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Part 13: Chapter XII: To Despise The Father

Schwarz... Hey, Schwarz, get the hell up already.

I don't wanna see some dude's face in the morning. Go away.

Hey, I don't want to see your face in the morning, either. Fiona asked me to come wake you up.

Jeez, what an unncessary thing to do.

If you have time to whine, you have time to wash your face and change. I'll be waiting downstairs.

Tch... I can't think of a worse way to wake up after such a crappy dream. Today's going to be fun...

And meet Jainus' new look (and voice). Fun fact: in this series, each game has only one human and one high elf playable in every generation, the only two Agarest species with that distinction. Winfield (human), Ellis (high elf) in the first game, Eugene (human), Alice (high elf) in Zero, and Jainus (human), and Fiona (high elf) in this game.

Good morning, Schwarz. Would you like some breakfast?

I don't want any. Forget about all of that, and just tell me what I have to do for this commission.

Our fearless leader's attitude is always pretty bad, but today seems to be especially horrible.

He probably had that dream again. Although, it's more his dad's dream than his.

Jude, I dare you to say something else that reminds me of that stupid asshole. I'll make you regret that you didn't pop out of your mom without your tongue.

Schwarz, you shouldn't speak that way about your father. And apologize for that rude remark about Jude and his mother, too.

What a pain in the ass. And anyway, it's not like they'd care about it, so whatever.

Jeez... Jainus, Jude, I'm sorry. I'll apologize instead. Could you forgive Schwarz?

Don't worry about it, if you start apologizing for everything this idiot does there'll be no end to it. You should just leave it be, Fiona.

Right, it's not like we're going to lose the battle of verbal abuse any time soon.

I really don't want to hear that from you, of all people.


Well, let's leave sleeping dogs lie, then. More important are the details of our commission.

This one's a doozy.'s a commission for demon suppression?

Not only that, it's three cases at the same time. Feast or famine, right?

The closest of the three is the demon currently plaguing the Aldo Plains. The other two are in the Dajlua Wetlands and the Gai Desert, respectively.

The Wetlands are just south of the Yurle temple. Unlike the other two dungeons, we couldn't go there at all in the first generation.

I'll do it even though it's a pain in the ass. Does my answer satisfy you, Eva?

Schwarz, you have disappointed me more times than there are stars in the sky. However, I believe that you show more promise than your father in one respect, anyway.

To think I'd be praised by you. I don't suppose that the world would be blown to hell tomorrow because of this, right?

Let us pray that does not happen.

As always, my jokes are lost on you. I don't give a damn about what happens to the world. The only reason I agreed to take on that son of a bitch's -mission- is so I can get my hands on those whores.

Yeah...Schwarz has problems, especially with women. I'll talk more about him and the generation in general when this scene is over.

That is fine. As long as you achieve the results I desire, I care not about what you do to the -pillars-. However- No matter how beaten or bloodied you become, you will do as I wish, even should you beg otherwise.

It's a damn shame that you aren't one of the three. I think I'd actually enjoy that. Just the thought of trying to break you seriously turns me on.

Stop it, you two. Schwarz. Please, don't talk like that...


It's just as Fiona says, it must be painful for you, but we feel the same way, too. Weiss and your mother were good friends with whom we shared a great deal with. Same goes for you.

I don't know how you all feel, and I don't really care. As for me, I'm not really bitter about all this. It's not like I remember anything about either of them. What I can't stand is the fact that he just took off and dropped this -mission- bullshit in my lap. Parents should finish what they started before disappearing.


It's all pretty much pointless, huh? If you can't get what you want, then why bother wishing for it in the first place? That's all there is to it.


Kids will be kids. No matter how fast their bodies grow, they remain petulant little brats on the inside. Don't worry about it; you're doing very well with him, tiny body and all. The only one who is capable of being the light that'll show him the way is you. Please keep lighting his path for him.


So, yeah, about Schwarz. He has absolutely gigantic issues with women in general. He says some truly horrible things to Eva and the Pillars (he doesn't show as much ire towards Fiona, thankfully), and deep down he knows he goes too far sometimes. His personality is mostly just acting out, because he knows he's stuck in a very specific cage. Since Weiss couldn't complete the resurrection of the god, it falls on Schwarz to do it, and no matter what, it'll end in his death. Otherwise, he's almost the exact opposite of Weiss: cantankerous, assholish, lecherous, and violent. He has a few redeeming moments, but make no mistake: Schwarz is a jerk, through and through, and makes no apologies for it. He also has a nasty case of wanting to seem aloof and unattached, when in fact he's by far the most childish and emotional member of the team.

