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Part 43: Character Bios - Part 1

Character Bios - Part 1

Here Be Spoilers

When it comes to bios, sometimes they won't unlock even when you meet a new character. For example, Weiss' bio doesn't show up in the menu until very late in the game, when you find out it was Faz who killed him. That's because the fact he died at the Day of Light is a spoiler, and the text for Grey's bio is very spoilery, to use two examples.

Aina was the first person to find the unconscious Weiss and, after nursing him back to health, joins him on his journey. Although her father was an average human being, her mother possessed the powers of a guardian and those powers were passed on to Aina. The nature of her powers is such that they will be significantly stronger in the light of day. At the same time she found Weiss, both of her parents had already passed away and she was living alone. Using the powers she inherited from her mother, she has been earning a living as what is known as a -Healing Hand-, a magical healer who heals the injuries of those who call upon her. Because of her skills at healing and her bright, friendly personality, she is extremely popular with all of the people who live in her town.

However, there are a number of people who fear and hate her, thinking that her powers are evil and that she uses it to summon demons. The reason that her family lived in relative isolation was that Aina's powers did indeed attract demons on occasion, something that her mother was all too aware of. Unfortunately, Aina's mother passed away before passing on this information to her. Aina eventually figured this fact out on her own, and it was because of this consequence of her power that Aina willingly sacrifices herself as a Maiden of the Pillar at Eva's insistence.

A mysterious woman who claims to be an Agent of the God, though of which god she refuses to say. Eva knows all about Weiss' sin of deicide and demands that he assist in resurrecting the god that he had killed. She also insists that he offer protection to Fiona, who Eva frequently refers to as the -Key-. In order to preserve the power that Weiss has released, she practices inhuman rituals to propagate that power, hiding her true intentions behind her dubious devotion to -god- and the -world-. Her detached way of speaking and acting resembles that of how humans would believe a god would act. Eva rarely speaks, but tends to be demanding and overbearing when she does have something to say. However, despite her aloof and supercilious demeanor, she is actually fairly easy to talk with and has a very subtle and refined sense of humor. She also acknowledges her limited knowledge of the world and does not argue about the party's choice of destination, choosing to simply go with the flow. And as long as her demands are met she is content to stay in the background. For the most part, with the exceptions of the Spirit Vessel and the Maidens of the Pillar, Eva is mostly harmless.

Ignis is one of the Lishius, who are guardians. He is so serious, and focused that the concept of humor is totally unknown to him and his incapable of understanding even the simplest jokes. He also tends to get somewhat heated when it comes to fellow guardians and acts slightly arrogant when dealing with Schwarz and humans. His pomposity comes from the fact that he was not only born as a guardian, but also as an elf, a race he considers to be superior. He is staunchly conservative and, as a result, has a hard time accepting that the guardians are in a state of decline. He still firmly believes that they alone have the right to rule. However, this opinion is common amongst the majority of guardians, so Ignis is hardly alone in this way of thinking. Although Ignis is generally regarded as being brilliant, his insistence that guardians and elves are the only ones fit to rule has effectively prevented him from ever ascending to a position of responsibility and power. What makes it worse is that he is fully aware of this, but steadfastly refuses to even consider the possibility that he may be wrong.

Ignis has a strong sense of duty and honor and will always keep a promise he has made, even if it requires helping humans, a race he holds in contempt. While ordered to work with Schwarz by Ordine, a leader amongst the guardians, Ignis also wanted to see just how he planned on using the materials and magic items he was gathering. If he judged that Schwarz was abusing his growing power, Ignis would do everything in his own to stop him, even if that meant taking his life. He originally was very hostile towards Schwarz due to his past history of aggression and greed as well as the town he chooses to live in, which is a gathering place for all of the races Ignis hates with a burning passion. After meeting Cynthia at Frensberge, he begins to question the validity of his beliefs and finally agrees to fight alongside Schwarz and his offspring.

Weiss is a young man who was given the responsibility of being the Spirit Vessel after committing the sin of killing a god. His life was saved by Aina, who found him unconscious and gravely injured. However, while his body was healed, his memory was all but destroyed, with only the knowledge of his name remaining. Everything else, including how he got the sword that was in his hand when he was found and how he got hurt, was completely erased from his mind. It was only when meeting Eva does he learn of his crime of deicide and of the penance that had been given to him, which is to retrieve the fractured power of the god and store it within himself to resurrect the god he had slew.

