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Part 39: Episode XXVI: Blowin' in the Wind

Episode XXVI: Blowin' in the Wind

When last we left our heroine, she'd just seen one of her teammates get gunned down and responded by slowly musing who could be a traitor. That was about it. No chasing them. No returning fire. Just a good, old fashioned, 'I wonder what that was all about...?'. With that said, let's continue...

Definitely. Other than the fact they left you alive, despite that you are about nine times more heavily armed and dangerous than the guy that's been awake for over twenty-four hours and was already heavily injured. But, a pro beyond that.

"One of my comrades got gunned down... Someone is a traitor... The medical company that controls the town is behind everything... Oh, cool! A new crank!"

...that there is a traitor and Umbrella is behind everything. He already told you everything he knows. Comprehension skills, woman! Use them!

The following part of the game is very, very boring. Assume what isn't pictured involves caves or cave like formations. So, a highlight abbreviation of events is in order.

Hunters are now in the caves. They continue to rue the day auto-aim was implemented into the series.

Jill uses the new hexagonal crank to spin the entire portion of the room to gain access to the far area.

There is the obligatory boulder chase sequence. Which has an approximately 92% chance of requiring button mashing in the Umbrella Chronicles remake.

Jill battles the "Black Tiger". Which is essentially an upscaled standard spider model with a palette swap.

Really, they made absolutely no changes other than that. It has the exact same AI. Exact same attacks, and exact same animations. Only it takes more damage to kill and deals out slightly more, should you be foolish enough to stand in front of it.

The creature's grand weakness is it still turns around at the same rate as standard spiders. Only, it has twice the ground to cover. As such, the secret to defeating it is to circle behind it, shoot, run 90 degrees around it, shoot

Repeat process until dead. It has helper spiders. But they seem more interested in crawling up walls, since the boss blocks their greater view and thus sends them into idle crawling around movements.

It was all very exciting, I assure you. The reward for defeating this foe is...

Another survival knife... This is actually Capcom being nice and not making you backtrack, for once.

As the way out of the boss arena is covered in spider webs and the knife is the only way to dig through them. Of course, if you're Chris you likely are running on one or two inventory slots and Capcom just screwed you over even more. But, it's the thought that counts.

Several more caves and another crushing boulder hazard later...

Resident Evil needs a Weighted Companion Cube-esque sidekick to make these fucking block pushing puzzles less painful.

The objective is to slide that statue into the open space next to its copy and pasted buddy. The trouble is, the thing is facing the wrong way. Since this is Resident Evil, that's a big fucking problem. Since things cannot be spung by the hands of man. For this conundrum, Jill Valentine must call upon the services of mechanical hands to aid in her plight.

Translation: The round thingie in the middle of the room spins stuff.

The block on the side of the room opposite the crank hole pushes stuff.

Solution: I want my three minutes back...

The Cylinder Shaft is now completed. If you'll notice the half roman numerals at the top of the thing. Those will be important in a moment. First...

Backtracking across the entire area!

The cylinder thingamabob is returned to its starting point. Now it's just a matter of pressing the correct keys in order to start the thing. As, an on/off switch or hell, just properly returning the missing component isn't enough.

Luckily, the solution (II, IV, III, I) is written on the key item used to start the puzzle. So, it's less of a puzzle and more of a 'Capcom fucking loves its inventory screens' reminder.

All that to summon a loading screen. What am I doing with my life?!

Jill moseys over to operate the elevator.

It's either a monster or a stalker.

Told ya.

I love how everyone shows up all cheerful like after you've already explored the entire area, solved all the puzzles, tripped any traps, and killed everything. S.T.A.R.S. is like the para-military equivalent of road construction crews.

It's an old mine. Outside the boulder traps and that one puzzle, it's honestly the most normal place we've encountered.

My will to ever play a survival horror game ever again. That and possibly dinosaurs. But, I may have my shitty plots turned around.

I wonder how much it cost Capcom to create this scene. Rendering the cave. Animating the characters. Having the scene voiced. All that for what was essentially.

"I know!"
"Caves down there too?!"
"Let's go see!"

I need a smoke break...

Tune in next time for something that isn't endless mines.

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Jill Boulder Death: