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Part 14: Chapter XIII: To Make A Promise

After that scene with the gunslinging bounty hunter, time to complete a bunch of commissions. Among them are 20 battles with Schwarz, Jainus, Fiona, and Eva, Schwarz and Jude's Hazard Strike, and the heads of 8 Cold Gels and 6 Werewolves. Furthermore, 8 Cat Ladies, 2 Titans, and 2 Ammits, 3 Minotaurs, 3 Hydras, and 7 Pixies (the last three can be found in the new Gai Desert locations), 4 Gem Shells (can be found as a regular drop and Over Kill from the Devil Tentacles in the Groza Mountains), and finally 5 Slime Jellies, 3 Hell Flames, and 4 Blue Powders.

The result of all those commissions is a bunch of a new scenes, a lot of money, and a lot of TP / PP, which is a very good thing, since we'll be getting two new party members very shortly. You also get the second group of Rank 3 books, so if anything catches your fancy, feel free to invest. So, a very early bonus video.

Now then, we now need to seek out a Knight of the Round Table. Or, a region oddly named after him. When I was first playing this game (back when I just started the Ayesha LP, which is part of the reason why the updates were so sparse at the start of that thread), I couldn't find the damn place. I remembered something about the Groza Mountains, but there's no event there. The actual Gawain Region is a place we've already been; namely, the area west of Malbayers, or where we first started this adventure.

This area. Although this is a boss fight, it's not that hard. I would still advise saving, of course.. A dangerous demon hunt

You're late I see.

You're not half-bad. I was pretty sure that timed it perfectly... To see you crying in frustration and defeat.

I'll pray to the gods that your misbegotten pride doesn't someday get you killed.

I'm almost flattered that you care, but I don't need your prayers. In fact, I should be praying for you.

Look over there!

I love Jude's gigantic magnum there.

It seems that our guest has arrived.

Damn, it's not the one...

Did you say something?

I can handle a demon like this on my own.

Really? Then how about this guy? Jainus, Jude!

What kind of leader treats his people with such contempt?

Jeez, what do you think we are?

So there was actually three of them...

I'll be nice and let you take care of the small one.

I have no intention of accepting any help from you.

Stop it with the tough-guy act. We'll take care of this one. You deal with the other.


Come on, let's go!

Alright, so, your first target is definitely the Fenrir. The reason for this is because the Peryton recovers quite a bit of HP each time it gets a turn, and it can heal itself or the Fenrir if they get low on HP. So, what you'll want to do is get yourself an Ultimate Point, and break off the immediate attack. After that, have either Jude or Schwarz use their EX Skill to increase accuracy (Readjust and Satori respectively), and hit the Fenrir with an EX Skill of your choice (I'm using Breakthrough again, because of the rare steal), then a Hazard Strike to finish it off.

After that, it's a fairly simple matter of bringing down the Peryton. Just make sure to take the thing down in one fell swoop, because if not, it can recover up to 9,500 HP, negating a lot your hard work. Once again, Hazard Strike will be doing a lot of damage. This is also a big reason why Jainus doesn't work at this point in the game, because he has no Finish Strike, and Black Hole is merely meh in terms of dealing with bosses.

Weird it's so little rewards for a boss fight (combined with a Blessing), but maybe it's because the Peryton and Fenrir are both regular enemies that have been buffed for this fight. Oh well.

This is nothing.

No, don't exert yourself. Please let me look at it.


This wound is really deep... Please bear it just a little longer. I promise it'll be better soon.

Fiona used some healing magic on the woman during the fade to white.

Does it feel better now?


Fiona's healing abilities are pretty amazing, huh?

You're an elf, aren't you?

I'm a high elf, actually. Or at least that is what I've been told.

A high elf?! I can't tell the difference. But you healing my wound is another matter. Thank you.

You seem to be incredibly strong for a woman. I just thought it would be better for you to not have any scars.