Due to his earnest nature, he agrees to travel the world with Eva to atone for his sin against the gods and to regain memories of his past. Although committed to his question, he is often bothered by his violent and brutally pragmatic decisions he is forced to make. However, it is during these crises of the soul that glimpses of his past self emerge. He was chosen to be the Spirit Vessel not only for his sin of killing a divine, but also because the power of the gods flowed into him even as he was committing the ultimate sin of murder. It is due to this power that Weiss alone is strong enough to retrieve the scattered fragments of the god's powers and resurrect him.

It was during his journey that Weiss first met the archeologist Fastie and learned that the gods still existed on the mortal plane. He also discovered that the sword which had been passed down through his family had the power to not only break the seals that imprisoned the gods, but also to kill them as well. Upon returning to Zaint Luke, he uses the magic weapon -Werdefahrt- to slay the god Chaos. However, his hatred of the gods, combined with the severity of his crimes against the divine, proved to be too much to bear and eventually cost him his life.

Vanessa is a young woman who makes her living as a bounty hunter. She was born infused with the power of the gods and, as those powers grew stronger, she began to be attacked by an ever increasing number of monsters. While she was able to survive the worst of those encounters, her family perished in one of the many assaults. After the death of her family she began wandering from place to place, earning money by hunting avialable bounties. Although she does need the money in order to survive, she became a bounty hunter in hopes of eventually tracking down the demons that killed her family. She first encounters Schwarz while in the middle of a job. At first she had nothing but contempt for Schwarz, hating his way of speaking and the way he choose to live, but eventually agrees to his plan of her becoming a Maiden of the Pillar in exchange for his aid in defeating the demons that she had hunted for so long.

She gives off the impression of being somewhat detached, probably because of the fact she has spent the majority of her life alone. However, she will occasionally wallow in nostalgia in a desperate attempt to recapture the brief happiness of her childhood. Upon learning from Eva that it was her powers that were the cause of her family's death, she plummeted into despair. She has difficulty interacting with others and spends most of her time drinking alone. She is strikingly beautiful and as a result, is frequently approached by men of all ages and social standings. However, many of the men who approach her pay for their misguided attempts at seduction with incredible amounts of pain.

Her one wish is to someday marry and have children, but this desire stems almost wholly from the memories of her own childhood. She also hates spicy foods with a fiery, burning passion, which is ironic in the extreme...don't you think?

The de facto queen of Jueyvei, she is known as the -Goddess of War- due to her fighting prowess and success in battle against demons and is revered by her subjects. Encountering Weiss while fighting demons, she was coerced into becoming a Maiden of the Pillar. Her country was originally founded by a military group from the clan of Grutt, a body of soldiers drawn from the ranks of the guardians who sole purpose was to suppress the rise of the demon hordes. The commander of this squadron was her father, Wolfgang, who separated from the tradition-bound guardians in order to more effectively combat the rising threat. The garrison that had been established to house his squadron grew into a mighty fortress which came to be seen as a place of refuge for those running from the advancing hordes.

While her father rules the country, Victoria is the de facto commander of the army, having been fighting on the front lines since she was a teen. Although she was at first merely a figurehead and a symbol of inspiration, her fighting ability and knowledge of warfare soon made her a commander in fact, and her skills are widely acknowledged to be equal to those of her father, often called the -God of the Martial Arts-. Her many victories on the battlefield have earned her respect of not only the citizenry, but also of all levels of the military.

Although primarily known for her military successes, she is also considered to be a stunning beauty as well as incredibly refined, and is seen to be a shining example of true nobility. Such is the strength of her charm that both men and women are equally captivated by her presence. Her appeal is further enhanced by her tendency to say exactly what is on her mind, as well as her somewhat tomboyish demeanor. She also drives her bodyguards to the point of tears as she frequently likes to walk around town alone and unguarded. She has no interest in love and marriage, and the endless suggestions that she should think about marrying and producing an heir occasionally drive her insane.

