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Part 31: Sue's Tiny Planets

Update 31 - Sue's Tiny Planets

Tiny Planets

Update 3 posted:

You give the Snowy Marble to Sue.

Snow world?
Can you keep a secret?
These aren't just marbles, you know...
They're little world! All of these are tiny planets...
With tiny people living inside!
That's why it's so important for me to find them all... This swirly-white marble is a snow world. It's snowing all the time here! I know that might sound boring...
But it's not!

What kinds of parties?
Snowman dance parties!
I love dancing!
Me too!

But if we went there, we wouldn't freeze. The snowmen make a magical drink that can keep a person warm!
So we could dance with them, and never get too cold!
That sounds great!
Thanks for helping me. I feel better now that they're back with me.
My name's Sue... it's nice to meet another kid around here. Oh yeah... and feel free to use our bathroom anytime you want.
If you find any more of my marbles, do you think you could bring them to me?
Of course.
Thanks so much.

Update 8 posted:

You brought me something?
It isn't much, but I remember that you collect marbles...

You give the Cat's Eye Marble to Sue.

Cat planet?
Ohhh I really really missed this one!
It really looks like a cat's eye, doesn't it? That's because this planet has LOTS of cats. But here's the surprising part...
It has a lot of DOGS, too!
There's dogs living there, too?
Oh yes.
People are always saying that cats and dogs can't get along.
But that's just not true.
People always think that if you're different, then it means you're bad.
And then they treat you differently.

But Cat Planet is different. The cats and dogs get along just fine.

The cats and dogs make the food together?
It's really good, too. They have pink donuts and coconut bread!
I love coconut bread!

Update 8 posted:

You give the Amber Marble to Sue.

... Teahouse?
Yes that's right!

Inside the tree, there's a room where flower-creatures serve you the most delicious tea ever...
But that's not even the craziest part!
The tea room...
You can walk on the ceiling! You even drink tea upside-down, and it doesn't fall out of the cup!
One of my favorite things to do is drink tea with a good friend.

Sometimes she didn't have enough food so I would share my lunches with her.
But we always had a good time.

Update 25 posted:

Update 7 posted:

Marble acquired.

I believe this marble is technically optional, since you aren't required to get back here. Though what Uma was doing with the marble, is a good question.

Update 13 posted:

You give the Rainbow Marble to Sue.

I think you would REALLY like Rainboy Toyland... It's the most magical toy store in the whole universe!
What's it like there?
Well for starters, this toy store is in the sky. And the only way to get there...

The rainbow's like an escalator. You step on it, and it'll carry you into the clouds!
Each person rides on their own tiny train car across a long bridge...
Which leads to a HUGE room full of toys!
What kind of toys??
Oh... all sorts...
Kid-sized houses, teddy bears, robots, building blocks, board games, tiny pianos...
Do they have marimbas?
What's a marimba?

I could go there, too?
Of course! You're my friend, so you're always welcome there. We can play lots of games!
Thank-you, I would love that!
You know... Games are good and all... but you gotta be careful not to play them too much.
Especially the risky ones.
Risky ones?
Yeah... some games make you lose lots of money.
Sometimes, the person playing the game... They play it so much that they forget to spend time with their family...
Sometimes... those people love the games more than anything else.
But it's not like that at Rainbow Toyland. So you don't have to worry about that at all. Thanks again for bringing me this... it's really special to me.
You're always so nice to me, brining me marbles and listening to me talk about my planets.
Sorry I talk so much...

Update 23 posted:

You give the Celestial Marble to Sue.

I can't believe you found it...
It's so beautiful here...

It does get really cold though.

It was warm and safe inside.
Wow, a whole castle!!
My mom taught me how to build forts in my room so that I could hide there in case of danger.
Because here on THIS planet no one can hurt you. You're totally safe here. It's like having a sleepover with your friends, but all the time.

You give the Flower Marble to Sue.

Ohh it's my Flower Marble!
This marble is so special to me...

The flowers were all different colors. Some were big, some were small. It smells so good there!
Were there any blue ones?
Yes, lots!
There's this one blue flower that looks like a really big dandelion puff. But each puff has lots of tiny blue flowers on it.
There are blue roses, too!

The island moves with the wind... so an hour will go by, and suddenly we'll be over a completely new place!

And of course, the entirety of updates 24, 25, and 27.