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Part 2: Most Endearing Redshirt

(53:14) Episode 2-1: Outbreak in Edonia|YouTube
(4:53) Episode 2-2: Bonus Reel 2|YouTube
(1:29) Episode 2-3: Files and Figures So Far|YouTube

Date: December 24th-25th, 2012

~This chapter takes place before Chris and Piers rescued the U.N. Workers in China. Essentially, Edonia is the starting point of the story in Resident Evil 6.

-Going back to the past where the events of Resident Evil 6 really started, Chris and his team arrive in Edonia and learn about a new enemy called the J'avo, and they are given the objective of bringing the European city under control and wiping out the B.O.W threat. After rallying his team and fighting to the bridge under heavy assault, they manage to get around a modified tank, survive the assault of a paratrooper brigade, and destroy a railway gun. Once they reach City Hall, Chris encounters Sherry Birkin for the first time, whom he knew much about thanks to his sister Claire. She is accompanied by a mercenary named Jake Muller. This survivor's reunion is cut short as the J'avo's supporting organization attacks with more Ogromen. With the four of them working together, they manage to destroy the Anti-air guns and clear the streets after a harsh skirmish. Sherry and Chris part ways as she and her mercenary partner are airlifted away from Edonia while Chris enters city hall with his team to find incubated victims of the new virus. After exploring the building and rescuing a woman who claimed to be part of the staff, he and his team make their way out of the building, only to be thwarted at the end...

So this chapter actually went really well for me! I was surprised and a little disappointed actually. The big thing you're going to notice is the time I spent but I honestly couldn't do anything about that. The only way for it to have been shorter would have been for me to just rush through and fight nothing, because as I say in the video, it's a pretty gimmicky level in that you wait on other people in every area of it. Hope you guys enjoy! I've updated the enemy/character post on page 1 to involve the new things we see in this video as well.

This update:
Skills: Melee, Defense, Field Medic
Challenge: No Grenades - Succeeded

Also, poor Chris...


Sherry Birkin
Last seen free in Raccoon City, Sherry Birkin has returned seemingly as a U.S. Government Agent.

Jake Muller
A mercenary formerly aligned with the group "La Vita Nuova," or "A New Life," tagging along with Sherry Birkin and under the protection of the U.S. Government.

Ada Wong(?)
Ada is the enigmatic spy seen throughout the world of Resident Evil, but what she has to do with the Edonia incident is anyone's guess. Why she has done what she has is also a question left to be answered. All of these actions go against the nature already established for her, could she really be responsible for the C-Virus?


Telo is the Serbian word for "body," and "magla" means aerosol or fog. Regardless, it is the most harmless of any of the J'avo's effects. Upon being shot in the torso, they will keel over and a strange set of wings or some such will sprout from their body, spraying the area with a green fog that does nothing to an agent or the J'avo's allies. Probably just unfinished and left in the game for the sake of "variety." The only danger it poses is that the J'avo will get back up, with a critical amount of health, and start running around without a shirt on which is pretty funny.


It's name literally means "huge." Despite the imposing features on this monster, it is of no concern to even a rookie agent, as its attacks are easily avoided and it is easily stunned and humbled by its own spiky features. Never stay at ground level under its feet, or you will be killed instantly by its constant stomping. It can also grab you, but all it simply does is hold you and your health drains steadily. Of no threat whatsoever, interestingly...


Bedem means "bulwark," "bastion," or quite literally, "wall." They can charge, hunker down, or slam their shields downward. If they happen to grow the Hvatanje's arm, they will pull you towards themselves and then smash you with the shield for an extra attack. Incredibly easy to kill however by just meleeing them once in the face and pulling off an immediately coup-de-grace. They pose very little threat to a trained agent.