I wondered about you doing something as masculine as using a gun, but your skills are beyond question. In fact, I'd be overjoyed if you would teach my idiot son how to use a gun.

If I'm an idiot, then it's because of you.

Guilty as charged.

You taught yourself?

Well now, it looks like perhaps I could use some lessons as well.

Keep your pathetic, half-assed pick-up lines to yourself.

Where do you think you're going?

What does it matter to you?

Do as you wish, for the time being, anyway. We will surely cross paths in the future.

What the hell did you say? What are you, some kind of tawdry fortune teller? Unfortunately for you, I have no interest in stuff like that. I never want to see any of you ever again, but if I do, do me a favor and pretend I don't exist.

What a strong-willed woman.

Could that person possibly be...

Yes, she is precisely what you think she is.

I see...


After that fight is over, just a little west is another boss battle location. Seems this woman is a magnet for trouble... I also don't think it a coincidence there's a location with Arthur right in the name in a place named after Gawain. Anyhow, I slapped a Battle Frame and upped Jude's STR via Party Points so he's a little more accurate. Flying solo

That was a gunshot! Maybe it's...

There's a very good chance that you're right.

Schwarz, let's hurry!

Damn it, why is it that all of your most messed up predictions always end up coming true?

I do not make predictions. I simply point out things that are destined to occur.

I don't think I'll ever like you.

It is of no importance to me whether you like me or not.



The woman from last scene is right behind Schwarz. It's just everything but the top of her head is obscured by Jainus' portrait.

What are you doing...

We can talk about this afterwards. Schwarz, could you please take care of this?

I really hate the fact that I have to save this bitch, but... Your death would be an inconvenience.

What in the hell are you-?

You'll owe me one after this.

Go screw yourself. Why should I?!

All right, come on! I'll kick the crap out of you!

Alright, I was prepared to have a lot of trouble with this guy, but you'll see what happens. As always, your first priority is the mooks. The Gastell is weak to Lightning, but resists Water. Add to the fact he takes 10% more damage when he's in Burst, and Thunder Whip is only available when the target is in Burst, and your solution is obvious.

I also upgraded Fiona to a Staff of Blessing (from one of the commissions) before I left Frensberge, mainly because her magic damage output was pathetic with the Damascus Sword.

Oh shit. In the second turn, Eva fell below 20% because of a magic counterattack, but guess what that allowed her to do? Activate Unleash Magic and send her's, and everyone else's, magic power through the roof. Want to see just how goddamn powerful it is?

In a SINGLE round of attacking, this dude went from about 90% HP to an Over Kill, simply because Unleash Magic just tears anything to shreds. In fact, counterattacks are a nice way to purposefully get a character under 20% to activate their desperation EX Skill. I mentioned in a previous voiced video there's an EX Skill called Rile, but that's even more powerful than Unleash Magic. It has the same effect as Unleash Magic, but is also significantly raises the power of physical attacks. You get Rile up and running, and you can turn out the lights, because the game is over. He was even nice enough to cough up an Argentum for selling or synthesis later. The Imperial Jewel is a pretty sweet Attachment, mainly for melee weapons.

And of course, without the big guy around that last Cat Lady didn't have a chance. She didn't even have enough AP to launch her Original Skill. A crushing victory.

What do you mean? There's only one way back to town from here, so meeting on the way isn't all that odd.

Humans are such sad, pathetic little creatures; only accepting what matches their delusions as the -truth-. No matter how much of a lie it may be, as long as it's justifiable and conforms to their prejudices.


Ah... Hey, if you're heading back to town, why don't you just come with us? You'd feel safer if anything, right? HEY! ... There she goes again. She's quite the stubborn filly, that girl.

If you are worried about her, how about we just follow her while keeping our distance? We are heading the same way, after all.

Yeah. We should go after her to make sure that she doesn't get too far ahead of us.

Well, we won't have to worry about that. We'll be seeing her again soon enough. Yeah, too soon...

