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Part 10: Chapter IX: To Rally The Vailant

We're coming to the end of Weiss' story, but don't you worry, we've got a LOT of Agarest War left.

Let's talk about something that happens as you level up party members' affection. You see the Party Rank in the top right? As that levels up (the levels are Rank I - Rank S), you have more SP at the start of a fight (S-rank gives you 4 SP), and the game says formation bonuses are increased, but it's hard to measure that. If you follow the MasterLL guide, the highest rank you'll be hitting is Rank A, but honestly, it's not really worth the effort to get to S unless you're really motivated.

Two things to talk about here: after that previous boss fight, the third and final portal in Lucrellia opens, but more interestingly, if you have some free DLC, you can access Generation One's bonus dungeon. The event to trigger this showing up happens in the Hunter's Guild after that scene where we got back to town with Victoria and the party talked about where they go next.

As for what this dungeon has for you, it mostly has previews of second generation adversaries that'll be become common when Weiss' son takes the reins of this adventure. As for prizes you can get in this dungeon, you'll find a trifecta of Damascus equipment (a sword, a scythe, and a spear). The sword is great, the scythe is pretty bad because the magical damage is pretty low, and the Damascus Spear is the best spear you can (realistically) get in the first generation. You can also find a gun called the Repeater that's perfect for Jainus. You can also get a new knuckle called the Inescapable Grasp, which significantly increases magical damage. I put it on Felenne.

Other than that, you'll find various crafting items that you can either hold onto or sell for profit. You can also get a listen to the sweet as hell second battle theme. I don't think you can actually hear this song elsewhere in the game at this point. It took me about an hour and a half to clear out this dungeon. After that, head back to the Temple of Commerce for a very Aina-centric, but non-essential scene. A girl's past

Um, there is something I want to ask you, Felenne... Do you think it'd be possible for a guardian to leave her village and live like a normal person?

Well... It's incredibly rare. I can't speak for the other clans, but no one from the Alister has left our village for a number of years.

Is that so...?

Actually, scratch that. It must've happened before I was born, but... I heard that a skilled healer of my clan committed the taboo of leaving the village to marry an outsider.


It might only be a rumor though. I heard about it from others, and it happened before I was even alive. Why do you ask?

U-Uh, I was just curious... I apologize for asking you such a strange question.

No worries. Anyway, you should probably go to bed now.

You're right. Good night. ...

What are you doing out here?

Weiss... I couldn't sleep, so I just came out here to think on things...

We have to be up early tomorrow. You should at least try to get some sleep now.

You're right... Uh, Weiss?


Would you mind coming with me to visit Gnade right now?


Aina's affection goes down, but the other two Pillars', and Eva's, goes up.

It's really late. You should wait until tomorrow to go see him.


... Fine. Let's go.

Oh, okay!

Do not worry. I was having difficulty falling asleep tonight. In fact, I was hoping for some company right now. I do not know if you'd be interested in spending time with me or not, but please, come this way.

Thank you.

So, what would you like to know?


I assume that you wish to know more about your parents?

How did you-?!

There are very few people with healing abilities as strong as yours. There used to be a skilled healer that lived in this village. Your resemblance to her is uncanny.

Then, she was a... If that's true, then why have you allowed me to stay in your village?

Especially, if in the end, the parents were innocent.

But my mother married outside of her clan...

I am of the opinion that is is time for us guardians to open our eyes and minds to new ways of thinking. Though we obey commands handed down by the gods, I'm not sure staying isolated is a good idea anymore. We guardians value purity of blood to the point where marriage between family members has become common. However, I will not say that this practice is either normal or natural. In fact, this way of thinking has caused a number of tragedies in the past.

Yeah, incest is kinda a plot thread in this game, and I mean that in the loosest way possible. I will say that, to the game's credit, it doesn't present incest in any way other than a bad thing. One of the second generation hero's biggest beefs with the guardians is that the practice of incest among the clans has turned their gene pools into a toxic muck, and he doesn't waste any opportunity to give the clans shit about it when the topic comes up.

