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Part 46: Chapter XL: The Oathsworn

The final update of the story, and by extention, the thread. Although there will be a lot of bonus content, it'll be more of a trickle than the flood the past few updates have come in. I do have other games to play, you know.

Anyway, time for the final events of the game. Just so you know, you can save between each of the boss fights in this final rush of the game. Dawn of a new world

To be defeated by vermin such as you! I, who have obtained Chaos' power! How can this be?!

You haven't realized it yet?

You were pretty much screwed from the beginning of all this.

You fell into the hole you dug for yourself.

What? What do you mean?!

How could Lord Chaos not see through your schemes?


Once I have obtained all of the power dispersed through the world, I will become the one true god.

Unfortunately, it is impossible. I have had enough of your pathetic lies. I will erase every last vestige of your powers so that you may never again be resurrected.

And now, that nuisance is finally done away with, right?

Yes... Now, all of those with the power to stop my advance are gone.

This is what the trophy list for this game calls "True Chaos", or what the game itself calls "Chaos-Complete". With his seal broken, his body returned, and all his own power back inside his body, Chaos has finally returned to the form and power he had during the divine war.

So the only being capable of stopping a god, is another god...

So despite that, you're saying that we have to kill you anyway?

If you cannot slay me, then there is no hope for the world. The world has no pity for the weak. Weakness alone is reason enough to have everything taken away.

Indeed... That is the very reason I pursued strength. But without weakness, how does one gauge that strength?

Humans are truly bothersome little creatures. Especially in how they don't easily give up.

Humans have overcome numerous trials and hardships due to their perseverance and will to fight. And they have survived without the gods by virtue of their courage and willingness to work together.

I don't want to sound arrogant, but we are no longer -of the gods-.

Like children who one day leave their parents' protection, so must we humans live apart from the gods.

Everything is born from the truth. I will accept it all, even the fact that I was nothing more than a doll. However...I am much more than that now. I wish to continue living in this world.

Then you deserve to know the truth. And not only the truth, but how much weight it has. Yes... It is the weight of one's soul... Now, overcome my power and open the door by the strength of your hands alone!

And so, the final battle begins, the battle for ultimate truth. I have no idea why Chaos is joined by Nill, but even more strange is that he's weak to Lightning. My Lightning line-up didn't end up getting used much, though.

Of course, we need to clip the wings of anything that can inflict insta-Death on a character with high amount of resistance to every status ailment.

These status ailments do not make for a great beginning to this fight, I must say.

But we're back in it before too long. Maybe I should switch out Eva's Ambition for Absolute Defiance one of these days. Defiance increases all status resistances, and I'm not getting much mileage out of Ambition, honestly, especially since Grey has it, too. Anyhow, it's fun watching Eva fight with her scythe, because she loves twirling it around in action, especially for Rapid Stream.

It also goes without saying that the final boss has a metric ton of HP (based on rough estimates, I'd say he has about 750,000 HP). That said, he doesn't have a whole lot of resistance to damage, either magical or physical. I should also note that Grey is currently using the Soul Breaker knuckles, which have more physical attack power than the Lost Regnum, but is generally an inferior weapon.

There it is: the last enemy Original Skill of the LP.

You know, now that we're further in the game, this Weiss build was really good. His VIT, AGI, and MAG all increased at a higher rate than his other stats, but it makes him very effective, since he is really super fast. I think at this point, his AGI is in the upper 300s.

The final attack begins. Time to throw everything we have in our power at him.

It began with a song.

It will end with a fire.


Chaos-Complete's other rare drop is the Pelops armor, while I know Mobius-Complete's Over Kill reward is a Matrix. The Pelops, Matrix, and Infinity are all the highest-tier armor items, being artifacts (of Arumana, Mystria, and Varna, respectively). Guess that Infinity was Chaos' memento of her. I'm more glad to get a second Ring of Heaven, though, as it's a bit more valuable than the Pelops.

This is not the end. This is the beginning...of everything.

Thanks to the final boss rush, my active team members are the highest-leveled characters on my team, with the exception of Sofia, who I used for a lot for off-screen grinding, thanks to her Destiny EX Skill. Literally the only reason Aina ended up higher leveled than Victoria was that Aina got all that sweet, sweet, 11,000,000 EXP from the first Mobius fight. Weiss ended up edging out Eva for highest-leveled party member at the end of the day, but I'm still going to consider Eva the rock as far as the party goes. Not only plot-wise, but gameplay. Especially since the Sofia fight and the Bad Ending final battle are literally the only two fights in the entire game she can't be in. On the True Ending, Eva only has to sit out of one fight, once she joins.

Anyway, onto the ending. The weight of truth

Well done... My children... Now the door to the true world will open. The fate of the world is now in your hands. It is a burden that resolve alone will not help you bear.

I know full well the gravity of the situation we now find ourselves in. We have done only what was required of us to ensure that we live long enough to see the future.

You do realize the world that is to come may not have a shining future, yes? Many will have their bodies wracked with pain and agony in their pursuit of the truth. And a countless number of tragedies may come about as a result. Knowing this, do you still wish to know the truth?

At this point, don't you think it's a little late to be asking whether we want it or not?

The door has already been opened.

Despite the pain and anguish to come, if living is all we can do, we'll just have to do it, right? And for those who can't endure, there's always death. In fact, those people would be better off dead. I mean, we should be able to handle at least that much.