In order to fulfill his role as the Spirit Vessel, Grey has chosen the same path as his father and continues to hunt down and kill demons. However, unlike the belligerent Schwarz, Grey has resigned himself to his fate to an almost obsessive degree. He will undertake dangerous missions and fight incredibly strong demons without any regards to his own wellbeing. And like his predecessors, he is troubled by his inability to remember anything other than things related to his mission.

His is generally quiet and seldom sees the need to engage in general conversation. He can be incredibly obstinate when it comes to anything related to his role as the Spirit Vessel, but as long as it doesn't interfere with his ultimate task he is pretty willing to do just about anything. He is also open to suggestions and will listen to the opinions of others, and, on occasion, act upon their advice.

Though seemingly fearless, there is one thing that comes to haunt Grey; that being the reemergence of the dark god, Chaos, whose power is sealed within him. Unfortunately for Grey, his greatest fear came to be; Chaos took over his body and buried his identity and memories within himself, as it turned out that Weiss, Schwarz, and Grey were simply different aspects of Chaos himself.

In the end, Grey was given the chance to live again and was resurrected as a regular human being. With his new life ahead of him, he dedicated himself to preparing others for the coming of the true world and enjoying the company of his friends.

Georg is a knight who values strength above all else. He believes that his sole purpose in life is to fight in battle and spends every waking moment in pursuit of warriors rumor say are of great skill or hunting down the most powerful and dangerous of monsters known to wander the land. There is nothing subtle about his approach to life or battle; he always chooses to charge into things head first without regard to anything but the thrill of fighting. Against demons he will cut his way through anyone unfortunate enough to be standing in his path, and against human opponents he will draw his sword and start swinging, not once bothering to introduce himself or tell the person why he's attacking them.

Not surprisingly, Georg has made an untold number of enemies in his quest to be the strongest warrior of all time and is hated in just about every nation on the planet. However, after saving a certain woman from a demon, he is suddenly struck with the desire to marry and raise a family. But not even marriage and fatherhood could outshine his desire to be the greatest knight in the history of man, and his life of unprovoked duels and wanton demon slaughter continued unabated.

Eventually, karma caught up with Georg. The families and friends of those Georg so callously killed tracked him down and imprisoned him and his family with the demons he had previously defeated. His wife and children were slaughtered, while he was maimed and lost an eye and an arm during the ordeal. Once freed, he replaced his missing body parts with artificial equivalents and went out on a quest to hunt down the people who trapped him, as well as the demons who defeated him. However, he does so not to avenge his family, but to prove his strength as a warrior.

Once a guardian, he was cast out and exiled from his clan for committing the grievous sin of holding a gun. The title he has bestowed upon himself is the -Seeker of Absolute Truth- although his actions clearly show he is anything but. His current position to difficult to translate into any of the human languages, but can be best summed up as -jack of all trades-. To say that Jainus is excitable and impulsive would be the most offensive example of understatement ever uttered in the history of the world. he always jumps into situations blindly and with incredible enthusiasm, especially if women are involved. He firmly believes that it's a man's duty to protect women from harm (whether they want that protection or not), and he will never, ever turn down a request from a woman, no matter how inane or suicidal that request may be.

His original explanation for breaking a number of his people's taboos by taking up a gun was that he just liked being an iconoclast who marches to a beat of a different drum. However, the real reason for him taking up firearms was much more prosaic: After studying all the known martial arts he came to the conclusion that wielding firearms was the most effective way to fight a battle. His decision to fight with a gun made him a pariah amongst his people and he was forced out of his village and into the wilderness.

It was in the course of his wanderings that he came to Frensberge. It is here that Jainus first meets Weiss and his party after taking on a demon extermination commission. After fulfilling his contract, he joins Weiss and his allies on their journey, despite the fact he wasn't exactly invited to do so.

After marrying Chloe and raising his son Jude, Jainus and his son join Schwarz and the others on a quest to track down materials to create a dangerous and powerful artifact. In the midst of the madness, Jainus takes it upon himself to don the artifact, which grants him immortality, though at a terrible price.

His decision to use a gun when fighting came from his desire to have strength enough to protect those around him, and like Victoria's father Wolfgang, thought only to live up to the title of guardian and shield others from harm. He originally wanted to be the head of his clan in order to open their eyes to the changes in the world and encourage them to embrace them, but in his haste to gain the strength necessary to lead, he committed an unforgivable sin and was shunned by the very people he had hoped to lead.

