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Part 34: Chapter XXXI: To Plan The Future

This update is going to be mostly talking,, simply because although we CAN go fight the remaining gods of darkness (with the possible exception of Mobius. It makes far more sense, when it comes to the plot, to fight him last, but I'm not sure if the game forces that on you. That's what I'll be doing, though) right now, it's really, really, REALLY not a good idea. We're going to need a whole, whole lot of power to stand toe to toe against the divine. All of the gods are tough fights, and the equipment we have now simply, for the most part, isn't up to that task. This update I'll reserve for a few events, then next update, we'll be doing some crazy stuff.

Luckily, you've got a shit load to do now that Weiss and pals are back on the team for real. In that, holy crap did a lot of commissions open after the previous scene. For now, let's not leave Etre Large, but instead continue on to the center point, Chaos. When you get there...

Although it says "Event" over the center point, Chaos, there's not actually an event here. When you do go to Chaos...

Welcome to the Boundary Plains, the realm of the gods. This is the actual final dungeon of the game, and it also has the best dungeon music. The location where Grey is standing over, called Seal, is a special event area, because it's an actual area, but you can't go to it. That's where Chaos currently is, and he has nothing to talk to us about until we deliver him the souls of Nemesis, Mayastia, Deeth, Mercury, and his enemy, Mobius. So, just keep this place in mind. Eternalness is another special point, but you'll just have to wait and see what that's all about.

Now, like any of the dungeons, you have to complete battle points to get places. But, there's no actual end to this dungeon. Once you complete a certain number of generic battles, you'll be given access to boss battles, against enemies that are tougher than anything we've seen before. Once you defeat a certain group of bosses, you can continue on to the next group.

But, the game is merciful to you. By simply reaching the Boundary Plain, you open up the Fas Portal of Zaint Luke, allowing you to instantly return here if you want to leave the dungeon. Unfortunately, if you still have to fight enemies in Etre Large, as you almost certainly will, you do have make the trip from the Milieu-Sera Portal.

You must slay the boss of The Void before you can open up the next three bosses. But, ignore The Void for a bit. We're headed back to town. I should also mention the Boundary Edge has the highest tier of enemies in the game, and as you might expect, they are very, very dangerous. Most of them do drop pure Orichalcum for upgrading as rare / normal drops, so best get looting.

I mentioned there were a bunch of commissions that opened up. I spoke no lies then. Absolute Blaze is a 2 Ultimate Point, 2 SP Finish Strike between Weiss, Schwarz, Grey, and Eva. It's actually fairly easy to pull off in practice, and it does look appropriately devastating, combining the power of Agarest's mightiest champions with the power of Eva, who is second only to the gods in terms of magical power. And hey, Eva is awesome, and a team without Eva is that much weaker because of it.

Anyhow, let me run down what you've got in store for you: 12 Lizard Lords, 4 Typhons, and 4 Griffins. 9 Dark Mages, 4 Krakens, and 4 Ouroboroses. 12 Nebiroses and 4 Sphinxes. 9 Dark Knights, 9 Arc Knights, 1 Golden Bat. 8 Golems, 8 Iron Golems, 8 Magic Warriors, and 8 Master Golems. These guys are all in Etre Large, with the Golden Bat being a somewhat rare encounter in the battle points in the top right of the map.

12 battles with Georg, Ignis, Jude, and Jainus (Team Testosterone). 12 battles with Liel, Sofia, Yumil, and Li Ra-Lua (Team Lishius? Kinda weird, because Vanessa has more ties to the Lishius than Yumil or Li Ra-Lua. I guess that's the reason for the question mark). 12 battles with Georg, Victoria, Vanessa, and Grey (Team Aggression). 12 battles with Aina, Sofia, Fiona, and Li Ra-Lua (Team Wizardry). 12 battles with Felenne, Yumil, Mervina, and a character of your choice (Team Diabolist). 12 battles with Mervina, Vanessa, Felenne, and Victoria (Team Girl Power). 12 battles with Aina, Fiona, Sofia, and Liel (Team Sisterhood). 12 battles with Weiss, Schwarz, Grey, and Fiona (Team Cross-Gen 1). Finally, 12 battles with Weiss, Schwarz, Grey, and Eva (Team Cross-Gen 2).