For those who have risked their lives for us in the past, and for those who will do so in the future; I will gladly sacrifice this body that I have been given.

This world has both good and evil. Like light and dark, they are merely different sides of the same thing. To strive to be virtuous does not mean to eradicate evil. Even in the brightest of light, there will always be shadow and darkness. This will never change.

And now, the ending. Abandon All Lies and Embrace Truth - True Ending

It's finally over...

Everything started here.

It's only natural that everything ends here as well.

And things will once again begin from this place as well.

There is no doubt that the path before us is choked with thorns.

No matter how painful it may be, what we all desire is just beyond the path, and cannot be obtained...

Unless we make the decision to keep moving forward...

We now entrust you with this world and all who live in it.

I have faith that you will be able to make this place into something beautiful.

And do not forget the lessons you learned through the pain you all have suffered through.

Please do not forget to let others know that both pleasure and pain are a part of what it means to live.

I pray that there is light wherever you choose to go, and that the darkness gives you peace.

We'll leave the rest to you. Don't screw it up.

Everything is now in your hands. Take care, all. We'll be looking forward to seeing what you do.

At the very least, I'll make sure I don't do anything that you can ridicule me for. And with that... Go in peace, Dad.

You can choose to do things for others, or for yourself.

I promise to live my life free of regrets, just like the two of you did.

I won't say good-bye. Instead... Thank you.

Everyone, you were all legit. Know the world is grateful for your lives.

They've just returned to where they are supposed to be. It's nothing to be worried about.

As for us, this is only the beginning, isn't it?

Yes, though we still have a great many problems to face... But if we plan on creating something new, we will have to deal with them sooner or later.

We should probably get moving now.

Damn straight. That's why we came all the way here in the first place, right?

There is no way of knowing what's in store for us, but... The anticipation of new discoveries adds a certain excitement to one's life.

It appears that this is the birthplace of the demons that have been plaguing the world.

You are most likely correct. The world of the gods... It is where souls are born and then come together. Entities that exist as pure -power- within the realm of the gods are considered evil in this world. However, the -power- of the those beings cannot normally cross the boundary that separates the worlds.

Since I mentioned the name Wahrheit has appeared in this series before, and we've beaten the final boss of this game, Wahrheit was the name of the final battle point in Agarest 1's Boundary Plain. In it, you fought a level 999 Chaos, and if you were in Zero's version of Wahrheit, two friends of his from beyond time. When I beat that fight, I got an unspeakably large payout of 48,000,000 EXP for each character in that fight who survived (all 6 party members I could bring into the fight, of course, survived).

But our world is within that boundary, so it is possible for them to bring their powers with them...

What the hell-?!

The only time I am truly alive is when I am in the heat of battle. Of course, that is not to say that there will be no battles to fight in the true world. But I feel that this is the place where I am destined to fall. Or to be less dramatic about it, this is the place I need to be. Until this false world is done away with, I will be the guardian of the door that connects the worlds. And even if I should pass on, I am sure that someone will come along to take my place.

Is that so...?

Once you pass through that door, you will never be able to return to this world. Are you sure you want to--? ...There's no real point in asking you that question, is there?

If we don't do this, who will?

Sofia, are you absolutely sure about this?

Guardians are no longer needed here, and will not be needed in the true world.

Yeah, but we'll still need to help each other out in order to survive, right?

There is no need to start completely from scratch, huh... I think I Need to stop letting my race define me.

If people who we weren't able to reach somehow find their way here, please show them the way.

He's right. It is time for us to start moving.

To the world the gods have left to us -humans-.

To the place we need to help live on.

To the true world, where we will live our lives and then die-

Since I couldn't make a good avatar for Varna, the full text of this scene is in the video. This scene is notable for the fact it's the only time a god of light has been directly seen in this entire series. Really. There's not even artwork of any of the gods of light, but in this scene at least, you can get a pretty good look at at what one of them looks like, at least. What you're supposed to gleam from this scene is that Varna, too, did not want the false world to live. Chaos' entire character arc in this game is fulfilling Varna's final request, to destroy the false world and return everything to the beginning. The world the gods saw.

And after that scene...comes the credits. Agarest War 2 credits

Once the credits are over, you get a choice of final waifu. Now, the vote in-thread was 5-5, split between Mervina and Sofia. Since I decree I have tie-breaking power, we're going with Sofia, since I have nothing but love for the gold-haired elf woman. But, if you click the above screenshot, you can see Mervina's scene, as runner-up.

Eva, though you got shut out, know that you go with much love from me, at least, and I'd be more than happy for you to be the final waifu. But that decision is not mine to make. Anyhow, the final wedding. Beautiful Light - Sofia Wedding

Now that I am no longer either a guardian or a Maiden of the Pillar, I wonder what is left for me...

You will just have to start searching.

You are right... And now that I think about it, there are still quite a few things left for me in this world. In addition to ensuring that the true world is a place that all can live, there is everyone from our group...

Don't worry about me. I want you to live your life however you choose.

That is exactly what I intend to do. At first, I thought I was hallucinating when it felt like we became one when our souls touched. But I know now that it was something that happened for real. I realize that now that I have been freed from my past.

That is what I would ask of you. Unless it is too much trouble...?

Of course not, but I do not have that much time left, you know. But if you still need to be with me...

Is that right...? Then, let us keep moving forward together until the end.