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Part 33: Chapter XXX: To Choose The Way

Update 30, huh? This game, with three generations, and the three main heroes, it's a nice coincidence this big update happened to be number 30. Things have a funny way of working out sometimes.

Weiss, Aina, Felenne, Victoria, Schwarz, Vanessa, Yumil, Li Ra-Lua, and Jainus. They did not lay down their lives as sacrifices. They accepted their fates because they wanted to help those in the here and now live happier lives than they were able to lead in the time given to them. We have a responsibility to turn their dreams into reality. It is time to abandon all lies and embrace truth.

Also, if you haven't fulfilled the requirements for the True Ending, there is no choice here (the party just defaults to go talk to Mobius). That is, if you didn't see the scene where Jainus and Chloe get married, where Ignis and Cynthia get hitched, the scenes where Weiss, Schwarz, and Grey talk to Eva about herself, and a number of scenes with Fiona, then you can't go on the True Ending. Luckily, there's no asinine other requirements. It's mostly just a game of affection.

So, which do you suggest, Grey?


I can't trust Faz- I mean, I can't trust Mobius.

That is understandable, but I cannot trust this person, either.

No, I trust him. I trust Grey.

If Fiona says as much, then there's no use arguing. I vote for this, too.

I've been saying that all along, haven't I?

I have an inherent distrust of him. Is that not reason enough?

Whichever way you decide to go, I will follow.

I, too, will abide by everyone's choice.

And what's your decision, Father?

I...will follow the path I believe in. Ever since I decided to ally myself with Schwarz, my life has been in your hands. Grey, do not forget that you are responsible for seeing that I remain alive.

Lord Chaos, do you plan on leaving immediately?

There is no reason for me to stay here any longer.

Then I, too, shall-

You have finally been released from the shackles that bound you. Go now with the ones you love. It is my desire to see that you live that you choose to. Understood?


I'm almost positive we'll all end up in the same once this is over.

When you're ready, go to the transfer portal at Domicil's Great Tree.

Then I suppose we should finish making our preparations.

If you're wanting to see every event, make sure you go to the event in the Outskirts before the one at Domicil's Great Tree, because if you see the latter first, the former disappears. Also a few bonus scenes that pop up at this point in the game. I'll cover the Outskirts event and the Domicil Great Tree event, because those are both plot-important, and this is another quick update as we begin the twilight of the gods. A thin strand of hope

Do you hate me?

What makes you ask that?

I took Grey away from you.

Grey wasn't a -thing- that belonged to me in the first place. Besides, it was going to happen sooner or later. Right?

I suppose that is correct.

While Weiss was alive I was still too young to really understand what was happening, but... I did know that I wouldn't be able to watch over him forever. Even then... A part of me still believed that I would be able to be with him someday...

Even if that meant you'd no longer be yourself and that it'd actually be with me?

Yes. It wouldn't matter if it was you, just as long as we were together. However... I'm always getting left behind. I'm the only one left from the time I was originally born in. And there are very few people in this time whose life spans will be more than a fraction of mine.

It is even more tortuous if you do not want to be alive. And there will be times when the reality of your existence comes into sharp relief. Unlike even the worst nightmare, there is no escape from reality. And to endure it far easier said than done.

Even so, I will fight to stay alive. For those who died to save this world... For Weiss and Schwarz...

They will remain alive so long as your memories of them remain...?

I promised Weiss that I would never forget him, or those who came after, because as long as I tell others about them, they will continue to exist in this world.

Did you believe me when I said Grey was gone forever?

I'm not sure... It may be just that I don't want to believe it... But I think that Grey will return, so until that happens I will do what is required of me. I don't have the time to mope around and be sad.

Knowing this, would you still wish to go on with him?

Both Weiss and Schwarz had only a short while given to them. But they both found contentment when they embraced their fates. Happiness and longevity have very little to do with each other. Of course, the more time the better, but... If Grey does come back, I...I will do whatever I can for him. And I will never let him go until the end comes for both of us.

Then hold on to him for as long as you can. I have the feeling that you will not make the same mistake that I did. However, keep in mind that you do not have much time left to you, either. There are very few places left in this world for a high elf to live. I recommend that you do not push yourself too hard.

Thank you. I will keep that in mind. You may be one of the gods of darkness, but I can sense the light that's in your heart. I can clearly feel its warmth...


