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Record of Agarest War 2

by Sylphid

Part 40: Chapter XXXVII: The Fall - Act 4

And we continue the march toward victory, on the ice cold soil of Fendias. It really sucks we're going to have to kill Jule. She's always been ice cool with us. A present to live for

Perhaps it was for the best that I lost the power of foresight, or maybe... Even if I were able to see into the future, my fate would be the same. There are worse ends, I suppose.

I have something I wish to say to you. I really should have said this earlier, but... I was too scared to. Actually, I was terrified... But if I don't say it now, I will never get the chance again. So... It's about your people... I want to apologize for taking the lives of so many of the Nebula clan. I won't ask for your forgiveness. But please, at least let me offer you my sincerest apologies... I am truly sorry...

Everyone, at sometime in their lives, will do what necessity demands of them, right or wrong. Just as you did back then. If you feel you must mourn the dead, I recommend offerings of flowers. However, I would rather you offered your strength to those who still live instead. If anything, that is what I'd wish from you.

Thank you very much, elder of the Nebula clan.

There' other way, is there?

Everything eventually comes to a conclusion. However unconventional it may seem, it is a necessary event and therefore must come to be. And anyway... Is there really a need for another way? I do not believe so. Well, to debate such things now will ultimately change nothing. Life is what it is.

Yeah, that's right. What you say is true. On all counts.

Hmm... I truly look forward to seeing you in the afterlife as well. Before that, there is a mountain of responsibilities that needs to be made into a mole hill... However, this -cradle- crafted by the gods has become old and decrepit. Perhaps it is time to throw it away... The -Agarest- that we live in now is a creation of the gods of darkness and came to being using their powers, which were then sealed away by the supreme god, Lenion. Lenion then chose to create a new world of his own in the -Boundary Plane-, a place beyond the confines of our own where the gods would dwell. Lenion and the other gods of light had planned on completing the fusing of light and dark in this -world of the gods-, and bring the physical and the spiritual together once and for all. The new races grew ever stronger as a result of the harsh environment they lived in, and once their souls evolved to the point where they could truly be melded to the physical plane, the door between the two worlds would be opened, and they would be led to the -true world-. The guardians were just that. It was our responsibility to protect the new races from danger. In addition, we were given the duty to protect the -key- that opens the door between the two worlds. The very bodies of each of the guardian clan elders were part of that -key-. I myself am a key, one to be used to break the seal that imprisons a dark god. Now, draw your sword and take my life. Upon my death the seal on the pillar will be broken.

By the oaths I swore as a guardian, I now give my life back to the gods. If you wish for the true world to be born, then take my blood in exchange for the key to open the door.

It seems that you've forgotten that a man's arms were meant for embracing women, not stabbing them.

Having the body of an elder can be...inconvenient... I'd never had the opportunity to meet a man like you before, but now that I have, I still cannot have you...

Unfortunately, my heart and soul belong to my wife. We probably could still have had a hell of a time together, though.

*Giggle* That is all that I wanted to...

Lady Jule, please wait for me in the afterlife. Once I have fulfilled my final duty I will follow you there.

Always...the proper young woman... I was unable to help you in the end... I hope you can forgive me for my ultimate incompetency...

And I am proud of the fact you were able to trust me as you did. Please rest without worry or regret.

I have received your noble soul to be my own...

Well said, Grey. Jule was a friend from beginning to end.

The god we must slay is just ahead. Now, let us go.

Deeth, who created Eva, waits ahead. Deeth was among the most important in Mobius' grand design, and thus, bears much of the weight for what we have had to do, and suffer. But, she did create Eva, so I can't hate her too much. Adults of the Moon

I have no recollection of ever being treated as if I was your child.

*Chuckle* Your current appearance is say the least. Chaos did not find your previous appearance pleasing? Perhaps you looked too similar to -her-?

My appearance was a gift from Lord Chaos, and I prize it greatly.

So the doll has a heart now. How amusing. With you are you are now, I'd love nothing more than to -play- with you. Perhaps I should have appeared before you as a man rather than how I am now?

Being the goddess of desire, makes sense Deeth is bisexual, as well as being hermaphroditic. She can take the appearance of a male or female. There is a lot twisted in her personality, but she isn't totally unforgivable. The only reason she truly had any desire to ally with Mobius was that the perfect world that existed before the war was boring. A peaceful world would dull the senses and would cause life to stagnate, so she desired nothing more than to shake things up on a grand scale.

