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Part 14: Silver Lining (And Pouty Faces!)

Fuck yeah, it's update time. Also fuck you Helena.

(Christ I just want to get to Jake Chapter 5 already, I almost just want to upload Chris 5 immediately so I can play that chapter. The anticipation is excruciating )

(Thanks to user Hotwire for hooking me up with this update picture!)

(46:17) Episode 17-1 (p1) - It's A Theme|YouTube

(25:12) Episode 17-1 (p2) - All Things Have A Proper Ending|YouTube
*I suggest watching this video in full screen and in darkness
(2:05) Episode 17-2 Files and Figures: Leon Chapter 5|YouTube
(1:53) Episode 17-3 Files and Figures: Ada Chapter 5|YouTube

-Despite the best efforts of Chris & Piers, the missile still pulled a bullshit move and launched despite them blowing the hell out of it launched and unleashed the airborne form of the C-Virus across China. Zombies rampage across the streets and all hell breaks loose in an area once considered safe. Leon learns that Ada is dead, but later quickly realizes that she is not, but nobody is telling him much. With her help from a helicopter, Leon makes his way through the city on the way to the Quad Tower to help the BSAA's efforts, however, Simmons is hot on his trail. Reuniting with Ada at the tower grounds, the two fight off Simmons new dinosaur form and both head to the roof, where they are both assailed by the persistent and increasingly mad Simmons once more. Together, they repel him again and Ada parts ways with Leon, who continues to head to the roof and retrieve the helo she left for them.

Even though they thought Simmons was dead, he is already at the roof before them, and his devolution is complete in that he takes the form of a gigantic insect that hounds Leon before he manages to bring it down. After the nightmare has passed, he receives a call from Hunnigan telling him that a way to defeat the C-Virus has been found, and he takes the helicopter to safety from the exploding towers.

~The files for both of these chapters are mostly worth a read and the new figures I unlocked are kind of funny Leon's files are all about Derek Simmons' transformations and Ada's are a little more backstory. Watch the videos for the figures at the very least!

This is the largest update of the LP, and the last big one for that matter! I'm getting a little misty seeing how close this is to being finished, but I go on! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I liked putting it together. Hopefully it will be easier to deal with the actual postings from here on. I actually don't have much else to say after this update, other than that I can't fucking wait to get to Jake 5.

Now for some calls and notices. If you or someone you know has the Versus DLC modes (Onslaught, Predator all that jazz) and would like to contribute some videos of playing those modes to the LP (Just 1 or 2 would be fine) that would be greatly appreciated! It would help have a more complete LP since I myself am not going to purchase those modes. Also, if you have the PC version and would like to contribute No Mercy or Left 4 Dead content, that'd be swell! All this really means is just making a video and letting me link it in this thread.

And, we're going to be voting for something. The voting ends after Chris Chapter 5 update goes up. All I'm going to ask you to vote on is one of three numbers. Please do this, it's important.
Vote for 5, 7, or 10.

For Chris Chapter 5 I'm putting out a call to arms

I want to co-op on this chapter and I also want to try out Live Commentary and just compare what kind of work I'd do with that compared to entirely post, so you'd be adding me on Skype and using Audacity to record yourself, and I would do the same. I also want to get started on Chris Ch5 recording ASAP, so if you're up to run the gauntlet of an underground facility with me then give me a PM or just tell me in the thread!

Here are the ending BGMs that would play over the credits to Leon and Ada's endings respectively for those who are curious. I actually kind of like Ada's!

Leon ending theme

Ada ending theme

That's about it!

No fanart this time



And I really love his pouty face

No words. None.

Wesker outtakes video I used in the first few minutes.

(Mission accomplished)