As for Finish Strikes, you have Final Shot and Big Bang from previous in the game that you still can't perform, and using Akashic Nova (Team Cross-Gen 1's Finish Strike), and Absolute Blaze, which I've already talked about. You gained Nova and Blaze from the scene where everyone rejoins, and they have the same activation requirements.

Next group is 12 Loup-Garous, 5 Thanatoses, and 5 Dullahans. 5 Strange Dragons, 12 Lamia Queens, and 5 Morgawrs. 12 Death Knights, 5 Phoenixes, and 5 Liliths. 5 Belials, 12 Reapers, and 5 Hell Bouncers. 12 Ancients, 12 Nightmares, and 5 Asuras. 15 Slimes, Green Mousses, Cold Gels, King Slimes, and Kaiser Slimes. 15 Fairies, Pixies, Mabs, Titanias, and Furies. 3 Mieshas, Mucranes, Luijts, Cliones, and Chickapedes. 15 Werecats, Cat Ladies, Nekomatas, Rakshasas, and Echidnas. 7 Tree Spirits, Mandrake Roots, Dryads, and Cebeles. 7 Freyas, Succubi, and Norns. 7 Ring Dragons, Evil Dragons, Fafnirs, and Arc Dragons. The highest-tier enemies, the ones you haven't seen before if you've been fighting a lot, are all in the Boundary Plain.

Good god. That's not including Commissions 299-311, which are all for defeating the bosses of the Boundary Plain. We'll get around to them. Well...all I can tell you is, get to work. The rewards for all those commissions is...considerable, as you might guess. The boss commissions give you all sorts of rare items and materials, including the ingredients necessary for forging gameplay artifacts, like Mayastia's spear, Scions of the Sun, Mercury's knuckles, Lost Regnum, Chaos' scythe, Soul Blaze, etc. etc. etc. But to actually get those recipes, we need to defeat Mercury and get his crafting book. Good thing Gordon doesn't have a problem with making artifacts anymore Maybe he's sure we'll not use them for the wrong reasons.

Well, you do not need me to tell you it'd be a good idea to combine the team commissions with the monster hunting ones. I'm also bringing the teams to fight the Boundary Plain bosses, to combine the might of all of Agarest's greatest heroes. As such, everyone, including Aina, will be receiving spiffy new upgrades, no matter how recent or little I've previously used them. Everyone could use more screentime. But as for the present, there are a few events in town we can see. The events will be divided up a bit in videos, just for ease of watching. This video includes the following scene, as well as one between Grey and Jude about Jainus' fate

What's the problem? It's not like it's going to hurt anyone if I benefit a little from this miracle, right?

You obviously don't understand how horrible it feels to be constantly eye-humped by you. Right, Fiona?

*Giggle* Right...

Fiona! I thought you were on my side!

You've grown up, Fiona. You turned into such a beautiful woman. I almost didn't recognize you.

I'm glad to know that you think so, Aina.

Time flies, doesn't it?

It really does. We're already grandmothers. Can you believe it?

Please show me your face.

Wh-What is it...? Stop staring at me, damn it.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to do anything for you.

I caused you an undue amount of trouble, didn't I? I don't expect you to forgive me, but the least I could do is to help you now in some way.

Consider it payment for all of the joy you gave us at the end.

Don't worry about it... It's not like I'm hung up on it or anything. I'm in the exact same boat as all of you. Besides...

There's no way your life sucked, considering you were surrounded by so many beautiful women!

A compelling reason to look at life positively, I'd say.

Don't be so overly enthusiastic about that, old man.

It has been such a very long time, hasn't it?

And for some of you, it's more of a -Nice to meet you- moment.

I can't imagine the ordeal that you both had to go through, Eva and Fiona.

I cannot find the words that express how sorry I am to you all...

