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Part 12: Well Played

At last, the next update has arrived, and with it, we are very close to the finales of the game! With just 4 updates remaining we'll be seeing the outcome of all plotlines and some great boss fights. I was shocked to see it's been over a fucking month since I've done an update but better late than never, eh? Because of how long this took to get out, I'm presenting two chapters, and joining me were some special guests! I've had this planned since the beginning of the LP, but the way it all worked out just happened as I was starting to engage with them! Overall, I'm extremely pleased with how all of this went down, and I was happy to put in all the extra work required to make Leon 4 work!

(55:41) Episode 13-1 - Hubris & Sabotage|YouTube
(0:55) Episode 13-2 - Files & Figures: Leon Chapter 4|YouTube

-After having Ingrid Hunnigan fake their deaths, Agents Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper caught a plane to China, but the C-Virus followed them even there and the pilot had mutated into a Lepotitsa which quickly spread the infection among all the passengers. Making a few desperate decisions to get rid of the monster, the plane was eventually damaged enough that a crash landing was in order, with Leon barely managing to bring it to a stop and remain conscious. After vacating the jet, they encounter both Jake & Sherry and work together to face down the Ustanak, but are separated. Leon eventually learns where to find Simmons and kicks it into high gear to reach the rendezvous point, but he has to go through an abandoned market infested with necrophagous beasts reminiscent of the Regenerators. After surviving the gauntlet of seemingly immortal monsters, they travel through a research facility where they encounter the clone of Ada yet again, but Chris is also on her tail. After meeting up with each other and after Ada's clone escapes once again, they finally reach Simmons. As Leon orders Jake & Sherry to escape, they move up to Simmons who was infected by a J'avo sent by the evil twin, and they deal with him appropriately, but not before an inescapable nightmare descends upon the Chinese mainland...

--The files for Leon Chapter 4 are a bit interesting. The first file talks about Leon and Ada's relationship, how the life and death struggle they both faced brought them closer. Despite that, Ada has no qualms about using him, and Leon is loathe to be done with her. The second file goes into details about just what happened before Adam Benford became the zombie president. Derek had manipulated Helena in a way that left him vulnerable, by instigating a lie of suspected assassins that never existed. The third file is a little addendum on the Brzak shark fought in Leon Ch3. The fourth file talks about the Rasklapanje, or Regenerator 2.0.

~Leon 4 takes place just a day after Leon 3, and happens shortly after the Ace of Spades issue with Chris, which is why you could notice him on the airplane TV.

(51:58) Episode 14-1 - "What even was the point of all that?"|YouTube
(0:55)) Episode 14-2 - Files & Figures: Chris Chapter 4|YouTube
*Sorry, I don't have a recap image from BottledBacon here. I hope he's alright, I haven't been able to contact him for a while!

-After their encounter with Leon and Helena, Chris & Piers had chased Ada's clone through the streets of China all the way to an aircraft carrier, where they passed out after their vehicle flipped. For some amount of time they had been out cold and were nearly taken out in their lapse, but they manage to get up and return the favor to the Neo-Umbrella J'avo. They fight their way through the hangar of the ship and make their way up to Ada's last position, chasing her all the way to the bridge and finally cornering her. Although she does her best to taunt and goad Chris into attacking her, he demonstrates restraint and prepares to apprehend her, but not before she is shot by a fly-by sniper in a mysterious helo. The clone's revelation that a carrier is preparing to fire a missile on the mainland has Chris & Piers dashing for the hangar in search of a plane to stop the launch. After battling through a labyrinthine crew quarters they manage to commandeer a VTOL aircraft and head out to sea, taking on the Neo-Umbrella hijacked carrier on their lonesome, but not even their efforts were enough to prevent a new catastrophe...

--The files for this chapter are worth a read I think! The first file is about Chris and his career in the Air Force and explains his motivations during and after the Raccoon City Incident. The second file talks about Chris & Leon and how they came to be connected by Claire, his sister; they finally meet in China regardless of the restricted interaction between their organizations, and they come to see each others conviction in fighting Bioterrorism. The third file talks a bit about Ada's clone leading Neo-Umbrella and pondering the question of why she named it "Neo-Umbrella." The fourth file is very important, adds some tension and suspense. Check it out!

