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Part 1: Epilogue

I refuse to believe they used the term "furry" and did not know what it meant.

This is a fairly accurate representation of the National Enquirer, though I want to see their take on World Weekly News. Can anybody tell me what's up with Bat Boy recently? The stores around here stopped selling it.

Is... is this legal?

Behold, our new Holy Bible.

Somewhere out there a group is trying to get Dr. Nefarious to be Robot of the Year instead.

The kids have absolutely 0 shots of living a normal life.

On page 3D there's a coupon for the new Groovy Lube opening soon.

Look, whatever that mustache says is true, okay? You don't question the 'stache.

I'm just going to ignore everything else on this image and instead just get really, really angry over the use of Comic Sans.

I hear it went for three and a half million bolts and the dude who bought it is just using it for storage.

Oddly prophetic...

I'm sorry, I can't not see her with a giant bobble head anymore. It's been permanently ingrained into my brain.