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Part 44: Character Bios - Part 2

Character Bios - Part 2

Here Be Spoilers

Priscilla is a nelth girl and apprentice adorner. Although she is still very much a beginner, she is dedicated to gaining experience and becoming a master of the craft. She meets Weiss and his companions after they find her unconscious at the entrance to Frensberge. Although Priscilla appears polite and somewhat timid, she is incredibly shrewd, almost mercenary, when it comes to any kind of business dealing. Having been relieved of most of her money during her journey, she is incredibly frugal with her funds and will stress over every purchase, no matter how insignificant.

When she first set up shop she was in dire financial straits, so once she settled into her house she planted what she likes to call a garden, but is actually a significant farm operation. As a result of her primarily vegetarian diet, she tends to become very excitable anytime she has even the slightest amount of meat. Priscilla's main professional influence is the greer blacksmith who trained Gordon, who briefly visited Priscilla's hometown when she was little. From that brief encounter, she decided to become the premiere adorner and create items that equal or even surpass those made by the master.

Hearing that Gordon was in Frensberge, Priscilla originally planned on never having any contact with him until her skills matched his. However, she inadvertently breaks the charm given to her by Gordon's master and is forced to go to him to have it repaired. Although she was prepared to be berated and belittled by him for her carelessness, Gordon instead agreed to train her, and after completing her time under his sometimes harsh tutelage, Priscilla was able to rightfully claim the title of adorner. And though she has struck out on her own, she and her master still remain close.

Duke is an itinerant peddler who frequently comes to Frensberge to trade. Although he is still young, the residents trust him a great deal due to the quality of the both the goods he sells and the information he shares. He is for the most part carefree and prone to infuriating his companions for no other reason than he can, with the exception of Shaldie, to whom he is seriously indebted to on many different levels. It is because of those debts that he allows her to treat him however she wishes, which is usually pretty badly.

Duke is a human / onerthes mix and a guardian on top of that although, unlike pureblood onerthes, he does not have the third eye that is that race's most identifiable feature. He originally became a peddler in order to fund his search for a doctor capable of helping his sickly younger sister. He eventually met Shaldie, who was able to treat his sister's illness, although at a laughably high cost. Unable to come up with the money required to pay off his (nation-sized) debt to Shaldie, instead is working off what he owes by tracking down the obscure items she requests for her experiments. And on a final note, the name - Duke- is actually an alias and his given name is really -Al Dina-.

Cynthia is a young woman who village was saved by members of the Frensberge's Hunter's Guild. As all of the elders in her village gave credit for their survival solely to the hunters and not to the guardians, Cynthia originally has a total lack of respect for guardians of any kind. However, she developed a sort of grudging admiration for Ignis, despite their disastrous first encounter. Their relationship started out awkward and tenuous, but soon became a genuine (if incredibly antagonistic) friendship after Cynthia's village was again saved from a demonic attack, something that the residents of Frensberge often joke about.

However, as Cynthia and Ignis generally are equally conceited and obstinate, those people unfortunate enough to be around them when they meet tend to get extremely nervous, as the pyrotechnics that frequently occur are the stuff of legends. In fact, though they are friends after a fashion, Cynthia is exactly the type of person that Shaldie can stand the least.

Serafina is a yulishee with a decidedly melancholy personality. Although she never divulges her true lineage, she will often include her past experiences in whatever dire predictions of doom she makes for others. For some reason she refuses to explain, Serafina is unwilling or unable to return home and is always asking for things that will help to bring back memories of the sea. She spends most of her time loitering in the park along with the numerous stray cats and getting berated by Schwarz after her gentle, yet insistent, preaching.

She was once a guardian, but was banished from her village and stripped of her title after eloping with a human who was not a guardian. Her husband passed and now she is single, but not really on the market. Due to her banishment, she feels that she can no longer return home and instead chooses to wander aimlessly about Frensberge. Eventually, thanks in part to Schwarz and Grey both encouraging her to face her fears, Serafina heads back to the village to face the ghosts of her past. She is close to Duke, who helps her conceal her background even though he is a guardian himself (though from a different village and clan).