~Chris 4 takes place immediately after Chris 3. He was only passed out for a few minutes.

It's good to be back! I'm glad this all worked out the way I'd hoped, since I would have felt pretty lackluster to just offer a basic update. I did promise something special and it's here despite my damn laziness! Leon 4 was a plan in the back of my mind ever since I started the LP. Mostly because I just wanted to start co-commentary there, but then I had an extra idea after learning Coolguye had played RE6, so I just went ahead and sent him a PM on the board and, well, you'll see how that all turned out! I was so ecstatic to have them do the race with me, especially to co-commentate on Chris 4 as well as Leon 4. Excited so much that I missed a lot of opportunities for good replies here and there since it was the first time I had a get together like this, haha. Regardless, the end result was hilarious, the ending was a surprise to me, and even still, I'm learning more about the game as I go! (The special kill I did to that enemy in Chris 4 makes me believe I have the formula down to doing that, and when is it never awesome to just tear the crap out of mutants!?)

I hope you all enjoy this update that was quite long in the making, and I hope you stay tuned for the ends coming up, because the bosses are fucking amazing and Jake Ch5 is still on the horizon. The best chapter, with the best, most outrageous things to have happen. I can't wait. And I hope you can't wait either. Coming up next after this update is Ada Chapter 3 & 4! Enjoy the update and once again I give thanks to Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy for joining me on this occasion. They helped me to capture the spirit of this game.

Coolguye posted:

So regarding the challenge I posted about the beat I was firing my pistol to

4:30 PM - Feonir: You were firing your pistol to shave and a haircut, two bits song.
6:15 PM - Coolguy: HAH
6:15 PM - Coolguy: YOU GOT IT

A clever, cultured gentleman figured it out.

~I used a sound clip when the ogroman appeared in Chris 4 that said "AQUAA!" There used to be a fan-made series called "Days of our Lives: Resident Evil" by a group called "Weskershouse/The Ward Productions" and I was a fan of it several years ago. They stopped at Episode 7 however due to one of their team members having died, sadly. It's a scenario of RE4 where everyone hates Leon and Leon is just all around pissed off at having to rescue a stupid girl and listen to bad music the entire way. The funny part for me is how they replaced pretty much every sound effect and the inhabitants of notSpain all have an addiction to Barbie Girl/AQUA

Episode 1 and all others can be found here on their channel.

Fanart & Enemies!


This featureless creature has a malleable body capable of crawling through small, tight holes, and is capable of repairing itself if a body part is ripped off. Rasklapanje is the Serbian word for "demolish" or "dismantling," and that refers to the fact their body is easily destroyed. Even if it is, however, they will come back to life and start the chase again. Overall not very threatening if you keep your distance and keep them down, but the fact they will never stop is enough to cause constant tension. If they get close they will try to grab you and go for an instant kill. You can shoot their torso off and their hands. The hands will try to stun you in place by grabbing your face. The legs on their own can spew acid around and kick you, as well as stomp on you if you're lying down. The torsos will smack at you and jump. If you destroy all the body parts of a Rasklapanje in a certain order, there is a chance of 3,000 skill points dropping!

Throwing a fire grenade at them or hitting them with Acid grenades causes the parasite inside their exoskeleton to emerge, allowing you to damage it, but you cannot kill it permanently. On that note, these creatures are weak to fire gameplay wise, however outside of scripted events they can't really be killed.

Leon probably doesn't trust Jake a lot...

Lurking Haro posted:


Sherry: He's my boyfriend~❤ Ahh~❤
Jake: It's a pleasure, Dad. Little Sherry sure filled me up

Leon: I don't remember becoming your father, you...
Helena: Please calm down.

Leon Chapter 4 recap by user BottledBacon!

Leon's hair is just too important

*Art by Littlewerewolfx3