Indeed. Since that commission was from the guild, that's right where we'll find her next. Clashing minds

Just picking up my reward. I fulfilled the commission, so it's the logical thing to do, right?

Hallucinate on your own time. Where do you get off claiming that you did everything by yourself?

Are you suggesting that I give you a cut since you managed to take out one demon while I killed two? Yeah, you guys did help me out, but I don't recall saying I'd give you a goddamned thing, though. That, and if I remember correctly, the commission was first come, first served, right?

She's got us there.

Whatever, like I need the chump change. What I want to know is why you're still hanging around here.

I can go wherever I damn well please. This particular guild happens to be the best of the bunch. I'm a bounty hunter. It's my job to take any commission that's available, wherever it may be.

But not just any random ones, right? It seems you only take the ones that have to do with demons.


I'm sure there are others that are less dangerous, so why do you keep chasing after demons?

It's none of your business.

You're right, but that doesn't make us any less curious. That, and we're worried you'll get in our way.

It's because demons bring in the most money. That's all there is to it.

Then, why don't you come with us?

So you're asking me to team up with you since our objectives seem to be the same? Don't be an idiot. I'd sooner shoot myself in the face than spend even a second with this degenerate.

Are you batshit insane?! What the hell would I... Seriously, die in a fire.

It is just as Schwarz says. I will have you fulfill the role of a -Maiden of the Pillar-.

-Maiden of the Pillar-...? I have no idea what that is, but I have no intention of spending any more time with you. Really, just leave me the hell alone.

How pathetic, to be unable to accept reality. The truth of the matter is far different from your sad, deluded, interpretation of reality. Do you intend on continuing this charade, living in a fantasy world and staying deliberately ignorant?

And where do you get of saying things like that about me? Don't speak as if you know me.

I know because of the very fact I'm not you. I am on the outside looking in, if you will.

Sorry, but I have no desire to play along with your sad attempts at sophistry.

Whatever. I'll just force you to pay back what you owe me.

What I owe? Since when did I owe you anything?

Didn't we already go through this? Remember what I said about you owing me one? Or did you actually think I just said that just for the hell of it? And if I remember correctly, you didn't deny it. That's a fact, right? Now, I'll take back what you owe.

So you only use your brain when you have to take advantage of people. All right, if I only have to work with you, so be it. If anything, I know I can trust your fighting abilities at least.

You honor me with your praise.

However, there are two conditions. The first one is that you do not give me orders. I will do whatever I think is best. The second is that all rewards will be split fifty-fifty. If you agree to my terms, then consider me in.

What?! Don't be stupid. Your share is twenty percent at most.

Fair enough. I accept your terms.

Schwarz, you're not the only one who gets a say in this matter.

No, you're wrong. So shut the hell up and stay out of this.

I'll hold you to your promise.

You sure as hell better hold up your end, as well.

My name's Vanessa. I hope we work well together, -Schwarz-.

Yeah, same here, -Vanessa-.



Now that everything's settled, I leave it to you to confirm the demon presence in the Groza Mountains.

Indeed, but we've got a bit to do before then. Namely, another party member. But first, we've got another Eva-centric scene in town. The LL guide was unsure if this is a True Ending scene or not, but it's nice-ish either way. To find oneself

However, considering your current circumstances, I should have acted sooner. I assume that you are aware that you have far less time left to you than you think?

I didn't know that you were capable of worrying about anyone else. Then again, you're probably just worried that your god would get pissed at you if you failed, huh?

How you choose to take my words is up to you. All I need from you is to be the -vessel-.

You couldn't give a damn about me otherwise... You have made it more than obvious that I'm not needed for anything else.

I understand full well that you do not wish to accept what fate has in store for you. However, I must say that it is unwise to take your anger out on others.

What makes you say that?

You've learned too much. You were supposed to stay the obedient little doll. But just now, you said that you understood how I felt, didn't you? You also told me off for taking out my shit on others. There's two answers to your question.

