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Original Thread: Rakuen: Paradise Lost and Found



What is Rakuen?
Rakuen is a game that came out in May 2017, almost a year ago. It is an rpg maker game- WAIT DON'T GO IT'S GOOD I SWEAR.

While it is indeed an rpg maker game, with the inherent flaws contained within that engine, it is a really well done game that focuses on art, story, and music. The last point being the biggest one, as the game was lead by Laura "supershigi" Shigihara (url will contain music and character spoilers, though there may be some story spoilers if you search through her recent videos). You may be familiar with her if as the woman behind the Plants vs. Zombies ost way back when that was the hottest thing for a couple weeks. She also gained fame for being the creator of the song "Everything's Alright" from To the Moon, which was made by her friend Kan Gao, and recently helped him with his newly released game Finding Paradise a few months ago. Needless to say, she's been successful in terms of music and decided to try her hand at game development. The results of that, I will be showing off.

What's the spoiler policy?
Don't talk about anything we haven't seen. This game doesn't have much in gameplay, but makes up for it in beautiful music, art, and some good characters. As such, keep a lid on anything you know, and no wink wink nudge nudge either. No one likes that.

How good's the art?

I don't want to show off much from the future, but the first couple updates won't show off the games biggest strengths. So here's a little tease of some future goodness.

With all that said, let's jump in.

Update 1 - Boy Meets Yami
Update 2 - Boy Named ??? Meets Girl Named Sue
Update 3 - Boy Meets Uma

Update 4 - Boy Meets Leebles
Update 5 - Boy Meets Jacky
Update 6 - Boy Meets Morizora
Update 7 - Boy Meets Backtracking
Update 8 - Boy Meets Towel Cape Heroes

Update 9 - Winston Meets Boy
Update 10 - Winston's Love...
Update 11 - ...And Gemma's Light
Update 12 - Boy Meets Korshals

Update 13 - Tony's Forgotten Memory
Update 14 - Tony's Family
Update 15 - Tony's Children
Update 16 - Tony and Christina
Update 17 - Boy Meets Christina

Update 18 - Kisaburo Meets Kazuko
Update 19 - Boy Meets His Cousin
Update 20 - Boy Meets Monsieur
Update 21 - When Kazuko Met Kisaburo
Update 22 - Boy Meets Backtracking Again
Update 23 - Boy Meets...The Leeble Protection Agency!?

Update 24 - Sue Meets a Friend
Update 25 - Puchi Meets the Lonely Tree

Update 26 - Boy Meets the Stars
Update 27 - Boy and Sue Build a Little World

Update 28 - A Mother's Greatest Fear
Update 29 - A Mother's Longest Day
Update 30 - Boy Meets World
Update 31 - Sue's Tiny Planets
Bonus Update - Misc and Cut Content
Update 32 - Boy Meets His Hero
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