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Record of Agarest War 2

by Sylphid

Part 45: Chapter XXXIX: Wings of Freedom

Well friend! Victory stands before us. Our legend begins now.

O, my friend! This victory shall guide us to the next fight!

The time has not yet come to be, though all of the other gods have been slain. It seems that both the gods of light and of darkness underestimated the potential of the humans we created.

We've shown you our resolve. Now it's time for you to return the favor.

Please open the door now.

The door that I spoke myself. My body is the door that connects the worlds.

Then that means...

When all of the dark gods are slain, the Sera clan will take up the Werdefahrt and break the seal. And with one final stroke of that blade, they will slay you as well... That was the duty that Lenion, the supreme god of light, gave to the guardians...

Once again, we've proven our resolve, now it's time for you to do the same.

Why must I be bound by the agreement that you mortals made with Lenion?

What do you mean?

Have you forgotten who I am?

You are Chaos, Sovereign of the Night. The one who will envelop this world in darkness.

Do you mean to say that you have all truly forgotten that I oppose the gods of light? Did the fact that we were allies of convenience blind you to the truth of who, and what, I am? As soon as the seal holding me was broken, I needed to be slain in order to reclaim my former strength. was required that it happened before I was fully awakened. Such an event would have been fine in either Weiss', Schwarz's, or Grey's time. And before I had been completely resurrected, with my powers sealed away by Mobius.

And so the god of darkness shows his true nature at last...

It'd be most anti-climatic if that were not the case.

None of you have been stained with sin. With that said, however... Let it be known that I am simply a manifestation of darkness and I am neither virtuous nor evil, and that darkness is the only thing that can be given equally to all living things... Long lives cannot be granted in a flawed world, my imperfect children. This time, I will, by my own hand, create a perfect world. A world in which everything is covered in darkness.

Lord Chaos...

Are you ready?

We have been ready for this...for a while now. If it is necessary, we will demonstrate to you our readiness for this moment.

Then it is up to you to stop me. My loathsome, imperfect children who have forsaken the gods...!

I won't let you say, "My death is in vain". Not until I am the last lone arrow on the battlefield.

The enemy is cruel...but we'll prevail.

The enemy is we'll jump.

Bearing steel blades of glory, we sing an anthem of victory. On our backs are the wings of freedom.

On our chests are our fists, tightly clenched with determination. We'll slash apart this ring of idiocy.

Dance into the blue sky, wings of freedom!

Didn't the birds break out of their egg shell in order to fly, not to crawl on the ground pathetically?

Did...we win?

I will not be defeated by--?! Nngghhrrrr!

What's happening?!

This feeling... It can't possibly be--?!

For what reason do you possess those wings? Isn't the sky in the birdcage a little too tiny?

How did you...?

No way.. We killed him already...

Me, killed? With THAT? *Chuckle* Fuahahahahaha!

Care to share the joke with us?

Do not worry; I bear you no ill will, even now. It's just that all things considered, I just had to laugh.

So you faked your death?

It's nice to know that you're able to understand that much, considering your limited intelligence. That is correct. The last time we met, I intentionally allowed myself to be slain by you. I then bound myself to the power I took from Chaos, and when he took that back, he got me as well... Of course, I fully anticipated this very moment.

So you made your plans based on the knowledge that Chaos would eventually be slain?

However you wish to see things, it was obvious Grey intended to kill Chaos once he regained life. There wasn't a plan that was possible without that one guaranteed action, right?

A course of action imminently suited to you.

But there is a human saying that I'm sure you've heard, right?

The best laid plan of mice and men...and all that!

Can a worm hope to slay the sun? I, who with Chaos' powers, have become a being even greater than Lenion?! Inconceivable! Know that you are ants hardly worth the effort of stepping on! I will ram that point home with your deaths.

Freedom and death. The two of them are twins.

Freedom or death? Our friend is but one of them!

Do you think you can kill us now?

For what reason were we born? I don't know the answer to such complicated questions...

We'll show you who the real insect is here.

Even if our birth had been a mistake, I do know for what reason we are alive...

Mobius...this is the end. For you...there will be no next time!

Let us end this, once and for all!

We are alive to live the freedom resulting from our undeniable existence!

The hidden truth will be the charging arrow.

It will pierce the sealed inner layer of darkness, as well as the God lurking in the outer layer of light.

With our previous beliefs crumbling away, even though we feel lost, let's nevertheless march towards freedom!

The left way? Or the right way? Well, which way is the correct one?

The friend? Or the enemy?

People, which one are you?

We grip the gear of our fighting spirit, sing the song of the light of hope, and have the horizon of freedom on our back.

With the chains connecting this world in our chest...

We play a song of what might lurk behind all possibilities.