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Part 10: Operation Red Wolf

Operation Red Wolf

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Control: Last night members of the "Free Europe" terrorist organization raided a celebration in Brussels honoring the first production run of the new European Union currency. Your mission is to rescue the dignitaries who have been taken hostage.

Clark: This is another Global Security screw-up. They're spread too thin. They've got all their best people in Sydney for the opening ceremonies of the summer games and they're neglecting the rest of their operation. Glorified rent-a-cops. The U.S. government's not happy about Idaho. Pending an official inquiry, our sphere of operations is restricted to Europe and the Commonwealth. The only thing that saved us out there was quick thinking on your part. Good work. Dr. Winston's in our lab at Hereford, analyzing the virus samples you recovered. We've got a lot of unanswered questions: What is Phoenix's target? Where did they get the virus in the first place? WHo put up the funding to build that lab complex? Who tipped them off that we were coming? We need answers, and fast.

Winston: I've run some preliminary tests on the samples you brought back from Idaho. The results aren't good. It resembles Ebola Brahma, the filovirus I was studying in Africa, but somehow it's managed to jump the species boundary and attack humans. You saw what it did to those poor people they were testing it on. Within a week of exposure you'll get a fever and convulsions, followed by rapid necrosis of all the major organs: brain, lungs, liver, stomach. We call it crashing and bleeding out -- it's a horrible way to go. If this bug gets into the general population it'll be like the Black Death on a global scale -- a pandemic, hundreds of millions dead. This isn't a virus -- it's a doomsday device. I'm sequencing now. Once I get the results back I may be able to figure out how Phoenix managed to get hold of an agent like this.

Objectives: Rescue all hostages