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Part 18: Kisaburo Meets Kazuko

Update 18 - Kisaburo Meets Kazuko

These Grey Walls (hospital)

Last time, we witnessed the massive changes to Tony's life that happened because he reconciled with Christina. This time, we're going to start Kisaburo's arc and see if we can help him out.

First things first, let's head over to his room. The docs were supposed to be in there meeting with him about something.

Oh hey Kazuko! How's it goi-


Oh hello, dear... How are you feeling today? Our anniversary is coming up, so I thought I'd bring Kisaburo something nice to cheer him up. But I figure it's best to wait until the right time... I'm sure he's exhausted from all the tests, so I'll give him some time.

Nice cover story Kaz. Well, let's not delay. Time to check in on the guy.

You can get more rest, and feel better overall.
I'm NOT hallucinating!

Gotta make sure they can eavesdrop while hidden, of course.

Why not? I'm a grown man, if I want to leave, I can leave at any time.
It's not safe out there. And you're destroying hospital property.
I have to fix the train! It's my JOB!!! You can't keep taking my tools away from me!

Dr. Kenji is going to be observing you for a while. Please know, we're doing all we can to help you right now.

Despite being under observation, we can just walk up to them and talk to either the doctor or Kisaburo.

These sorts of things are never easy.

"The body being sick can affect the mind" is a funny way of saying "Has metastases in the brain." But what do I know, I'm not the doctor.

Seems you're the only one who listens to me these days... Everyone else thinks I've completely lost it.

It doesn't help that you keep going outside, speaking of which...

>What's up?

Not feeling so great. I got a job to do, but no one here'll let me do it. My supervisor expects me to fix the main engine... I can't do that if they keep taking away my tools!

>Why did you go outside?

The doctors think it's too dangerous to be outside. But I have to be!
I'm running out of time...
I have to find it... I have to finish it. I have to send a message.

The bulletin board right next to the formerly boarded up door, has been given some new instructions.

Kisaburo is not allowed to have caffeinated liquids before prep. Someone has etched something into the edge of the bulletin board.

No! Stop! Creepy cryptic messages are not allowed here!

Getting away from this horrible thing, let's head back into the space where Kisaburo was digging.

Doesn't seem like anything's changed here.

Let's go see how the Forest versions of these two are doing.

Ride with me

>What's up?

I know it looks like I'm relaxing here, but it's more like solitary confinement.
What do you mean?
Well, a long time ago, I fell ill... the kind of ill that no Leeble doctor could cure. So I visited Morizora back when he was still awake. He told me to soak here in this hot spring to regain my health. That was a long time ago, and he's since fallen into a deep slumber.

>Can we help you?

I hate asking for help. But seeing as how Morizora's commanded me to stay here... I guess I have no other choice. My wife Kazuko and I run and little tea shop to the west of here. Ever since I got sick, she's had to run the shop all by herself... which is no small task. Perhaps if Kazuko had a couple extra helping hands, it might ease the burden a bit.

Yeah totally!
Of course. We'll help out however we can.
Thank-you so much. It really means a lot to both of us.

Kisaburo has asked for help on behalf of his wife. How could we refuse?

You want to help? You mean like... you're looking for a job?
Well, not exactly...
Your husband, Kisaburo asked us to see if you needed anything!
He actually said that to you? Wow... Well, I guess I could use some help with a couple of things... Business has been slower these days...

I do have a customer in mind... his name is Monsieur Bud and he holds regular tea events that require LOTS of tea. I'm sure if I could bring him a sample, he'd be our customer in no time! Un fortunately... I'm the only employee so I can't really leave the store right now...

A Hikaribana!
Wow, good eye! It is indeed a Hikaribana. She's grown quite a bit, however I don't think she'll bloom without that Dragon Ash... Anyways...

Okay then... would it be too much to ask you to go in my place? To bring Monsieur Bud a sample of our tea, and to pick up some Dragon Ash from our neighbor?

On its face, this seems like some awful fetch questing the game is making us do. And while thats technically accurate, I promise you that it never feels like one.

We'd love to help!
Oh thank-you so much! You'll find Monsieur Bud, in the Skylands.

You can give him a sample of tea from this gourd!

You received Gourd of Midnight Tea.

Occasionally, the entrance to her cave gets blocked by fallen rocks, so you might need to find a Pickaxe to clear them.

...Okay, I know this seems really bad so far, but...just have faith.

If you ask nicely, I'm sure she'll give you some Dragon Ash. Her name is Stormey, and she's a great Water Dragon... Try not to be intimidated.

Uh, an actual dragon?

Good luck, and thanks again!

Kazuko has basically given us her chores list, but we did promise to help. Let's check the cave outside just to be sure we can't make it through.

We are definitely going to need that pickaxe. Jacky can make us one, but we need the materials first. Since there are no materials from the areas we've seen so far, they must be in the Skylands.

So let's head to Skylands! Kazuko said to head west of the village. There's actually a bamboo grove that I never chopped down right next to Morizora's cave. Let's go clear that up and see what's over there.

Welcome to the Forest

Just need to give it a couple of whacks...

There we are.

Tiny Planets (Slow)

I can't sleep until I find her.