Nothing you've said answers my question. I live only to serve the god and abide by his ideals; you have no right to force your ideas on me.

We're the same, you and me. Don't waste your time trying to convince yourself otherwise. You'll only make yourself miserable.

I am already miserable. Your insult worked like a charm. I trust that you are happy now?

I guess so. If anything, I consider it a job well done I got that much out of you. I think that we'll get along better in the future.

But please do not worry yourself; I promise to take extra care when I seal you.

Hearing that almost brings tears of joy to my eyes. Yeah, try not to screw that up.

Since that was another big Eva scene, her affection goes up again after it! In fact, she's up to level 3 affection. She's not wild about us, but she's on good terms, at least. Schwarz may be an asshole, especially to women, but he is smarter and more cunning than he looks. And now, one more big scene in town. Deal with the devil

Young lady, you seem to be new to this town. Did you plan on submitting a request immediately?

That is correct. I have heard that many skilled people frequent this particular guild. It was my intention to go there and see if someone would undertake my commission.

What are the details of the job, then?

I have been searching for a number of rare and valuable items, and wanted to ask for assistance.

No can do. I'm busy.

Are you one of them?

You won't find anyone better in this entire world, let alone this miserable town.

You're also the best at making an ass of yourself.

Pot, meet kettle.

Please! Please lend me your assistance.

Speaking for myself, I'd be happy to help you, but our leader is a little on the tempermental side. I'd like to hear more about the commission. How about we discuss it over a meal?

Yes, of course.

I don't want to hear anything about it. I mean, I don't plan on doing jack shit to help you.

Well then, it's still okay, right? You should at least try to listen to people's opinions every so often.

Do whatever you want.

I apologize for his behavior. Believe it or not, he has his reasons so don't think too badly of him.

No, I should apologize for asking something like this so suddenly. I should have asked for your help only after properly explaining the details of my request. I am truly ashamed of myself for thinking only of my desires and not of your needs.

So there's a reward in it for us, right?

Hey, there's no need to be so rude about it.

For the love of-! Don't you realize how much Mom's troubled by your irresponsible attitude? We aren't a freakin' charity. Unlike him, our livelihood's at stake. It's natural to ask about a reward.

That's, well... Come on-

Just because you may think she's worried about it isn't an excuse. We'd be risking our lives, after all. It'd be moronic to take a job whose reward isn't worth the value of our lives, yes? If you want to think of the welfare of others, how about thinking about those who depend on you?

What a horrible and embarrassing thing to say.

Is that...your son?

Yes. And just as he said, my constant irresponsible actions are a constant burden on my wife. That's probably the only sin I feel the need to atone for, though... Sorry for the gloom and doom. Our friends are at the inn just up ahead. Why don't we talk more there?


Oops! Before we go any further, is it okay for me to ask what your name is, young lady?

I'm so sorry! Forgive me for not introducing myself sooner. My name is Yumil.

Yumil...what a wonderful name. I'm Jainus, pleased to meet you.

I am pleased to meet you as well.

Keep in mind we HAVE some Xhosa-Materia, from the "Defeat the Garvel" commission. Pay attention, people!

Yes, with those materials my brother's illness can be cured.

Aside from the rainbow shard and quicksilver, it's hard to see meteor ore being used as a medicine.

The rainbow shard and xhosa-materia are basically magic crystals, so their use is plausible, but meteor ore and quicksilver are mainly used in forging items and such.

That is...

Schwarz, accept this commission.

Gah. Why?

I'm sure you'll understand once I say: because you need her.

I see. So that's the deal.

Hey, you're a guardian, right? Why are you offering a commission of your own? Actually, I don't really care about your reasons, but we are getting a reward out of this, yeah?

Of course, I will give you a suitable reward. If you find it lacking, then I will do whatever you ask of me. I will do anything, as long as it is in my abilities to do so.

