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Part 4: Boy Meets Leebles

Update 4 - Boy Meets Leebles

Storage Area

Having got his bedtime story, the boy was able to get some sleep.

*Knocking is heard*

You came back!
I told you I would.
So the Doctor told me you were wandering around the backspace. That place is like a construction zone right now, man. Seems awfully dangerous to go there just for a book...
It's not just a book.
It's been in our family for generations.
My grandmother used to read it to my Mom when she was a kid.
Ah, so you got it back for your ma?

It's special to both of us.
Special to that old homeless guy, too. The silver on the side probably sells for a lot...
He was hungry...
He was probably just trying to make you feel sorry for him so you wouldn't tell on him.

Jeez Yami, you're being a little brat.

He should have felt sorry for you. You're the one stuck in the hospital. He could leave anytime. But you...

What the fuck kid?

Oh hey man, I'm sorry for saying that...

You don't just walk back "You're going to die".

It's okay...'s true.

Yami, I'm going to kill you.

If it makes you feel better, I'm stuck here too. We can be stuck here together.
You're right...
Thanks, Yami.

Sorry man, I should go.
I hope you get better.

*fade to black*

These Grey Walls (hospital)

Hi Mom.
Hi sweetie... did you sleep okay?
Oh... what's the matter?
I wish I could go to Morizora and ask him to grant me a wish, but...
I know it's not real.
I'm just stuck here forever, aren't I?

Dammit Yami, I'm gonna turn on your sink and leave it on.

Now I wasn't going to tell you this until you were older, but...
But I think you might finally be grown-up enough to know the truth about this book.
The truth?
Do you know why someone tried to steal our book?
Because there's silver on it, and people can sell silver for money.
No, no...
That's not why at all!
This book is not just an ordinary book.
It's a map to Morizora's Forest...

Aww, did our mom plan a fun adventure for us?

A blueprint for what we need to do to meet Morizora, himself... But... When the thief took our book, he obviously didn't realize that you need something else in order to get there...

This is the Rakuen key... You need it to open the book, as well as the doors.
The doors?
My grandmother told me that when you have both the book and the key, secret doors will start appearing around you...
Doors that lead from this world, to Morizora's Forest...
There could be doors in this hospital?
I don't know... And we may never know, unless we look ourselves.
I want you to have this key. It's very special... and now it belongs to you.

But you must promise me that you'll take good care of it.
Oh I promise! I will take such good care of it!
Okay then, there's only one thing left to do...
Let's go find a door to Morizora's Forest!

So welcome to my favorite new aspect of the game. At almost any moment that you're walking around for the rest of the game, you can talk to your mom by pressing "Q".

Demonstrated here.

How are you?
When I was a little girl, I used to always dream about finding a special door to Morizora's Forest.

She can also give hints if you get stuck or put the game down for a while and need a reminder. I think I used this once or twice, though it's a bit unnecessary since the game is pretty easy and even comes with a walkthrough in the game files. Still, it's pretty neat. Asking her for a hint right now leads her to say:

Sure enough, there is a letter.

It looks like someone left you a note


Break me and I'll multiply, become sharp as a tack. But if all you do is smile at me, I'll always smile back. Figured you might need this in writing. There's something crazy where I live. I hid something to help you get there. Reflect on it for a while, and maybe you can find it.


While it would take a genius to figure out this daunting riddle. Luckily, I am one .

It looks like someone has hidden something behind the mirror.

You've found Uma's Key.

With this key, we can head into the room Uma went into.

This door is now unlocked thanks to the doctor. It's a quick jaunt back to where Uma is staying... which is a bit unsafe if Uma were someone hostile to us.

Keeper of the Key

Uhhh, I don't think we're in (LOCATION UNKNOWN) anymore.

Where are we?
I'm not sure...

This is so strange...
Mom, the Rakuen key!



You're awfully calm about a transdimensional door showing up mom.

... I don't wanna be here anymore...
I know dear...
But you know what?
Now that you're the keeper of the key...
...You can go anywhere.
Even to Morizora...
To ask him for a wish?
If that's where you want to go.
Can we go together?
Of course.
Well... shall we?

Welcome to the Forest

We just came through the door behind us.
There's no door behind you!
Yes there is!
(to each other): I think the tall creatures must have hit their heads in the storm... They're talking crazy! I don't know how they got here, but maybe we should help them.

I've never seen you around Morizora's Forest before.
Yes, this is our first time here.
Oh, so you're tourists then!
I guess you could call us that.
But we know all about this place, we read about it in our book!

It's more likely than you think!

Yeah! I learned about the forest, and the paradise world across the sea.
You mean Rakuen?
That's wonderful! Is there annything you'd like to do while you're here?
I've always wanted to meet the great Forest Guardian, Morizora.
Ah... Morizora! He lives in a cave just northwest of this village. But I hear he's been sleeping for a long time... and it's not easy to wake him up! Anyways, this is the Leeble Village Inn. Feel free to make yourselves at home. And let us know if you need anything!

They didn't have tails!
Hush! It's not nice to talk about others behind their backs!

...or about their backs, heh heh...
I meant no harm! Just never seen anything like it is all...

Well uh, this is certainly a new experience. What do you think about this mom?

These Leebles have a lovely village... I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be standing here amongst them!

Not sure about the first part, but uh can honestly say I didn't expect to meet some pink and purple creatures today.

Let's head outside the inn and check out this village.

Ahhh, we've finally made it to the good art. Not to slag on the hospital stuff, but uh it's really drab and boring (which is very much intended!) compared to the rest of the game's stuff. It's kind of a case where the beginning is probably the hardest part to get through since the art and music are at their lowest points for this game. Though again, the hospital being the "worst" part is intended and "worst" is very much in comparison to the extremely high bar the rest of the game reaches. It's not bad by any means.

