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Part 13: NO!!

It's time for filler chapters 3 & 4!

Lunethex posted:

While you all wait for this coming update, please enjoy this hidden cutscene in RE5 where Wesker has a long face...

(30:02) Episode 15 - Incompetence Surrounds Me!|YouTube

-Arriving in China, Ada retraces the steps of Chris and his team in her search for the clone that Derek C. Simmons had created of her. She enjoys a small taste of Chinese culture among all the blood to be spilled and mutants to fend off, but there is an even greater threat incubating just ahead: the Ubistvo. This persistent murderer hounds her across the streets and markets, all the way to a train where she finally eludes it and hitches a ride to the harbor in pursuit of Chris and the clone. After watching a plane go down she observes someone has really got it in for this whole world. On the other side of an apartment she comes across Jake & Sherry and decides to lend a hand() oversee their trip through the harbor, rescuing Sherry at the last second and finally ending the Ubistvo threat. She commandeers her clone's Jet Ski and makes her way to the aircraft carrier mentioned in the BSAA communications she is tapped into.

(26:31) Episode 16-1 - Rest in Peace...|YouTube
(2:05) Episode 16-2 - Files & Figures (Ada Ch3&4)|YouTube

-Now at the Neo-Umbrella occupied carrier, Ada infiltrates the vessel and makes her way through the crew quarters, gathering up three passcodes to enter the ship proper, avoiding several J'avo and even Rasklapanje determined to stall her. Overhearing her twin's announcement, she concludes the hatred and desire for vengeance burning in their heart. Continuing through, she narrowly avoids apprehension by Chris Redfield and eludes him throughout the deck, leaving the brunt of J'avo to him while she makes her way to the Commander's Room. Finally in the heart of the craft, Ada learns the truth behind the C-Virus, behind this clone and its identity as Carla Radames, a brilliant scientist once in love with Derek, and that she was the one who developed the C-Virus at Derek's behest in an attempt to win his favor. While overlooking all the documents in the woman's briefcase, Ada finds a statuette of the Quad Tower, a building in China, pocketing it just as she hears commotion above. She watches Carla fall, and makes her way down to the corpse, but insanity finally runs its course and she uses the Enhanced C-Virus on herself, becoming a giant ooze monster that melds with the ship in an attempt to crush Ada, but at the end she lost everything, even her body, and Ada makes her way to China on a chopper, ready to put an end to Derek Simmons...

--The files from these chapters are worth a read as they are from Ada's campaign, thus they provide plenty of insight into the overall story. Simmons' Family is also mentioned and described. There is also a description of Carla herself, one that describes the relationship between her and Derek. Overall, give these a read! They're important to understanding this drama!

I feel I've done all I could for both of these chapters. They're short and all the action in Ch4 is just forced outside of its boss fight, so come for a relaxed story intermission I guess. But not Chapter 3. Go into that expecting great things

So..we're at the end game now. We're almost there. The final boss fights are all in sight, the endings are waiting! It's 'gonna be fucking great, and I get more and more antsy just waiting for Jake Chapter 5, but like I keep saying, that's the final main update because what happens is something nobody is prepared for and I want to keep it that way. Make sure to never watch a Jake Chapter 5 video if you follow this LP! I can't stress this enough! The moment we reach that is going to dwarf the experience up to this point, everything will cease to be, and time will forever remember the amazing things that happen

Ok ok, enough sappiness, hope you all get a kick out of this update, and look forward to the big plans I have for the next one!


Ada Wong cosplayer! Looks good!


Japanese rendition of Ada saving the day

(Damn, I'm running out of cool fanart!)

Time for our last weapon.

CHRIS & PIERS: Grenade Launcher

The ARWEN 37 makes an appearance in the game as being usable by Chris or Piers. Fires three different kinds of ammunition: Explosive, Acid and Nitrogen. It holds six 40mm rounds. It is the only weapon you cannot quick-shot with.

No Hope Left
Since we're at the end, take a look at the No Hope Left trailer! I think it sets the stage for the final chapters.
No Hope Trailer