Isaac is a young elf who is currently an apprentice chef. Although seen by many as a dedicated, hard-working person who refuses to give up no matter what, the truth is he's just stubborn and reckless. He is obsessed with creating original dishes and will not only frequently ignore the recipe he's using, but will also use ingredients of questionable compatibility and dubious digestibility. He is also really good at pretending to listen to others even as everything they say goes in one ear and out the other. His dream is to one day open a restaurant of his own, but considering his horrific incompetence in regards to the culinary arts, it'd be better for all of mankind if that never happened...

Isaac is normally a cheerful, good-natured person, but is prone to bouts of near-suicidal depression that weigh heavily on his companions. With the support of his friends he was able to overcome some of his more obsessive tendencies and start taking his culinary aspirations seriously, becoming a chef of the inn's restaurant and excelling in the use in normal, edible ingredients. However, he still has his occasional mood swings, especially when things aren't going right and will sometimes revert to his habit of creating culinary monstrosities.

Because of his past deeds, Isaac attracted of both Ingrit as well as the Hunter's Guild. On a totally unrelated note (but an inspired bit of trolling), Serafina and Sena have taken it upon themselves to create counterfeit -All-you-can-eat-Dinner Extravaganza!- coupons redeemable at Isaac's (non-existent) restaurant.

Gnade is the elder of the Alister people. He is an elf, although of a lesser strain below the high elves. However, his powers are far more advanced than those of the people he leads. Befitting his age and station, Gnade is gentle and well-mannered. He listen to the opinions of his people (especially Felenne's) and takes their suggestions into consideration before making decisions; all in all he is a leader worthy of respect. He is also willing to adapt the basic tenants of the guardians to the realities of the modern world, primarily because of the fate that befell Aina's mother, who was excommunicated from the ranks of the guardians becoming involved with a human.

Gnade has regretted that decision ever since, and has often wondered if humans and guardians could someday live in peace and harmony. It is because of this thought that he approaches Weiss and his companions for help when they first arrive in his village. And as Jule often claims, Gnade is capable of seeing when real change is coming to the world via the subtle hints found in nature and his own vast knowledge of history, although many people simply write of his ability as a combination of dubiously accurate foresight and lucky guesswork.

Ordine is the elder of the Lishius people and a yulishee, known by many in Agarest as the aquatic race. She is quiet and somber by nature, but the force of her presence sets her apart from other leaders. A simple nod from her is more than enough to subdue even Ignis, whose obstinate and mule-like temperament is legendary. in addition to being very levelheaded, Ordine is also incredibly intelligent and, although she strictly adheres to the laws of the guardians, immediately realized that the guardians must accept the changes happening in the world or risk becoming irrelevant.

Schwarz and company originally approached Ordine in order to get information regarding the Rainbow Shard, a sacred treasure of the Lishius clan. She reluctantly agrees to help them in their quest and, in the process, literally throws Ignis out of the village in an attempt to get him to open his eyes and see the world as it really is and not how he wants it to be. Ordine is also capable of making harsh decisions; she sent Sofia, her heir-apparent, off to attempt to seal Grey so that the power of Chaos within him could never break free despite knowing exactly the sacrifice Sofia would be required to make.

All in all, Ordine is a very capable leader who rarely, if ever, allows her personal feelings to influence the decisions she must make as elder and will do whatever it takes to achieve her objectives.

Helshaft is the elder of the Yurle clan and a harpuia, known by many in Agarest as the winged people. He takes great pride in being a guardian and follows their teachings to the letter. He is incredibly stubborn and uncooperative and, unlike other elders, will not compromise until it is absolutely necessary (and sometimes not even then). However, his obstinacy begins to waver when confronted with the horrible situation of Yumil and Rasta. He truly believes that it was his fault that Danaos went insane and the weight of his guilt eventually crushes him. Though there was no longer and need to remove the pillar, he deliberately attacked Grey and his companions in order to test their resolve and died in the process. It was in his last moments that he expressed gratitude for the chance to earn forgiveness and finally find peace.