The irony of his punishment was not lost on Jainus and, in a way, his banishment made it easier to protect the people he once thought to lead. To this end, his meeting Weiss was fated all along.

Jude is Jainus' son and, like his father, uses firearms when in battle. Although his father was considered a deadly marksman, Jude is generally thought to be far more accomplished in the use of guns of all kinds. At first glance he resembles his father in demeanor, but in fact he is far more bitter and cynical than Jainus ever was. He usually has a dour, unfriendly expression on his face. He frequently clashes with his father (meaning every waking moment) and is stubbornly defiant in any dealing he has with him, but otherwise is almost embarrassingly meek when dealing with others.

Although it seems as if he is in a perpetual state of rebellion against his father and badmouths him at every opportunity, Jude actually respects and admires his father a great deal, though he'd sooner die than admit it. His given reason for joining Schwarz and his party was that his mother asked him to watch over Jainus and make sure -he doesn't do anything stupid-. However, the real reason Jude chose to join them is that he doesn't want to be overshadowed by his father. Also, Jude and Schwarz have been friends almost since they day they were born and are like brothers, albeit somewhat competitive brothers, with Schwarz being tagged as the overly mischievious, troublemaking one. After Schwarz's death, Jude makes it a point to become close friends with Grey.

Schwarz is occasionally tormented by the intrusion of his father Weiss' memories, something that he has never really come to grips with. Schwarz is as different from his father as it is possible for a son to be. He is a vulgar, violent, lecherous reprobate who lives to fight and make highly inappropriate advances on the seriously reluctant Maidens of the Pillar. However, some believe that his behavior is a result of his total lack of desire to live and is basically a call for help; that he hopes someone will eventually save him from himself. Despite his crass behavior and seemingly limitless bravado, his feelings are very fragile and easily hurt. Adding to his angst is the fact that he refuses to accept the future that fate has set for him.

Schwarz has no desire to become the Spirit Vessel, but finds himself swept up in a series of events that take him ever closer to that end. Knowing there is no escaping his destiny and being unable to curse anyone for his circumstances, he has vowed to live a libertine-like existence until the inevitable occurs. He is also incredibly self-righteous and refuses to listen to what anyone else has to say, with two exceptions: Fiona and Jude. Eventually, through the course of his adventures with his companions and the Maidens of the Pillar, he overcomes his fears and accepts the role the universe has set for him to play.

Sofia is the designated heir to the current elder of the Lishius people and Ignis' younger sister. Born with incredible power, she has been groomed for a leadership role since she was a very young child. Because of her extensive education in all aspects of being a ruler, she is exceedingly elegant and regal in her actions and words, and is someone that people cannot help but respect and revere. However, as a result of her sheltered upbringing, Sofia is more than a little naive and ignorant of how the real world works. Also, her preternaturally calm demeanor has the unfortunate effect of making some people think she is slow of thought.

Sofia's power has its origins in the god Chaos and has the ability to detect the random bits of Chaos' own fragmented powers that were scattered throughout the world. She is also the only one who is aware of the tenuous connection between Chaos and Grey, and asked for Grey's help not so much because she needed it, but because she wanted to keep a close eye on the god who slept within him.

As a guardian, she initially holds to the belief that Chaos should be sealed away whatever the cost and if that cost was Grey's life she would not hesitate to kill him should it be needed. She would even go so far as to sacrifice her own life if it was required. However, after spending so much time with Grey over the course of their travels, she became attached to him and in the end was unable to use the curse that would have killed him and sealed Chaos away forever. As a result, Chaos was able to rise again.

Fiona, the last of the high elves, was put into stasis and hidden in the darkest depths of the great forest. She is eventually reanimated by Weiss at the behest of Eva, who believes that Fiona is the -Key- to the salvation of the world and therefore must be protected at all costs, even if it means letting demons run amuck. As she is still very new to this world, she doesn't always comprehend the dangerous situation she has been drawn into, nor does she completely understand her own importance in the grand scheme of things.