I promise that we will create a world where you can rest in peace.

Now, time for a major scene for Chaos' character. His mistake nearly destroyed the world, and now, in the present, will bring an end to the era of the gods. No Mobius, no Chaos, no gods of darkness or light, just those born of the earth will decide the fate of this world. His power will destroy the old world and give birth to a new one. What form it will take is for those alive today to decide. This is the finality of a love that could never be. A Song to Span the Ages

Those two...we've seen them a few times, when Weiss, Schwarz, or Grey received Chaos' power from a demon, but we were never told who they are. is Chaos, the other...

So the one who knew this song wasn't Weiss but you, Chaos...


There is one scene that I vaguely remember happening, right before being sealed. When I was very little, I would always hear this one song while being gently cradled in someone's arms. In my mind, I always pictured those arms as belonging to my mother, but that's wrong... They actually belonged to...

That's right. It was the Lady Varna herself. I can remember even now the feeling of being held in Lady Varna's arms. It was so warm... Whenever I sing this song, I can clearly recall those times as if they happened yesterday. When I first met Weiss, I was more than a little distressed. Although at the time I said I wasn't lonely, it was a lie. I -was- lonely and afraid of disappearing. But whenever I sang that song to myself, for some reason I was able to feel at peace. I don't sing it very often anymore... But even so, the fact that I can draw strength from this song hasn't changed, and never will. And it might be the same for you.


Chaos loved Varna. He, a god of darkness, and she, a goddess of light, fell in love and for a while, everything seemed right with the world. But, things were not to be. Lenion took Varna as his consort, as the second most powerful deity of light, she was snatched away from Chaos before he knew it. He fell into despair, and his despair soon turned to anger. Mobius used that anger to launch the divine war, bringing an end to not only their happiness, but the lives of the gods themselves.

Chaos blamed himself entirely for what had happened. Although Mobius used him, Chaos allowed himself to be used. He did not hate Lenion for binding him to the world, for in his mind he deserved every punishment he had ever received. Unlike Mobius, he has never desired resurrection, for nothing in this world is of any value to him.

Anyhow, after that line you can begin hearing Eva's voice singing the same song she once sung to Schwarz. Also, this scene makes really effective use of music, making it one of the best moments of the game, I think.

That voice... It's Eva's...

In the distant past, it was a song that you often sang. I really enjoyed listening to you sing it. It permeated my entire body, and, though I am but a doll, spread deep into my -heart-. When Mobius forced those false memories into my mind and counterfeit -heart-, he must have seen me as no more than an empty shell with no soul of my own. In one sense, he was correct, but in another he couldn't have been more wrong.

Feeling the warmth of your emotions course through me caused the seeds of something to bloom; emotions and feelings of my own... A -heart- that let me make an emotional connection to this world.

It is this song that gave me, who is the embodiment of darkness, light. As well as the ability to show affection, and love...

So all of those tales that I heard about you and Varna. The melancholy stories of the two lovers that could never be together... When I first heard them, I was too young to truly understand them, but I do now. The feelings that the two of you have for each other...

A ray of light that pierces through all despair, illuminating the world of darkness... This song was the only thing that was given to you, who was allowed to keep nothing for himself.

After all, light and darkness cannot co-exist... While knowing that it could never be, I still could not stop myself from trying to reach out. There is one thing in which humans are no different from gods: both are ruled by their emotions. That is only natural. Humans were created by the gods and no creation can supersede its creator. However, you humans have -possibilities- that we gods will never see. In fact, you humans have in you a power that not even we who made you can comprehend. Although light and dark will always be divided in my eyes, you strive for a way for both to exist as one. After living among you, I have come to realize that. If only I could have seen it sooner... While I can relive the past at any time, there is no way for me to change what has already happened. Both gods and humans, without exception, can only move forward. With that... Tell them that I will be waiting in the -Land of all Beginnings-.

Then I, too, will-

Lord Chaos...

The place I will be is connected by my powers to the realm where we gods should exist. And it is at that location... Do not worry, my children; I will see you, who I love, again.



Fiona... Eva... What were you two doing? Where did Grey...err...I mean, Chaos go?

I have a message from Chaos for you. He said that he will be waiting for us in the -Land of all Beginnings-.

Is that so...?

He is the Lord of all Darkness. It is more than likely that this is a trap.

