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Republic: The Revolution

by Olive Branch

Part 50: Bonus Chapter 1: The Manual's Opening & Map of Novistrana

Bonus Chapter 1: The Manual's Opening & Map of Novistrana

The story begins many years earlier, when you are a young man. You witness the violent arrest of your parents at your home by the Secret Police.

They are incarcerated somewhere deep in the bowels of the Ministry of the Interior. You never see or hear from them aagain.

Although just another typical tale of woe against the backdrop of the totalitarian regime in Novistrana, it leaves an indelible mark on you. Your heart burning with anger, you vow never to rest until vengeance is wrought on the man responsible, the then local head of the Secret Police... none other than a youthful Vasily Karasov.

For years you have charted the progress and career of Karasov, looking for the opportunity to strike. Recent years have seen sweeping changes in your country.

The end of the Soviet Union and total collapse of communism could not have been predicted, and the subsequent meteoric rise to power of Karasov to the office of President came as a total shock.

Soon after taking power, Karasov declared a week of public holidays to celebrate his great victory and to announce to the country that it was a great honor that they, the people of Novistrana, shoud declare him their President-for-life.

Karasov's tyranny would soon become apparent. Karasov began work on his grandiose palace immediately and ensured that billions of Novistranan roubles, most of the country's meager reserves, were siphoned off into his offshore bank accounts.

This is in start contrast to the fortune of the citizens of the country, who are slipping further and further into poverty. Unrest is building, the people are growing increasingly unhappy at the growing gulf between the haves and the have-nots...

Criminals have been given a free reign to do as they please. The hopelessly corrupt and bogged-down law enforcement officers are as much involved in organized crime as the gangsters.

All the while trade union leaders across the country are selling out their members and using their associations to launder money from drug dealing and black market trading.

In the southern city of Eraliev, following increasing ethnic unrest, the President's heavy-handed measures have led to massive riots and civil disobedience. Dawn raids saw dozens of supposed dissident leaders and alleged subversives arrested.

Among these were several respected and highly regarded political figures and journalists. Nothing has been seen or heard of them for many weeks now and growing pockets of dissent are beginning to surface again.

In short, the country is in a downward spiral. All the while Karasov sits on his seat of power in the Capital, Berezina, surrounded by his loyal guards. He seems to care little as long as his own lifestyle remains unaffected and he can maintain an air of calm and control to the outside world.

Karasov himself is no slouch, with a shrewd mind for politicking and intrigue sharpened by years spent in the cloak and dagger world of the KGB.

Still, rumors circulate that Karasov has lost his sanity and is ruling like some crazed Emperor of ancient Rome. Furthermore much of this criticism is rumored to emanate from among some of his closest advisers.

However, Karasov is certainly not a man to cross lightly, with powerful business connections and influence over the fearsome secret police, whose powers to keep the people in line seem to have no legal or ethical bounds.

Any man who takes on Karasov will have to be either extremely brave of very foolhardy - certainly, no one close to Karasov will break ranks. But, for better or for worse that is your calling in life.

Today the revolution begins...