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Record of Agarest War 2

by Sylphid

Part 31: Chapter XXIX: Tertius

Like I said at the start of the generation, there's no "official" end to the third generation, but there is an event this update that I will consider the end. Because of what happens in it, I'm going to handle it a bit differently. As such, this update will be pretty short. However, much like last update, we start off by fulfilling commissions.

Aside from the screenshot one, you have to Over Kill a Hardened Dragon from Calicai (you can't steal from them, because their rare drop is Genbu's Gauntlet. The Kali drop Byakko's Bracelet as a rare drop, and the Salamander Seiryu's Sword. No enemy in the game normally drops Suzaku's Ring). Then, 9 Light Spirits, 12 Angel Knights, and 1 Lujit. Light Spirits and Knights can be found in northern Calicai, while the Lujits are a VERY rare encounter in the areas of Calicai called Fiery Trench and Binding Flames. Lujits have amazingly high evasion, almost off the charts, really, but make sure you have some good magic so you can actually hit them. Once you can break them and trigger and Ultimate Strike, they actually go down pretty easily. It's just their evasion and resistance to magical damage makes them nigh invulnerable otherwise. Make SURE you get a Bijou Root from an Over Kill before you head back to town.

Next group is for Over Killing 3 King Slimes. 9 Dark Spirits, 3 Liches, and 3 Mahakalas are the next to go. FINALLY, 16 Fire, Water, Thunder, Wind, Earth, Dark, and Light Spirits. Jesus. The final two commissions, 313 and 314, you already completed by defeating Summerill and his unholy warriors. The Gurg commission is unique in that it's the first to give you special ingredients: the Eye of Muad'Dib and the Meteor Ore, and Summerill's commission gives you the Tsui Scale and a Rainbow Shard, as well as your first Suzaku's Ring. That was a mess, but we also have a whole assembly line of new weapons, armor, accessories, and recipe books.

Now then, onto more important matters. This scene is one I don't think I've seen before in this game, probably because I was using Jude to grind out all those commissions, which raised his affection by a fair amount. That was enough to trigger this scene, I guess, and push his affection to level 6, the second male character to get to level 6 affection (Jainus has been at max for quite some time). Probably won't be enough to push me over from Party Rank A to Party Rank S, once all the girls are at max affection, but we'll see.

Well, Mobius said he'd wait in the lowest part of the Dajlua ruins, so let's see what happens next... One of the world

And so they come...



What have you...?!

Whatever it is you're doing, stop it! We brought you the damned Bracelet as promised.

Is that so? How can you say you've fulfilled your promise when it has yet to be put in my hand?

Degenerate bastard...!

Ah, but I already have everything that I desire. I have no real need of that bracelet.

So are you saying that you plan on breaking your promise to us?

I did not say anything of the kind, my child.

That is true; you are indeed my creator. However, that matters naught to me. I lost my wings because you chose to deny me your blessings.

Huh. Mobius created the harpuia. I guess that makes sense, because the seal that bound Mobius is the Pillar of Graccea, and the Yurle are mostly harpuia.

So half of my power and the Bracelet is not enough for you?

I never said that, either... Of course, I will uphold my end of the bargain.


Fiona! What the hell-?! Why did you just drop her like that?!

There's no need to worry. I have not injured her in any meaningful way. She is completely unharmed.

She definitely doesn't looked unharmed, though.

Well, I may have worn her out a little, but her life isn't in any serious peril. With a little rest, she will be able to continue on as before, as if nothing had happened to her. Now then, it is time for you to hand over the Bracelet.

Grey chucks the Bracelet to Fastie... I like how the main antagonist in the previous two games gets reduced so much in this one. In the beginning, he's merely a tutorial boss and gets his ass wasted against The Oathsworn. Then, he's revived for the sole purpose of getting killed again.

And now it's mine.

What do you plan on doing with the Bracelet now?

Silly girl, is your memory that poor? I will be recovering my body so that I may live in this world.

What are you talking about? You don't need another body; you already have one.

