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Part 9: Episode 9: Underwater Lab

Episode 9: Underwater Lab

This episode went on a bit longer than I would have liked. It was initially going to end after I died the first time, but I decided to just trudge on and get it out of the way all at once. The sub section at the start of the level is pretty easy if you know how to handle things, but if you are going through the first time you are likely to go out too far ahead at the last section and get hit by all sorts of terrible stuff; between the mines and the depth charges (that can basically only be avoided by going lower, which will set off the mines...) and the large number of enemy subs that will simply appear out of nowhere it can be a real deathtrap. I couldn't make the girders I was trying to hide behind work the way I did in my test run, I must have been at the right distance and angle that the enemy subs couldn't figure out what to do. It still worked this time around, so nothing to complain about there.

Worth noting that the Lab is the part of the game that almost made me quit when the game was first released. I mention it in the video, but the majority of weapons in the game had some crazy lock on that would let you target the center mass of enemies and not much else. Because the enemies at this point in the game are bullet sponges that wasn't a great thing. However, the precision rifle, sniper rifle and rail driver didn't have auto aim, so you could target headshots at will. Problem: the GameCube controller wasn't designed for precision aiming, so you would end up missing shots or taking an absurd amount of damage while trying to line up shots. So you were better off using the grenade launcher assault rifle, but there isn't much grenade ammo and you'll lose a ton of bullets killing the remaining Processed. Needless to say, these factors made playing the game on a console a living hell here. On the PC it is incredibly easy to just get headshots on everything, so I make it look easy.