Fiona is the last of the high elves and was put into stasis by the god Mobius so that he could one day take possession of her body, having been sealed away by the end of the War of the Third Age. Fiona is a pure-blooded elf and genetically identical to the guardian race; the last of her kind after the rest of the high elves were wiped out, their bones now moldering with those of the ryulent and Rem Lorient. Mobius chose Fiona to be the vessel of his resurrection as he believes that she is as close to a god as a mortal being could ever be and also because of her own inherent powers as a high elf. Mobius wanted Weiss to protect Fiona not out of any sense of worry about her safety, but because the stasis field she was imprisoned in was weakning and he had very few options available to him. Things almost went according to Mobius' designs and he came very close to taking over her body and soul, but she was saved in the end by her companions and Grey, who had completed his transformation into the god Chaos. She is the only one in Agarest who knows the -Song- as she heard it from Varna while she was still trapped in her endless sleep.

Felenne is from the one of the guardian clans known as the Alister. Her sister had married into Weiss' clan, the Sera, and perished with many others in the catastrophe known as the -Day of Light-. She first saw Weiss while attending her sister's wedding, though they never spoke to each other. However, outside of Weiss there were no survivors of that horrific day, so Felenne has no way of finding out why the tragedy that claimed her sister's life came to be. However, she is deeply suspicious of Weiss and joins his party in hopes that he would eventually reveal something that would explain her sister's death. When she found out that Weiss was the one who actually caused the disaster that cost Felenne her sister, her distrust turned into an implacable hatred. Now instead of trying to gather information, she stays with Weiss in hopes of one day getting revenge for her sister's death by taking his life in turn.

Felenne's sole purpose for traveling with Weiss is to learn more about the Day of Light and his role in it: she has neither desire nor intention of becoming a Maiden of the Pillar. It is during her travels with Weiss and his party that she faces repeated adversity as a guardian and unfortunately is not always up to meeting those challenges. She is also somewhat demonstrative and rarely bothers to hide her feelings, especially her hatred and disgust of Weiss, but is generally friendly and easygoing with the other members of the company, especially Fiona.

Mervina is a member of the syrium, a race that has been harshly persecuted by the other races of Agarest. She was saved from being assaulted by rabid anti-syrium fanatics by Danaos, who later adopted her. As she grew older, she became her adopted father's most trusted lieutenant, going to any lengths to help Danaos realize his professed dream of making the world a peaceful place. Sadly, Danaos has been instilling an irrational hatred in her almost from the start of their relationship, taking advantage of the persecution of her people to further fan the flames. And since he had been Mervina's only family for most of her life, he knew exactly what the results of his indoctrination would be. As a result, Mervina has developed an unquenchable hatred of the world and everything in it, although she actually has a very kind and gentle nature by person, a trait inherited from her long-dead mother.

Mervina's only desire is to create a world where everyone can live in peace without the threat of violence and persecution, the type of world that Danaos claims he wants to bring about. It is for that reason that she is fanatically loyal to him and will do whatever he asks of her, even if it means taking the lives of those Danaos orders to be killed. She doesn't kill out of some deep-seated need for revenge, but because she believes the eaths she caused were necessary for the greater good. However, she has moments when she's not really sure if what she's been doing is really justified. Arriving in Frensberge, where Schwarz and his companions live, Mervina's misgivings are only intensified. She still continued to stay loyal to her father until his true intentions finally came out. It turned out that he wanted nothing more than the total destruction of the world, and to keep him from realizing his true goal Mervina, with Schwarz's help, kills Danaos. She then joins Schwarz in an attempt to atone for her sins and to perhaps someday bring about the peaceful world that she always dreamed of.

Yumil first encounters Schwarz while on a journey to obtain materials for an artifact for her brother. She is very innocent and carefree and has the occasionally uncomfortable habit of saying exactly what's on her mind, though in general she is very easy to get along with. And unlike everyone else in the party, she isn't particularly shocked after hearing what Schwarz and Eva had to say, even though she's fully aware of what it means to become a Maiden of the Pillar.

Her world begins to fall apart when she became involved with Danaos, who wanted nothing more than the destruction of everyone and everything, and the greer, Gideon, who could create artifacts. It is these two who eventually destroy and lead her to kill her only brother Rasta. Danaos recognized Yumil as one of those who were tasked with protecting the -Eye of Muad'Dib-, an item of great power and a necessary ingredient for the artifact he wished to create, and closed in on her. At the same time, her brother's worsening illness convinced her that the only way to save his life was to create the item that Danaos desired. Against her best judgment, she goes out to obtain all of the materials required for the item that she thinks will by her miracle cure.

