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Part 32: Episode XIX: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Episode XIX: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When last we left our hero, he slew a giant zombie shark using an old generator which apparently only existed to electrocute the shit out of something. Its purpose was well met. With that said, let's continue...

Right then, Chris now has a key to the gallery. Which actually managed to stay on its key hook, despite being submerged underwater with sharks swimming aimlessly about around it for days. As well as said water being drained violently, within twenty seconds. But, more importantly, he got the Shotgun +1 and that is what really counts.

Since that ingenious floating box platform is likely no longer active, what with the water and all, Chris needs to find a back route into the upper levels. Luckily, there's one right around the corner.

So, any ideas why there was a giant gap that water could pool through in the upstairs corridor? Just making small talk.

Was it for taunting sharks? I bet it was for taunting sharks.

Chris heads back upstairs to put the Gallery Key to good use.

As pictured. Wait, why is there a gallery in the middle of the residential block?

I think I went on a field trip here in junior high. It smelled like an old woman's house. Not grandma old lady. Think more along the lines of 'cat lady' old lady.

Right, then. A silly locking mechanism for a random storeroom crops up. It'd been too long since the last one.

Remember the business with the oil lamps and the pool table? Yeah, me neither. But, I do remember the numbers 3, 5, and 6 were the solution.

It would probably take me longer to look at a previous update, look at GameFAQs, or go back to the actual room with the solution than it would to just randomly mash combinations of the digits. I'm sure Chris Redfield would approve of this method.

Chris heads in the room.

taking the empty bottle.

So, fishing stinky keys out of bathtubs, grabbing fish hooks and medals off walls, and nabbing random pieces of machinery is perfectly fine. But Chris no know how bottle work because bottles make boo-boos when fall and go break so Chris no touchem bottle so no get boo-boo.

After reiterating the fact that Chris is more or less useless beyond shooting things and piloting aircrafts, our hero heads back outside.

A pair of rooms are on the far end of the Gallery. The one furthest down is blocked by the boss forces unseen. The one closer to its left is locked. This is going nowhere fast. Let's see what's down the little hall to the left of the two.

Chris...what are you doing, Chris?


You don't say. As it would happen, the key to the locked room is just below the giant zombie beehive.

But luckily, upon falling back to safety, Chris discovers the out of focus dead chap by the hive is carrying an insecticide spray. Well, that helps, you fool!


After several failed attempts, Chris recalls the convenient hole in the wall right behind the bee hive.

And thus, fifty three stings later, Chris Redfield defeats the bee scourge.

Leaving him finally able to claim his prize.

His prize of yet another dimly lit study...

The shelf holds garbled fanservice art. But more importantly, a new file!

Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment

"We've not so much been developing biological weapons as we have a rival to Miracle Grow."

Hey, don't talk about Uncle Lou's BO problem in front of the other Umbs.

"Failing that, we can market it as an all organic energy drink."

Read: Fuck up the puzzle and get the gas.

So the ultimate goal is creating a liquid that is not entirely unlike a bottle of shit? Sounds about right for this company.

Tucking the file into his vest, Chris yanks out the unprinted Red Book from earlier and shoves it in the newly opened slot.

Officer Redfield then feels compelled to rearrange the titles in order. Not for obsessive compulsive tendencies or the potential to unlock some hidden door.

Just for the tits... Just for the tits.

But, the puzzle gods approve of tits and give Chris a bountiful gift of a moving bookcase. Spiffy.

Heading on through...

Heeding the multiple warnings that there is a giant, man eating plant in this room, Chris' cat like hero reflexes snap into action...

...About five seconds too late.

"But, to make a long story short you have no friends and never will because you're so unlikable that I'm the closest thing you have to a friend and I hate you. Also, you're adopted, which is also funny. And...the fuck is interrupting my story?!"

"Yeah, get running. Maybe you'll be able to save whoever it is by whining in a nasally tone again. It worked real well last time."

No wonder Chris is starring in Resident Evil 5. He's getting to a Leon level of ridiculous shit happening to him.


Rebecca's had bad experiences with arghing in the past.

Well, we finally have confirmation that Resident Evil characters aren't just ripping out a few key pages or taking note. They're actually shoving a Library of Congress caliber stack of reading material down their pants.

Chris. That was a little too hard a fling.

"Bwahaha. I told you your big ass dome head had its own gravitation pull. Bwaha!"

Tune in next time for inventory based puzzles, backtracking, and pointless character swappage!

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