Therefore, you exist in this world.


You are of the syrium. Therefore, you exist in this world.

I don't quite get your so-called -point-.

There is no need for me to explain it to you, then. Nothing would change even should you understand.

That is not necessarily true.

Perhaps, but your comprehension still means nothing to me. However, it very much concerns you, doesn't it? After all Chaos, you know full well how significant having a body is, don't you?


I have no intention of wasting any further time with you.

And where will you go now?

You still insist on addressing me. Funny, I don't remember you hating me. Gratitude, yes; hate, no.

...That is true. In a perverse sort of way, I owe you my thanks. I will acknowledge that much. However, I will see to it that you are suitably punished for everything else.

I look forward to it. It'll amuse me to see what form the vengeance of a sad marionette will take. I will wait for you at my throne. Granted, it is only a temporary one, but I can think of no better place to be than there right now. One more thing: If you all would like to continue your existence in this world, I offer my assistance.

Do we look that stupid?! There's no way in hell we'd want your help!

Is that so? Then do whatever makes you happy. Remember that I am a god. If you beg forgiveness for the rudeness and disrespect you have shown me, I will forgive you. Unlike delusional vermin such as Summerill, we gods are tolerate and compassionate.


And trying to bring Grey back, right?


As old friends, you may be inclined to listen to me one last time. I want you to think on these words I say, words from a comrade who has been with you these long years. And I as a friend, I will now allow you to choose your fate. To either continue to live with me, or to face certain annihilation in this world of lies. If you have the will to continue on, then slay Chaos. For that is the only way to guarantee your survival. To make your choice easier, I will say this: It is Chaos' fate to die at the hands of you humans. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for you to have the slightest shred of compassion for him. If you wish to one day see Grey again, if you wish to live to see the future, use the Werdefahrt to end Chaos' life. I trust you understand? Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all again.


Don't just stand there, help Fiona!


We should take her to the village of the Yurle clan!

He must've gone to the Calendrier Temple in the Yurle village, where the pillar where he was sealed is.

Hurry up and get her into town!

That would be for the best, though she is not in any particular danger. Right now, rest in a clean bed will do more for Fiona than any amount of magic.

Jude, give me a hand.

Got it.

Lord Chaos...what is our next course of action?

How long do you plan on addressing me so?


Never mind. Right now, we need to think of what to do next. Let us make our way back to town.


By "back to town", he means back to Frensberge. There actually is no event in the Yurle village.

Just as an aside, these are the stats for a level 5 Suzaku's Ring. It is a fantastic item no matter who equips it, a fighter, a mage, or anyone in between.

And now, time for the big divergent moment in the game. If you want to see both the Bad End and True End, you'll want to save before seeing this scene. What we desire

Don't worry about it. Just lie down and rest for a while longer.

Yeah... I'm fine now, if a little tired.

I'm glad to hear that... If you weren't here, there'd be no one to compete with...

-Compete with-, huh... And the prize of that competition is, well...

Grey... No, you're no longer him...

What do you intend to do once you're there?

I will fulfill my role.

Your role?

It is the place where I must be.

You're not going anywhere until you bring -him- back.

You really need to give up on that. It's over.

That decision is not yours to make. Until we know that Grey has given up on himself, we have no intention of doing so.

But one cannot hope to live as long as I without knowing when to walk away, knowing when to run.

For the most part, you only have two real alternatives available to you. You can choose to live out your lives in a world of delusions created by Mobius, or help me destroy this world of lies and bring everything to ruin. Choose one or the other.

Damn, those are some great options you've given us. And both choices end with a cliff to jump off of, huh?

What if we decide to not choose either of those options?

You can choose to sit by and do nothing; that is fine, too. The decision is yours to make.


What will it be? Is the uncertain tomorrow really that terrifying? Is the prosperity of deception better than death? What do you have more faith in: yourself, or the world? Are lies more comfortable than the painful truth? Will you fight for what you believe in, or what you must do? For what reason do you possess those wings?