Her ambitions are not aligned with Mobius', as, like Nemesis, she'd probably find a world ruled by someone to be a dull place. Her personality is bright enough, it's just that she doesn't value life at all. It's just another thing to play with her in her quest for continual pleasure. In a way, this makes Deeth among the more cruel of the gods, and the one most like the mortals the gods created.

No, your present appearance is more than adequate. I have no intentions of -entertaining- you. To be perfectly honest, I had not even an iota of good will towards you. Now, I feel obligated to thank you. It is because of you that I am able to be who I am today. Considering who you are, asking you to go peacefully to where you belong would be futile, correct?

After finally getting another body? The pleasures of the other world pale in comparison to the ones here... *Chuckle* And I could hardly be expected to leave with such a scrumptious banquet set before me? Living flesh is truly a splendid thing, is not?

I suppose so. But it's not like you can't enjoy your perversions on the other side, you know? And anyway, I've got enough tail to keep me occupied for now. I wouldn't be able to hit you for a while.

I now see what crimes you have committed. How many lives must you corrupt in order to sate your deviant appetites?

Though you may be a god, that doesn't excuse you from having to atone for your sins.

You can save the world simply by dying right here and now!

May your soul be sent to where it desires to go...

Screw that. You're going to pay for everything you've done. Whether you want to or not!

Deeth, the goddess of Fortune, Desire, and Fate. Like Nemesis, she has a high amount of magical attack power and defense, as well as a lot of physical attack and defense, but not as high as Mayastia's, I think. She's essentially a battle mage taken to the limit, as a god. The unfortunate thing for her is that because she kills targets so fast, she doesn't get much time to raise her ultimate gauge, and thus, doesn't get a whole lot of Ultimate Points.

While Schwarz is obviously using the Revolver Cannon, Liel gets to test drive Scions of the Sun. While everyone's physical and magical damage is a lot more balanced than Schwarz's is, Schwarz does have more than 7700 ATK right now. KIND OF a big deal.

Like the Garvels before them, it's hilarious how little threat even the mighty Gurgs pose to me right now. Killing one of them in a single turn of attacking is passe at this point.

I'm so proud of Eva getting to fight with physical attacks by this point in the game. A character who all they can do is cast spells is boring, right?

But it is certainly a fool's gamble to underestimate the damage Deeth can do. That's why Felenne's role in this fight is important, even if she's not doing much attacking. She has to hang in reserve and make sure Deeth doesn't get a finish turn.

Oddly, when Felenne revived everyone and I went back on the offense, I didn't activate Anger. I have no idea why.

Deeth, the one who you created, Eva, will be your undoing. "Poetic" does not even come close to describing it.

Another pretty close Over Kill, but an Over Kill nonetheless. Like Nemesis, I'll be including Deeth's two Original Skills in an addendum to this video.

The seeds of a new world are beginning to sprout.

If thinking that makes you feel any better about moving on, then good for you.

Eva, I look forward with see just how -human- you're able to become.

Oddly enough, we see eye to eye on this one thing. I, too, look forward to seeing how much I can grow.

Now go, and walk the thorny path that you have chosen to travel.

We will do so without our fear of where our feet may fall.

Now please move on to the world in which you belong.

*Chuckle* If accepted with open arms, even pain can become pleasure. You'd do well to embrace all that may befall you.

Four gods have fallen. Now all that remains is Mobius, the architect of so much death.

Did you get what you wanted?

For that, let us end everything.

With the materials you get from Deeth's commission, you can make the Pelops (Arumana's robes), but you need an E.O.M. and a Whispered Dream (from the Cliones, from rare encounters in the Boundary Plane), Julius' Ring of Heaven (also need a Dismal Sylph, Mighty Ring, and a Whispered Dream), and Deeth's own Scythe of Destiny (also need a Helheim, Fallen Angel Wings from the Dark Angels in Boundary, and a Maumet Figurine from one of the Boundary boss commissions)

But, that's all grinding I did off-screne, as Cliones seriously take forever to show up. At the very least, I have stolen so much Orichalcum, you wouldn't believe. Late game is awesome, because it's so easy to upgrade things now.