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Part 8: Episode 8: Quill

Episode 8: Quill

So we finally get to meet up with Echo to discuss the great military leader's surefire plan for taking down Molov, who appears to be hatching some sort of Super-Processed an hour after taking power, so talk about quick developments. We're also reunited with our old friend Quill in this video, as well as our older, better friend the rail driver. It works a bit differently this time around. Instead of giving you a heat signature outline of people through walls it reveals where the center mass of a person is through cover, making it more difficult to land headshots through walls in the cases where you need to do that. In fairness, they do make one awesome change in that it now holds three rounds to a magazine, so you can fire these things a little faster, which makes them great for boss fights that you want to cheese because the alternative is incredibly difficult and boring.

The shortcut I start looking for in the catacombs? The catacombs is the shortcut, which is actually longer than the normal way around things, so oops.