"Hvatanje" means to capture or seize. This is one of the more unsettling transformations the J'avo can undertake, this agile enemy wields what appears to be a living worm-like creature from its arm. The scaly shell hides a much more dangerous aspect within, a prehensile, malleable organ with three strong talons capable of gripping a human being by the neck and dragging them through the air even out of waist-high cover. They are good at staying back from the action and are hard to evade when they launch their arm. Having a large wall of some kind between you will cause them to recoil after a failed attack. If you happen to go into a critical state, the worm-like entity can swallow you whole and digest you on the spot. Prioritize this enemy at all costs. Simply meleeing them in the face will open them up for a coup-de-grace, just like the Ruka-Bedem.


Oklop means "armor" in Serbian tongue. A more effective armor it is than the Ruka-Bedem's namesake, they are almost invulnerable to stuns of any kind. It is possible to pull off a coup de grace but it requires cooperation. They often jump in the air and flail wildly, however this attack rarely hits and should not be worried about. Overall, safe to leave alone for the most part and they do not pose much of a threat. They also have a roundhouse kick that can be countered(but I've never done it before. I'll practice that sometime and see if it does a cool animation! IT DOESN'T).


The C-Virus' namesake, these cocoons are what all J'avo eventually become, as well as anyone giving a strong dose of the C-Virus. These poor souls are beyond rescue. All one can do is wait until it hatches to kill the monster incubating in their bodies. The Chrysalid itself can be destroyed, but they take an unbelievable amount of punishment before being shattered. Do not waste your ammo, supplies, or time.


Literally, the word "Napad" means "attack." These fearsome walking tanks can deal heavy damage and move fairly quickly. They pose very little threat when you use the proper weapons however, and their weakspot is easily revealed. Under a combined assault, they fall like wheat to a scythe. They are one of four mutations that can hatch from a Chrysalid, and rank 3rd in terms of easiest to kill. They can charge at you, they can grab you, and they will punch at you wildly. Stay away unless they are dazed.


The word "strelats" seems to be a misspelling, as the proper word is "strelac," which means "archer." They are fast moving lizards that will shoot spines at you. They can also cover the ground in a semi-circle with corrosive vomit that will outright destroy you should you be cornered by it. As well, they can create a sudden smoke screen that will cause an agent to recoil and use that to either vomit their acid or get some distance. They are capable of climbing up walls, but cannot cling to them. They rank 2nd on easiest to kill.

Let's go over some of the weapons we've seen so far, mainly what they're based off of

All quotes and pictures are from this page.

CHRIS: Assault Rifle for Special Tactics

Most BSAA members wield this rifle. It is smilar to an ACR, However it has a carry handle and charging handle similar to the FAMAS. The weapon has on its right side an ANPEQ15 laser sight and a 30 round magazine. The game states it is chambered in 5.56mm.

CHRIS & PIERS: Assault Shotgun

The FN Tactical Police Shotgun is seen being carried by Chris, Piers and Ada. Holds seven rounds and fires only in semi auto, however when the player reloads the gun, the character will cock the shotgun as if it were a pump action.

PIERS: Anti-materiel Rifle

Piers' main weapon in Chris' campaign is a massive fictional sniper rifle called the "Anti-Material Rifle" which appears to be a cross between the Mechem NTW-20 and the Barrett Model 98 Bravo. The weapon is a straight-pull bolt-action, using the large NTW-style carry handle as a charging handle, with a ten-round magazine of 12.7mm ammunition. It features a two-setting magnifying scope, with the alt-fire toggling between standard and thermal scope modes.


Piers Nivans, a BSAA member of the North American Branch, carries a Heckler & Koch UMP9 with extended side rails and an upper rail. In-game designation is "MP-AF" which stands for "Machine Pistol-Accurate Fire". Fire mode can be toggled between single shot and full auto. Holds 30 rounds and uses 9mm rounds.

CHRIS & JAKE: Nine-oh-Nine

Main sidearm of both Chris and Jake is the Taurus PT-909. It's called "Nine-Oh-Nine" in-game. Has a 15 round magazine.