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Part 7: Inconvenient Power System

Update 7

Thing that went wrong in this video

#7: Inconvenient Power System:

Extra Content!
I know how much you all love extras but I'm afraid I needed to pump out this update in a rush. Don't worry, the video doesn't suffer for it. But unfortunately I don't have time to find you extra content. Invent your own.

*End of Content*

Incredibly important information that you MUST READ THAT I AM NOW REITERATING
The time has come. I'm taking a plane flight to Romania tomorrow in order to attend a very important wedding ceremony. This guarantees no updates for the next 2-3 days or so. With any luck I'll have internet and still be able to provide updates. Should this fortune not come to pass, however, then that means that if no updates are received in the next four days, it means I do not have internet access in the slightest. Should this come to pass then don't expect updates for TWO WHOLE WEEKS.