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Part 9: Chapter VIII: To Bear Hate's Weight

Well, although Helshaft and Fyuren blew us off royally, we seem to be cool with Jule and Gnade. Not bad, and we still have one clan to go. Before we get to them, let's talk about Rank 2 skills, and preparing for the next boss battle. We're going to need it.

First off, make sure someone on your team has See All as an EX Skill . Trust me, the next boss is going to be a nightmare without it. I elected to have our good buddy Weiss handle having that skill. Eva gets to have Ambition, which is a tremendously effective skill that substantially increases SP gain between turns. Victoria gained Bulldoze, which is a useless skill that just decreases the effectiveness of enemy emergency guards. Not a big deal.

My standard-bearer first generation team of Weiss, Eva, Victoria, and Jainus' skill line-ups. Even if the AP costs for the new skills are higher, the trade-off in power is well worth it, especially since most of the compound skills, like Holy Storm, Thunder Whip, and Dark Matter debuff the enemy in various ways or have the chance to inflict a negative status effect.

Although I'm not going to screenshot it, Felenne ended up with a pretty similar line-up to Victoria's. I kinda wanted to shake things up and have Jainus tag in for boss battles, so he can rare steal, but Felenne for regular fights. If you want to grind, the plains of Graccea actually aren't a bad choice. Frequently you'll run into mage groups that are piss easy and give you some pretty nice Gold and EXP.

I told you when I was going to reinforce, and here I am. 250 is enough Grade to attach any one Attachment in this game, and I find Kaigetsu's Light a worthy target for Weiss' Chain Knuckles. He is definitely the most balanced member of my team. Maybe that's why everyone seems to target him first.

As far as other weapon upgrades are concerned, by the time I visited Graccea I upgraded Eva to a Photon Edge, a significant improvement over the Void Scythe in terms of magical damage. Soon enough, I'll upgrade Victoria's Poleaxe to a Halberd, which is better, and I fully upgraded that, too. With the money and materials from completing commissions and killing enemies, I'm able to get a lot done. Jainus got a new weapon called the Assault Cannon, which, naturally, was immediately fully upgraded.

One final thing about Attachments for now is that the Attachment called the Key of the Moon is completely bloody useless. All it does is increase your AP count by a massive 1. Beyond worthless, but they are good for selling. Pawning them off on the Holy Lamp will net you a cool 35,000 Gold. I had two by this point, so that's a real easy 70,000. Now then, you might be wondering where we go next. But then you might recall Felenne mentioning there was a portal in her village leading to Enhambre, the one continent we haven't been to yet. Let's go see what Gnade has to say. What power is

I'm glad to see that you are well. The same sentiment holds true for the rest of you also. Now then, you wish to use the transfer portal in the village today? The necessary preparations have been completed, so use it whenever you feel you are ready to do so. Once you are through the portal, head south and you'll eventually arrive at the village of the Lishius clan.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

No, no, there was the demon incident from before. If I don't help you now, I'd shame my ancestors. The journey to the Lishius village won't take too long, but it may be a good idea to rest here tonight. Felenne, can I count on you to guide them once again?

But of course. This way, everyone.

Later that night...

Are you not able to sleep?

Lord Gnade... No, it's not that... For some reason I feel nostalgic being here. And I just became restless. It's strange, though. The last time I was here was also my first time seeing this place.

The memories of your life before will always remain a part of you. Perhaps you have some connection with this place.

That may be so...

I have heard of your situation from Felenne. Felenne is a guardian and has accepted the fact that she might have to give her life in service to the gods. However, as for you and the other...

I won't know until the time comes whether I was right, but it's a decision I've already made. That is why, no matter what happens, I won't have any regrets. This whole situation has reminded me of what my mother once told me. You can't expect to be rewarded for every action you take and you can't blame others for your decisions. Don't do things for the approval of others, but for your own happiness. And always go forward on the path you believe in... I thought that by staying with Weiss, I would be able to do good. Maybe I could actually be of help. That is why...

-Strength- is at times honored, and at others time envied and reviled. Those who are weak cannot understand the motivations of the strong. The opposite is also true. If that is the case, the only thing to do may be just to follow the path you believe in. However, such a path must have been quite difficult, right?

Even if they couldn't live in town because of their choices, they were content to be together as a family. I feel the same as they did. My parents may have passed away, but I am not alone in the world. And that is why I am happier now than I've been in a very long time.

I see... I trust you'll use your healing powers in a way that will benefit others.

Of course. I will do whatever I can to help others. I have to get up early tomororw, so I think I should go to sleep now. Good night.

