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Part 30: Boy Meets World

Update 30 - Boy Meets World

Today is the final and ultimate wrap-up of Rakuen. There's a good amount of people/leebles we need to talk to, a couple of little things that have changed I'd like to point out, and then we can head to Morizora.

We will start with the Cave Bud at the beginning of Morizora's cave. Everyone else within has the same dialogue, but this guy's got some new stuff.

Morizora is awake at last!

Expect a lot of people to be extremely happy about their deity awaking from a slumber. Heading out of the cave and back into the village, we'll start in the middle of town and work our way outward from there.

Welcome to the Forest

I wonder if this is the cause for such marvelous weather!

Morizora is awaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!

Did you know there's a Leeble up there that makes really cool stuff? He made a tea set that looks like Sky Buds! But the best thing is the pillow that looks like a Korshal.

Another comment about the weather, yet I don't think anything changed. Unless the sunray sprite is even brighter now. As well, the kid mentions that artisan we already bought from wayyy earlier. It's probably for the reason I mentioned at the time- it's real easy to forget he exists since you never have to go anywhere near him again for story purposes. This part of the game is also useful if you haven't gotten all the items for the patient lounge...but of course, we did.

You found your son! I'm so happy you're both okay! Oh hey... weren't you trying to find Morizora before? Did you hear... HE WOKE UP!
Morizora's awake??
You didn't hear? The chief announced it this morning! You were probably busy polishing the trash can... heh heh.

...Is that supposed to be an euphemism?

There's nothing wrong with being clean!

Oh, I guess not. The dude just really likes being clean.

Well, you guys take care, and good luck with everything. Come and visit us from time to time, okay?

The innkeeper has nothing to say, so let's move on to the huts around town.

But I just wanted to say that you made a big difference. Maybe you don't realize it... but you did. Thanks for that.

Aww, Cora.

A nice thing to hear after the last bit of the game has been so emotionally grinding.

You know you're always welcome here.

Cya Danielle, your portraits were always great to see.

But I just wanted to say thank-you again for helping me get my tools back, and for bringing me so many fun little projects. I've never fixed a music box before! And you're the first 10 foot tall giants to sport my patented Jacky-tools.
Anyways, you take care alright? Come see me if you ever need anything.

So long Jacky. You were eccentric and loved giving us fetch quests, but you were still pretty cool in the end.

Sadly, Amanda is the only bear with new dialogue. Tony and Christina give the same lines as before. Regardless, say your good-byes now, you won't get a second chance!

I mean if it is true, then that's WONDERFUL! But Minimori say a lot of things... and it's usually all a bunch of nonsense. So at the end of the day, who knows!

...It looks the same. I think you got ripped off dude. Hey, get it? Ripped off? Eh? ...EH?

...Anyway. Quickly heading up the beanstalk here as the rancher has a new line of dialogue.

Welcome to the Skylands

Worth it for the music change in my opinion.

Maybe I'll go have my "Food Fortune" read! There is a Minimori that does that.

Speaking of food... how is ol' Bufkus doing?


How did he out-eat a bear? Tony are you on a diet or something?

So ends things for our protective sign. Protecting us from others, and protecting us from ourselves.

Something about the air down there... I think it makes him really cranky. He's got a bad attitude now. I told him to move out here with me, where the air is fresh! But he never listens...

You must not have talked to your cousin in a while. As Bad Attitude Onion has been transformed from BAD to RAD.

He's too excited to even get out more than one line of dialogue!

Oh, this guy again. Let's just lea--

Hmm... actually I'm kinda in the mood for a good sandwich. With bacon and avocado.
You think you can make that for me?

I'm glad our mom decided to just dunk on this onion. We have the BEST mom!

I've never seen such lovely green stalks before! Do you work out?

See? Dunking does make a person better. Looks like our mom just made this onion go from BAD to RAD.

Yeah... it was. Anarchist bud up there has nothing new to say, so let's head back to the village and go see Winston.

Oh hello again! It's so good to see you!
I got through the challenges Morizora gave me... so I'm gonna go visit him soon.
You completed your challenges? Oh my goodness, that's great news! Wow... I guess that means you might be leaving the Forest after this... Going back to where you came from?
I'm not sure yet.

