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Part 23: Boy Meets...The Leeble Protection Agency!?

Update 23 - Boy Meets...The Leeble Protection Agency!?

Continuing on with our exploration, there is one more major secret left for us to see and we need to head to the Riverland to find it.

We need to go back to Christina's cave to get to the secret. As we just learned, there was a secret inside the well in the town square. So what about this one?

Sure enough, another cavern exists in this well too. The chest only has 10G, and the Saito don't say anything. So I guess this was a bust?

We find more of the Saitos, will any talk to us?

They're still scared of us.

Though if we investigate their holes, one of them is willing to at least speak back.

And it's telling us to go away. Jeez, guys, this isn't helping my self-esteem!

If we head south, it reveals two more Saitos on an unreachable cliff, and a ladder. Well, we've got our exit. May as well leave this dump of a secret.

Laura's Minaret

...What? An entire new area? Just residing in a well?

Well we're off to a great start. Who locks their house anyway? What are you afraid some kid is gonna take all your things? Please... his mom's cool with it, you should be too.

...Oh. My. God.

Evening tea you shouldn't drink... Cuz then you can't fall asleep...

Laura, this is cheating. You CANNOT give yourself the cutest sprite AND the cutest portrait in the game. How is anyone else supposed to compete with that!?

So yeah, this village is basically the devs corner. You can talk to them all, though only Laura got a unique sprite/portrait. Which is a bit sad, because this really is the cutest damn thing. She's got a bit more dialogue to tell us though.

Syncopate, I don't thinksopate.

So I was talkin' to Bad Attitude Onion the other day, and he told me I had dumb fists. So I says, I says to Onion... How dumb will my fists be after I ram them into your face?

Do not hit the onions! If you bruise them, they just make everyone else cry. Sadly, that's it for Laura. Not enough dialogue for me to enjoy the portrait, I'm writing a negative review on steam now

Ah, those flowers up there always remind me of the time I fell asleep in a planter...

This is Matt Holmberg, the Environment Artist. He also did work on the Sprites and animations, but as the guy in charge of environment art he definitely deserves some applause. The environments have been amazing in this game, and some background tilesets have been fantastic.

But it's okay because I'm gonna sleep well tonight! And you know what they say... A good night's sleep is the secret to a good day!

It's true, days are much better when you sleep at night . This is Amy Kim Kibuishi, she did the storybook illustrations for the Rakuen reading we saw way back when.

I assume this is an inside joke as I can't find someone named Lannie in the credits. While you may think that's it for this hut, the purple thing on the floor can actually be talked to!

It was much darker than this world, and the sky wept most of the year from the lack of sunlight. It was hard to roll because I lacked this sleek body.

At first, I couldn't find anyone named Naska who worked on the game. But I believe this is supposed to be Emmy Toyonaga, who is the lead artist for the game and did all of the portraits you see.

Prof. Yoshi is a game tester, and as such deserves our respect for making this game really bug free!

Sweeping is a dangerous activity you know.
It is?
You don't believe me? Last week, I was sweeping and I turned around and tripped on my broom. Hit the ground hard I did!
Oh man, that's terrible...
You think that's all? When I was laying on my side, a goat came out of nowhere and RAMMED ME IN THE STOMACH!
We don't have goats around here...
And THEN... I realized in the midst of the goat attack, my broom had gotten knocked into the river, so I jumped in after it! NEAR DROWNED I DID!
This water is like 3 feet deep...
So now you know. Now you know.

I have no clue who sixty is, but thank you for the story that actually did happen and no really mom it was so hard.

>How are you?

Days like these always make me feel like dancing. I was in the middle of planting radishes and then boom! The urge to dance was just so strong... I had to start moving!

>Is this your bird?

You know, this lil' one kind of just fell out of a tree one day and broke her wing! I've been taking care of her since then, but... I don't think she'll ever fly well enough to go back to the wild... So I've been looking for a good home for her.

Heck yeah we will!

Thank-you so much!

You adopted Birdie the Bird!

Please take good care of her for me!

We got another new pet! So far, we have a frog, a cat, and a bird... Uhh, hopefully the bird and cat get along. As well, we got the bird from SuperRoo, another game tester.

Let's head into this hut.

Oh...that's a lot of people to talk to. This is the Leeble Protection Agency, though I'm unsure if these guys are also testers or whatnot. I don't see them listed, but it could just be aliases. Either way, lots of dialogue coming your way!

Most of the time we're busy fighting off attacks against the Leeble Village... But we work hard, we play hard. Every now and then I like to put on my superhero sidekick costume and do a choreographed dance routine.

I thought you hated my dancing!
Only when it's on my roof, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I much prefer to run into the middle of a fight and deal damage to everyone at the same time.

Oh, new recruits! Are you looking for help with martial arts? Or do you need help troubleshooting issues with mechanical gear? If so, let me go get my goggles...

Come to me if you need any help with flying vehicles, special fighting moves, or maple syrup.

This guy has the best name of them all, and it should be written somewhere public for all the world to see.

I'd be willing to sell you a rather rare painting... that is if you're willing to part with some of your gold...

This is pretty expensive, but it's a painting of the Monsieur, how could we pass that up!?

You received the Monsieur Bud Painting.

In the end, everyone gives me gold, heh heh ...

That's a bit ominious Kreyg. You change when you're not jamming with the rest of NO HOLDS BARD!!!

The bartender can't be chatted with, so it's time to head out.

Both the well and the hut are closed off to us, so there's nowhere to go but up.