The game certainly at no point fetishizes incest, so don't let that scare you off. I mean, even in this scene Gnade is talking about how the guardians' practices have only caused trouble.


Young lady, we put your mother through a great deal of unnecessary hardship. And though it is too late now, I would like to apologize on behalf of all my people.

There's no need for you to hang your head in shame. My mother never blamed you or anyone. She was truly happy to have been able to live her life with my father... And she always said the happiest day of her life was the day I was born. I just wanted to share with you how my mother felt. That she was am I.

Is that so...? What you have told me may be the salvation of us all.

No, it was just as important for me to say. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this late.

And a good night to you. May the light of the gods shine upon you...

Weiss, I'm so grateful that you came with me tonight. I really appreciate your help.

I didn't do anything that deserves any kind of thanks, though.

No, you gave me the courage to go through with this. I would have never been able to summon the nerve to visit Gnade on my own. So... Thank you. It's nice to not have that hanging over my head anymore.

... I do sympathize with you, but...

This is my decision. Eva had very little to do with my choice. I want to stay with everyone...and you, Weiss. Please let me stay by your side until the end.

Understood. I hope that you will be with me when this is all over, Aina.

Of course.

You know, as thin as Aina's character is, I still really like this scene. She had some emotional baggage regarding what happened with her parents, but she was able to confirm her mom left the Alister by her choice, and never regretted meeting her husband or having Aina in the first place. Now then, at the item shop there's a scene where Chloe mentions a demon hanging out in the Bratt Wasteland of Aegisthus. This place is just south of the location where we fought the Neo Orthos. But first, let's take a look at the Righteous Beheading's other function.

He also runs a sort of shop where you can buy stuff in exchange for TP. He sells a lot of synthesis materials, but more interestingly, a number of weapons you can only get at his place. If you were so motivated, you could grind for a bit and use your TP to buy absurdly overpowered equipment and lay waste to all who stand before you for a bit, but eh. I'd rather fight battles with equipment we can get normally.

Also, note that this place sells the Rusty Sword, Bracelet, and Ring. As you might expect, upon conversion, these items turn into actually valuable stuff (conversion requires like 100,000 Gold and various rare materials). The Gram for the Rusty Sword (one of the very best weapons in the game), the Aegis for the Bracelet (very, very good piece of armor), and the Mighty Ring for the Ring (also incredibly valuable). However, each piece of Rusty equipment costs 25,000 TP, so, uh, good luck with that if you want to grind. There's really no point, since you'll get all the Rusty equipment from bosses or late-game commissions.

But enough talk. Let's see how this new foe holds up. Versus Titan Spirit

After the obligatory "Kick the crap out of Weiss on the first turn", we begin the battle. This guy is definitely not as hard as Neo Orthos, even though he has more powerful buddies and is hardier overall. Of course, he has physical counters ready if you try that, but he is vulnerable to Fire, and Weiss' Brave Storm, and Fireball and Fire Bullet, are really going to do a number on him when we attack.

For now, though, stick to taking out the Lizard Men and Mist Dragon backup.

Oh, while Weiss was getting pounded, I should elaborate on the pop-up in the lower right. Having stolen it from the last boss, I equipped Weiss with a Battle Frame, which, in addition to providing some pretty solid physical defense, allows him to put up five Guards, which, if I were to press circle before a physical attack hit, would lessen the damage he takes from the attack considerably.

Of course, if I didn't want to bother with timing, I could just hit square and had Guard pop up by itself, but whatever. Better armor later in the game will give you up to nine physical or magical Guards, I believe.

A solid, if unspectacular, result. You have to keep in mind an S-rank is for finishing the battle on the first turn. Especially against end game bosses, this is basically impossible, unless you can pull several million damage out of your ass on the first turn. I would say, anything between E-B is what you can usually expect. Getting an A on a mid-to-late game boss battle is certainly not impossible, just very difficult. You don't have much of an excuse for any battle where you get an F or worse.

