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Part 7: Episode 7: On the Town

Episode 7: On the Town

We've escaped Molov with the help of Tangier and now we're trying up with Echo...who is somehow miles ahead of us through a warzone? Anyways, we spend most of the level getting acquainted with seeing the same female Red Faction Soldier model die over and over while we fight through the ruined streets of Sopot City. It's kind of neat to see the actual destruction being inflicted on the streets by the revolution. One of my big gripes about the setting and design of the first Red Faction was that it never felt like you were exactly at war, just that you were a lone guy walking into set pieces. Here at least you get the feeling you are part of a larger revolution, sort of like an Ur-Half Life 2 sort of thing. Another positive thing I'll say about this level is that there is a turret section. In 2002 if you could make it halfway through a game with only a few turret sections you were basically playing a unicorn. This game has just this one, which is optional, and then no others. It's sort of surprising when you think about the fact that the game was more or less designed based on the best seller "Halo Ripoffs for Dummies."