Do you still plan on going?

Darkness is something that cannot be denied or ignored.

Light and dark, all humans have both sides within them. I am no different in that regard.

Let's get going to this -Land of all Beginnings- place. Chaos has someone of mine.

(Dad... Give me some of the courage you showed and the strength to keep looking ahead.)

Have you reached your decision?

Yeah, let's go. To where Chaos is.

We'll be the light to show the way to a new world. Where Chaos had lost his way in anger and despair, that beautiful melody will return what was lost, and allow us to create the future we've struggled for. There is only one place we must be...

It's time to take back our friend. Choose the Way

Why are you here? darkness. This is my realm. You have no place here.

Then what should I do? I am you. No, saying something like that makes no sense. I've never existed in the first place.

If that is how you wish things to be.

What is that supposed to mean?

However, it is only you who are actively denying your own existence.


The world needs you, even now. Also, there are those who await your return. Even if it is only for a limited time, do you wish to live again?

What do you want? What do you seek in return?

What I want is the world, or more specificially, the -true world-. And I will have you bear the burden of seeing that my desire comes to pass. No, not only you, but those who are waiting for you will share in this responsibility as well. Everything will be resolved with your decision. Do you have the strength to accomplish what I ask of you?

Grey has inherited the strength and will of two generations. Although his life has been a never-ending lie until Chaos awakened within him, he is free to make his own decisions from now on. The men and women who have made his existence possible can only have desired he live his life as best he can. He will not drown in darkness. Nothing will deny his existence and his right to live any longer.

How is what you're asking of me different from everything that I've done up until now? If it is within my power to do so, I will take responsibility for anything, including the fate of the world. Especially if it requires acts only I am capable of, regardless if I become hated or despised as a result.

You have yet to answer my question.

I do...have the resolve.

Then I will have you show me. Prove to me that you can serve the cause of truth... Now, take this. The vessel that holds your soul-

Believe in yourself, and the world you want to see come to pass. This is a really good scene, especially for the music. Generations of War

This place...

We're here, Chaos, just as you asked.

Chaos... That's right, I...

There is something not quite right about him.

Can it really be...?

It appears you've returned, Grey.

Grey? Is that not Chaos?

It is as Eva says.

It's -him-! There's no mistaking the vibe I'm feeling now!

Grey... It's really you.

I'm so happy... I'm so truly happy...

A pity there's no time to wallow in quasi-deserved sentimentality.

Yes, it's like the gods don't have the slightest clue in regards to such an emotional event as this one.

However, the body given to you is nothing more than a temporary vessel in which to hold your life. There is little time left to you. Will you still go?

With all those who have fought for us, from Weiss' generation to the present, we cannot turn back now. The horizon of freedom is right in front of us.

As I have said before, I will bear the weight of everything you've put upon me.

That is quite the promise to make to a god.

But it's not a bad thing to be held to, though. Consider me a part of whatever you have to do.

Grey, don't forget that we're here as well, all right?

Seriously, as if we'd let you deal with everything by yourself.

We've come this far together, we might as well see things through to the end.

I've already decided from the beginning that wherever he goes, I go!

Lord Chaos, I, too, will be going.

Even though you do not know the truth about yourself, not knowing if you can bear such a burden? Can you do what is necessary without knowing what the end results will be? Will you be able to do it? Guide those who've abandoned themselves to avarice and debauchery? And most importantly, make those who would enjoy peace and prosperity accept the truth? It is not enough to say you can; I will have you show me your resolve.

There are no easy paths. If they see the truth but refuse to accept it, then their road ends there. I have no intention of reaching out to those afraid to clear a way to the truth with their own two hands.

Then you must first grasp the truth in your own.

I will await in the world that exists beyond this point. You should probably go with them as well.

No way... You're supposed to be...

You should know by now that the true heroes always come back to save the day at the very end.

Dad... Why...?

Schwarz, you too...? Gah! What the hell is going on?!

And don't you dare forget about the rest of us either, okay?

We shall help as well.

The future is not something to be seen; it is to be grasped.

And we will do so with our own two hands.

The true world.

Nothing is beyond our abilities.

We will help as we are able while we can. The rest will be up to you. Now, let's go.


The strength of three generations, united at last to end the remnants of the world of lies. The Twilight of the Gods has begun.