Jule is the elder of the Nebula people and an onerthes. The third eye that all true onerthes possess contains incredible magical power and also bestows the ability to see into the future. In particular, the third eyes of virgin females were thought to be especially powerful and there was a time when onerthes were hunted and killed for them.

She is fairly informal for an elder and seen as incredibly liberal for a guardian. Her immediate and unquestioned acceptance of Grey's request is a good example of her ability to see beyond the restrictions set by guardian beliefs. And though somewhat progressive, she is a guardian elder and still somewhat stubbornly clings to many of the guardian beliefs and obligations. She spares no effort when it comes to helping others, but she will never go out of her way to offer assistance.

Jule is very straightforward, much like Jainus, who she tends to become somewhat giddy around due to him being exactly her type. However, she will never pursue a relationship of any kind as she thinks it would weaken her abilities and undermine her authority, even though she has fallen in love one time before. Once she ascended to the position of elder she focused her efforts on finding a suitable successor.

Fyuren is the leader of the Gruut and a half-beast neocolom. Unlike other leaders, he primarily keeps control of his people through force of arms and his intimidating appearance. However, he rules through might not because he isn't intelligent or a skilled leader, but because his land is plagued with demons and thus always in a state of military readiness should a demon attack occur.

In fact, he is thought to be one of the more gifted leaders amongst the various elders, both very wise as well as being in possession of incredible foresight. And despite their reputations, the Gruut are no different from other people in that they want to preserve their culture and their bloodlines. For a clan that seems to be in a perpetual state of war, the Gruut put maintaining their cultural identity above all else. For that reason, the Gruut are far more isolated and insular than the other guardian clans. however, there were a few who grew weary of their xenophobia, including Jainus and Wolfgang.

Upon discovering that the demon threat had expanded far beyond the borders of his land, Fyuren offers his assistance to Weiss and his companions, as well as to Wolfgang. Due to his years of experience as a military leader, Fyuren is quick to respond to sudden crises and can adept to just about any situation. He will also enthusiastically adopt methodologies and ideas that he agrees with.

Sirus is Wolfgang's most trusted lieutenant and closest confidant. Sirus is completely loyal and utterly devoted to his king, and will carry out any order given by him without hesitation. However, his blind loyalty sometimes warps his perception of reality, especially when it comes to Wolfgang's daughter, Victoria. His tendency to be wildly overprotective of her is offset by his inability to refuse orders, which means he is often dragged along on many of her insane and potentially lethal escapades. But despite being almost disturbingly straight-laced, no one questions his fighting prowess.

In addition to being an accomplished fighter, he is incredibly resourceful and adaptable, and is able to immediately recognize any change in demon behavior and create a suitable counter strategy. In the end, Wolfgang recognizes Sirus' abilities and chooses him to be the next king.

After the death of Wolfgang, Sirus ascended to the throne by universal acclamation. His abilities became truly evident once he was king and he guided his nation to true prosperity. Although he initially distrusted Weiss, he eventually aligns himself with him and his descendents, and helps in the fight against the increasing demon hordes.

Wolfgang is Victoria's father and the king of Jueyvei. He comes from the Gruut people and was put in charge of a body of soldiers with the responsibility of suppressing the rising demon threat. Though he took great pride in his position, he questioned the morality of only protecting his own people while others continued to suffer from demon atrocities. There were others around him who felt as he did and Wolfgang put his case before Fyuren, the elder, saying that Grutt should fight for the benefit of all people and not just their own. However, Fyuren disagreed despite the urgings of many of his followers and so Wolfgang left his village with those who agreed with his way of thinking. They appropriated a Gruut fortress and made it into their base of operations. This fortress eventually became what is now known as Signihardt Castle, though it still remains a formidable stronghold capable of withstanding the fiercest of enemy onslaughts.

