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Part 39: Chapter XXXVI: The Fall - Act 3

The battle ever goes on. Our travels bring us now to Enhambre and the next god, Nemesis. What the future holds

Ignis, you have come back, along with Sofia and Lielselotte.

Please allow me to be the one to fulfill the final duty of us guardians. The one that I was unable to fulfill back then.

That is one thing that I cannot do, as I am the elder of our clan, and not you.

Is there no other way?

No, there is not. Even if there was a way for us to change places, I still would not allow it. What is to happen is necessary for the true world to come into being. We guardians have preserved the ancient blood throughout these long years just for this moment. For the new species created by the gods in their haste were weak and fragile things. The -New Agarest- that was decimated during the Third War of the Gods was overrun with demons, and soon proved to be too harsh of an environment to nurture a new species. The world we live in now is a newly created -false Agarest-, and was to be the cradle in which new life could grow and prosper. However, these beings needed years beyond imagining to become a part of the world. And it would take even more time before their souls became intertwined with those already here.

So your duty is basically offer your life so that those others can continue, right?

Please let me be the one to take on that role! I beg of you...please...

That will not be possible. For now the guardians, and their elders, are no longer necessary. With that said, what possible reason would there be for you to succeed me as elder?

Just like this false world, I too am no longer necessary. I do not know anything of the world that lies beyond the borders of this village. However, you have seen with your own eyes not only the world, but also the lives of those who live in it. Ignis and Lieselotte, it is my wish that you help Sofia deliver the Lishius clan from their ignorance. But do not see this as a final request before death. As I am still your elder, consider it my last order. Please make sure that you carry out the duty I have given you.

Lady Ordine...

Understood. Though it may cost me my life, I will be sure to do as you have commanded.

We will do as you have ordered us, Lady Ordine.

As for the rest of what's coming, I'm sure everyone here will be able to deal with it one way or another. I hope so, anyway. I sure as hell can't do anything to help.

Jeez, don't talk like that. It's not good to worry everyone like that, you know?

I was just trying to be funny, all right? Just let it go. After all, there's no point in lambasting the dead. Whatever the case, you can die with peace of mind. These guys are stronger than you think.

That may be so... Now then... It is now time to fulfill the ancient duty given to my clan by the gods themselves. Now, use your sword to take my life. Once I am dead, the seal on the pillar will be broken. The blood of the ancients is of the past, and the blood of the new races is for the future.

No matter how much hate my actions will cause, I will not stay my sword.

This the responsibility of the guardians... Please allow me to see it through as well.

It is now time for me to take your life as my own.

By the oaths I swore as a guardian, I now give my life back to the gods. If you wish for the true world to be born, then take my blood in exchange for the key to open the door.

Lady Ordine!

I am truly sorry for once again betraying your expectations. However, I promise you that I will fulfill this one last duty as a guardian. So please, rest in peace.

Because of their exile I was able to be born into the world outside. And just as you believe, the world to come will be glorious. Because our children will make it so.

Your life is now mine...


I am all right. Even if I were not, this is not the time to be shedding tears. Now, let us go.

We still have a god to defeat.

Sofia and Vanessa, both with deep ties to the Lishius, will have the honor of seeing Ordine's life off in peace. With the death of Nemesis. Adolescents of the Stars

And if some people believe the world is filled with insanity and bedlam, while others see the world as a place of stability and tranquility, which view of the world is the correct one? Or are both views merely psychotic delusions?

Nemesis is honestly my favorite of the dark gods. She has a good design, a nice voice, and despite her ghastly name, is the most chill of the dark gods, especially after we just got done with the hotheaded Mayastia. She also has the misleading title of goddess of vengeance, as her personality is very subdued. She is also responsible for guiding the souls of the dead, but cannot control them in the same way Chaos can.

