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Part 11: ...And Gemma's Light

Update 11 - ... And Gemma's Light

When we last left off, we were almost done with this area of the game! Though there is a little bit of gameplay left, it's much better handled than the last two updates were.

My home is underwater

Immediately upon entering the room, we get the underwater theme, and a phone ringing. Let's hurry and answer the phone.

You're gonna have to move them, they won't make it through the night. Take the back exit and check the Staff Bulletin Boards for access codes. If the water doesn't reach the 2nd floor, we should be okay. We'll hang on as long as we can. Go now before it's too--

Huh, this seems to be in line with the journals we read.

Emergency Exit Code Update: Gate B1: 289

We've got a gate code, though we don't know where to use it yet.

We can figure out what the ACRMH means, and the 1480 are the amount of dead people, but what does the back wall say?


We make it out into the hall, and things seem to be going ok...

... Oh. We now have to hurry to the end of the hall before the Envoy catch us.

While inputting the code, the Envoy are still trying to walk up to us, which actually does make things tense- especially if you forget the code or input it wrong and have to re-do it. We head to the next hallway...

... And get our next code. We need to do the same thing again.

They move a bit faster, or seem to anyway. Which can make you mess up the input and have to do it again. I'm pretty sure you just start in the previous room if you make a mistake, but the Envoy are suitably creepy enough that you don't want to be touched by them.

... See what I mean? We can see the next special door, we just need to get there.

While trying to get to the door, the screen is shaking and you can hear loud *thud* sounds. This part is executed very well, and if most of this "dungeon" were handled like this, I would be much more favorable to it.


Gemma of the Ilbo... Even though your families disapprove of your union, the Heart of the Forest has heard your pleas. Because your feelings for one another are pure and true... Morizora has allowed me to perform the Ceremony of the Envoy...

I'm so happy right now. I want nothing more in the world than to be here with you.
Parting today will be the most difficult thing I've ever done. But I promise you, Gemma... Once we've walked through all of the seasons once more... I will meet you on the river isle, and we will start our lives together, somewhere new.

Hurry Gemma, you must go now before your family finds us.
I love you.
And I you.

We have one more bit of gameplay, but it's actually really adorable.

We just need to check the journal real quick...

But I promise you, Gemma... Once we've walked through all of the seasons once more... From spring until winter... I will meet you where we first met, and we will start our lives together, somewhere new.

ATTN: All Hospital Staff - Events: Hanami - We will be all meeting in the hospital courtyard at noon in order to celebrate the arrival of the beautiful springtime cherry blossoms! Come see the flowers and enjoy tea and sweets with the rest of the staff!


A page from a pamphlet labelled "Sendai Summer Events: Tanabata (Star Festival)" Inside is a thin strip of brightly colored paper with some writing on it.


Goshiki no tanzaku
watashi ga kaita

Ohosji-sama kirakira
sora kara miteru


ATTN: All Hospital Staff - Packages - We've received a shipment of persimmons from a generous farmer. Come enjoy this sweet Autumn treat in the staff room!


A vase filled with flowers. There is a note attached. "I hope you enjoy these Camellia flowers; they're the only ones in my garden that bloom during the winter."


Gemma and the River

Dear, wait... If we do this, Winston may never forgive us...
This is for his own good. I'm not letting my only son run off with an Ilbo. I'm going to put a stop to this once and for all.

Where are you going?
Just out for a walk, I need some fresh air.
With a packed bag?
It's in case it gets late and I need to camp out.
You're going to meet that Ilbo girl, aren't you?

HER NAME is Gemma. And yes, I am going to meet her.
We're going to go start a life together, far away from here.

Since you aren't mature enough to make these decisions on your own... I'm afraid I'm going to have to make them for you.
What are you talking about?

Sound of the door being locked from the outside.

Dad, wait... It doesn't have to be like this...

No!!! Please don't do this! You have to let me out!!


Don't try to stop me!
Gemma, wait! Gemma, have you lost your mind? Please, I know what you're doing, and I understand... But it's not safe to go there right now, you know this!
What other choice do I have? Mom and Dad would never allow me to be with a Kanko.
Our whole tribe looks at him like he's some kind of a monster!
But I love him... I'm sorry sister... But I have to do this.

It hatched!

I'll do whatever it takes to reach you.



Gemma... I'm so sorry I was late... I'm so afraid that your last conscious thought...

Gemma, if you can hear me... I never once stopped thinking of you. I promise, I did everything in my power to reach you. Please, please know this.

You kids okay? Hey Chief! There are some kids on the beach... They don't look so good...


Are you talking to me?
Yes... are you Gemma?
You can hear me?
Oh that is such a great relief! The only person who seems to be able to hear me is an old man named Uma.
I asked him if he would bring me something that was very dear to me...
Your wedding ring...
How did you know that??
Winston thought someone had stolen it... He was worried, and very upset.
I feel kinda bad now, because I thought Uma had stolen it...
But I guess he actually was bringing it to you after all...
Wait... you know my husband?
Who, Winston?
Oh yeah, he's my neighbor. He's always been really nice to me.
You know, he misses you a lot.

It's really quite lonely these days.
I'm sorry...
Oh, don't be! Your company has cheered me up greatly! Might I ask you one favor before you go?
Of course!
I would very much like for Winston to see what was inside the box next to my bed. It's locked, but you can open it with this...

I'll make sure to open the box and bring him what's inside.
Thank-you so much.
Gemma, can I ask you something?
Sure, anything!
When you feel lonely, or sacred... what do you do to feel better?
Hmm... well...
Sometimes I hum this one song.
Would you like to hear it?
Yes, please.

Mori No Kokoro: Light


I hear you speak to me
The lights that you shine
Stay with me all the time

I've ever felt or seen
But keep shining your lights
And I'll...

Take care, my friend.
See you soon, Gemma!

Gemma's box!

What are you two doing in here? Wait... Where did you get that... Did that come from Gemma's box?
It was the flower that I sent to her... She received it... Then that means...
She knew that I came for her...

It means more than you know. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to help the villagers before. I realize now, that I must try my hardest every day. Come talk to me outside, and I'll see about building you that boat so that you can talk to Tony.

That's the end of the Winston and Gemma arc. While I was incredibly negative on the gameplay aspect, I did enjoy the characters themselves. I am a sucker for tragic love stories, so that may be why I'm more lenient towards it. That said, the racism aspect did come off a little after-school special. Though that could just be that having the leebles do it instead of the actual people, made it feel that way.

Regardless, we now have part one of the song! Only four more to go...