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Part 12: Episode 12: Molov

Episode 12: Molov

And with that, we're done with RF2. We have a final boss fight to deal with at the end of the video and it does take a few tries, but it isn't anywhere near as bad as I remembered it. A note on the "Super Soldiers" we fight for most of the video: They have no more health than any of the other Processed and will die to a couple headshots. Their only real "advantage" over the Processed is that they carry better guns. Outside of that, there's no AI change or other danger associated with them. Granted, they were cooked up in like 20 minutes real time if we're just encountering them now, so I'm impressed they can walk and shoot.

So a note about the endings: I got the "B" ending, at least that is how the video file lists it. I'm going to go and record all the endings to the game and put them into one video before the thread is closed. That's mostly because the videos are in a file format I can't just load into YouTube, so I have to record my screen, edit out the video player display and then upload the resulting video. Worth noting that the ending visuals remain the exact same no matter which ending you get, but the voiceover is different each time. Considering how different the VO can be from one ending to the next this is just lazy, lazy, lazy