Anything, huh...? So you and your brother are -together-, huh? That's why you're so worked up about all of this.


Well, that's not something I...err...she's concerned with. All right, consider your commission taken.

Really?! Thank you so much!

In exchange, you'll give me your body as a reward, all right?

Of course... I feel bad for Yumil in this scene. She just wants to help her brother out, but gets roped into Schwarz's group out of pure necessity. And once she's there, there's no way she can get out of it. At least in Vanessa's case, she at least kinda enjoys butting heads with Schwarz, but Yumil is nothing but an incredibly kind person who is in a very difficult spot.

My...body? What...would I need to do?

What are you, brain-dead? I mean that you become my personal property.

To become...yours?

Yeah, that's the condition.


Schwarz, why did you have to say something like that? You've frightened poor Yumil. The guardians have helped us before. If you'd just think about it that-

It's not like I want to do any of this, but my dumbshit father dumped all of this on me. I don't like it, but I'll do what I have to do to finish what he didn't have the balls to. So stop bitching about how I do things, okay?


You're mine now.

And I won't be yours if I decide to dismiss you from fulfilling my commission. Agreed?

Even so, you're still mine. It's already been decided. You might as well just give up. Fate has made your decision for you.

... Do not misunderstand me. I have no problem offering myself up as your reward. But before you claim your prize, you must gather all of the materials I've asked for.

Works for me. I take it you're fine with that as well?

I have no complaints with the arrangement.

Okay, enough with the negotiating. So, where are the materials?

First, travel to Enhambre and the Nanai Cave. The cave is located north of the Lishius clan's village. You should be able to find xhosa-materia there.

All right, we'll go ahead and get that first.

The Nanai Cave is currently infested with dangerous demons. Not even the Lishius dare to go near it. At the very least, we should make sure we are adequately prepared before we head out.

I'll leave all of the grunt work up to you.

I am truly sorry that it came to something like this. Later on, we will fill you in on all of the details. But, please try to understand one thing. Schwarz was telling the truth when he said he doesn't want to do any of this. However, there is a reason why he must do so...

And anyway, none of us knows what the future will bring. But please, please locate the items that I have asked for.

Just leave it to us, little lady. Now that we're on the job, we'll get everything for you in no time.

There you go again, making promises without bothering to think.

You must be tired after making such a long journey. Why don't you rest for a while?

I appreciate your concern. I think I will rest here until it is time for us to depart.

We will see you later then.

Upon that gloomy note, Yumil joins our ranks. She is inarguably one of the best party members in the game, and it's for one simple reason.

Blast Wing. This move is the best. A target afflicted with Bind and Stun cannot do anything (that applies to your party members if both are on them, of course). Not use EX Skills, not heal, not join formations, certainly not attack, anything. You see that blast radius? That means it can hit a bunch of targets. So, once you have your first Ultimate Point, you can have the entire enemy team flat on its ass, and unable to attack at all for like three turns.

At that point, they are purely at your leisure to destroy. And unlike Rushing Jaeger, this has a very simple range, and works on just about every normal enemy in the game. Of course, it doesn't affect bosses, but I mean, c'mon. Random encounters are trivialized with this puppy.

And this is Yumil's skill line-up. Schwarz and Jude make for some nice melee back-up. As far as EX Skills go, I gave her Float, Extinguish, and Desperate Strength. I've already talked about Extinguish, but Float negates the effects of Bind and Stun, negates attacks that knock targets back (like Impulse Wave or Meditative Fist), and, most importantly, reduces the effect of Wait, meaning you get more turns.

Desperate Strength is a desperation move where if Yumil's HP falls below 33%, she can activate it and gain a pretty sizable increase to physical damage and defense. It's not as extreme as Rile's effects, but on the plus side, if Yumil is KO'd and revived, she can activate it on her turn. So, not as noticeable an effect, but more usable, basically. I have a feeling we'll get along famously.