In the cruelest twist of fate possible, the item that was supposed to heal Rasta instead turns him into a demon and Yumil is forced to not only fight against her brother, but to eventually kills him. After her brother's death, she sets off on another journey, knowing full well that she has been doomed to become a Maiden of the Pillar.

The daughter of Ignis, Liel was raised together with Grey for the and for the most part loves him as a brother, although occasionally her expressions of love go beyond that and into the realm of true romantic interest. It is for this reason that she often is incredibly cold and unfriendly towards Fiona, who she sees as a rival for Grey's affections.

She left home obstinately to help Grey, but in fact it was more an act of rebellion than an expression of concern. At first Ignis was strongly against her leaving home and joining Grey on his journey, but Liel's obstinancy, combined with her mother's support, convinced him to relent and allow her to set out with Grey.

Liel takes after her mother in appearance and looks like an average human, but her blood is that of an elf and much of her power comes from her father's side. In addition to her inherent powers, her father made sure that she was trained in the martial arts and, as a result, she can hold her own against just about anyone, including her new-found companions. And although Ignis was reluctant to let her daughter go out into the world due to the increasing presence of demons abroad, he is confident enough in Liel's abilities that he isn't too worried about her safety.

Although in battle Liel can be incredibly fierce and at times even outstrip her father in that regard, Liel is generally a young woman typical of her age. However, Jainus noticed that she saves her most devastating smiles for Grey and her father tends to visibly grimace every time the subject is brought up. She tries to outshine Fiona in every way, including trying to become a domestic goddess. However, after destroying just about every dish within her reach and shredding every bit of laundry she's ever touched, she has been forbidden from doing anything that resembles housework.

Li Ra-Lua is a member of the Nebula clan. Due to her incredible powers, the other members of the clan have high expectations of her as the presumed heir to the current matriarch. She is one of the onerthes, a race known for its incredibly longevity, although their numbers have dwindled considerably due to constant demon attacks. It seems that the power of their third eye attracts demons like flies to honey and Li Ra-Lua is no exception. In fact, she first meets Schwarz and company after they save her from a demon assault. She had been sent out to get help by her elder in the hopes that someone would come to the aid of the village and its exhausted defenders. It was after being rescued that Li Ra-Lua agrees to become a Maiden of the Pillar in exchange for Schwarz's help in defending her people from the demonic hordes that threaten to overwhelm them.

Due to her being raised in a somewhat over-protective fashion, Li Ra-Lua is a bit divorced from reality and can on occasion be terrifyingly naive. She has a calm and reserved personality that comes from her being confident in herself and her abilities. However, due to her sheltered and somewhat pampered upbringing she is totally incapable of anything that remotely resembles housework, especially anything related to the preparation of food. In fact, she has been forbidden by the laws of her village to enter a kitchen with the intent to cook.

Fastie is a young archeologist whom Weiss encounters while wandering aimlessly throughout the world. He is a friendly and gregarious person who is often thrust into the role of moderator for the group by Weiss, who goes out of his way to avoid any and all interpersonal interactions. Although extremely intelligent, Fastie is also incredibly impulsive and frequently allows himself to get carried away by his enthusiasm, often to the dismay and possible dismemberment of the other party members.

He was in the midst of investigating the seals on the pillars when he first meets Weiss and decides to help him and, unfortunately, was also there when Weiss removed the seal holding Chaos and killed him. Fastie was caught in the resulting cataclysm and although he survived, he was gravely injured and lost the sight in his right eye. He now wears glasses in order to enhance the vision in his left eye and to hide the damage done to the right. Though he can no longer fight, his intelligence makes him an indispensable part of the company.

Gordon is the legendarily stubborn proprietor of the -Warrior's Soul- smithy. He once was the most respected blacksmith of another town, but was sent into exile and disgrace for the sin of creating firearms and is now known as -that greer blacksmith-. He is good friends with Gideon, who was a fellow apprentice during his time learning the secrets of blacksmithing. After his exile, Gordon went on a pilgrimage, traveling through most of the known lands in order to study with other blacksmiths in an effort to improve his already formidable skills.

