afterwords. Very neat; one bullet to the back of the head. Not at all what you'd expect in a firefight. In any case, it turns out that Mr. Gospic owns a minority share in the meat-packing operation you're going to be liberating. He also has his fingers in a dozen other industries, ranging from shipping to oil exploration in Venezuela, and one of his companies made a massive contribution to the campaign fund of a far right-wing presidential candidate named Alvaro Gutierrez. Gutierrez is quite a character himself. He's got support from a half-dozen neo-fascist organizations, but he's been good at maintaining a politically appropriate distance. Intel has, however, managed to link him to the terrorists from Switzerland. It seems he helped a few of them get their passports. The final piece of the puzzle we've got in hand comes from the terrorists in the meat packing plant. Several of their demands reiterate those made by the shipyard terrorists in Bergen. There's something here we're not seeing.

Objectives: Rescue all three hostages; Neutralize all terrorists