Good night. Nothing ever goes as expected. I wonder why it is always the young who must always bear responsibility. Oh gods, is this the fate that is given to those who follow you? If that is the case, please grant those people at least this one night of peace.

After that scene, the portal to the final continent opens. But before we go, we have a few things to take care of back in town. Namely, the bath house mini-game. To actually open the game, clear commission 367, then 42 and 45. All are money-based, and as for what the mini-game entails... You can probably get the gist of it by watching this video. Yes, I intend to make you all suffer, but not nearly as much as I do. If you're following along, do the game with Felenne once, Victoria twice, and Eva once. You pretty much have to get the best result (smiley face with hearts), to affect Affection in any way, so you'll want to save before attempting it. You only have a limited number of tickets.

Anyway, to wash the taste of that last video out, have a genuinely nice scene. This is very important to getting Eva's True Ending events. What lies beyond

The fact that you never seem to. Actually... I doubt that you ever think about anything other than your mission.

You make it sound like a problem. I am here to obey the will of the god and to do whatever his desires dictate; nothing more. There is nothing more foolish than to allow your mind to be cluttered with extraneous nonsense. The loss of your memory is less than significant. Even should you regain those memories, it would do nothing to change the reality of your situation. Instead of brooding over the inconsequential, you should focus your energies on something constructive.

Are you content with being used as a tool by the gods?

Of course, but do not refer to me as a mere -thing-. I am the -Agent of the God-. You would do well to keep that in mind.

You and I aren't so different, really. Like me, you are trying to discover your true self, while always knowing that it will probably never happen. And it is for that last reason you refuse to accept the truth, right? Because you know that you'd lose the last little bit of yourself if you accepted it. Here is something for YOU to keep in mind.

You dare presume that I am nothing more than a -doll-?

It looks to me that you are someone who is desperately trying to find themselves. And you should be. If you can question being both a tool to be discarded as well as being an empty doll, the -feelings- that'll develop within you will come to protect you one day.

What- -Feelings-? What are you suggesting I would -feel-? I...

The biggest things to come out of that scene is Eva is starting to not entirely hate us. Nah, I'm kidding. The writing in this game is largely unremarkable, neither especially good nor bad, I think, but when it wants to it can have a lot of heart. Like Eva's character arc, or several events in the second generation. There's one scene right near the end of the next generation that's probably my favorite in the entire game, but that's a ways off.

For now, we have a few more scenes in town, including Fiona as a pop idol, so Update VIII bonus video. The last scene takes place in the Iliya Forest, and I have no idea how you'd know it was there without a guide. Anyhow, after those events, we can push off toward Enhambre.

The fifth, and final continent we'll be going to this generation. If you look up from the 'W' in "World Map", you can see the land is broken at a point. There's a bridge connecting the two halves of the continent, but because the game says so, you can't cross over it at this point in the game. Literally the only thing we'll be doing on this visit to the archipelago continent is going to the Lishius temple, which is located at that white square protruding from the mountain range. The usefulness of the guardians

As the demons are a threat to all who dwell in this world, I have no reason to refuse your request.

Then allow me to express our gratitude for your assistance.

On another note... We have quite a number of unusual guests today. The young lady earlier is a high elf, correct?

Yes, she is. It was a great help to us all, providing her with a playmate.

That is quite all right. There are many elves interspersed amongst the people of Lishius. And actually, it is my hope that we do not become a burden to you. After the Day of Light I thought that nothing could ever surprise again, but... I never imagined that a high elf would come out of the past to appear in our time. And one such as like her, at that... She has no family, right?

It seems that way.

With that -light- and the existence of a high elf, I think the world is on the cusp of a massive upheaval.

Did the light actually originate from the central continent?

No one is certain what really occurred, but I believe your thought is correct. On that day, something happened that should not have... The -light- was actually an eruption of an incredible amount of magical power. Given the circumstances... No, I think that I am reading into things too much. I have nothing to offer but suppositon. However, considering the intensity of the power released, the Sera must've...


Leaving that aside for now, be assured that the Lishius will assist you as much as we are able. If there is anything we can do for you, do not hesitate to ask.

We shall definitely do so. Now then, let us go and fetch Fiona. She is the all-important -key-, after all.

Because doing so will change nothing. If you think that conversation will gain us the cooperation of others, then you are truly a fool. The truth of what we need to do will only have meaning for those capable of accepting it. If you wish to avoid inviting chaos into your life, I'd do as Faz has said and say nothing about yourself. More importantly, the time draws ever closer. Please do not forget that.