Once he completed his journey, he arrived in Frensberge to settle down and open up shop. As blacksmithing is his one true passion, Gordon is somewhat uninteresting to talk with unless the topic of smithing comes up. Despite his gruff exterior, Gordon is actually a good person and takes a genuine interest in those who frequent his shop, even Jainus, who he often threatens as he repairs Jainus' impressive array of constantly broken equipment. He took on an apprentice, Priscilla, and trains her with the same intensity and attention to detail pressed onto him by his master.

Gordon does have a soft side and has even take in a stray cat, though he tries to keep it a secret as he worries how having a pet might affect his image as a tough guy. However, his secret is discovered by Serafina, who attempts to lure his pet away through offers of food and which causes Gordon no end of worry.

Ingrit is the receptionist at the Hunter's Guild and is responsible for many tasks, from assisting demon subjugation efforts to acting a guide for newcomers to Frensberge. A canine neocolom with devastatingly cute ears perched fetchingly on the top of her head, she was born and raised in Frensberge and is uniquely suited for her position within the Hunter's Guild. She is generally a pragmatic person, although she inherited her grandfather's stubborn streak and outside of work can come across as somewhat childish and immature.

She is one of Frensberge's biggest boosters and is dedicated to seeing it grow and prosper. Ingrit is often seen walking around town not only for exercise, but also to monitor the activity of the various districts. Her parents passed away when she was little and she lives with her grandfather Milzam, who runs the guild's training facilities. Though she has no complaints about her life, she does sometimes daydream about the world outside Fresnberge's walls, which eventually led her to running away from home. She now lives alone and worries constantly about her grandfather, asking daily about him, although she'd rather die than actually go and see him because that'd mean apologizing.

Priscilla is somewhat enamored with Ingrit's obvious beauty while Ingrit is envious of Priscilla's adventurous spirit and willingness to pursue her dreams. The two become friends after Ingrit receives flowers from Priscilla. Ingrit, along with the dark elves who run the itme shop, is considered a living symbol of the town and there are very few people who, upon seeing her in her uniform, don't recognize her.

The elder of the two dark elves who run the item shop known as -Holy Lamp-, Chloe first came to the town of Frensberge with her sister in an attempt to escape persecution. Her gentle demeanor has an oddly calming effect on the many hunters who frequent her establishment and a great number of men come to the shop simply to bask in the warmth of her smile. However, her smile hides the pain and misery that she had to endure as a dark elf and she can't bring herself to enjoy her new life, instead focusing on making sure that her younger sister is happy in a way she thinks she can never be.

Another reason why Chloe chooses to spurn the many, many, many men who approach her is the fact that she is constitutionally incapable of even the simplest of household chores. She is spectacularly inept at cooking and cannot even fry an egg without catastrophic consequences. As a result, she is too embarrassed to become involved with anyone, even though she is more than fond of Jainus. Jainus feels the same and refuses to give up his pursuit of her despite Chloe's almost constant rejections.

Eventually the influence of the heroines helped Chloe overcome her reluctance to move on from the past and she made it a point to finally be true to her feelings. She then turns over the ownership and management of the store to her younger sister and attempts to go into retirement. However, due to the repeated nagging and insistent urging (nagging, pestering, etc.) of her little sister, Chloe still occasionally makes an appearance at the Holy Lamp.

The younger of the two sisters who run the -Holy Lamp- item shop. Sena took over the store after her sister Chloe married Jainus and retired, and has continued the tradition of success established by her elder sister. Unfortunately, while Chloe was driven to star ta new life after endless persecution, Sena doesn't feel the same sense of urgency or responsibility and can be incredibly lazy at times. She also has problems sticking with things, especially if they don't interest her.

Sena was seriously worried about her older sister and was ecstatic when Chloe finally confessed her feelings to Jainus, genuinely delighted that her sister had finally found the happiness that eluded her for so long. She has accepted Jainus as her brother and has embraced the role of aunt to Jude, although she tends to treat him as a friend and absolutely forbids Jude from calling her aunt or auntie. Sena also eagerly looks forward to the stories and souvenirs brought back by Jainus and Jude when they return from their frequent journeys.