Having those rank two skills has really made the difference in terms of not having another Neo Orthos on my hands. I beat this fight on my first try. Actually, we are definitely out of the hardest part of the game. There will certainly be pretty difficult moments of the game, mostly in boss fights, but in terms of general difficulty we're through the worst of it. Weiss as a true Battle Mage has worked out pretty nicely. Well, only one more demon hunting quest to go, but that's for next update, which will be a busy one. As for the moment, there's a lot of extra events in town, so you know the drill by now: Part IX bonus video.

As far as story-related content, time to head by the inn. Family matters

Is something the matter?

Um... I would like to give a report on the current situation to the king...err, I mean my father. We have gathered a great deal of information during the course of our travels. I assure you that I am not homesick or anything like that. It's just that the demons are obviously becoming stronger. I just thought that the more information he possessed the better he could prepare for what is to come. I know how selfish my request may seem, considering all that is happening. However, if you would just allow me to go...

Not entirely sure why this is even an option. I mean, we gathered no info last time we elected to stay in town, but... Aina's, Fiona's, and Felenne's affection goes up, whereas Victoria's goes down. At least we get called out on being dumb.

That could be said to be the course of wisdom. However, in this case it may not necessarily be the right choice...

I vote for Faz's position. It should be all right. We'll just hop there real quick using the transfer portal. After all, it's important to show your family that you're a-okay, right?

... Do whatever you want.

I thank you for indulging my selfishness, especially now.

Parents and their kids need to spend quality time together, right? You can only do that while you're alive.

No, that's not what I...

I know. But try to do so while we're there, anyway. Just show him that you're doing all right and don't feel you have to hold back your feelings, okay?


And now we have a scene with Felenne. She seems to have a lot of those, yes? What was lost

Isn't the full moon still a few nights away?

Do you really need a reason to fight? We're going at it tonight, okay?

For indulging her request, Felenne's affection, of course, goes up, along with Aina for some reason. Since she doesn't see a reason for it, Eva's goes down. She's right on the border of being back to really disliking us.

You look like you're ready to go at it. I like how you can immediately adapt to the situation at hand. Unless you're planning to run like a frightened child at the last second.

Fine. Where do you want me to go?

Go to-

Now, draw your sword.


I have no intention of going up against an unarmed opponent.

I see no reason why I need to fight you now.

Well I do! Now, take out your sword.

There is no need for me to. Do to me whatever you wish to. You have every right to, after all.



Why didn't you even try to dodge?!

I wondered if I really could die... I just don't want to hurt anyone ever again...

What...?! You knew that you wouldn't die! Not even the damage done to you back then was enough to kill you! It's just as Eva said; I'll never be able to kill you. Then give me a reason to keep hating you! I want my hate to burn hot enough to reduce you to ashes! I can't let my resolve weaken now! As a guardian, I need to stay strong! That's why I...!

I was once very much in love with someone... Well; at least I think I was. I can't say for sure because I don't remember much about it. I know she died, but I cannot remember how or why. But I think that my disgust and hatred of the gods stemmed from her death. That is why I took this sword. I am certain that I didn't spare a thought for the possible consequences.

So you saving me was simply a way to try to atone for your sin? Did you honestly believe that saving a single life would make up for all of the ones you took?

Why the hell are you saying stuff like that to me... Compassion...only leads to weakness... I cannot allow myself to become weak now...


Guardians sometimes marry another of the same race within a different clan to preserve their blood. In most cases, the two people involved are forced to marry, regardless of their own desires... My older sister was one of those who got shipped off to another clan to marry a total stranger. The first time she even set eyes on the guy was on their wedding day. He did look very kind, though. It was such a relief to me to see her so happy standing beside him. And you looked almost as glad as she did. It was as if you were celebrating their happiness as if it was your own. It was so apparent that even people that had never met you could see that your joy was unfeigned.


