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by Lunethex

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Original Thread: Let's get the hell out of here, RESIDENT EVIL 6!



Welcome to the world of RESIDENT EVIL 6! Some call it "Bio of Duty" but let's be honest, it's deeper than that! It's a "dramatic-horror" story with wrestling, martial arts, bullet curving, and there's a horde of zombies and mutated freaks to practice on! Leon's back, Chris is back, what's not to like about this game full of unnecessary explosions and gratuitous body slamming?

Table of Contents

(16:55) Prelude Video

(35:16) Leon & Helena Chapter 1 p1
(38:24) Leon & Helena Chapter 1 p2
(0:41) Leon & Helena: Files and Figures Part 1
(33:27) Leon and Helena Chapter 1 p1
(26:18) Leon and Helena Chapter 2 p2
(0:40) Leon and Helena: Files and Figures Part 2
(40:46) Leon and Helena Chapter 3
(1:01) Leon and Helena: Files and Figures Part 3
(55:41) Leon & Helena Chapter 4
(0:55) Leon & Helena: Files and Figures Part 4
(46:17) Leon & Helena Chapter 5 (p1)
(25:12) Leon & Helena Chapter 5 (p2)
(2:05) Leon & Helena: Files and Figures Part 5

(47:30) Chris & Piers: Chapter 1
(53:14) Chris & Piers: Chapter 2
(1:29) Chris & Piers: Files and Figures Part 1
(32:48) Chris & Piers: Chapter 3 p1
(32:48) Chris & Piers Chapter 3 p1(EDITED)
(23:06) Chris & Piers Chapter 3 p2
(0:39) Chris and Piers: Files and Figures Part 2
(51:58) Chris & Piers Chapter 4
(0:55) Chris and Piers: Files and Figures Part 4
(53:03) Chris & Piers Chapter 5
(2:44) Chris and Piers: Files and Figures Part 5

(42:12) Jake & Sherry Chapter 1
(0:33) Jake & Sherry: Files and Figures Part 1
(36:14) Jake & Sherry Chapter 2
(0:38) Jake & Sherry: Files and Figures Part 2
(41:01) Jake & Sherry Chapter 3
(0:38) Jake & Sherry: Files and Figures Part 3
(53:12) Jake & Sherry Chapter 4
(0:53) Jake & Sherry: Files and Figures Part 4
(34:02) Jake & Sherry Chapter 5 p1
(21:09) Jake & Sherry Chapter 5 p2
(1:37) Jake and Sherry: Files and Figures Part 5

(30:12) Ada Wong Chapter 1
(34:49) Ada Wong Chapter 2
(0:54) Ada: Files and Figures Part 1
(30:02) Ada Wong Chapter 3
(26:31) Ada Wong Chapter 4
(2:05) Ada: Files and Figures Part 2
(46:17) Ada Wong Chapter 5 (p1)
(25:12) Ada Wong Chapter 5 (p2)
(1:53) Ada Wong: Files and Figures Part 3

(11:13) Bonus Reel 1
(4:53) Bonus Reel 2
(4:35) Bonus Reel 3
(1:22) Bonus Reel 4
(1:53) Bonus Reel 5
(4:24) Bonus Reel 6
(5:16) Bonus EX: LP Records


By BottledBacon
Chris Ch3 Recap Image

BottledBacon's recap image for Jake Ch4!

Leon Chapter 4 recap by user BottledBacon!

Random fanart I found.

No Driver

(Picture was too dark in the game but here is the proof!)

Ada Wong cosplayer! Looks good!


Leon probably doesn't trust Jake a lot...

Lurking Haro posted:


Sherry: He's my boyfriend~❤ Ahh~❤
Jake: It's a pleasure, Dad. Little Sherry sure filled me up

Leon: I don't remember becoming your father, you...
Helena: Please calm down.

Leon's Anger knows no bounds

Leon's hair is just too important

*Art by Littlewerewolfx3

Japanese rendition of Ada saving the day

Leon finally gets the hell out of here
*Provided by user blankd

Marhawa Desire

A prequel manga to RE6. It features Chris Redfield, Merah Biji, and introduces Piers as they take on an outbreak in East Asia, at the elite Marhawa Academy.
Marhawa Desire: Prologue + Chapter 1

All chapters of Marhawa Desire up to and including 23 can be found here!

Spoilers of past games ahead!

What is this game?