Wolfgang is the second king of Jueyvei, having succeeded the first peacefully by the almost universal support of the proletariat and nobility. Unlike most monarchies, the throne is given to those who have the support of the people; nobility or political acumen plays a very insignificant role in the ascension of a new king. Also, strength in the martial arts is also greatly valued in Jueyveni, making Wolfgang the obvious choice to succeed. In fact, many wanted him to be the first king, but he was too busy fighting in the field to rule a nation. Also, he had no desire for the position; he only took the throne because of the overwhelming mandate of the citizens he had sworn to defend.

As a career soldier, Wolfgang is very serious and pragmatic, going so far as making his daughter Victoria the army's mascot in an attempt to further strengthen his control over the military. He treats his daughter just like any of his subordinates, but secretly wishes she would abandon the responsibilities he has given her and go lead a normal life.

Danaos is nominally of the Yurule clan and a guardian, but because of his syrium heritage he and his family were the victims of constant persecution and abuse, as pure-blooded Yurle believe that the syrium race are harbingers of darkness and evil. Despite the prejudices of the Yurle clan, Danaos patiently and consistently tried everything he could to change how his family was treated and maybe one day end the isolation they suffered. Eventually, his skills and abilities became too advanced not to notice and he soon gained a position of authority among his people. However, his new-found power and the respect that came with it only made things more uneasy than before.

It was during this time that Danaos encountered a gravely injured syrium woman who was also pregnant. As he nursed her back to health they became very close, something that angered a number of high ranking people within the village who were already angry that Danaos was given a position of authority. As a result of their jealously and racism, the syrium woman was forced out of the village despite still being weakened by her recent childbirth and half-healed injuries, and soon died, leaving her daughter Mervina alone in the world.

It was this event that pushes Danaos over the edge and he swears that he'll avenge the death of the woman he had grown to care for. Unfortunately for Mervina, Danaos was driven insane and chose to user has the instrument for his revenge, training her to be a cold, unfeeling monster capable of unspeakable cruetly and violence. However, he still keeps up his facade of the perfect guardian, working to protect the very people he hopes one day to destroy.

In the final depressing arc of his existence, Danaos focuses his attention on the siblings Rasta and Yumil, deceiving them in order to obtain an artifact he needs to bring his plans to fruition. Unfortunately he comes across Gideon during his travels; an encounter that sets off a number of ultimately tragic events.

Rasta is Yumil's older brother and was destined to marry her before contracting what seemed to be an incurable disease. He is very much like his younger sister in both temperment and beliefs and does not holy any prejudices against the other races of Agarest. He also spends a great deal of time in the company of Danaos, who is part-syrium and seemingly holds no grudges against the non-guardian races. Rasta is also accomplished in both the martial and literary arts and is comfortable using the pen as he is the sword. He was originally chosen to become the next elder, but he declined as he wanted to work in the background and spend time with his sister. Due to his accomplishments and abilities, he was chosen to become his sister's fiance as it was believed that there were no other candidates worthy enough to be betrothed to her. Although he initially agreed to the engagement out of a sense of duty, he began to see Yumil not as his sister, but a woman, and slowly fell in love with her.

However, his rise to power is cut short when he falls ill. As a result of his sickness, Rasta is rendered weak and frail and is forced to break his engagement to his sister. Due to the combination of his illness and the loss of his sister as his promised bride Rasta falls into a deep depression, but keeps his true feelings hidden from those around him. Eventually, the despair he tries to keep hidden from others overwhelms him and he allows himself to be manipulated by Danaos, who tells him that there is a way to cure his illness. Rasta compels his sister to go search for the materials needed to make the artifact necessary to heal him. Yumil is successful and Danaos gives Rasta the promised artifact, which does not cure his disease, but instead turns him into a demon. In the final tragic chapter of his life, he is killed by his beloved sister Yumil and her companions.

Gideon is a greer obsessed with the creation of magical items, regardless of their function. He is one of Gordon's closest friends, having served as an apprentice with him under the same master. Gideon's skills progressed to the point where many of his peers considered him -the second coming of Calinou-. It was this praise that caused Gideion to focus his efforts to the creation of artifacts, which takes a level of skill unobtainable by the vast majority of craftsmen. He also was diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, and he sought to create an item that would cure him before the disease began to manifest itself.

His is on a journey to improve his craft when he meets Danaos, who asks Gideon to create an artifact using the materials obtained for him by Yumil. Gideon stops in the land of Enhambre in order to complete the item. Once finished, Danaos fatally wounds Gideon in order to keep him from disclosing the nature of the item he had created.

The garvel are demons created by Summerill by corrupting the souls of elves and high elves. They are incredibly intelligent and sly, yet capable of horrific acts of violence and cruelty. Alongside the vastly inferior orc and goblin races, they are a constant threat to the forces of Light. And though they are essentially elves, the process used to turn them into a garvel robbed them of many of the intrinsic elven skills while greatly enhancing their physical gifts, making them close to invincible on the battlefield due to their superior strength and endurance.

Occasionally, mutated garvel appear possessing magic powers that rival those of their elven ancestors, making them even more dangerous than their fellow garvel. However, the garvel did not inherit the longevity of their progenitors and, in fact, have much shorter lives than humans, the race with the shortest of life spans.

Originally larva with the forces of light, they are now controlled by Summerill with the power of darkness. Most of them used to guard critical sites for the forces of light.

They received the Gem of Might from Summerill before he betrayed them (at least, that's what they thought at the time), and became captivated by its power. In the end, their spirits became controlled by Summerill, eventually turning them into gurgs. The -Scarred Mountains- fell because of their betrayal.

This bit is basically the plot summary of the first few events of second generation of Agarest War Zero. An alternate theory for this game's place in the Agarest canon is that it's an alternate sequel to Agarest Zero. At the end of the first game, the party fights all of the dark gods and defeats them one by one, much like in this game. It certainly wouldn't make sense that the gods got defeated by Leonhardt and his sizable crew, then many millennia later, get resurrected en masse, forgot they got beat once, and act like they're invincible in this game (at least in Mayastia's and Mobius' case).

As for this reference, the continent Agarest Zero takes place in is divided in two halves: Findeste, the land of light, and Kraltarla, the land of darkness. In the middle of the continent lie the Scarred Mountains, an ever-present reminder of the first war of the gods. Summerill in the game first appeared as Ernesto, the leader of the forces of light and the one who wanted to free Hass Calinou to make him all the artifacts he thought he would need to ascend to godhood. He disguised his intentions by saying the artifacts were necessary to finally destroy the forces of darkness forever, who constantly were spilling over the Mountains.

Summerill casting off his disguise at the start of the second generation and turning the most powerful larva of the forces of light into Gurgs is what caused the fall of the Scarred Mountains, and with the forces of darkness gaining power, he attempted to conquer all of Findeste.

Gurgs can't be harmed by normal weapons since they're under the influence of the Gem of Might and the power of darkness. They're feared by the forces of light as immortal existences. There were originally thirteen, but six were slain with the Thunder of light in the Battle over Stars.

Aside from the head of the gurgs, they do not have much individuality and there is no hierarchy. Though they lost their minds and were controlled to bring massacre and destruction, they too are victims of the last great war.

Originally the larva of Arumana, the god of luck whose name means -Hate-. After he betrayed Arumana, he served Chaos, the Sovereign of Night, and fought the forces of light in the Battle of the Stars and the War of Hate. Summerill drew in gurgs and many other larva to the forces of darkness with his clever words and power. Many of the forces of darkness were either monsters created by Summeril or those who were charmed by his power. Brutal and cruel, he committed heinous acts against all in the last great war. Dark elves, garvel, goblins, and orcs all fell victim to Summerill.