But you're different now. The old you, who was so kind and warm, is gone... Perhaps when pain and despair overwhelm a person, they will turn into what you've become. I can't forgive you for what you've done. But I'll never be able to avenge my sister's death, either. I don't want to become like you... I just don't want to lose anyone I truly care about again... So please... Just allow me my tears now...

Until I can wash it all away... Please...

I understand. I will stay with you for as long as you need me to.

Thank you...

Okay, it hasn't been THAT long since I Platinum'd this game (December 14, 2013), but I do not remember at all Felenne's older sister being engaged to Weiss. Huh. After this scene, the guide advises you clear every request available, but there's one money request for 250,000 Gold, and that's not including a 20,000, 10,000, 3,000, and a 100,000 request...that's an absurd amount of money at this point in the game. You can probably skip the 250,000 without anything bad happening, because Jesus... Anyway, all the scenes you get from wrapping up available requests is in the bonus video.

For now, back to Aegisthus and Signihardt Castle. Make sure you have Weiss and Jainus in this fight. You'll see why when we start fighting. A traitor?

Signihardt Castle seems to be in a state of chaos.

What is this...?!

They look like the footprints of goblins and orcs.

Wait, those footprints... They aren't the footprints of goblins or orcs. While it appears whatever they are were retreating, we should be on our guard.

Let's hurry.


How could Signihardt Castle be completely surrounded?!

We don't have any time to waste.

There is no need to waste any time or energy on demons such as these. Although I will do nothing to interfere should you wish to involve yourself in this. It's not as if I'm completely inflexible as to how you choose to spend your remaining time.

We'll exterminate them all. Let's go.

I find it curious, indeed. I'd think that you'd be more concerned about your fate than that of others.

People don't always act based on what they may gain. The trouble of having a conscience, I guess... You don't dislike Weiss as much as you appear to, do you? I get the feeling that is also why you've chosen to remain with everyone like this. I've also noticed that you only give commands when it comes to fighting demons and finding certain people.

It is not a matter of whether I like him or dislike him. I simply do not trust him. My task is to observe Weiss' actions and make sure he makes the correct decisions.

I will leave it at that, then.

After that scene, you get your first Esoteric Book. We'll see what that does at the end of this battle.

Assuming the proper conditions are met (a combination of having the correct number of Ultimate Points, SP, and having the right characters in the fight), a prompt to use a Finish Strike will pop up after an Ultimate Strike ends. The Finish Strike you have available now is called Hazard Strike, and it's a combination technique between Weiss and Jainus. To fulfill the requirements for it, all you have to do is break an enemy with Weiss and Jainus on the field. The SP cost is 0, so as long as you have an Ultimate Point, you can activate it whenever an enemy is broken.

I believe the most Finish Strikes you could have available in a single battle is three. Also note that even if you personally know the requirements for a Finish Strike, you can't use it until you have the corresponding Esoteric Book. No cheating.

Finish Strikes are the final major battle mechanic in this game. The biggest compliment I'd have to give the battle system is that it's very fair, and always keeps you alert. You know how in Metroid or Zelda games that once you've reached the end of the game, not even bosses register as a threat? You have so many upgrades you're basically unkillable unless you're a complete idiot.

Not so in this game. Even generic enemy groups can surprise you. Of course, to pissant foes like enemies you'll find in the first generation this doesn't apply, but if you're careless and overconfident against any strong enemy, they can really bring the pain. You have to manage a balancing act of attacking, how intensely you attack, and when you hold off and play on the defensive. You can't sleepwalk through the combat, not at all. Always be alert, and never take your team's strength for granted. There are seriously some dangerous as hell bosses late in the game.

It's like they had absolutely no interest in us at all.

Oh, that rabble? They had no intention of crossing us in the first place.

When fighting goblins and orcs, never take them head on. Always attack their flanks or from behind. They may have the greater numbers, but they're rarely a threat in battle.

Father, are you all right?