But he's the interesting kind of asshole, because he's caught up in the duty of a life he had no part in creating, and all sorts of pressures and responsibilities are forced on him by being the vessel and the natural pressures of living. The second generation I think is the best generation in this game, because you have a new dynamic among the returning characters (Jainus as the father figure, Fiona as the heart), and the Pillars are all good characters in their own right, who have their own dynamic between them (did you notice there's very few scenes or moments when the Pillars talked amongst themselves in the first generation?), and between themselves and Schwarz.

Otherwise, a lot of stuff is going to go down in the second generation, I'll tell you what.

As far as bringing Schwarz up to speed gameplay-wise, I got him Satori as his first EX Skill (it increases evasion and accuracy), See All as his second, and this is what his skill line-up looked like after I was done (the second group of Rank 2 skill books is available now).

I also brought Fiona up to speed, since I haven't used in her a while, and we've lost four strong party members between generations. There's also the matter of finishing 20 battles with Schwarz, Jainus, Fiona, and Eva. As for enemy groups, the regular foes you encounter in the field have been upgraded, but enemies in dungeons like the Groza Mountains and the Aldo Plains haven't changed. New enemies will show up in new battle points, however. Also, since it's the start of the generation, we have a few events in town.

Now then, there's a few new points in the Aldo Plains leading to the first boss of the second generation (wrong about the details again). Here's the weird thing with this boss. I fought this guy at first with a team of Schwarz, Jainus, Fiona, and Eva, and when I wasn't getting my ass kicked, I was getting F ranks. Then I switched out Jainus for Jude, and I beat this boss black and blue. I don't know what happened. Jude is going for a more physical-attack based skill set, as well as an EX Skill called Readjust, which considerably improves accuracy. Verus Neo Ammit.

Okay, so, Ammit has three Werewolves as backup, and you'll want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Ammit herself doesn't that much going for her. Her physical attacks are pitiful at best, and her magic damage is so-so. Her evasion is pretty high, unfortunately. Also, she has magical counterattacks, so don't go hitting her with magic until Extinguish is up.

At the start of the fight, you'll want to take out both Werewolves as soon as possible. This means hitting them with a Black Hole right at the start (it has the same SP / Ultimate Point cost as Hazard Strike). Thankfully, with such a predicatable range you'll able to take out at least one Werewolf, and hopefully the other. That'll leave you alone with Ammit for a little while.

Like his old man, Jude's Original Skill, Breakthrough, gives him a pretty good chance of a rare steal. Make sure you boost the Crescent Moon Rock off this foe, because it's the best Attachment for increasing magical power at this point in the game, and bosses tend to have those as rare drops a lot. You can afford to be a little indulgent when it comes to enhancing scythes and rods and stuff, but don't get carried away.

Unbelievably, I didn't lose a single party member this time. Ammit seems especially vulnerable to physical attacks, as that Hazard Strike completely destroyed her. I got both rare drops, and that was just an amazing performance all-around. Jainus was dragging me down...somehow.

Honestly, the best result I could hope for. Hey, I'll take it, especially after Cerebrum and Neo Ravana. I get an even better result against the next boss, but first, a short scene. This scene is incorporated into the above video.

This wasn't the demon... I'll find it, no matter where it's hiding. Nothing will stop me from having my revenge!

Before you continue hunting demons, go back to town and complete commission 81. Doing so unlocks the first set of Rank 3 skill books. This is where the EX Skills start getting interesting.

Take a look at that EX Skill. You know what that does? It blocks ALL damage equal to the total HP of the character using it. So, if your character had 5000 HP, and they use No Fear, all enemy damage is 0 until they break 5000. And that's per character, not in total. So, if Schwarz were to use this, he'd have a 5000-damage shield, just the same as Eva, or anyone else, would if she was in his formation.

