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Part 45: Bonus Episode: Wesker's Report II - "Alexia 1"

Bonus Episode: Wesker's Report II - "Alexia 1"

July 27th, 1981 (Saturday)

(Three years after the previous report)

Today, a 10 year old girl was assigned as the head researcher at Umbrella's Antarctic Research Facility. Her name is Alexia Ashford.

At the time, I was 21 and Birkin was 19.

Irritatingly, the rumors about Alexia and the Antarctic facility monopolized discussions amongst the Arklay Laboratory staff. The Ashford name was legendary with the senior staff.

Whenever the research came to a standstill, there would be murmurs from the incompetent old fools saying, "If only Dr. Ashford were here..."

If I remember correctly, Edward Ashford was a great scientist who initially discovered the Progenitor Virus and lead to the whole basis of the T-Virus project. However, he died shortly following Umbrella's founding. Thirteen years had passed since his death and still people turned toward the Ashford family to produce results.

In reality, the Antarctic Facility, founded by Edward's son, had yet to produce any fruitful results. Yet, the fools still held out hope. His granddaughter is unlikely to produce anything worthwhile either.

Driving me to my wit's end, the same useless old rabble have changed their tune. Now, they whisper, "If only Alexia were here..."

It seems as though there was no potential for future development in this lab, as long as we had staff with one foot in the grave, only able to judge by one's genealogy instead of their proven value. Fools like that never take initiative and would be doomed to minor researcher gophers, even while approaching their expiration date.

But I was different, I had good judgement...

If I, in my position of power, had let any of this get to me, effect my emotions, it would only lead to delaying the T-Virus research further. To achieve results, one must stay calm and make sensible decisions, regardless of the circumstances.

At that time, I was always thinking of the next step. An idea came to me...

I had to handle these old fools with care. Since they were so...fragile... Death creeping up on them any moment... Wouldn't it be best to use them in the most dangerous of experiments? They didn't have long as it was, they might as well go toward a good cause.

The art of management is to best utilize everyone beneath you, is it not?

However, Birkin was becoming a problem. His reactions toward the rumors of Alexia were, in a word, pathetic.

Though he never spoke of it, he took great pride in becoming the company's youngest chief researcher, at the age of sixteen. But, this ten year old girl had smashed his figurative trophy to pieces. Having been born a genius, this was probably the first time he had ever tasted defeat.

He could never accept he'd been bested by someone younger, with breeding, and a woman. We'd had as little results as anyone, yet he was so wrapped up in the trifling of affairs with someone across the globe. Being caught up in such a petty matter only proved Birkin was still a child. As immature as he was, I needed to do something to pull him out of his slump.

Over those three years, our researched had entered the second stage.

At that stage, the T-Virus had been able to produce Bio-Organic Weapons we had nicknamed "zombies" with relative stability. However, the virus's effect on genes was not 100% effective. Due to slight variances in genetic make-up, the compatibility with the virus was effected.

Even when infected by a zombie, 10% of all humans would fail to contract the virus. Even if we continued genetic research into this anomaly, it was unlikely we'd be able to alter these figures. There was still a 90% successful infection rate with the virus, well within boundaries to be an effective biological weapon. However, Spencer was unsatisfied with these results.

Spencer's response was a discouraging, "that's all?" He wanted a 'stand-alone' weapon which could wipe out an entire population.

What on earth could it be for?

Essentially, the key virtue of biological weapons were their low development costs. Yet, our Biological Organic Weapon project was becoming extremely cost extensive. Spencer would never follow this path if his only goal was financial benefits. Used in conjunction with normal weapon systems, these models would surely bring a handsome profit. But to limit the research with a goal of a stand-alone exterminatory weapon made no business sense.

Why would he continue ignoring the mounting costs? If his aim was to monopolize the entire warfare industry by changing the very concept of war, I could perhaps agree a bit...

But, as it stands, I have no idea of Spencer's true motives anymore...

Spencer's true intentions aside, Birkin had shifted his focus into producing a combat able B.O.W. He was dabbling with the T-Virus mutated human genes and splicing them with another creature's genetic information.

Created to wipe out armed humans or protected humans. As well as those simple immune to the virus' effects, including those who simply escaped infection, we had our first Combat B.O.W. After it was finished, we dubbed the creatures the "Hunters".

However, we had to suspend this project, to protect the specimens from Birkin.

Due to his foolish anger toward Alexia, Birkin's work became sloppy and irrational. He stayed in the lab through the night, twenty-four hours a day, repeating experiments after experiment, which had no rhyme or reason, over and over again.

The staff and I collected biopsy samples as quickly as possible, before the specimens expired. But, none of us were able to keep up with his speed. The test subjects were dying as quickly as the Laboratory Chief could supply him. His supply seemed as endless as the corpses that were collecting.

It was Hell.

But, in the middle of that hell, only one managed to survive: the same female test subject.

She was now 28 years old. 14 years of her life had been spent in this laboratory.

The numerous injects with the Progenitor Virus and its variants over the years had left her devoid of any logical reasoning at this point. But, if she had any mind left to her, death would have been the one and only thing she would have wanted.

But she kept living.

Why is this woman the only one to survive? Her data fails to highlight any remote difference between her and any of the other subjects. Yet, she continues to live.

More time will be needed to unravel this puzzle...