After the Battle of the Stars, he was sealed away in retribution for his crimes. Although powerful, Summerill was merely a servant of the dark gods and was never granted the gift of divinity. It was during his abortive assault on the god Chaos that his true nature as a mere mortal was revealed.

The god of craft and trade who fell for Deeth's schemes.

Tricked into taking power from the gods of light and making up for the shortage of the forces of darkness, he ended up betraying the gods of light, including Lenion.

Even after he realized what he had done, he stayed aligned with the gods of darkness because he couldn't bring himself to break their agreement.

Earnest and loyal are the two words that describe him best.

The goddess of spirit and revenge who leads the souls of the dead. She was neutral at first, but later helped the gods of darkness--who were outnumbered by the forces of light, to keep balance between the spirits. This was the only reason that she joined the forces of darkness, and it's untrue that she aided them because she also represents revenge.

Nemesis is the most sedate god out of the twelve, so it's hard to guess what she's thinking. What is reflected in her eyes could easily be the peaceful world that the gods of light desired or the dark world dominated by Chaos. Because she threw away her feelings to judge spirits, surpassing good and evil, she probably desired nothing more than change.

The god of time and space, Mobius grew envious of Lenion, and hated him for the power and respect he commanded. Though it is said that the direct cause of the war between light and darkness was Chaos' ill feelings for Lenion, this is not the truth. The fact of the matter is that Mobius had planned to create the fissure and widen it to an irreparable gap. Mobius' experiement was successful, making Chaos the -Sovereign of Night- and forced him to declare war against the gods of light, who were led by Lenion. The -last great war- was fought to gain control over Agarest, but Mobius' real aim was to get rid of both Lenion and Chaos, or at least weaken them. It has been said that the -war- was a dark conspiracy plotted by Mobius, who desired to be acknowledged as the mightiest of the gods.

The goddess of fortune, desire, and fate, Deeth is a hermaphrodite and can be male or female depending on her state of mind. She represents fortune and desire, making her the closest to humans out of any of the gods. Deeth can be described as friendly and open-minded, but she's also selfish and greedy and won't hesitate to sacrifice others for her own benefit. One good example of this is the creation of the neocolom: They're born from the mixture of humans and various other creatures, each having a different look depending on the -nature- of the creator. She allied herself with Mobius, the one who created the cause of the third war which would ruin the world. She believes there's no such thing as a perfect world, so a world full of desire and envy is the natural way of things--a pleasant and peaceful world would take away creativity and make both people and gods lazy. On the other hand, an imperfect world that doesn't promise anything develops creativity and can bring rich spirituality. It's possible that she yearned for an imperfect humanity since she was the god who had everything.

The god of battle and power who favors swords and conflicts. It is known that there will be war wherever Mayastia appears. He dislikes peace and tranquility, so he stands against the gods of light and becomes known as a god of darkness. He has a dog-eat-dog view of the world, believing that the strong should rule the world, and the weak deserve nothing.

Though extreme, there is some truth to his philosophy, so his ideals can't be denied completely. In fact, he doesn't start wars just because he enjoys massacre and destruction; a battlefield is the testing ground for people to prove their worth, and he believes that the death of the weak is the natural order of things.

However, as the minds -of gods- are at a level that surpasses human thoughts, it's not surprising that--although the will of the gods is accepted by humans--weak human morals are not accepted by the gods. For Mayastia, a world without war is unnatural, and that's why he opposes the gods of light.