Let's go talk to Sue before we climb up the beanstalk.


>What are you doing?

I'm trying to remember where I was supposed to meet my friend... I have to find her, she needs me.

>Tell me about your friend.

Oh, she's the best!
She was the only one who would listen to me. She was such a good listener. I could tell her all my secrets because I knew she'd never tell anyone else.
And she loved me no matter what. Even though I was poor and didn't have cool toys or games... Even though I didn't have any other friends... She still loved me.

>What kinda stuff did you do?

Oh, we had so many adventures together! And we played a lot of games, too. Ones I didn't get to play before.
My Dad promised he would play catch with me... but he left, and we never got to do that together.
But my friend loved playing catch!
So we'd go to the park and play catch until the sun went down.

We'll help you Sue, I promise . We just gotta help Kazuko first.

The beanstalk to Skylands, proper, is now ready to be climbed. Let's head on up.

Welcome to the Skylands

Welcome back to the Skylands. It's, without a doubt, my favorite area of the game. Despite the problems with the whole "living in the air" thing, it's pretty, it's cute, the music is great, and it's just so happy!

Now that we're here, we can already see some pieces for our future pickaxe. The aqua colored stone next to the korshal on the left, is one of the items needed for the pickaxe. As well, the purple stone just a bit above it.

It's a little hard to get back there, but you can and it yields a bit of money.

Heading across the bridge nets us some sticks and berries. As well as someone new to talk to.

>Do you live alone up here?

Technically, yet. However, my friend is over so often that it feels like I have a roommate.
That must be great!
Well... He's an Onion. So he doesn't like the sun. And that's basically his excuse for everything...

"I make your hut smell really bad because I'm an Onion." The only reason he smells so bad is because he hasn't showered in literally months.
Yeah, exactly.

Can't believe this dude is harboring a goon in his hut.

>What's over there?

You mean beyond that bridge? That's Monsieur Bud's island. He is a, well... rather large Sky Bud who hosts fancy tea parties. If you're feelin' like it, go check it out. A little too fancy for my blood though. Not my cup of tea, heh heh.

Speaking of awful puns, we haven't talked to our mom in a little bit. How you doing Mom?

Everyone says hospital and airplane food are the worst... but I actually kind of like it.

I think you're just getting used to the awfulness of it.

When you move back home again, we're going to have a big party at the house! I'll make a big pot of oden, and your favorite desserts.

Aww. Sadly, that's it for Mom. She'll get some more dialogue in a bit.

Alright, let's check to see what this goon-onion is about.


Are you okay?

W-wait... Who are you and what are you doing in the Sacred Kel'Thalash Catacombs of Aduun?

He's an outsider! EAT HIS DREAMS!!
No wait!
Do you even know who he is?

He has an enchanted blade that was given to him by the Great Dragon Lakt'Thor!
Show him some respect!
O-our apologies!
P-p-please forgive us!

Our mom is the biggest dork and I love it.

Now that our mom has throughly owned these nerds. Let's steal their shit.

Talking to the onion, instead gives us a conversation between the glowshroom and the onion.

You did that on purpose.
I told you to put more points into Luck.

Our mom has max stats in everything because moms are rad.

There's nothing else for us to do, so let's leave and head towards the Monsieur's island.

Welcome to the Skylands

We can already tell that this dude's house is uh big. Let's take the southern path and see what it has to offer first.

Three different "Dance Buds" to talk to, starting counter clockwise from our position:

I hear Monsieur Bud is serving some kind of special cake at today's tea... I can't wait to eat... but I'm still kind of full from the last event!

I had 5 scones the other day at Monsieur Bud's afternoon tea... I gotta work it off somehow!

Reach for the sky! Work off those calories!

Seems more like some Exercising buds rather than dancing buds.

There are more sticks down here, I believe we're now over what we need to make the pickaxe in terms of sticks. The game gives you enough extra for each resource, just in case you don't notice some I suppose.

Heading into this cave let's us find the last of the stones we need for the pickaxe! Next time we head back through the village, we'll let Jacky know! The chest meanwhile...

Marble acquired.

That's it for this side of the islands. Let's head back towards the Monsieur's place and talk to that bud we saw earlier.

Trees growing out of flowers... My oh my, the tables have turned! Monsieur has invited us all here to drink tea with him! I wish I could take my tree in with me.

You keep doing you Tree/Sky Bud.

I believe he's on one of the other floating islands... you should check it out if you get the chance!

We already own it! It's sitting in the patient lounge looking pretty cool.

Before we head inside, if we sneak around the side area, there's a chest for us to collect.

Now we can head in.


Welcome the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Let's talk to that butler over there and see if we can just walk in.

It's just up these stairs. Enjoy yourselves!

At least our entry isn't hampered by some other fetch quest we gotta do. Let's just walk up th---

Monsieur's Tea REMIX

First the stink bomb... and now these preposterous drawings!? Maxwell Howell the second, you stop this behavior at once!

You're acting like a HOOLIGAN!
Dad, you gotta chill...

But Dad!!
I'm serious! If you mess up one more time, you are GROUNDED! Now... come with me, and BEHAVE yourself! You have a job to do.
Yes, Dad...

...Welcome to my favorite area in the game.