Of course, you have a choice to use Vanessa, but I'm running a bit low on TP, so I can't outfit her very well at the moment, and her Original Skill, Elgar Volcano, just isn't as useful as Blast Wing. Schwarz, Jude, Eva, and Yumil should make a fine team for the Nanai Cave. Oh, and we have a few more events from when Vanessa and Yumil join, so second bonus video of the update.

There's a very short scene when you enter the cave, but nothing worth covering. The enemies you'll fight here are ones you'll find in Enhambre's overworld so, upgraded Skeletons and Bees, but nothing too scary. Fenrirs and Perytons are also trolling the caves (didn't take them long to be regular enemies, huh?), but they're also not too threatening. Fenrirs are ridiculously fast, but don't have much power to their name. Perytons are especially vulnerable, since they're weak to Wind (Blast Wing's element, of course).

The cave is fairly small, and the enemies are fairly easy. Not too bad. Also, I equipped Yumil with a Thunder Lance before fighting the inevitable boss here, but that wasn't a great idea. The elemental vulnerability she exploits does not make up for the drop in stats she got from downgrading from a level 5 Bardiche. But, things worked out eventually. Xhosa-Materia acquired

Is there anything over there?

Nope, nothing that even remotely looks like what we're looking for.

Nothing here as well.

Schwarz, you help too.

Something like this isn't going to be made easier simply by throwing more bodies at it. Right Faz?

Yes, knowledge and experience are incredibly important for something like this.

So that's why I'm staying like this, so I don't get in the way.


That, and I have the important job of taking care of any visitors that we may have.

Speaking of which, we have company.

Faz, stay back.


All right then... I guess it's time to get off my ass and earn my pay.

Well, your first target is the Goblin Mage, of course. After that, the Fenrir, then the Giant Squid. The Squid is vulnerable to lightning, which Thunder Whip is, but with my current setup it's a bit of a lost cause. The Fenrir as always is really fast, and has insanely high evasion, but somewhat lacking in attack power. Blast Wing does work on the Fenrir and Goblin, so you can put both out of commission pretty fast.

I mean, at least now we have an excuse for a character who can jump like 20 feet in the air I love Yumil's animations in-battle, especially since she's the only character who can actually fly. Well, if you choose Yumil as Schwarz's wife, their son will be half human and half harpuia, and apparently the harpuian blood is still strong enough that he could fly if he wanted to. He doesn't, unfortunately. In fact, the only thing he explicitly does with his wings, should he have them, is spread them out a bit in his post-battle victory animation.

But, the wings, and his coat, do look cool.

Bah, I deserved a C at the least. As long as I avoid failing ranks, I probably won't re-do boss battles. The second generation has gone pretty well for me so far.

How much more cannon fodder do I need to plow through? Why didn't you find it sooner?

Sorry. Here you are, Yumil.

Thank you very much. It appears that hiring you was the right thing to do. I honestly believe that I would not have been able to obtain even a single crystal without your help.

Enough of the false gratitude. So where do we need to go next?

Before we go on, maybe we should head back to town for a bit. Everyone looks kind of worn out.

Yumil, I know that you want to find everything as soon as possible, but I'm sure your brother would be distraught if something were to happen to you if you overdid it.

Yes, I suppose...

Once we are rested we can make our way to the Groza Mountains. If Ingrit's information is accurate, there might be a demon lurking around there.

Indeed there might. But first, the first demon hunt quest of the second generation is in front of us. The target is located on Lucrellia's far northern coast, near the portal which unlocked after Felenne talked about her sister's death. That little sparkle of light there is one of a few points in the game, where if you press X near it, you can get some free goodies. Unlike many other things on the overworld, you can only see them once you're up close. If you're up to exploring, knock yourself out looking for them.

Buuuut, we've had a plenty busy update already. Got two Maidens of the Pillar to join, had another chat with Eva, beat three bosses, conquered a dungeon, and completed a bunch of commissions. I'd say we've had enough fun for today.