Chaos is the god who represents the ideas of death and darkness, though he is not evil as the term is often used. Also known as the Sovereign of Night, Chaos led the armies of darkness against the forces of light in the last great war of the gods. Though he is younger than the god Lenion, his power is equal to that of his older sibling. Brilliant, resourceful, and benevolent, Chaos was respected and held in esteem by both humanity and his fellow gods before he came into conflict with Lenion. While his brother Lenion was upheld as a paragon of the cause of light, Chaos was seen as an exemplar of darkness and never held in as high a regard. It was this constant comparison between the two brothers that fed the flames of rebellion that were kindled in Chaos' soul. Another event that was thought to have pushed Chaos into revolt was his brother's marriage to Varna.

However, the true cause of Chaos' hostility was Mobius' scheming. It was that god who raised Chaos up as the Sovereign of Night and pushed him to attempt an overthrow of the rest of the pantheon. The fact that Chaos was sealed away despite his power was proof to many that he had been set up to take the fall for Mobius' ultimate failure.

Despite his current place in the perceived pantheon of gods, Chaos' ultimate responsibility was to act as an agent of change. Until his downfall he was working to revive the world, feeling that it was stagnating dangerously due to the capricious whims and neglect of his fellow gods.

Eva is an artificial construct made as a present by Deeth for Chaos for his -entertainment-. She doesn't belong to any species or race as she is more of a prototype life form, much like the neocoloms that Deeth created out of boredom. After spending time with Chaos, she returned to Deeth for a short period before being co-opted by Mobius and being subtly manipulated into helping him regain his powers and become the world's true god. Eva, following the commands implanted into her subconscious by Mobius, forced Weiss and his descendents to become Spirit Vessels, though she thought she was acting on behalf of the god Chaos.

Though eventually stripped of most of her powers by Mobius, she is still incredibly strong, not to mention strong-willed. Upon learning the truth behind her role as an -Agent of the God-, she becomes determined to take down Mobius and bring back Grey, whatever the cost. Like Fiona, Eva was aware of the Song after hearing Chaos sing it quietly to himself on many occasions and even now unconsciously hums it to herself.

Mobius, who claims to accept being sealed, actually was able to use the fact to his advantage. His aim was to absorb the power of the other gods and rule as the only true god. Before being sealed away, Mobius removed a tiny amount of his being and tasked that small part of himself with removing the seal as well as becoming a -core- around which his power would gather. However, the core was insufficient for the purpose it was created as it needed a vessel in which to store the magic it had gathered. Also, a suitable vessel was required for Mobius to return to the physical plane. To circumvent this issue, Mobius chose to use the body of a high elf, as they were closest to the gods in form. He chose Fiona because she was the daughter of of the chief of the elves and because of her own formidable powers.

Once his preparations were made, Mobius let himself be sealed away. After years beyond counting had passed, the magic core had left in the real world began to take on a corporeal form which Mobius could control. In the role of an archeologist Mobius continued his efforts to remove the seals that held Chaos prisoner. He eventually found out where Chaos was imprisoned as well as the location of Werdefahrt, the sword capable of breaking the seals created by Lenion. However, while he found the sword, Mobius needed someone who could unlock the power contained within the power. It was upon meeting Weiss that the final piece of his plan fell into place and, by playing on Weiss' distrust of the divine, had him break the seal holding Chaos, killing the god in the process. It was at this time that Weiss perished, but not before becoming the new vessel for Chaos' power.

Although Mobius' plan seemed to be successful, he made one grave miscalculation which ultimately snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Mobius underestimated Chaos' power and when it was transferred to Weiss' body, his mortal form could not contain it and it exploded, sending Chaos' power to the four winds.

When the gods of light create a new species of mortal life, it is given its corporeal form by the gods of darkness and once its spiritual and physical forms are reconciled, the new life form will take its place within the ecological system of the world known as Agarest. From the beginning, Chaos served as the door that connected the ethereal realm with the mortal plain and also was responsible for guiding the creations of the other gods to the ultimate fulfillment of their purpose.

