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Part 51: Bonus Chapter 2: The Factions of Republic: The Revolution

Bonus Chapter 2: The Factions of Republic: The Revolution

Republic: The Revolution has a total of ten factions, including the player's own. Each faction has a distinct, if predictable, way of acting. Influence factions tend to go for Influence districts, Force to Force, and Wealth to Wealth. They also tend to recruit lieutenants that reflect their ideological beliefs, as well as targeting power nodes for their bonuses. There is no such thing as an alliance in this game: it's a free-for-all world of revolution out there.

/ / / The Novistranan Coalition / The Player's Faction
This is your faction. Enraged by the arrest (and likely murder) of your parents by Karasov when you were young, you have vowed revenge. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Novistrana becoming independent, you saw as Karasov declared himself President. You have taken it upon yourself to lead the people to overthrow him, and after years of his ruthless rule and your training as a subversive leader, you are finally ready to begin the revolution...

Union of Socialist Workers
Led by Chief of Police Viktor Kovak, the Union of Socialist Workers is based in Ekaterine. The USW isn't so much "socialist" as it is "criminal". They rely on its working-class members to vandalize their opponents and use graffiti tags to earn support. They're the most aggressive faction of Ekaterine, but the USW seems to just pay lip service to the idea of socialism as Kovak sits back and just lets the money roll in for his "cause".

The Church of Novistrana
The Church of Novistrana is not, as the name implies, a coalition of the churches in the nation or a brand new church on the block. It is a sect led by Abram Baranov in Ekaterine whose concern is to put family values and high morals back on the map. They're peaceful and most of their members mean well, but their campaign is futile. Karasov clamps down on anything resembling spiritual freedom that could lead to revolution.

Democracy Now Party
The DNP is led by Robert Tarasov, a charismatic young man who is not calling for bloody overthrows or violent shows of force. He wishes to see Novistrana as a democratic nation. All he wants is for Karasov to run against an opponent for the role of President in free elections. The rest of the DNP may not be so willing to give Karasov a second run at the presidency, but nonetheless, Tarasov's quest for democracy has earned him a large following throughout the nation, and most prominently in the small town of Ekaterine. He has also earned the wrath of Karasov and his men, however.

The Konstantino Cartel
The only faction with the distinct honor of appearing in all three cities, the Konstantino Cartel is the quintessential Wealth faction of the game. Led by Alexei Konstantino and his representatives, the Cartel is fronted by Konstantino Industries, a growing conglomerate that has swallowed companies in oil, food, and heavy industry. Their goal is to create an unassailable monopoly and get lots of money rather than leading a revolution.

The Red Mafiya
The infamous crime syndicate led by Arkady Ilyushin is no joke. The Red Mafiya was once just another gang on the blocks of Pugachev before the ruthless and utterly insane Ilyushin held a massive killing spree. In one night, the Red Mafiya wiped out the heads of the other gangs and set themselves up as the sole syndicate of Pugachev. The move left the Mafiya weakened, though, as they suddenly had to deal with a power vacuum. Now Ilyushin is trying to get into the black market and smuggling smuggling that Alexashenko's Army has been dominating.

Organized Anarchy
The mysterious world of Organized Anarchy lies in the alleyways, forums on the Internet, and whispers in the universities and ivory towers. Dmitri Barkan and Andrei Atlasov, to name two of their leaders, were members of the Pugachev Institute of Technology before their anti-government activities led them underground. They speak to the disillusioned youth of Novistrana, but they have also roped in students, professors, and even politicians to their cause. Their goal is to tear down the country in pure anarchy before propping up a new system, but unlike traditional anarchists, they wish to control the planned chaos.

New Peace Party
The short-lived New Peace Party is a movement in Pugachev that sparks out your faction once they have completed their chosen goal of forming a crime syndicate, a charity trust, or taking over local businesses. It initially forms with two of your lieutenants, most often your right-hand man and a similar-thinking ally. Their goals are ultimately dependent on who seceded from your faction. The NPP forms because they think the player's faction is bridge-building with Karasov's men and anti-faction types, and thus only pretending to lead a revolution while in fact destroying all competition.

Alexashenko's Army
Alexashenko's Army is a group of soldiers who have joined the banner of the rogue general Ivan Alexashenko, a very popular and influential war hero. While the rest of the Novistranan military suffers from low funding, low morale, and a sense of foreboding about their new sovereignty, units in Alexashenko's Army flourish and are never at a loss for funding. Of course, Alexashenko manages to get the funding for his troops by running lucrative black market deals and protection rackets, and with his presence and charisma, he's never at a loss for new recruits.

The President
President Vasily Karasov and his inner circle have fallen out of grace. While in the past their rule was iron-fisted and unshakable, years of tyranny and unrest have finally made the people willing to hear out revolutionary voices promising change. Karasov's men are well-hidden by the Secret Police, and his faction enjoys tremendous power from the three most powerful institutions of Novistrana: the Stock Exchange, the Cathedral, and the Secret Police Headquarters. No matter how bad things get for Karasov, as long as he holds these three pillars, he cannot be toppled.