Despite losing her parents and suffering the same persecution and cruelty as her sister, Sena is an incredibly cheerful and positive person who always has a true smile on her face, something she attributes to the kindness and support she and her sister have received from the people of Frensberge.

Shaldie is the alchemist of the Runo Alchemy shop. She is a syrium and always seems to be in a perpetual state of lethargy. In fact, she merely tends to work herself into a state of perpetual exhaustion, which makes many people worry that she will one day literally work herself to death. Shaldie often becomes so involved in her research that she forgets to eat or sleep. She is also incredibly narcissistic and condescending, evident by her lack of respect for other people's opinions, her lack of consideration for others, and her disturbing habit of using her neighbors and customers as guinea pigs for her experiments. Despite these things, she is generally seen as a generous person and will allow those who cannot afford her treatments to barter in exchange for her services. And though the residents of the town as well as Duke (who owes her a great deal of money, among other things) know of her and her reputation, she is almost universally adored.

Surprisingly, her manner of speaking and interacting with others doesn't come from an innate hatred of all forms of life, but from a genuine curiosity of how the universe works. Also, unlike many of her kind, Shaldie doesn't bother obsessing about her past or the persecution she suffered, although she does harbor a deep-seated grudge against the guardians for their sanctimonious self-righteousness and abuse of her ancestors. Ignis in particular gets under her skin as he almost offensively proud of being a guardian. She also observes Cynthia in a seemingly aloof manner due to Cynthia's interest in Ignis (a fact that could have catastrophic consequences).

Shaldie was brought up in a town comprised solely of syrium and was considered eccentric even by their standards due to her personality and way of speaking. Though Shaldie has no peer as a healer, she was banished from her village after one of her experiments went awry and injured a great many people, including the village chief. She spent a long time wandering aimlessly from place to place until settling down in Frensberge.

Milzam is the grizzled veteran who runs the training grounds attached to the Hunter's Guild and instructs the next generation in the martial arts. Although you'd never know it looking at him, he is actually a canine neocolom and an incredibly harsh and demanding taskmaster. He lost his wife and son during one of the countless demon incursions and found himself having to raise his granddaughter Ingrit, a responsibility he accepted with great relish and enthusiasm. After his son and daughter-in0law were killed despite his intensive training, Milzam made it a point to keep Ingrit as far away from danger and demons as possible.

When Ingrit first began working at the Hunter's Guild, Milzam was initially overjoyed that his granddaughter was able to help in the defense of Frensberge without actually putting herself in harm's way. However, tha tjoy turned to dismay when Ingrit began to speak wistfully of leaving town and going out into the world, which soon exploded into a full-grown fight that ended with Ingrit storming out of Milzam's house and his life. She did return briefly when he injured his back, but they have in no way reconciled as both of them are preternaturally stubborn and neither Ingrit nor Milzam are willing or able to swallow their pride and apologize.

Milzam constantly complains to his (tea) drinking companion Ricardo about the mule-y obstinancy of his granddaughter, which shocks Ricardo to no end as he thinks they are almost exactly the same. Milzam is also a big fan of hot springs and bathing in general and tends to shout random gibberish, calling it training, but Ingrit always tells him to put a lid on it as his shouting seriously annoys the neighbors.

Ricardo is the manager of the Fiolette Theater, the go-to establishment for entertainment in Frensberge. When he was younger he traveled throughout the land to experience firsthand the different kinds of entertainment found in the various countries of the world. At the very end of his journey he arrived in Frensberge and promptly collapsed from exhaustion and dissipation. He eventually settled down and married the girl who nursed him back to health. Disregarding the serious misgivings of his new wife, Ricardo took over the management of the town's theater and under his watch it began to thrive. However, the success of the theater came at the cost of his wife and family, who eventually walked away from him.

People had stopped coming to the theater due to the rise in demon attacks and his business went into a serious slump. It's hard to tell how he feels about all of this as his expression is hidden beneath an impressive amount of facial hair. His salvation came in the form of Duke, who introduced Fiona and Eva to him. As a result of their performances, the attendance at the theater skyrocketed.

Ricardo is also Milzam's (tea) drinking partner and reluctant companion. The fact that Milzam constantly refers to Ricardo as a -greedy hairball- does little to help strengthen their already tenuous friendship.