I'm well aware of that.

Are you? Very well, then.

Weiss! I had a lot of fun playing with the others today. I want to come back and play with everyone again sometime.

Then you should try to make it back here. After all, you have all the time in the world, Fiona.

You have to come back, too, you know.

Yeah... Let's come back here again.

Yeah, it's a promise!

So there's no transfer portal here?

Actually, to be more accurate, it's not so much -not here- as it's being modified.

So, either way it's of absolutely no use to us.

There is nothing else we need to do here, so let us head back.

Well, three out of five guardian clans isn't half bad. And I have a feeling the Gruut and Yurle will be getting a wake up call sooner or later. After all, there is only so long one can run from the truth, yes? Anyway, you're warped right back to the Alister temple for another scene. If you're following along and want the True Ending, make sure you see the Weiss-Eva scene I covered above, as you get locked out of it once you see this next scene. A strong demon attacks

(The suppression corps is in chaos?! What's going on?)

Oh, Felenne. You've come back just in time.

Elder, what happened?

Just the other day, a demon appeared in the forest nearby.

So that is why the suppression corps was so agitated. But a single demon shouldn't be much of an issue.

Normally, but this demon is far more powerful than any we've encountered before. Many of our people have sustained serious injuries, and there are a few who have not returned...

But all of our people are incredibly skilled. No matter how powerful the foe, it shouldn't be possible...

I am incredibly sorry to ask this, but could you lend us your strength again?

Where do we need to go?

However, I am not sure how much longer we can keep it trapped there...

Weiss, let's hurry! Lord Gnade, please take care of the villagers. I will do my best to heal those who stayed behind to delay the demon.

Aina, please, you have to help them!

It's all right, leave it up to me. I'll be sure to save everyone.



Say no more. It's this way.

Please save everyone.

And so we go on our latest hunt. I'd just like to make sure everyone is aware we are rapidly approaching the end of the first generation. In fact, not including this upcoming boss, or demon quest bosses, there's only two bosses left in this entire generation. I see no reason we can't wrap up Weiss' adventures in Part X.

But, before we hunt this guy down, there's two events in the Iliya Forest. One is with Felenne and the other with Victoria. This update's fairly short, so I see no reason why I shouldn't cover both normally. Mixed emotions

(I don't think I'll ever get used to this...)

What's the matter, Felenne? You don't look very well. Have you come down with something?, sick? No, I'm perfectly fine, so there's no need to worry.

If you say so... Please try not to strain yourself and let me know if you need anything.

Thanks. I'll be sure to let you know if anything comes up.


Later that night...

What are you doing here?

Come again?! That's my line, you bastard! What the hell are YOU doing here?!

It's obvious that you're not quite yourself right now. Also, the moon is at its fullest tonight.

Only you would remember something as pointless as that.

While at the same time, I do not remember everything that I should.

Damn right! Ow!

Are you all right?

Don't come near me! Just leave me alone!

Aina's, Fiona's, and Felenne's affection goes up, while Eva's takes a hit. I should note that Affection isn't simply a point-based mechanic. There's multiple levels of Affection that only manifests as one level outwardly. For example, if you looked closely during the Eva scene, at the end, her affection was still in the red (blue face with X eyes), but at the end changed to the blue grumpy face with a slight orange tinge.

If Eva's affection is too low, that scene won't trigger, even if the blue face with X eyes is visible. Just keep that mind.

If you were in your village, I'm sure there would be enough people around to offer you a challenge... Are you that reluctant to ask an outsider?


I'm not trying to get on your good side or anything, it's just that... There are times that I Just want to put everything out of my mind, too.

Your point being?

Do you think I am not skilled enough to challenge you?

Don't know. I guess I'll just have to try it and see.

Then, why don't we get started?

Well... Fine, great. I just hope you're good enough to provide at least a little entertainment.

After some sparring...

*Pant* *Pant* Not too bad... I haven't felt like this after a fight in a long time... It's a feeling I've never gotten from going up against demons...

It's probably because you depend so much on your superior physical gifts that you lose focus easily. Sleepwalking through a fight won't usually be a problem when going up against most demons, but... Should you go up against a more formidable opponent, a loss of focus could prove fatal. You might want to be more careful about that in the future.

Hold up...did you just say that my abilities were...?

You're not quite what you seem, are you? I guess the same can be said about me as well... Thank you...

And now time for the second scene, this one with Victoria. Duty and honor

No, just a little more!

Being well rested is also a part of being a soldier, is it not?