Chaos was seen by many of the gods as the key required to return to Agarest, the world they had abandoned long ago. He was also considered the rallying point for the other so-called dark gods. Chaos knew this about himself and rather than run the risk of being used as a tool, he allowed himself to be struck down by Lenion in the third war of the gods. Another reason he sacrificed himself was to fulfill a promise he made to the ultimate goddess of light, Varna. They both believed that the world belonged to humanity and that the gods had no right to destroy them in their endless petty wars. In the end, he chooses to confront Grey and his companions in order to test them and become, at last, the true guide for those who wish to travel between the plains of existence.

Appears in the first generation of -Record of Agarest War-. Though his friends call him Leo, he is feared on the battlefield as -Golden Leo-, a nickname he earned through his fierce fighting style and his golden blade. Under enigmatic circumstances, he is made a -Spirit Vessel-. After that, the mission charged to him would be borne not only by him, but his descendants as well.

Originally appeared in the second generation of the first -Record of Agarest War-. A Maiden of the Pillar, Valeria grew up alongside Ladius, the hero of the same generation and even trained with him, becoming his rival in the process. Unable to share her true feelings with him, she became a bitter, over-critical shrew.

But she got over it, as the canon series of waifus in that game (as evidenced by Agarest Zero's Digest Mode) results in Valeria ending up Leonhardt's daughter-in-law, after Ladius marries and has a kid with her at the end of the second generation of the first game. The canon wives in that game all give their child the ability to use swords for the next generation, but otherwise wife choice isn't overly important, just like in this game.

Appears in the first generation of -Record of Agarest War-. One of the last remaining high elves, Ellis is very friendly and outgoing, though she can be incredibly opinionated. She falls hopelessly in love with Leonhardt, who risked his life to save hers, but chooses to keep it to herself once he was chosen as the Vessel.

"Risked his life" is putting it mildly. He literally got killed because of his vow to protect Ellis, and afterwards was approached by Dyshana, Agarest 1's Agent of the God, who offered him the chance to return to life in exchange for becoming the Spirit Vessel and doing as she says.

Dyshana is an interesting case, because although she tags along with the party for the entire game, she's not actually a playable character until the fifth generation. Anyway, she has nothing on Eva. As you can probably guess from the fact there's both a bio for child and adult Ellis, in this game, you can change Ellis' appearance from the same choice with Shaldie where you can change Fiona's appearance.

In the second generation, Ellis took on the role of surrogate mother for each of Leonhardt's progeny. Although she first chose to act as mother due to her feelings for him, his descendents all come to adore her as if she was their real mother.

And in the ridiculous choice of Agarest 1's final waifu, where you can choose between like 10 or 12 women for Leonhardt's Great-Great-Grandson, Rex, you can choose Ellis as Leonhardt's Great-Great-Granddaughter-in-law. But, she kinda has the Fiona thing going on where she's seen as a mother figure, and that's fine, but when it comes to Rex choosing her as a wife, kinda starts hovering over into creepy territory.

Anyway, Ellis was probably my favorite character in Agarest 1, because her adult form is one of the better character designs in this series, she has plenty of relevance to the overall plot of the entire game, and is voiced by Kana Ueda, which is always a huge plus in my book for any character. But the biggest reason is probably that Ellis is the kind of woman who is very strict and doesn't seem like she has a lot of fun, but she has to grapple with the fact the love of her life is gone forever and she has to live on for the sake of her race. Fun fact: Dyshana is voiced by Ami Koshimizu, and there are a lot of series that Kana Ueda and Ami Koshimizu have worked together in, be it anime or games. You know what games those two are also in together? As Marion and Linca, respectively, in Atelier Ayesha and Escha & Logy.

Appears in -Spectral Souls- and -Spectral Souls II-. An energetic young girl with dreams of becoming a hero. Though she graduated from the Heroes Academy, she works as a chimney sweep for reasons she refuses to divulge. She comes across as a tomboy, but in reality she is quite the domestic goddess and loves cleaning and cooking. As she has the blood of heroes in her veins, she can bend others to her will with little to no effort.