Wherever you go, whatever you do... just remember you have a home here okay?
Thanks, Winston.

That was real sweet of Winston. Also, the boy seems to be planning something... I'm not sure yet what it is though.

The area south of Winston (the optional area with the sign party-cult), has nothing new. If we head over to the river side, there's exactly one change:

And that's it for the river side.

The Leeble protection agency hasn't changed, it was just a dev-room easter egg to begin with. Kisaboro is gone and Christina has moved to the village with Tony. Kazuko just repeats lines she gave at the end of her arc. A bit of a shame since the river side is nice looking, yet has few reasons to visit.

The time has come to head back to Monsieur's island and see if anyone has anything new to say.

Pungent Onion is still playing games in my hut though... So that problem has yet to resolve itself.

Speaking of that dork, let's check on him.

I might have to leave this hut...

A scary thing to contemplate, but maybe first take a shower... you reek.

The dancing buds outside of Monsieur's mansion have nothing new to say, but what about the mansion folk themselves?


I know you've only been gone a short while, but things are already crazy around here again!!! Now that everyone knows it was the Monsieur who was taking all that food from the fridge...

Looks like she never lost interest even after he started ignoring her!

Sugarbaby finally get's his portrait! Good for him! Also, I know the Monsieur is a gigantic monstrosity, but he can do a LOT better than Minerva. Just saying dude, there's plenty of dancing buds outside that would treat you much better.

Having you guys here was the best! I hope you'll come back again soon... either to work, or to play!

So long Sugarbaby, you were the greatest... cousin... I never actually had.

Now that she's heard about his little midnight snacking problem, she's doing everything she can to get him on a diet!

>Buds get shorter on diets?

Duh, you didn't know that? When we overeat, we just grow ALL over the place. If I keep eating as much as I do here, I'll be a regular beanstalk!

Imagine if overeating made humans taller and fatter. Sumo wrestlers would just rule the whole world with their gargantuan 80 foot tall bodies.

Told you this place was weeeeeeeeeeird!

'Tis indeed weird.

I don't think his hearing is that good though... either that, or he's just terrible off-beat when he sways to the music.

Oh give it a rest, Dorlando...

Pfft, an apple

Though I heard the chefs speaking about a newer, low-calories menu for reasons I am unaware of... While that might be better for our pollen, low-calorie food is NOT why I come here!

Someone enjoys their fatty foods. Also... isn't a plant talking about their pollen essentially like a guy talking about his sperm count? You know, not something you'd do at a fancy party...?

All those pots and pans clanking in the middle of the night! Who knew all this time it was the Monsieur having a midnight snack?

I'm not sure it can be called a midnight snack when it's literally entire pies.

The chefs are making more Crumble as we speak---

Oieeee, Crumble????
Uh, heh heh yes sir, there will be more Crumble very soon!
Ah yes, so as I was saying... you're always welcome here.

I'll miss Rupert and the Monsieur. Sure they are upper class as hell, but damn if they didn't do it with style.

Warm buns are the best afterall. I always say... cold buns are bad buns!

Let's go talk to this guy now, because he's quickly rising to be a favorite character.

...That he hasn't returned to this room to remove it from the wall. Don't tell anyone I said this, but... I kind of can't stop laughing when I look at it.

Same, friend.

What else is new.
Maybe if YOU drank it, Minnie... Your foul temper and bad manners would fly off! Aha... haha... Hahaha!

I'm not even on Minerva's side but damn that was bad Nettie.

The NERVE of that Bud... continuing to eat throughout the night... Why even have tea parties if you're too big and tall to hear any of the guests!
Oh Nettie, just admit it... You want the Monsieur to shrink back down again so you can date him.
I waaaaant him to shrink back down again... Because at this rate he's gonna grow RIGHT THROUGH THE ROOF!!
Ah, love. So powerful a force it is!

Love is indeed powerful, and makes you do, say, and think the dumbest shit in the world. Source: me, a dumbass.

Also, that isn't a typo on my part, Nettie does indeed tell Minerva "Oh Nettie." There's actually been a couple of text errors and typos throughout that got missed. My favorite instance was mom's dialogue box calling her Rupert. I didn't have any bugs or glitches in the game, so QA did its job, I imagine typos are a super low priority issue.

He was more in love with that blasted Crumble than he was with me! Hmph!