Victoria... Why are you here? No, before you answer, I must express my gratitude.

Don't worry about that. But just how did demons get so close to the castle?

There's no way your sentries could've possibly missed seeing such a horde, right?

No, they didn't overlook them. We've even received a number of reports of demons marching through the Groza Mountains. However, we couldn't take soldiers from our other defense and had to fight with only who we had here.

It seems the threat of demon incursions have become reality...

The demons appeared after traversing the Gai Desert and crossing the Groza Mountains.

The Gai Desert... Wait, didn't bandits take over a fortress there and make it into their headquarters?

According to reports I've received from scouts, the fortress not only still stands, but is unscathed.

Could it be that the bandits and monsters have joined forces?

There's no way that would ever happen. The idea of goblins and orcs allying with humans is inconceivable.

Indeed, it is inconceivable, but it may not be impossible...

Do you happen to know something?

I'm not sure of anything, but I do know the footprints we saw earlier weren't made by orcs or goblins.

Garvels in the previous two games are basically Summerill's shock troops. They can lead goblins and orcs with ease, and are very physically powerful to boot. They are, in reality, high elves who Summerill corrupted with his magic. Think the origin of the Nazgûl, basically. The self-proclaimed King of Darkness' most powerful servants are called the Gurg, who have always appeared as knights, clad in black armor from head to toe and carrying purple swords. The Gurg are larvae who have succumbed to the Gem of Might, one of two powerful magical artifacts Summerill possesses, the other being the Bracelet of the Covenant. The Gem grants the larvae incredible power, at the cost of absolute obedience to the Dark Lord.

A garvel?!

No, that can't be...

Once again, I'm only guessing, but perhaps the forces you faced could have been led by a garvel? I believe the reason why it went back was because there was proof that they wouldn't be attacked from behind.

If it was sure that we would not be receiving any reinforcements...

Considering their numbers, this castle would have fallen if they'd tried a full frontal assault.

Not as long as my eyes remain black and open to the world. However, considering the most recent actions of the demons and the bandits, it seems certain that something major is going to occur on this continent. I suppose we'll have to take some kind of preemptive action.

Father, this issue is no longer confined within the borders of a single country. Minor demons such as goblins and orcs have been increasing in numbers at an alarming rate. And during my journey throughout the world, I've encountered a demon of incredible strength. Even now, the entire world lies under the shadow of the demon threat. Everyone now must band together and face the demons as one, or we won't stand a chance against them.

To join forces with the guardians... I have tried many times to reach out to them, but their reply always remains the same. They are also less than amused or pleased by the fact that we were once guardians as well. And on top of that, they are proud of their role as guardian almost to the point of hubris. It is not a simple thing to overcome ideals that people hold so dear.

Even so, we must try.

Will you go then?


What, you're not going to whine about the futility of all of this?

I do not mind these lapses into chivalry as long as the ultimate goal is achieved.

I see. I think I'll tag along this time, too. My presence might complicate things a little, but it might be better than not going.

I apologize for burdening you with this, and I wish you the best of luck.

Just don't get your hopes up.

By the way, Father, I don't seem to see Sirus anywhere.

He is currently in command of the garrison stationed near the desert.

If Sirus was in command of the garrison, how did the demons manage to get through so easily?

Maybe there was something he saw or learned that kept him from mobilizing.


Are you sure it's okay to do so?

That's incredibly generous of you.

I'll let you do whatever you feel is right. As long as I have the time to do so, that is.

Do as you wish. careful.

Yes, you be careful too, Father.

I think it's time to bring the Gruut down to earth. Time for the fourth trip to northwestern Aegisthus. Responsibility

What an annoyance. I have nothing I wish to say to you, or hear from you.

Man, this is exactly why I didn't want to come here. Once a mule, always a mule. Seriously, can't you loosen up a little bit just this once?

You're... What do you mean by returning here? I told you to never step foot upon these sacred grounds ever again.

Jainus... Is this where you're from?