And we're back here! You may remember a shady leeble blocking us off from going past here before. We can go back at any time now to the Leeble Protection Agency, but there's no point after you get the painting. There's no more new dialogue with anybody, though the music is pretty good. Overall, I always like dev rooms, they're cute little things older games used to do. And with indie games, it can be more personal since it's usually a small team. You do have to be careful because it could be seen as arrogant, but this team has more than earned a dev room .

That's it for exploration! We've checked behind every nook, cranny, and well! There are still some people to talk to before we can progress to the next story segment. For our first wrapup content, let's do the best stuff first.

You give the Celestial Marble to Sue.

Tiny Planets

I can't believe you found it...
It's so beautiful here...

It does get really cold though.

It was warm and safe inside.
Wow, a whole castle!!
My mom taught me how to build forts in my room so that I could hide there in case of danger.
Because here on THIS planet no one can hurt you. You're totally safe here. It's like having a sleepover with your friends, but all the time.

As always, these sue scenes are an absolute treat. Thankfully, we get one more before it's all over.

You give the Flower Marble to Sue.

Ohh it's my Flower Marble!
This marble is so special to me...

The flowers were all different colors. Some were big, some were small. It smells so good there!
Were there any blue ones?
Yes, lots!
There's this one blue flower that looks like a really big dandelion puff. But each puff has lots of tiny blue flowers on it.
There are blue roses, too!

The island moves with the wind... so an hour will go by, and suddenly we'll be over a completely new place!

And... that's it for Sue. Or so I thought, it turns out you can examine her marble jar for more fun!

>The Green swirly one.

That planet is like a really big forest.
The trees are so dense that you can't even see the ground!
There's a really big tree in the middle... See? He watches over everyone and keeps them safe.
If anyone is acting mean or crazy, the big tree will put them in a cave until they calm down.
So you never have to worry.

>The Purple shiny one.

We can't go to this planet anymore, because it's polluted.
See all that purple stuff in the air? It started coming out of the ground and now it's hard to breathe.
Maybe someday we can clean it up though, it used to be a very nice place.

>The Shimmery blue one.

This is the paradise planet. It's like a really big, beautiful ocean where everyone can go swimming.
The water is special because even humans can breathe while they're inside it!
My friend and I swam here all day.
We never wanted to go home.

And that's really it for Sue. We'll learn more about her story soon, but that's it for the marbles. These were some of my favorite parts of the game and, even while replaying it, I still sit there and read the dialogue with a big goofy smile on my face.

Now for some other good stuff. I went and bought everything from the Towel Cape Heroes. As well as... the Store.

Here's what the store sells. You don't get more dialogue sadly, as cool as that would have been. But the items themselves are neat. So, let's go empty our inventory into the lounge!!

Here's the lounge before we empty our massive stockpile of goods...

And here's the almost final version. There's a couple of empty spots open, but we aren't going to get those until the end of the game. Either way, this patient lounge is really awesome now! All thanks to our hard work and exploring!

By the way, remember those stickers? Some go up in Sue's room

And the airplane set? That was for Tony's room. It's all too adorable and I love it!

We've got just one last thing to do, and that's talk to people. This part introduces something...interesting. But first, let's talk to people about Kisaburo starting, in no particular order, with Panky.

He was growin' flowers. That whole time he was stealin' my soup ladles and filling my pots and pans with mud... it was to grow flowers. I'm okay with that.

Starting off high here!

Danielle, has something to say about her plushies!

Of course I am!
Actually, I just finished a new one. I call it... "if Cora were a pink and purple cat, and wearing an artist's beret."
Don't worry, I already gave her one, so you can have this one.

You received the Cora Doll.

It's adollable.

She doesn't talk about Kisaburo, so that's it for her. That doll already went up in the patient's lounge thanks to a TIME PARADOX, also known as me splicing footage from different recording sessions.

Sadly, there's only one other person that does talk about Kisaburo- which is Jacky!

I already miss the guy... His wife, Kazuko stayed with him up until the very end. I know he was glad for that.
She told me that he grew her an entire "field" of flowers... right in the closet behind his room.
Can you imagine that?

...So yeah, Kisaburo is dead. When we've been completing these story segments, there's been time skips in between. Of how long? The game doesn't say. But at the least, we are skipping around a bit, which is important to keep in mind. While it sucks Kisaburo is dead, he was older and did get to have a nice moment with Kazuko before he passed.

Sure enough, if we check his room, there's no one there.

With the billboard changing to even confirm it. May he rest in peace.

Let's finish things off by talking to Mom. How you doing Mom?

Gosh, you know what I'm really craving right now?
A hamburger!

Hell, same.

Do you remember the Obon Festival we went to last summer?
Yeah! I love the game where you try to catch a goldfish with a paper net.
You know... when I was a little girl, I was not very good at that game.
My paper net would always melt before I could catch a fish... so one time, I got so desperate...
I reached into the pool and grabbed a fish with my hands!
Did you get in trouble!?
I had to put the fish back... But later, the vendor felt bad for me and let me take a fish home. I named it Stegosaurus Rex.
That doesn't make sense!
You named your mouse Chamelon Colossus!
That's true.

These two are too damn adorable.

When I was growing up, my favorite video game was about a hero who traveled through time to save the world. I must've gotten at least 10 people to play that game from start to finish.

Mom, how old are you exactly?

You have a good heart. I've always felt that you were really good at understanding what others felt... And in a manner that always seemed far beyond your years. That is a very special gift.

Well that's it for today, tune in next time for the final story segment. So ends things for Kisaburo, nothing left but the memories he left behind...