Resident Evil 6, or "Biohazard" to some, is the 9th much hyped main installment of the critically acclaimed series of horror games from Capcom. It’s a series that’s always had a special place on my shelf and it’s one of the few series in the industry that has survived its blood-dressed adventure from the late 90s.

Just as Resident Evil 5 had built off of 4, RE6 finally completes the transformation of the series to their free-form gameplay that’s as far from its roots as Warren Spector is from his. With abilities new to the series such as sliding, voluntary dodging, curving the bullet, and moving while shooting, you will control one of seven characters, each in their own story and fight to discover the truth of this new viral outbreak that grips the world once again and threatens to destroy it entirely. Throughout the game, these characters will encounter each other and work together, or in some cases, work against each other.

Going back to their roots in some ways at least, the game features much more violence and rather death scenes. Some may see that as Capcom having a wake-up call of sorts since RE5 where it was actually funny to get hit and knocked out. The game is much darker and the action grittier, but that does not mean it doesn’t have the same kind of humor at moments!

Technically speaking, it's a fairly lazy and rushed game that was pushed ahead of the original release date by a month, which may or may not have something to do with it. The graphics aren't very good except for the character models, and even then you can count some squares. To offset that, the game is damn long. Two of the main campaigns are easily longer than RE5's, one is 80% of RE5's, and the last is...really damn short. The game plays solidly, the controls are just as perfect as RE5's, it's still challenging, and there are a lot of varied enemies to fight with satisfying ways to take all of them down! At times, however, it can get way too easy.

The story so far

Several years after the events of Resident Evil 5, Chris Redfield returned to duty for the BSAA. In the time since the death of iconic antagonist Albert Wesker and the collapse of then terrorist pharmaceutical organization Tricell, a new threat has reared its ugly maw. In the European country Edonia, in late December, a group of anti-government mercenaries takes a drug given to them by a mysterious woman and become victims of a new virus and turn into monsters called J’avo, who start wreaking havoc. The BSAA are immediately called to deal with the situation.

Not the only incident, China later becomes the largest outbreak zone, and zombies born from the new virus have risen from their graves in eastern America. The undead shamble again in the west and the world tears apart in the east as series favorites Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield return to the fight to save the world once again, accompanied by new allies and even a surprising few additions. The die is cast and the stage, the world itself, is set to burn.

How will this work? Will there be audience participation?

Yes, there will be audience participation! This game, like both RE4 and RE5, features a way to enhance your character strengths with the use of a currency called “skill points.” I’ll be taking votes on how I should play the game. Do I go balls to the wall with attack increases? Do I remove my targeting sight? Do I become a turtle? Or do I become a tireless god of kung-fu and gunkata?

I'm going to endeavor to play this game in a way so as to present it in a serious light(well, what can be considered serious since the cutscenes are so disconnected from the gameplay) to give the game a chance to show off its “dramatic-horror” story. I want to try and get past the hyperbole of some unfair reviews given to this game and show people the good things in it. I’ll be playing it in a chronological order somewhat similar to the 3DS game RE: Revelations. But, if you guys would like me to play more focused on one campaign over playing it in a way that requires us to jump between campaigns often, I can do that, but I can at least promise that if I play chronologically, it won’t be as uncomfortable as Revelations’ weird pacing.

I’ll be doing a 100% run on the PS3 version, I’ll be showing off all the small things when possible, and I’ll do my best to explain the nuances of the game. In later updates, you will see me playing as both characters for some parts, but for the first update I focused on just playing as one character and saved the other for the bonus video because I wanted to show off a technical aspect that you will get to vote on.

If anybody wants to play co-op with me, I wouldn’t mind, but for some chapters I’ll want to run solo. As well, in the spirit of all things RE related, I’m going to ask people to vote on challenges for me. Handgun only? Assault rifle only? Knife only? Melee only? No healing? Don’t pick up any ammo? The potential is there! Be aware that I can’t guarantee a full chapter of any of these stipulations due to certain moments but I’ll do as much as I can with it!

There will be bonus videos for The Mercenaries, but not for Agent Hunt as I mention in the first bonus reel. It’s just not fun. Also, since we can get skill points to use in any of the game modes by playing Mercenaries, I'll grind in case any vote needs to be filled and I don't have enough points.

I made this video to test recording settings and whatnot and I'll treat it as the "ATTRACT MODE" from games long gone. Take a look if you need a 'trailer' experience to ease you in!
Resident Evil 6 ATTRACT MODE
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