This pathetic disgrace, a guardian... No, a Gruut, you say? Don't be foolish. He was cast out and exiled from this clan. He is no longer of the Gruut. His is now no more than a fool banished to the wilderness. He has nothing to do with us.

Like you, your opinion means nothing to me. I knew I'd be a -disgrace- as soon as I picked up a gun. But seriously, how could someone so blind to reality ever become an elder? Does even a marginally competent leader send away those who would warn him of impending danger? Scrupulously following the gods' teachings is fine and all, but -here- is hardly the whole of the world. Open your eyes, you senile old fool, and actually look at the state of things around you. If you can bring yourself to do that, you'll see just how vast it really is. And just how insignificant we truly are.

Is that all you wish to say?

Nope, I still have a veritable mountain of abuse to shower you with, but I'll save the rest for later.

There will be no next time.

Is that so? I think the time will come sooner than you think.


It's just as you said it'd be. They're right there.

Damn, no one is going to trust us if demons keep showing up like this.

What are you talking about?

Do you really claim the title of Elder when you seem to care so little for the wellbeing of your clan? Can you not hear their presence, their -sound-?

... This is... No, demons?!

Only a few days ago, an army of monsters appeared in my country. And if whoever is leading the demons thinks they can overrun my country despite our fighting prowess...

Isn't it natural to think they'd target this place as well?

Are these the demons you've been in pursuit of?

And like I said before, isn't it about time you opened your eyes? If you let yourself become too tightly bound by tradition, it won't be long before it strangles you.


We'll try to attack them from behind. How you choose to act is up to you. Just don't get in our way, okay?

Stop dragging your feet and move!


And we're thrown into another battle with orcs and goblins. Well, the Hobgoblin is an upgrade from the Goblins, and the Bull Orcs are obviously an upgrade from the Orcs. They're all pretty simple, and this is a nice formation to get caught up in Original Skills.

You may have noticed from boss battles, but generic enemies that appear alongside bosses are technically separate enemies, even if they share the same name with a generic foe. For proof, you may have noticed them drop minerals and stuff for synthesis. I'm pretty sure these guys are stronger than normal Hobgoblins / Bull Orcs, but not by much. Anyway, quick, uneventful battle, so the final video of the update. A portent of things to come

Are you still using that evil -thing-?

Whether it's truly evil or not, as long as I can use this -gun- to save others, I will continue to do so.

It seems that foolishness will always be a part of your nature.

Same for your stubbornness.

Why are you so fixated on -strength-?

As long as I have the -strength- to help others, I will not hold any of it back.

Are you insinuating something about us with that remark?

At the very least, for now, can't you allow me to call you -Elder- one more time?

... I suppose.

I am truly grateful, Elder. I also wish to apologize for my rudeness up until this point.

Spare me the formality; what do you want to say?

I do not mean to make light of the responsibilities of the guardians or mock the words of the gods. I simply wish for you to consider whether or not guardian traditions still hold true in this world. Just as they were during the time of the gods, the demons are once again a real threat. Did the god truly wish for us, who as guardians are blessed with exceptional strength, to refuse to become the sword and shield for those without the ability to fend for themselves? I know all too well that adhering to the teachings of the gods is not an easy thing to do. But even so, to watch the suffering of others from a distance and do nothing... That is something I cannot, and will not, abide. I beg of you, not only for the sake of our own survival, but for the sake of all those who need help: Will you lend us the strength of your clan?

Your desire to protect the masses is admirable, to be sure. However, it does not excuse the fact that you chose to arm yourself with a gun.

I understand. I swear to you that I will never intrude upon you, or the village, ever again. So please lend your strength to her.. No, not only to her, but to all who cannot protect themselves.

I would beg this of you as well.

Why should I listen to the please of those who have abandoned their village and their duty?

Then on behalf of the Alister, I, too, add my appeal for your assistance and your strength.

This is a matter for the Gruut to decide. I neither want nor need interference from the Alister.