Um.. I suppose you are right...

Why are you so restless now?

Me...? I don't think I am... Umm... Perhaps you're right, Weiss...

We weren't able to enlist the aid of the guardians, but you can hardly be held at fault for that.

Do you really think so...?

Everyone sees things differently. That's especially true for guardians, and more so for the elders. You, of all people, should be aware of this. You did lead troops in the past, after all... I'm sure you felt the weight of responsibility that comes with having the lives of others in your hands.

And it is that very thing that is the source of my current dilemma. I realized just how ultimately powerless I was as I continued to fight in battle. No matter how noble one's intentions are, they mean nothing if one doens't have the strength to realize them. Simply having hope will not save people's lives. The demon threat is only becoming more acute. Determination alone will not be enough to resist and defeat the power of the demon hordes. Without help, we will be unable to face that greater power. Knowing that... I die a little inside with the thought that resolve and bravery alone are not nearly enough to protect others... While I understand that it was the clan elder, I failed to get even one person to help our cause... I couldn't possibly feel more humiliated and ineffectual than I do now...! I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to carry on like this. You have a far greater responsibility to bear than I. I cannot even imagine what it's like to hold the fate of the entire world in your hands.

There is very little honor in bearing that responsibility. If I didn't act as I did in the past, there would be no need for me to save the world in the first place. And you wouldn't have to be here, either.

I... I am not staying because you asked or because Eva all but demanded it. I chose to be here of my free will. If I can at the very least help you bear the burden you've been forced to carry, Weiss, then perhaps there was a reason why I was born into this world.


It's starting to get a little chilly out here, isn't it?

It looks like you've really worked up a sweat. You should dry off a little before you catch a cold. Here, use this. Don't worry, it's clean.

Oh no, I can't possible use it before you do.

Don't about it. If you don't towel off now, you'll get Fiona all sweaty when she hugs you.

You never worry about that when we were out on the road... You're right, though. Fiona hugs everyone. Okay, I guess it's all right to use your towel, then.

No problem...

What's the matter?

This decision raises Aina's, Victoria's, and Jainus' affection, but lowers Fiona's. I wonder what would happen if you chose the third option. Alas, it is not to be.

Um... We should probably head back now.

But Weiss, you should consider drying off as well. You wouldn't want to catch a cold, would you?

Um...well... Actually, I don't need to anymore. It dried on its own.

Is that so...? ?!

What's the matter?'s nothing! R-Right. If we stay out here any longer, the others might start getting worried. Let's head back now.


(The scent of his sweat... Why has it gotten me so flustered all of a sudden? I've never had anything like this happen to me before... Why does my body ache so?)

Victoria's special CG event comes up after this scene, but, uh... It's one of *those* scenes. As such, I won't cover it normally. I'll have to enlist some goon backup to make it through generation one's worst scenes. That'll be at the end of Weiss' story. After you make it past a single battle point, you'll come across the third and final forest exit. If the worst happens...

Yeah, it is...

Just what kind of demon could so overwhelm a guardian suppression corps...?

As much as I hate doing so, I have to acknowledge your strength. But don't underestimate this opponent.

I have to second that. It decimated a guardian suppression corps. It's going to be one hell of a fight.

If things start to go to hell, I want you all to retreat and leave things to me.

What in the hell are you saying?! Did you even listen to us?! If you tried to fight that thing alone-

It is as Weiss says. If the enemy is too much for us to overcome, you are to prioritize your own lives.

I can't just abandon Weiss!

You three are the -pillars- that support the vessel. You need to be aware of just how vital you are.


You can continue this conversation later. We need to get moving.

I have no intention of running away from this fight, you got it?

Do whatever you want. Let's get going.


Last warning: have someone who has See All in this fight. See All, while it's active, negates any and all enemy counterattacks that result from physical strikes. Extinguish does the same thing, except for magical attacks. But our next enemy has no magical counterattacks.

After clearing the forest, the demon is right in front of you. The power of a god

I see... This guy is definitely far beyond what we've faced up until now.

My god, the pressure is overwhelming!

What kind of demon possesses this kind of power...?!


It has already been decided who is to claim my life. Unfortunately, it is not to be you. Do you truly want this cursed and battered soul so badly? Fine. All you have to do is come and take it. This cursed soul stained with the blood of a god!

As you can see from the video, if you elect to watch it, this guy is no match for me. He's no Neo Orthos, is what I'm saying. You may wonder why I've been acting so wary of him...

