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Record of Agarest War 2

by Sylphid

Part 12: Chapter XI: Primus

So many things left unsaid. It is now time for Weiss' atonement, the price of his sin. A punishment his son will have to bear. His fate is sealed before it even begins. The sins of the father will never die... Darkest before the dawn

Sorry Fiona. We'll play together later, okay?

We shall return soon.

Let's practice magic again sometime.

I'm sorry, everything is my fault. The one who really should be atoning for this sin is myself...

Whatever I thought, whatever actions I took... In the end, everything that has occurred is all on me. You have done nothing wrong. Don't worry about it.


Weiss, it's not like this is farewell, you know? I still haven't raised nearly enough hell, and I'm pretty sure you haven't either, right?

A little thing like living death can't stop true brothers.

But everyone is destined to face the end of their time here. And when it comes...well, don't worry. We've been through too much for our bond to be broken now. I'll still be around to clean up after you until it finally rots away.

Please do, when that time comes.

Leave it to me.

Let us go, Weiss.



There are probably things that he wouldn't be able to accept if he were to stay alive. I know you feel guilty about going on while being unable to help him with what has to be done. But all of this talk of fate disgusts me to no end. It's even worse when people try to hide what they mean behind weasel words like -duty- and -obligation-.

And in the end, people will continue to be puppets subjected to the whims of the gods.

What they think or feel about you, or you about them, means nothing here. Whether by force or by favor, it does not matter. For the sake of the world, these girls before you are now no more than your -possessions-.


Yes... Whether you decide on only having one partner or whether you decide to take them all is of no concern. These three are no more than brood mares to be bent to your will. Use them as you please.

I know it's Eva's "thing" to not give a damn about anything but her mission, but that is ice cold. Ice cold...




By popular demand, Victoria it is. Now, the MasterLL guide says all three heroines have to be at the highest affection level to get the True Ending, but I've also heard you just need the heroine you marry to be at the highest level to get the True Ending. I'm not sure which it is, which is why I'm playing it safe and going with LL's suggestion.

In the previous Agarest War games, you could only marry a heroine with whom you had a high enough affection with. In this game, you can choose any of the three, but their affection level determines what happens in the resulting cutscene. There's three outcomes: if you marry a heroine with low affection, they go ahead with the soul breeding, but it's not presented as a happy experience for the woman. A little more affection, and they'll decide to go through with it, but they're still not completely at peace. At the highest affection, they'll gladly accept their fate and bear a child with no regrets, offering hope for the future. Obviously, I'll be getting the third outcome. Light of my Life - Victoria Wedding

But I do not want to risk making another tragic mistake. I just want to somehow make amends for all of the lives that were lost as well as those that will be.

To determine what is right and what is wrong is an incredibly difficult thing to do. There may not be an answer at all. I believed in the path I had chosen and had cast aside my country to follow it. So please, choose the path that you yourself believe in.

We now walk the same path, you and I. And I want to keep moving ahead, so that we can be together forever.

Then let me be the light that illuminates your path. So that you will never again lose your way. Even if you only see but a glimmer, it's all for you... So please... Let me stay by your side, so I can continue to shine upon you...

You've already banished the eternal darkness. It is why I am able to be here, now. I want you to be by my side until the final moment comes. That is the only thing I wish for.

Please, until the final moment... Don't let go of me...