Jainus, you have yet to learn the true duty given to us guardians, have you? It seems that some of the Alister have yet to learn it as well.


Do you honestly believe we do not think of, or care about, people other than ourselves? No, there is no group that thinks more about the wellbeing of others than us guardians. We are obligated to preserve the -blood- that flows through our veins, no matter what the cost may be.

(Preserve...their blood...?) Urgh...

Weiss, are you all right? You're as pale as a ghost.

I'm fine, it's nothing.

If we perish, the world would perish with us. With that being the case, there is no room for discussion.

Fine, then let it all end. People, guardians, the world; let them all die.

Weiss, what are you...

The Sera have perished. Even so, you still think blind obedience to the gods will save the world?


Gods aren't absolute beings. If they were, they couldn't be slain by a lowly human. No matter how much power this thing contains, the one who made this sword was undoubtedly merely -human-.

You... Then, that sword must indeed be...


Elder, please tell us of what we must do now.

... The gods have not abandoned us yet. The will and power of the gods still exists in this world. If that was not the case, then the world would have already crumbled into ruin. However, if you are of the Sera and that sword you possess is the -Oathsworn blade Werdefahrt-, then the world may be indeed hurtling towards its demise. ...Very well, I will join forces with you. Be sure to pass my words along to Wolfgang as well.

The name of the sword Fyuren mentioned, the Werdefahrt, is another thing from the previous games. In the first game, it was called the Sword of Oaths or Leo's Sword, but both refer to the same thing. "Leo's Sword" comes from the fact it was first in the possession of the first generation protagonist, Leonhardt Raglan, and it is passed along to each successive generation's hero. Massive spoilers for Agarest War Zero below.

The blade's origins are revealed in Agarest War Zero. In it, an immensely powerful larva named Hass Calinou forged the weapon using materials gathered by Sieghart and his companions in the first generation. Although Calinou originally didn't want to hand over a weapon of such enormous power to the forces of light, because he believed the path to the world's prosperity lied in a balance between light and dark, near the start of the second generation Summerill used the Gem of Might to corrupt the larvae of the forces of light and turned them into Gurgs. This caused an overwhelming shift in the balance of power toward darkness, and in response, Calinou handed over The Oathsworn (new translation for a new game) to Sieghart's son, Leonis. After Leonis' adventure, which resulted in the defeat and sealing of Summerill, the blade passed down through the ages and eventually wound up in the hands of Leonhardt's father, who gave it to his son. That Leonhardt's family is in any way related to Leonis is something that is neither confirmed nor denied.

It is a weapon always described shining as if it was made of gold, and it has enormous magical power.

I am truly grateful for your decision to help us. I thank you on the behalf of my king.

Besides all those present, are there any others who know of your sword?

If you are referring to guardians, then no.

Good. I would like to avoid unnecessary chaos until the truth is revealed. Even if you ask -why- now, it is not as if we can go back to the way things were before the Day of Light. All there is left for us to do is pray that we can fulfill the duties we've sworn to perform.

We desire the same thing that you and your people do; for the world to continue on as it always has. For that to happen, though, these people are absolutely essential. Just as you guardians are.

... The demons are approaching from the desert. It seems they've allied themselves with the bandits there.

That does appear to be the case.

However, they will find reaching this village far more difficult than they expect. And I can only pray that there is no one to organize and lead them.


If you wish to truly resolve the situation, it'd be a good idea to neutralize the bandit's stronghold.

Understood. Please leave the bandits and their fortress to us.

Do not worry about enemies coming at you from behind. We of the Gruut will be watching watching your back. And Jainus, as agreed upon, you are hereby forbidden to enter our lands ever again. However, if you cast aside your gun and return to the path of a guardian, you will be welcomed back.

If I've got nowhere else to go, I'll be sure to do so.

I will try to enlist Sirus' aid. I'm sure he'll help us once he sees the seriousness of the situation.

If he agrees, we'll definitely appreciate any help he's willing to give.