Not to give too much away, but this guy does have a second form. Once he's about to be defeated, have some someone on your team patch up any wounded ally. In this case, it ended up being Felenne who threw out enough Grasses to restore Jainus and Victoria to decent health. Unfortunately, this is one of the times you run into consecutive battles in this game, and the game isn't nice enough to restore the party's HP in-between fights.

I got an A rank for this battle. I could be on the road to redeeming myself. We'll see how things pan out.

Is that all? It wasn't nearly as strong as I thought it was.

But what was that power we all felt just now...?

...?! Felenne, get away from it!

What? It's fine, this one's already dea-




Kinda of hard to communicate in screenshots, but Weiss blocked the demon's sword and got knocked back to his knees near Fiona.


What were you thinking?! Were you planning on putting me in your debt doing something like that?!

Weiss, please don't move!

I...I'm fine... I don't plan on letting something like this kill me.

Please lie down and let us take care of you!

There is no need. Weiss will not perish from a wound such as that. His time will come only when he becomes the -vessel-. More importantly, we should do something to ensure that it's more than -mostly dead- this time, yes?

I get it...

What do you intend to do with that body?!

And now we have the real boss fight. This guy, aided by the odd Mage there, is much more of a threat. Turn on See All as soon as possible, but I was lucky enough to have two SP at the start of this fight, enabling Weiss to put both Foresight and See All on. He got KO'd shortly after, though, meaning his immunity from counterattacks is gone. Be mindful of that at all times.

Later in the fight, he nailed Weiss, Victoria, and Jainus with a Howl, KO'ing all of them. Honestly, shit like that...

After some more back and forth, I'm alive again, despite no one being in great shape health-wise. Here's the thing: your ability to revive fallen comrades is, by far, your greatest advantage over your enemy. They can never rely on their allies' strength after they've fallen, but you can. Always keep in mind that you live and die by the strength of your leadership. Oh, and for some reason, when you use See All, the game calls it "Omnipotence".

This guy, I honestly thought I'd have more trouble with him, but the key thing to remember is just have someone with See All. If you don't, you can always offer one party member to be a sacrificial lamb and assume all the pain, but I've never found that very reliable. The key thing with this battle, and any other, is just be prepared. But, that's why I'm here, isn't it? He drops a Damascus Sword as an Over Kill. It's probably the best sword of the first generation.

Well, it was messy, but we got it done. The price of sin


No, you have to stay still!

Yes, and with such a horrific wound... You mustn't be so rash!

Calm yourselves, it would take far more than this to end Weiss' life.

With such a wound, how is it that he's even still alive?

In fact, I highly doubt that being torn apart would kill him, though I have no intention of finding out. The power of the -gods- is not for lowly humans to comprehend.


Why did you do such a thing?! Did you think I'd be in your debt after doing something stupid like that?!


Why would you say such a...

Please, everyone just stay silent for a bit.

I had no intention of putting you in my debt. Actually, I was just curious to see if I was really immortal.

What in-?! Are you trying to make me look like an idiot?! How can you be so damn calm all of the time?! How can you live feeling nothing after taking so many lives?! You not only annihilated the Sera, but also countless innocents that lived on that land!

There were justifications for that, and he didn't do what he did because he wanted to...

There is no justification for what he did! To the Sera, this creature had...

Huh... Felenne...your sister...?


Don't think that just because you've lost your memory that you've been absolved of your sins. If you refuse to die, then by all means continue to slaughter all that comes before you. I can't wait until the day of your atonement arrives.



Why did Felenne say such scary things? What did Weiss do that was so bad...?


I also share some responsibility for those deaths. After all, I was the one who guided Weiss. I now wonder why it is that I was the only one to survive... It probably would have been better if Felenne's sister had survived instead of me.

Yikes. When Jainus takes things seriously, sparks can fly.

The living will always bear a certain amount of responsibility for those who have died in their stead. Especially if those who still live caused their deaths.


This is all to the good. With this, Felenne will gladly follow you now, won't she? After all, to be a -pillar- would mean to bring -death- to the -vessel-, which is you by the way.


That's going a LOT too far, don't you think?

Do you think so? After all, both of their desires will be fulfilled. As I have said before, I do not care at all about how things get done, just that they do. The only thing that should be important to any of you is to forge through what happened in the past, and restore things back to the status quo. All else is dross.

But still-

Aina and Fiona, don't worry about me. Go and heal the injured guardians.


Please, go.

I understand. Fiona, let's go.


We should leave as well.


I want this to end already.

You'll get no argument from me.

The end of the first generation is right around the corner...