Every person will have to face death eventually. And no one can predict when that time will come.

The important thing is to have no regrets about how you lived when your moment of death arrives.

Well... I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have any regrets... But there are a few things that I'm thankful to you about.

What could those things be...?

That's right, this way you'll stay beautiful forever!

Seriously, shut the hell up, Dad!

Well, at least he's calling Jainus "Dad" now.

Now that I think about it, it wasn't that bad.

True, because we are able to see you all again.

I'm so glad to finally see our child in person.

And for us, our grandchild.

I'm pretty sure Victoria always speaks after Vanessa for this line, but it's still pretty amazing both mothers this thread got to speak back to back, specifically addressing their scions. Remember, they need to keep the dialogue as neutral as possible so that no mother choice is invalidated.

I couldn't possibly ask for anything more.

It'll only be for a short time, but I am looking forward to working with you again.

Me too! Just the thought has me shivering with antici...PATION!

Goddamn it! Jeez...I give up, old man.

It seems like they are all incredibly kind, and optimistic to a fault, doesn't it?

They almost have to be. Otherwise, they would not do something so rash as to challenge a god.

You are right in that regard. If you think about it, it is more than foolish.

But oddly enough, being around them makes me think that it might not be impossible.

There aren't many things I can do, but... For the sake of Grey, us, and the world... Please help us as much as you can.

Of course, that's what we're here for.

Eva sure has changed a lot, huh? At the start, she couldn't care less for what anyone said, everyone on the team disliked her, and she thought of nothing but her mission. She has nothing but apologies for what she did to Weiss, Schwarz, and the Pillars, but like Chaos said, no one on the team hates or blames her, and the team is unanimous in one aspect, at least: Eva is a trusted comrade and a true friend. Even Vanessa, who hated Eva for a long time, took the time to say she was grateful, even if she was joking about not getting older. She definitely meant it more seriously, and hey, no one wants to beat Eva up when she's down.

Now, she's not only sorry about what she's done, she really cares for everyone who has lived and died because of her, and has something to live for. This video has the following scene, as well as one with Jude and Jainus

What's with the look on your face?

Thank you for continuing to devote your life to us.

Oh...I just... I just did what I could, that's all.

I can't believe that such a little kid could grow up to be this hot. She's way out of your league, Grey.

D-Don't say things like that! But...I'm so glad that Grey is back...

Weiss... I am sorry for what I did to you. And to you as well, Schwarz... I know that a mere apology will not undo what I have done, but...

Stop right there. This isn't like you at all. All you need to do is lurk in the background and bark inscrutable commands. We just did what we had to. Just like you did what you had to, right?


Schwarz is right. Every one of us had a duty to fulfill. Our was to serve as the Spirit Vessel. Yours was to guide and instruct us in our responsibilities. That is all there is to it.

Living is a hell of a lot harder than dying. Reality is by no means beautiful to behold. It's mostly filled with a lot of bad shit. Especially when you have to face the truth. If you're good with it, show Grey and the others the right path to follow. It won't be easy, but if you say yes, consider us even.

The road you are about to travel with will be far more difficult than the one we walked. And it won't only be you, but the entire world that will be traveling it. Never forget that.

I think we'll be okay. We have Grey with us, after all. Don't worry.

I swear that I will do everything in my power to protect what you have fought and died for.

I am determined to fight until the end, for as long as I am alive.

We're counting on you.

These next few scenes are special, indeed. Grey's body is nearing its limit. Like Chaos told the team, he's not long for this world, but he has enough time to transform it utterly. Like his father and grandfather, he needs to pass on the torch, to a new generation, in a new world, especially as he's the last of the Sera. We have five waifu choices this generation: Liel, Mervina, Eva, Sofia, and Fiona. Once you're at this point in the story, when one of those girls is at level six affection, you can see a scene with them in Frensberge, and it'll allow you to choose that woman as Grey's wife for the ending. If you don't see their scene, you can't choose them as a waifu.