It is amazingly helpful, but it has an enormous cost of 4 SP to activate. Still very nice, though. I opted to give Schwarz No Fear, Eva Unleash Magic (if her HP falls below 20%, and she activates it, her and everyone else's magic damage and defense goes through the roof), and Fiona Supernatural Power, which is a fairly boring boost to magic and magic defense while active, no HP requirements necessary. It cost me quite a bit of TP to outfit everyone with some shiny Rank 3 skills, but well worth it. Now Eva is an extreme danger to the enemy if her HP falls below 20% and it's her turn.

The next commission (that's not actually a commission), is in the Gai Desert, just a few battle points from the entrance. There's a few new enemies lurking around there, but nothing you should be worrying yourself over. As long as you have Eva and Fiona tossing out Black Holes, there shouldn't be much to worry about. Versus Neo Balrog

Well congratulations, you managed to KO someone on my team this time. By the way, I've heard Schwarz's line after he recovers from a KO, where he says something like "Temei", is just about the worst way you can address someone in Japanese. The game translates that KO recovery line like "I'll kill you, you son of a bitch!". He doesn't get any more cheerful, folks.

I was pretty pissed my assault, combined with a Hazard Strike, just barely didn't kill off that Hydra (weird name for a plant), but hey, it is hosed next time I'm up to bat.

Well, Eva got KO'd and Schwarz got nailed with the Gaia Crusher. Things could be worse, though, and the Neo Balrog (it even has the whip! No Gandalfs present, unfortunately) has no more Original Skills to throw at us. Oh, and the Neo Balrog does have a physical counterattack, so once again, that's why See All is there. Truthfully, after a certain point a character's HP gets so high that No Fear will pretty much negate all counterattacks, but that won't be for a bit. Besides, See All is 1 SP while No Fear is 4.

Thunder Whip level 3. Yeah, the effects for Level 3 versions of skills can get pretty awesome, like a giant fuck off cannon of lighting here. The skill compilation at the end of this LP is going to be nuts, I can just tell.

It's hard to ask how that could have gone better. I utterly routed both enemies, got Blessing from Fiona in there, and very nearly Over Killed the Balrog. It's not a huge loss, though. He drops Seiryuu's Sword, which is a pretty damn sweet sword that you can get as a rare drop / steal from a regular enemy, so, yeah. Especially since we don't HAVE any sword users, and won't until nearly the end of this generation. Another post-battle scene.

Li Ra-Lua, I'm very sorry. Please forgive me for sending you out into the world alone like this.

Even if it costs me my life, I swear that I will complete the task you have given me.

It is unfair and unreasonable to burden you with everything... However, if I were to perish, the world would perish with me.

I understand.

Be careful on your way.

Please be careful as well, Lady Jule.

I have never loathed myself more than I do now. Truly, social positions are only shackles that restrain people. It is ever so frustrating...

Now, time to head for the Wetlands. We're going to be crossing the Graccean overworld an annoying number of times this generation.

The enemies roaming the overworld itself are Dragon Zombies and Cold Gels. Cold Gels are completely unremarkable, but you want to Over Kill a couple Dragon Zombies for a commission to be fulfilled shortly. As far as enemies in the Wetlands, there's Cat Ladies, Cold Gels, Werewolves, and Titans. While we can't exploit many element vulnerabilities, these enemies are all fairly simple and should be defeated without much trouble. As well, Over Kill as much as possible. Versus Neo Vapar

The Vapar is much like the Neo Ammit, in that it has high evasion, low physical defense, and very strong magic power. This guy somehow manages to be more annoying. I'm wondering if it might not have a good idea to take out the Vapar quickly and "worry" about the Cold Gels afterwards...oh well.

Oh hey, I managed to Over Kill a boss with the wonderful Hazard Strike. I used Breakthrough like 3 times against this guy, and didn't steal from him once. It was a fairly uneventful fight, but I did take a turn longer than the Ammit and Balrog fights. Oh well, I won't complain, especially since I got Blessing in there.

Oh, and I guess I should mention something. Group attacks, like Sonic Blast, Thunder Whip, Mugging, Meltdown, etc, etc. are all based on the character using it. If Jude had great accuracy, and Fiona horrible accuracy, then Sonic Blast would actually hit with Jude, but not Fiona. Everything about the skill, including its power and chance of hitting, is based on around the character using it. Just so you know.

Yumil, I know this will be a burden to you, but please, do this for the sake of all of us.

There is nothing that brings me more joy than to be able to help you. You are my dear brother, after all. I will be sure to gather the materials you've asked for and return. And the moment your illness is cured...

Yes, I look forward to that as well. And when the time comes, I will vow to protect you with my life.

Those are the words I need. Please leave everything to me and rest, brother.


I'll take my leave now.

Don't underestimate her because she's female. Yumil's skills are amongst the most advanced of all the Yurle. Rumor says that she might be chosen to become the next elder of our clan.

I see, so that's why...

More importantly, things really will go just as you said, right?

If you can get the materials I asked for, then yes. There's no need to worry about that. If I were you, I'd be far more concerned about that girl's safety.


Hm, mysterious. After defeating the Vapar, there's a few more battle points in the Wetlands. The most important enemy is the Ammit, who you have to defeat two of for a commission. Do so before leaving, so you won't have to make another trip. Once you're done in Graccea, it's time to return to town. The blighted race

What's wrong? Hey.

Hey, what the hell are you looking at? These idiots may be a freak show, but not me, you know?

I don't like your attitude.

It's no worse than yours, don't you think?

What'd you say?

One of the many things you lack is the ability to recognize when being serious is appropriate.

Don't think you can get arrogant with me just 'cause you're a girl.

Funny, I was going to warn you to curb your arrogance, lest you lose your life.


You're in the way. Move.

Ah, I'm sorry.

Tch... Come on, let's go.

Jeez, it seems a day can't go by without our fearless leader getting pissed off about something.

That woman just now... She was of the syrium.

That's not too odd here, right? Anyway, we'd better catch up with our leader before he blows up again.

You seem to be in a fouler mood than normal today.

Well, a few things happened on the way here.

Well then, allow me to raise your spirits with this. A special reward for those who work hard.

What? It's just the usual reward.

Unfortunately, it's not even that. We gain no tangible reward from this scene.

It's the feelings that count, the feelings. I've put my heartfelt admiration into it, you know?

Who needs worthless crap like that?

It appears that your cold, dead heart wasn't touched by my gesture. Oh, by the way, if you had shown up just a little sooner, you would've been able to meet your client. She was waiting here as she wanted to see what kind of person would undertake her commission.


Hey, was the client a syrium woman?

You are remarkably well informed, it seems.

We met her just a minute or two ago. Well, it was more we passed by her and exchanged insults, really. We knew almost immediately that she wasn't a regular in town.

I admire her courage, coming all this way.

Wonderful, my hormonal father is going off again.


Schwarz, what's wrong? Are you worried about something?

Hm? It's nothing...

A number of other commissions have come in. Would you be interested in any of them?

Let someone else have them.

We did not obtain that which I desire from this latest demon.

So what about it? I felt it, the -vessel- was filled with something. And generally speaking, if you know what you're talking about then only I can defeat these things, right? So please, just shut the hell up and stop nagging me. I'll make sure everything works out in the end.

I see... Then, I shall expect to see much from you.

I'm sorry about all of this; we will come back again later.

Please, there's no need to apologize. Hopefully things will be better the next time we see each other.

This next scene, the final one of this update, also happens in the Hunter's Guild. Let's say it happened while on the way out, and Eva persuaded Schwarz to accept the commissions. Guns and Roses

They're decent enough distractions. I take it they have something to do with demons, right?

That is correct. For the first one, its details have been confirmed. The second one is an unconfirmed report about the presence of a demon in the Groza Mountains.

Then we should probably take the sure thing first.

However, be aware that for that commission, you must complete it as quickly as possible. So, in other words, to the victor goes the spoils.

Tell me about that commission.

And just who in the hell are you?

It's from the Alister. They want a demon plaguing the Furud Forest in the Gawain region exterminated.

I see...

Hey, this is my gig, so stay out of it.

I see how it is... You're right. If that's the case, why aren't you scurrying off now?

You intend on showing off, I take it? I'm looking forward to seeing how long your pose lasts.

It wouldn't be much of a competition if I didn't handicap myself. I think I'll head out after I thoroughly prepare myself.

This is very much like an avalanche. Once in motion it cannot possibly be stopped.

What is that supposed to mean?

Normally I'd make a bigger deal out of Eva smiling for once, but that's just creepy... Especially with the way she's talking.