Nemesis fought for Chaos' and Mobius' schemes not out of any agreement with their ambitions, as she has absolutely no interest in ruling or dominating the world. Her in-game biography certainly hints she was the last of the dark gods to join. Nemesis joined the gods of darkness because after the battle lines were drawn, the dark gods were outnumbered by the light gods, and fought for the darkness in the interest of fairness. To act in her role as the judge of the dead, she has no feelings on anything, essentially.

Cannot both views of the world be true? Humans have always had both the light and dark in their hearts. There is nothing more dangerous than to embrace one side while denying the other. There are several different aspects to everything. To understand the true nature of a thing, you must be able to look at it from all angles.

Affection, compassion...even love... Those are not the only feelings. Human nature is defined by jealousy and hatred, the same emotions that drove the gods who made them.

Of course... Everyone has those feelings. There was a time that I refused to acknowledge the darkness that is a part of me. But if I could learn to be more compassionate than I have been... No, it is not a matter of -could I-, but -I need to be-. And even though I still have a long way to go before I grow up, I know that I can at least do that. And if I can learn to accept both sides of me, you gods should be able to as well.

To look upon and then accept the darkness that dwells within ones soul is not an easy thing to do. It is an even more difficult thing to do as a god.

So you won't accept responsibility for your mistakes. Or are you hoping that they'll just disappear? The latter is probably closer to the truth. If that's the case, I'll force you to open your eyes and see what your mistakes have done to the world.

I will now send your soul to where it desires to be most.

To the place you belong!

Nemesis, the Goddess of Spirit and Vengeance. Like Satanel, her magical attack and defense is sky high. Might even be bigger than his. Regardless, we have a Vanessa who has 7200 ATK. We're going to be punching through her like wet paper.

But not at the start. With Genius on (I can't believe Nemesis didn't go after Sofia first. She has the most HP. Guess the enemy in this case aims at the formation leader), I'm tearing this Gurg apart. Of course, a beautiful angel of death with dual Revolver Cannons certainly is making things easier.

Even Sofia is getting in on the melee fun. The gods are much funner fights when you have a considerably improved arsenal from the Boundary Plain. Otherwise, all of these fights would have been much, much longer, and my chance of winning significantly reduced. All that fighting was well worth it.

Although Nemesis is second to none when it comes to magical attack and defense, her physical attack and defense is less than impressive.

Now THAT, that was one hell of an attack. I haven't gotten a single Original Skill fired at me, both of the Gurgs are dead, and Nemesis is nearly dead herself. In fact, I was genuinely scared she'd throw out No Pain, because her HP is so low. Of course, she didn't.

You want stars? I'll give you stars.'s funny because it's a Resident Evil reference, and Nemesis in this game is also called the Star Goddess.

Well, I didn't come close to an Over Kill, but it's hard to find fault with how that fight went down. I completely dominated her. Both Gurgs were killed on the first turn, and she only lasted longer because I was busy with them. I even got an adorable staff, Mr. Tiddles, as well as her other rare drop, Suzaku's Ring.

In fact, I wasted her so completely that I included both of her Original Skill as an addendum to the video. I didn't give anyone a chance to use a single Original Skill against me.

For a future without fear.

There is no need for me in this world anymore, I see...

Everything in this world serves a purpose, most especially the gods. However, the time has come when the gods are no longer needed to shepherd the world...

The path you have chosen to follow is long and precipitous...

You're right, but that doesn't mean we can run from it. If we don't at least try to take a step forward, we'll never be able to move ahead. If we are to overcome the trial before us and change the world, we have to keep moving forward. Of course, it's much easier to talk about than do, right?

To put it in simple terms; it's a lot like having a crap load of luggage to drag around. Someone has to carry it, right? So why not the ones who are strong enough to do so?

Very well, then I will entrust this world to all of you... To my darling children...

A third god's soul has been freed from its vessel, only to be taken by Chaos. Only two remain...

Despite the chasm that lies between us as gods and humans, we understand what you are feeling.

Unlike the last two times, I really didn't need to prepare anything for Deeth. We've got all the firepower we can ask for, especially with a team of Schwarz, Eva, Liel, and Felenne. The one who created Eva is the next goddess we will entertain...