Maybe because you're not a good bud! You're the one in the garden with all the thorns on it.

>You're an Apple, aren't you.

Wait, what?? An Apple? What are you trying to say?? No... my secret is that I don't like scones!

I can't believe I was engaged in such conspiracy theory nonsense. I knew I shouldn't have listened to Apple Jones.

>Are you still wearing paint?

It's not paint, it's LOTION! Uh huh huh...

I've sampled Kazuko's tea and it is absolutely splendid, wouldn't you say?

Well... it caused us to have a really cool sequence that got massively depressing towards the end. So yeah, 3/5 stars I guess.

I do check the mansion, but I can't find Lil' Budz anywhere.

So... that's it for Monsieur's Mansion! And also basically it for the whole Forest! It's time to head back to the hospital, and check on the patients for one last go.

These Grey Walls (hospital)

I'll come by your room later to check in on you, okay?

It sure has doctor...

I'm good, kid. I'm good. Thinking about flying my plane, even though I prolly can't use my license anymore, heh.
But I don't need to fly anymore. I'm good now.
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. You need to say what you need to say. You can't convince yourself that it's too late to change the past, because it's not about changing the past.

And hey...
Thanks for listenin' to me kid. And thanks for your company. It really meant a lot to this cranky old man.

Bear Tony didn't get new dialogue, but Human Tony more than makes up for it. Cya Tony! You were a great guy all along.

Next on our world tour, is talking to Jacky. What's going on Jacky?

I know it's not easy being here... Going through everything you're going through.
But I've seen such remarkable strength and heart in you. You've made this a nicer place, just by being you.

Oh... Jacky.

I didn't mean for the bittersweet goodbyes to all be at the end, but it works out!

Let's cool off from the emotions to check out the Patient Lounge!

Here it is, in all its glory! We've got every single collectible in the game! Not an easy task, despite the game itself being easy! I'd totally come hang out here.

Okay, let's head over to Danielle to get back to the emotional gut punches.

You've got more strength than most people I know.

Aw, Thanks Danielle. So... let's ask her about Sue.

She looked so happy. The only time I'd ever seen her that happy was when she was hanging out with you.

That...hit like a stack of bricks. Damn.

Panky... do you got something for us?

When you get your appetite back, you can eat as much of it as you like.

You're alright Panky. Leeble Panky is still a dick though, maybe you should talk to him, yea?

Only one person left in the hospital... Let's talk to Winston...

>How are you feeling?

Life is strange, isn't it? When you feel like you can't go on, the most random things can remind you that you need to have hope. We never know what's going to happen. Will we fail, will we succeed? Will we sink or will we swim? We don't know... But I've learned that we can't approach life with fear and anxiety, or we aren't really living.



I'm so sorry...
She asked me to make sure that her jar of marbles was delivered to your room.

Winston, I didn't care for your arc, but you are a great character despite that. Farewell to you...

We obviously can't say goodbye to Sue, but there is one more thing in relation to her we can finally get the whole picture on. Do you remember those creepy messages written in green? Well, they were scrambled messages- four of them to be precise. I believe we saw three of them, and we can now see the fourth.

I leave it to you, to figure out what they say.

We have but one person left to talk to in the whole game... Mom. So mom... how are you feeling?

Kami Kabuto Hero

Are you cold sweetie? Let me know if you'd like your coat, or any extra blankets or anything.

Let me know if you need anything... I've got some water and snacks in the bag.

If you'd like to play any games, I've got our old favorites... We can go fight the giant monster that looks like a Durian... Or would you rather eat bad guys and turn them into eggs? Personally, I wouldn't mind battling an evil scientist and his army of robots.

Let's imagine riding on a train together, and all the fantastic things we'd see when we looked outside...
I can see rice fields, and tall trees, and even some birds that are flying alongside the train...

It's been a long day, hasn't it?
For you too, Mom.
We're gonna get through this together. Everything's gonna be alright.

I love you.
I love you too, Mom.

Did I ever tell you, you're the bravest person I know?

It really sucks how Pungent Onion just walked into my room right now! Now theres tears everywhere! Yeah that's it, that stupid smelly onion!

Well, onions are no- That's it for Rakuen. There sits before us one last task...

Morizora awaits...