Luckily, the above video has all five of those scenes. After this update is posted, we'll begin the final round of waifu voting, and the rules for it will follow this update. We start with Liel.

What's the matter? Is there something on my face?

I always knew that you'd come back. Of course, I know that you've come back for the sake of everyone, and the world. But I hope that you also came back to be with me- N-No, scratch that! I don't care if you thought of me! Wait! Maybe I do want me to be part of your reason...

You haven't changed at all since you were little.

Eh?! Are you saying I haven't grown at all? I know my boobs are smaller than the others, but still... Wait, what did you just make me say?! Damn it!

You have grown; probably more than you're aware of. I really do rely on you, much as Ignis does. So does everyone else. They just don't say so out loud. And to be honest, I need you, Liel. I always feel most comfortable when I'm with you. It's been like that for as long as I can remember. I can't count the times your unbridled cheerfulness has saved me from despair in the past.

Really? Do you mean that?

Why would I lie?

But I wish I was more mature... I'd be a much better match for you that way- Ah, forget I said anything. I just wanted to help you with many others things, that's all. Really, that's all!

I'd rather you stay the way you are now. So don't force yourself to change too much, okay?

All right, I promise! But in return... Do you think we can maybe go out...just the two of us...sometimes?

If that's what you want to do, I can see no reason to refuse.

Hells yes! When do we get to go out first? I mean, once everything is taken care of, okay?

I promise.

Then let's get this over with quick-like!

Eehhhhhhh, solid waifu credentials. She's weak, is what I'm saying. To Grey, Liel's an old friend, and I just don't see him seeing her in a romantic sense at all. Too clingy. Let's see what's shaking with Mervina.

Expecting a miracle to occur and seeing it actually happen are two very different things.

I have you to thank for that, Mervina. You gave me a place to return to. That was how I managed to find my way back without getting lost along the way.

It's not so bad, having someone in your life.


But I... The fact remains that I am still of the syrium. There is nothing for me to do but accept it. But with all that I have been through, losing who I treasured most was the worst. Um... I'm sorry for not thinking about your feelings in all of this...

Don't worry about it. While I don't have that much time left, it's not as if it'll end right away.

Is that so...?

Has...the world changed?

Isn't changing the world what we are supposed to be doing now? But yes, I understand what it is you are asking. Well...yes, it has changed. So much so that it boggles the mind. Me being here with you and the others...that should be proof enough. Me and your father saved me. Especially you.

I didn't do anything.

You can be far too honest. It grates on my nerves sometimes. But that's what I like most about you. It's hard to lead an honest and straightforward life. Most people end up cynical and corrupt. Although it is easier to live that way. I am speaking from experience on this one.

I can only live in the way I know how. And as for becoming corrupted or cynical, I didn't have time to focus on anything other than my duty.

Perhaps so... But by being around you, it made me want to live as you do. At least, I want to live like that with you, for as long as you are here. I'm not used to being this open. Don't make me embarrass myself any further. Let's get moving. You don't have the time to stop now, do you?

You're right. We can discuss this matter afterward. For now, I can only live and fight.

Come back alive, no matter what. Promise me that.

Good. That's all I wanted to hear...

Although she's a step up from Liel, I don't see Mervina as waifu potential either. Something's just missing with her. I can't say what, but it's just not there. But, Eva definitely has strong potential and is right in the running for Grey's wife, I think. Let's see how she feels about matters.

I am so glad.

If you still feel indebted to my grandfather, don't be. Neither my grandfather, father, nor I blame you for what happened.

It's not that. It is just... I was just concerned about you. Do you find it strange? That I would worry about anyone?

No... I don't think that at all. Thank you...for worrying about me.

Eva, I see that you have found yourself, just as I have.

You could say that... Though I must admit that I have yet to decide whether it is a good thing or a bad thing... I was afraid of becoming an individual...a person known only as -myself-. When I didn't have a mind of my own, there was no need for me to think. All that was required of me what that I fulfilled my given mission... And without a mind, I wouldn't have the ability to desire anyone... I may have stayed with you for too long.

Are you sure that you don't want to return to Chaos?

