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Part 11: Mandarin Meandering

WFGuy posted:

This part, this part right here, is silly to a Capcom degree. This LP started off good and has only improved since then. All our lives are just a little bit improved by seeing you utterly demolish this game with Wesker 2.0 and co.

That's reassuring, thank you very much. Anyway, it's time for just that: Wesker Jr. Your life will now be improved fivefold! But it will not be complete until Jake Ch5...

Note: I do want feedback on this update, as I've tried a new rendering method. The raw footage was 2.64gb and I managed to bring it down to just under 1gb, and I hope this quality will work! One thing I noticed is that I definitely should look to increase the brightness if I continue to use these settings but make sure to let me know if this works for you all!

(53:12) Episode 12-1 - Not Entirely Sane? Yes.|YouTube
(0:53) Episode 12-2 - Files and Figures (Jake & Sherry Ch3)|YouTube

-After making their escape from the Neo-Umbrella facility, Jake and Sherry now have a clear goal in mind: to meet up with Sherry's contact and hopefully get to safety and synthesize the C-Virus vaccination from his blood. On the road they are intercepted by an armored attack helicopter and other J'avo who are also on bikes screaming after them through the vehicle-clogged corridors of abandoned ghettos, only to jump off the highway and into a courtyard where they make their stand, assisted by Chris Redfield and his BSAA platoon. After taking down the helicopter, Jake & Sherry journey through alleyways and streets on their way to rendezvous point, battling against the J'avo every step of the way and even a Chainsaw-wielding monster that was dropped straight in their faces. After watching a plane go down they head to investigate, meeting up with Leon and Helena and battling against the Ustanak who has seemingly returned from nowhere ready to arrest Jake & Sherry as always. He is fought off and the group is separated, each making their own way to the Kwung Lung building, only for them to be hindered once again...

This update is content rich. We see the final appearance of Agent Hunt in one of its more dramatic but short settings, and we see Jake just get to do all sorts of wicked shit, but would you believe that in his last chapter it all climaxes in one fantastic ending in terms of his martial skill? That will be the last main update of the LP and is something, like what we had to deal with in this level, I'm eagerly waiting for every step of the way. I didn't expect this one to turn out at 50 minutes, considering Jake's chapters are short, but cutscenes do that! We see one of the final enemies of the whole game, yes, we're actually starting to run out of new enemies, but don't worry, the final chapters manage to keep it varied and we still haven't seen one very important (and annoying) enemy that will appear in each character's next chapter.

As for the next update, that's going to take some time like I mentioned in the video, because it's gonna be special! I can't wait to get that one down, but until then you'll have to settle for Jake just doing the most outrageous and awesome things of the game!

The files for this video are rather important I think. We learn some more about Sherry and her life after the Raccoon Incident, and how Simmons came to be her legal guardian, and he also allowed Claire to come and visit Sherry and help her through the ordeal. There is a very interesting file on the Ustanak, and the fourth file goes into detail about the boss we meet, the Ubistvo! I think it's worth seeing.

Also, some content! I should have been doing this from the start but eventually I'll go back and start putting enemy portraits in order of their appearance with the update posts for better organization, because some people have given me feedback on that and a few people have not seen the 2nd post under the OP with the big list.

New Enemy Encounters


This freakish, nigh-immortal monster named after the Serbian word for "Murder" has a chainsaw for a hand and all of his vital organs are located right in the center of its cage of bone and flesh-rending blades. Able to instantly kill you should it get the chance, this fearsome foe has no need for stamina and will never give up should it decide on a target. It's fast, dangerous, and difficult to keep down. All firepower should be used to eliminate it quickly!

Also, some more content!

Random fanart I found.

BottledBacon's recap image!

No Driver

(Picture was too dark in the game but here is the proof!)