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Part 16: Tony and Christina

Update 16 - Tony and Christina

Okay, kids... dig in!
I'm not hungry.
How is this possible?
I had a big breakfast.
He was snacking...
Sorry! I mean... we were both kind of snacking.
Ha ha! It's okay, we're on vacation. You two can go play.
If you're lucky, your mother and I will save you some food, heh heh.

Yes, Dad?
Be a good girl and watch over your brother, okay?
I will.
That's my girl.


What are you doing!? Come back over here before you get hurt!
It's okay, Christy! See, look!

It's really strong.
Come on, Benny... stop joking around. I'm supposed to be watching over you, and...
...and I just don't want you to get hurt.
It's fine, Christy! You worry too much!

Okay, okay... sorry! I'll get off now.

*sounds of rope bridge breaking*

For a moment, For a lifetime

Dad! Dad, it's time for dinner!

Why don't you come on back and finish your dinner.
Okay, Mom.

There you are, Dad!


But... I came to help you catch fish for dinner... Like we always used to...
It's just... you always said...

Okay... I'll go home.

Yes, dear?

Does Dad hate me?
Oh sweetheart... No... of course not. Your father just doesn't show a lot of emotion... There's a lot going on underneath... Lots of complex feelings and thoughts. But there's also a lot of love for you.
It doesn't feel like it. He used to be different.
I know, dear. But you must believe me when I say that he loves you very much.
I'll try.
Goodnight, Christy.

Let's get to work!

Like this?
Yes, that's perfect.
We're almost done! I can't wait to fly!

Do you think they'll work?
They look pretty strong to me... I think it'll be fine.
Well then... are you all ready to go?

Christina's Letter

Tony and Christina

Hey kid... how'd you find me?
Tony, are you okay?

No. Nothing is right.

Go ahead dear, give him the letter. Don't be afraid.

Tony... we found this letter, it's for you.


Dear Dad,
It's been so long since you last spoke with me... I miss when you used to take me up in your airplane, I miss how you would teach me stuff. Most of all, I just miss you.

I know you go on more business trips to get away from me, I know you hate me because I couldn't protect Benny. But I will always love you. I'm sorry that I couldn't be the daughter you wanted.

Love, Christy

Oh Christy, no...

What happened to Benny was my fault, not yours. I live each day of my life with so much guilt; looking at you... you look so much like him... I didn't leave because I wanted to get away from you...

I know that's selfish... and I'm sorry. But knowing you feel this way... I can't bear it, Christy... I love you so much, and I've only ever wanted the best for you.

With her journal key, we can head back to Christy's room and read what her journal says.

I'm sorry that I have to leave again, Christy. But to help you understand just how much I love you, I want you to have this...
When your mother tucks you in tonight, promise me that you'll listen to this. And that you'll think of the song I always sing to you at bedtime.
Even though I go far away for work, you should always know that no matter how tall you grow, you'll always be my little girl. Love, Dad

Mori no Kokoro: Part 2

A Family of Bears

It's already an hour past your bedtime, Christy! How can you not be sleepy? Did your mother let you have extra honey again?
Hee hee...
Well I guess I'm just gonna have to sing you a song.
Your songs are the silliest!
La la la la... me me me me... so so so so...
What are you doing?
Warming up my voice of course... and no warm up would be complete without a...

Hahahaha, Daddy you are the funniest!

Mori no Kokoro: My Little Girl

My Little Girl

And you get good grades
I will be so proud.
Maybe I'll even shout out loud, or...

Even though I go
Far away for work
You should always know
That no matter how tall you grow, you'll

Where'd all the bears go?

But now that we know Tony's song, we can finally have Blacksmith Jacky fix that music box!
We'd better run there!
Why is that?
So that we don't accidentally forget the song before we get there!
Haha, you're right... Let's go!

Welcome to the Forest

Welcome back guys! What can I do for you?
Jacky, we know the music box's song now!
You do?? Well that's fantastic news! I'll get right to work... We'll have this bad boy up and running in no time!

*fade to black as sounds of tinkering can be heard*

Music Box

Don't worry, he won't hurt you!
Little Leeble... did you fix my music box!?
This music box belongs to TONY!?!?
...Yes I'm sorry we didn't tell you... It's just... he really looked like he need helped, but didn't know how to ask.
So the Little Leeble did fix it?

I like that Tony capitalizes "little leeble."

I can't believe this... You don't even know what this means to me... I can't thank you enough... I'm so sorry for destroying your gardens. You are much nicer creatures than I give you credit for...

Well, from here on out, not only do I promise not to harm your village... I also promise to protect it. I owe you so much, the least I could do is show you my gratitude.
I... well... uh... Thank-you... Tony Bear.
And thank-you, all my new little friends.

Mom look!
It's another door!
Should we see where it leads?

These Grey Walls (hospital)

Who's there?
I thought I told you stupid nurses to LEAVE ME ALO--

Hi Dad.

...I'm glad you're here.
Me too, Dad.