I want to be with you and the others. It was my decision to join you. This world that you live in is now my world as well. I have no regrets.

Assuming that the war ends and we make it to the true world, what will you do then?

What is the point of thinking of what will happen after the end when the end is still yet to come? Yes, but...

Is that right...? Then let's put an everything.

What'd I tell you? Eva has supreme waifu credentials, from looks to personality. Last time I played this game, the toughest choice in the game, for me, was the choice between Eva or Sofia for Grey's wife. I narrowly went with Sofia, but it was close in my mind. Let's see what you all think when the time comes.

Speaking of Sofia, might as well give her the time of day. Or something.

Glad, huh...? It's not too bad hearing you say that. But... This body is only a temporary vessel. It will eventually wither and die. Even so... Not everything will come to an end then. That's what matters most. There are still things that I need to accomplish, and things I want to do. While I do not have a lot of time left to me, it is enough to do what is needed.

The ebb and flow of life never stops. In order for new life to flourish, old lives must eventually fade away. That is one of the fundamental laws of nature. To go against it would be an abomination. But I... I will not expect forgiveness for wishing that we could. Even so...

Do not worry about that. We only did what each of us had to do.


You tried to save me in your own way. That fact alone makes me happy.

I was just trying to fulfill my duties as a guardian. Well, that is not entirely true. I was told the stories of both Weiss and Schwarz. I know how much they had to suffer as well.

And I callously tried to force my desires onto you... I am still ashamed about that. It was more a product of my conceit than anything. No one should have the right to decide how others live their lives nor try to alter their fates. And in the end, I failed at both being a guardian and a Maiden of the Pillar... But it is just as you said. All I wanted to do was save you.

You have suffered more than enough for your actions. There's no need to blame yourself anymore. But if you still insist on worrying... Give me yourself. I will still need you and your strength, until the moment I die.


From this moment on, I swear to you that I will devote my body and soul to you. Please keep me by your side until your final moment comes. Never forget that we are in this together, as equals. Yes, I am looking forward to being with you, now more than ever.

She has recognized her mistakes and swore to atone for them, though her intentions were always noble. That is the sign of true strength. Well, I stand by all my declarations of Sofia's waifu-ness. She's got the whole package. I will not mince words, and I will say now that Eva and Sofia are the only two real choices here for me, though there are five girls. Everyone else just doesn't make it to the level, but let's see what Fiona has on her mind.


What's the matter? You don't seem very excited to be here. You've finally come back. You should be happy.

You're right...


What's so funny?

I was just thinking about how you haven't changed at all since you were little. What about me...? Have I changed? Or haven't I?

You... You have changed, Fiona. You're taller.

Taller? That's it?

You've always been mature beyond your years, so there was nothing else that really came to mind.

That's because I'm older than you. I was taller than you for a while, but before I knew it you outgrew me. It made me a little sad, but I was mostly glad that you grew up so much.

It is because of you and all the others that I am here today.

This feels so awkward and strange, having grown up with you, you grow physically, you also grow mentally as well, right? I know I'm like an older sister to you, but I feel more like a...

What's the matter? Your face is bright red. Are you getting sick?

It's nothing!

If you say so...

Dam- Hey, Grey. What are you going to do after this?

I will think about the future when the time comes. But I do know one thing for sure... I will make the most out of this life I've been given, no matter what.

Is that so...?

What about you, Fiona?

Me? I...well... I'm going to be there to live it with you, of course. You don't have a problem with that, right?

Not at all. I was hoping as much.

Me, too...

Well, not the most exciting of updates, certainly, but next one will be. We'll be going through half of the Boundary Plain, and as of the writing of this update, I've only beaten the first three bosses. Dynamite. If the next update takes a while to come out, that's what happened to me.

That, or I'm playing other games in the downtime with MeGUI. Likely a combination of factors. In my last playthrough, I beat like...7 of the Boundary Plain bosses before breaking to go fight the dark gods, but for the sake of the LP I'll probably finish the dungeon off before fighting them.