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Part 15: Tony's Children

Update 15 - Tony's Children

...A grim image to start this update.

The door at the end of the hallway isn't locked, so we can just go on in...

Where no one can find us

...Eh? That's a mood shift alright.

This is just lying on the ground, which puts us at over half way to making our wings!


Dear Benny,
I think we're the only ones in the whole world that know about this place! Isn't it neat? I brought some candy for when we get hungry, and glue from school so we can build the model planes Dad got us. I'll meet you here after school!
Love, Christy

Aw, a cute little secret room for them both. I would have loved one of these when I was a kid.

We can't reach the bookshelf, but there's a book lying on the ground which is mighty interesting.

>Invisible Ink
Chapter One: Invisible Ink
Did you ever need to write a message that only you could read, and not the bad guys? Mix lemon juice and water to make the ink. When you want to read it, hold it up to a warm light bulb. This is how detectives do it!

I wonder if any detectives have actually ever used that. As well, I wonder if all those red messages we've seen are supposed to be in invisible ink. That'd be pretty neat.

>Dusting for Fingerprints
Chapter Two: Dusting for Fingerprints
After a crime happens, detectives dust for fingerprints. You can do this using baby powder and Mom's makeup brush.

I'm sure mom will appreciate her makeup brush being used in such a fashion.

>List of Bad Guys
Johnny, Dr. Killer, Mr. Evil, Roger, Alex. The Dentist

I hope none of you were on it!

I guess the kid loves his teddy bears. It's time to leave this cute room and head back out to the creepy house.

Storage Area

The door on the far left is locked and can't be entered right now. That door leading south however...

Leads us right here! It's a nice shortcut for getting through the house.

Next on our agenda was a plant in the dining room. We can water those to make them grow. Let's go do that.

The miracle gro is working too well, jeez! We can now climb this up to the second floor.

It leads to a little storage area. We'll check out the letter first.


I don't know if you'll even read this, but I think you should look at what your daughter wrote. I know it's not eeat... we're all suffering right now. But you need to talk to her before it's too late, Tony. She needs you right now.

We still don't know what happened, but whatever it was seems to have been incredibly major. The box is to be delivered to Endicott, NY. They really did move to damn near every state. Finally, the chest contains 2 Sticks.

Broken Attic

Here's where it lead out, right next to the door we need to go in! Almost like I planned that or something.

Where will this take us?

Where no one can find us

Okay, Benny... today I'm gonna teach you how to be a detective.

Benny, why are you so adorable?

First things, first: We bears have a really good sense of smell. It's our most important tool!
More important than a magnifying glass?
Yes, even more important than that. See? Watch! I'm gonna close my eyes, and using only my nose, I'll find us some mushrooms.

Wow, you didn't even look once!
See what I mean? The next thing you need to know when you're looking for a bad guy... is how to track their footprints!
Bad guys ALWAYS leave footprints!
It's true.

A bad guy made those!
You're totally right, Benny! But that's not all... Check this out!

Who put that there?!

The bad guy is DAD!?!

Broken Attic

Ah well, doesn't this look familiar. We saw a chessboard in the other room that looked nearly identical to this. Thanks to the power of copying the url MAGIC, we can see it again.

Seems we need to put a queen where the pawn is. But how do you turn a pawn into a queen in chess!?!?!?

The book on the right explains how you do that, for those that don't know. I'm going to assume you do know or can at least learn through watching.

To start, we can move the pawn around.

Like so. All we need to do, is move the pawn around the pieces and into that empty slot in the back row.

Voila! A queen piece. Now we have to manuever the queen back to where the pawn was to finish the puzzle.

The trapdoors close up, allowing us...

To turn on the power for the yellow switch. You can leave the room at anytime to go view the chessboard, so you aren't trapped if you can't remember or didn't see it in the first place.

Before we leave, let's read that letter on the left side.


Dear Christy,
When are you coming back from school? I have so much to tell you! I found ANOTHER secret passageway... But this time, it was in the CLOSET DOWNSTAIRS! You know, the closet downstairs where Mom keeps the vacuum cleaner. It leads all over the house! There's a locked door up there, too. But people were coming, so I had to run before I could try opening it. I think I found the key that opens that door... let's try it later when everyone's asleep!
Love, Benny

This is a bit confusing; he found another secret passageway which implies that he's already seen the secret hallways in the closet, except that's the one he's talking about? This house has too many damn secret passageways to keep up. Who built this place anyway?

There's only one more switch left, so time to go flip it!

I kinda liked the creepy writing instead of the sad writing.

With all three switches on, the attic should be opened to us now!

Sure enough, it is! Let's check to see what's hiding up there.

