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Part 10: Angry Stares and Unfriendly Glares

(32:48) Episode 11-1 p1 – The Legendary Chris Redfield|YouTube
(32:48) Episode 11-1 p1 (EDITED) - The Legendary Chris Redfield|YouTube
*Watch EDITED if the first is blocked for you.

(23:06) Episode 11-1 p2 – Stern Look: The Drama|YouTube
(0:39) Episode 11-2 – Files and Figures (Chris Ch3)|YouTube

The date is June 30th, 2013 and Chris kicks off our adventure in China in the moment of the game where everyone is on the same page. Leon's on his way, Jake's on his way, Ada's on her way, and Chris has got a massive vengeance hard-on. What could go wrong?

-Coming to terms with his past, Chris has risen from the ashes in a haze of pent up rage and ruthlessly chases down Ada Wong, his vengeance only becoming palpable after his team is attacked by a giant snake possessing chameleon properties. He orders his team to chase it down, but it is gone. Instead, he encounters Jake and Sherry under attack by Neo Umbrella and an armored attack helicopter. He helps take out the J’avo but promptly moves on in favor of getting at Ada, but the chopper returns. Using a Grenade Launcher, he and Piers are able to take down the chopper and enter the Poisawan Tenement in search of their mutant predator. After his team is wiped out all the way down the tenement, Chris, Piers, and Marco are the only ones left to fight the beast. After some dangerous wiring works in their favor, they electrocute and kill the snake and move on.

--Ada reappears and ends Marco’s life by shooting him with a C-Virus injector, causing him to become a Gnezdo to be killed by Chris and Piers before they move on to the harbor, close on Ada’s heels. They come under attack by many mutant J’avo and another attack chopper, but come out on top in the end and make it to the research facility that Ada’s clone has retreated to. Chris takes an impulsive shot at Ada and alerts her to his presence, along with Leon and Helena who seem to be on the same trail. Chris comes out on top in an impromptu race and breaks through security to chase her down and corner her before he finally meets Leon with his knuckles. The two eventually recognize each other, having never met personally before, but Ada is able to take advantage of the situation and escape. With Leon’s words, Chris finally clears his head and goes after Ada in a vehicle chase throughout China all the way to the harbor where she boards an aircraft carrier of unknown origins…

It’s been a while but we’re finally back in action with Chris and this chapter is all serious and funny at the same time, I loved how good it went, especially at the end where I only caught a few things in post and realized how close I was to dying and so forth. Thanks to the suggestions last week for music I was able to make that ending much better. If I was just left to myself I don’t think it would nearly have been as silly but awesome at the same time. I do have a story about that final part, actually.

There’s a part where I was playing co-op as Piers and when the time came for Piers and Chris to switch seats in the car, for some reason the gun turret kept firing infinitely and Chris never got up from the gun to take the wheel, and then Piers started phasing in with a frozen Chris model (This all happened because of a weird lag spike) and the car was being driven by nobody and all the close-up shots of Chris messing with the sticks was just empty and it looked hilarious.

Other than that you can see that Chris chapters are still meaty as ever, but in this case it was mostly due to all the cutscenes. This is easily the most cutscene heavy chapter of the game and it really pads out the time, and I will forever hate the cursed Neo-Umbrella Attack Chopper with those damn things jumping on it and shooting at me through its body! It’s just so unfair when you play as Chris the first time around and you just have no means to really do anything about it. The weapon you could really use comes right after that part.

The files aren't too special this time around, going into detail about Chris' amnesia, Finn Macauley's file, and talking about the area we start in, Poisawan, which is mis-spelled as Bosawan, and a file on the Iluzija, the snake we fight.

The big thing about this update and the coming ones is that user BottledBacon has offered to do these recap images for me and I fucking love these things It's great to have fanart in the thread, and I hope you all love his Chris as much as I do. Yes, this is all the way from Chris Ch1, the beginning of the LP when Piers was running around in a circle and not helping me while I desperately tried to crawl to the exit in the Ace of Spades!

There is also this. I didn't show off Piers at the playground but all he does is belly-slide down on the slide.


The Serbian word for "illusion" is Iluzija, the namesake of this giant snake creeping around the Chinese tenements of Poisawan. It attacks Chris' team and he gives chase, ruthlessly sacrificing the lives of his colleagues to kill this monster in his vengeance streak against Ada Wong's clone. It can camouflage itself and infiltrate tight duct work, but head on gives little fight and is eventually killed.