Anyway! Let's talk to the old guy, village elders make the best tour guides.

What am I? I'm a leeble of course!

Telling him we are a human will likely make him send us on a fetch quest, and we clearly aren't a dragon.

Impressive! Maybe you can help our Blacksmith get his tools back.

Wait, no he realized we are a protagonist! And he's already hinting at fetch quests!!

He's been hanging out near Morizora's Cave ever since an angry spirit stole his tools.

That's it for the chief oddly enough. Guess he wasn't that talkative. Anyway, moving on to the rest of the village- we'll start with the two leebles right next to us.

I got the bug! The travel bug! I can't sit still, I'm so restless... I want to TRAVEL THE WORLD!

Winston's a carpenter Leeble who live out by the river. He's a nice guy, but he mainly keeps to himself. He's been caring for his sick wife ever since he came to the Forest... we don't really know what happened to her.

Huh... I'm sure it's just a coincidence that we also know a Winston who's caring for his sick wife.

Where would you go?
I think the question is, where WOULDN'T I go.

Tony the bear keeps destroying our gardens. He's only got two moods: grumpy, and angry! Have you been to the other side of the Forest? There's a hot spring there, and a tea shop run by fish people!

Ah, good to see Undyne finally settled down.

The bear has such a bad attitude! Also, unlike other Leebles, I'm not afraid of the Envoy at all. But I still wouldn't go into Morizora's Cave by myself.

Hmm, the Envoy eh? It's capitalized so you know it's important!

Let's check out these huts scattered around the village square. Starting, in no particular order, in the upper left.

... What are those?

It... meowed? They're all meowing?

Uh... let's... talk to the shop owner.

Oh... a cat lady named Danielle. This place is piling on the coincidences, clearly.

What's up?
Lately, I've been thinking about getting a 5th cat.
Wait... these are cats?

What a weirdo.
What's for sale?
Nothing at the moment! I'm still getting things in order after the storm. But I might have some stuff later on.

That's it for Danielle, sadly. She's got my favorite portraits in the game and she gets so little air time it's almost tragic.

Before we head into the next hut, let's grab those berries.

Fun fact: You may have been able to tell, but there's a pretty light sprite when outside. This sprite also kills most attempts at gifs.

...Wow, you two are tall. I guess you're not from around here are ya?

And... that's it for Panky. Jeez, no one's talkative today.

Two more huts to go.

There was a storm here?
A really big one! Lots of things were destroyed, bamboo is growing out of control and blocking paths, it's crazy around here! But the biggest problem right now is that all of the beanstalks connecting the village with the Skylands have been destroyed...
The Skylands?
Yeah, half our tribe lives up on these islands in the sky. We can't reach them without beanstalks.
You look a bit worried.
I guess I'm just concerned about the other villagers. Everyone here works so hard, and I feel like the storm kinda brought us all down. I wish there was something I could do to help them out, you know?

Cora has a sign next to her:

Paper Lanterns: Reeds (5), Fireflies (6)

I'm a bit unsure the sign needs a portrait, but eh it looks nice so I can't complain.

Last hut to check out is right above this one.

There is a note on the door

I'm extremely sorry, but an angry spirit stole my tools and I'm unable to work until I get them back. Sincerest apologies, ~The Blacksmith

I've tried that excuse before, but everyone just looks at you funny instead of letting you go home for the day.

Let's head north and talk to some more Leebles.

Winston told me that you can tell when Envoy spirits pass through because it gets really cold.

That means travel between here and the Skylands is on hold until we can grow some new ones. Half of the village lies on those big islands up there in the sky. You should check it out sometime! Well... once this sapling grows up. If only there were a way to speed up the process...

Where altering things there, would alter things here... but in COMPLETELY UNPREDICTABLE WAYS!!
I have a lot of time to think, okay?

Clearly this leeble has never played Link to the Past. Also, I'm unsure why he/she's the only one in town to get the portrait. Everyone else just isn't important unlike "Leeble with time to think".

Sad to see that even in a magical world filled with majestic creatures, homelessness is still a problem.

Heading southwards to see if there's anyone else in need of a good talking to.

Ooh, more berries! Let's just take some.

Uhhhhh. Let's go try and smooth things over with the creature.

No matter. They'll all end up in my belly one way or another.

Uhh. Let's... check out that sign.

Hmm, we can probably just move this sign, it doesn't look too heavy.

Good thinking Mom! I'm glad someone brought this up, it's kinda stupid when you play a game and some rinky dink sign prev-


I'm here for your protection you know, there are angry spirits beyond here! You think I'm standing around for my health?
Oh I... I didn't know... I'm really sorry!
Apology accepted. Now get out of here before I change my mind.

... In hindsight, the signs having a protrait now make sense.

Fleeing the... protective... sign. Let's head west.

We just snuck out here for a quick break... please don't tell him!! Chef Panky's freaking out because Star Night is coming up and he has to make TONS of food. But it always works out, so I don't know what he's so worried about.

Are you visitors? Or are you gonna live in the forest with us? Star Night is coming up soon... The food there is so good!

Hmm, do I spy a treasure chest?

This path is blocked off for now. So let's head north and talk to that weird woodland creature.

It's cabbage, okay? You look like you've never seen someone eat cabbage. It's cabbage. Okay?? Cabbage.

Oh..kay. That's the entire village checked out, there's but one more area left to see.

We're an adventurous boy with his mom, nothing can scare us!


... Wait, how are you here?

I hope you know... those caves you're about to go into are a tad confusing. If you're not careful, you could end up getting lost... You'd better take this.

Good luck, kid!
Thank-you, Uma.

Let's explore these caves... how bad could it be?