You know... If we finish building those wings, I'm sure we could use them to fly across the divide.
Oh yeah! Good idea, Mom.
Let's continue searching the house for all the materials listed in Christy's Insturctions for Making Wings. We can come back here once we have everything.

Our mom is putting a lot of faith in some wing schematics a 6 year old likely made. (I went to go look at the schematics and realized there was no age on it, which drops it from absolutely adorable to mostly adorable smile:

As our objective is to find the rest of the wing pieces, we need to head back to the switch room. Each combination of ON and OFF switches will open a different door in the house. Turning on just the red or just the yellow switch will open the chests in the room.

The yellow chest contains a Feather. While the red chest contains two . We're at 5 feathers and 6 sticks. There should be one more chest for each, and we'll be done! And we can start by messing with these switches to produce one last combination we haven't seen yet.

The middle room is the last second floor location we've yet to visit.

Where no one can find us

They pick on me... It makes me never want to leave the cave.
I know, Benny... I feel the same way.
But I'm taking you to a place that'll make you feel much better.
Really? Christy, you're the best.
I promise, Benny, you're gonna LOVE this place.

How did you find it? It's like a secret hideout!
It is a secret hideout... OUR secret hideout. We can make it our first official Secret Detective Clubhouse!
This is the greatest!! Wait... but doesn't somebody already live here?
...Are you sure? What about the lanterns... And the garden...

And the garden's just left over from the previous owner. Trust me, I've been checking on my walk back from school everyday. This place is abandoned.
You're right, Christy... I DO love this place!
And check this out...

So if any bad guys try to catch us while we're doing our detective work, we can sneak out through here!
We finally have our own place! Where no one can find us. Thank-you, Christy... you're the best big sister ever.
Come on, Benny, wanna see what the cave looks like?

Broken Attic

This is clearly Benny's room. It's the last room that we've seen, plus its got his toy trains.

On the desk is a comic book, but it seems to have a note written inside it.
Today, Christy and I found something really neat inside the secret passageway in the closet. There's ANOTHER secret door in the wall! It leads to a small room at the end... It's SO secret that you can't see the door at all... You have to walk exactly 13 steps into the passageway from the closet... Then you can find it. We're gonna turn it into our clubhouse, and use it for ALL our detective work.

These kids loved all the secret rooms, didn't they? There's like ten notes about them.

>Top Right Drawer

A pile of white socks.

>Middle Drawer

You found 5G

>Bottom Drawer

Neatly folded school clothes, coloring books, and a family photo in a frame.

Huh, he's like the only person to not have a dozen letters in his drawers.

Benny my boy!
Your mother tells me that bears are your favorite, so I got you this for your birthday. What will you name him?
Love, Dad.

Finally, the chest contains...

Our last feather.

The next stop, is the secret passage door Benny talked about. Benny's note gave us the key, so we can now unlock it.

This is a disappointing secret room.


Christina did not attend school today. Her classmaters said that they saw her sitting at the park during their walk to class. Given her failing grades, her inability to concentrate in class and her social isolation, I'm recommending that she visit a specialist. Please contact me so that we can set up a meeting. This is for the best.

Sounds like things really turned sour for Christina. Why was no one there to help her?

The final two sticks!

We now have everything we need to make it past that divide in the attic. But... I mentioned a while back that there was an optional room that is easy to forget. So before we head up to the attic, we need to go back to the switch room.

And have this switch configuration to be able to unlock the secret door.

We've arrived in the guest bedroom! What big house would be complete without the 4th bedroom, and 4th bath?

The only thing we can do in here is examine the Cabinet in the corner.

>Upper Cabinet

You found 5G.

>Middle Drawer

There is a letter inside:


I'm sorry Christy, but your father's going to be gone for another 2 months. I know this is hard, it's hard on all of us... But I need you to be strong for me, okay?

Uh, whoa. That kinda came out of nowhere. Again with more letters though, does no one talk to each other in this family?

>Lower Drawer

This drawer is empty.

This room has been a bust so far, hopefully the bathroom will provide us something.

Sure enough, the laundry has a key we were missing. I'm not sure why it was in the laundry for the guest bedroom though. Why would Tony and his wife not been in the same room?

Once more for good measure. Now we need to head to the master bedroom, and check what's in the closet.

A cat? A real cat, not one of those fake Danielle leeble cats.

I found a cat named Ogee!
Maybe we could take him back to the hospital... I bet he would make a great pet for the people on my floor!

We've got our second pet! We'll drop it off in the lounge later.

That's it for Tony's house! The switches are reset back to all being on, and we head up into the attic.

What will we find up there?