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Part 9: Super Spy

Blade_of_tyshalle posted:

Please use "The Evil That Men Do" as your recap music.

(30:12) What Passes For Normal In This World|YouTube

Date: June 27th, 2013.

~Ada Chapter 1 take place two days before the outbreak in Tall Oaks, placing it between the Edonia incident and the Tall Oaks outbreak. Ada Chapter 2 takes place while Leon is making his way through the cemetery and eventually ends with Ada heading to China as well. At the time Ada Chapter 2 ends, Chris begins his mission to rescue the U.N. Workers, just before Jake begins his escape from the Neo-Umbrella facility in China, and Leon has just escaped the catacombs.

-While on an undisclosed mission, Ada Wong comes across a communications device with one of her old acquaintances on the other end: Derek C. Simmons. He tells her that he has her biological data on file and wants her to go to a hijacked Navy Submarine to find something interesting. Although Ada is loathe to play into other people's hands, she knows that she cannot avoid this scenario. Using her undefined resources in the organization she is employed by, she heads under the ocean and boards the submarine, sneaking by and fighting with many Neo-Umbrella J'avo, the most dangerous form that they take who are also capable of transforming at will should the need arise. After uncovering a recording from six months ago detailing a mission to apprehend Jake Muller, who was found to possess the antibodies to the C-Virus, the whole ship goes on alert and the J'avo hunt Ada, attempting to eliminate her. What she has seen so far is odd. The entire ship was set to react to her down to her hand prints; the turrets were activated by her step and fought for her. Ada's traipse to the rescue sub goes awry and the sub is guaranteed to be scuttled, and after many death defying stunts she is able to access a torpedo and ride out of the destroyed submarine to safety, off to the United States with Derek's words still taunting her at every turn...

Blade_of_tyshalle posted:

Great choice of music in the recap, Lunethex

(34:49) Catacomb Royale|YouTube (Deborah)

The video on YouTube is blocked in some countries, but there's no telling which ones. If you can't view it use Chrome (or Firefox with a plugin) to download the video from this Mega link.

(0:54) Files and Figures (Ada Chapter 1 and 2)|YouTube
*I did not show Ada's clone's figure because it reveals her name and that would be spoilers for now. We will see it later. In all honesty it's just a different costume, there's not much to see there, but god damnit why does Ada's figure have Sherry's triple shot gun? That would have been so much better to have over a Mac 10, or at least a silenced pistol of some kind!
**Definitely want to check out these files too, there's a lot of info here as well as some info on the new Gnezdo transformation seen in this update. One of the files goes into detail on Ada and reveals a small fact that she knew Derek all the way back during the Raccoon City Incident for one! There is also a report that is no doubt from Ada's clone to Simmons and more. We learn a few things about the missile strike ordered on Raccoon and what relation Derek has to Ada, and we get hints at why he did what he did!

-Arriving in Tall Oaks to find the town overwrought by the C-Virus, Ada Wong spies Leon heading into the cemetery and drops down for her own investigation, taking a much different path through the crypts than he did. Encountering waves of puzzles and zombies, along with plenty of traps she is able to put together the Simmons Family Crest and enter the primitive altar, there finding Leon and Helena with Deborah, Helena's sister, and firing her crossbow at the chrysalid mutant. They work together and eventually part ways, with Ada receiving another call from Simmons who tells her to head up to the lab that Leon and Helena had just made their way through. However, her trip through these labs is much different than what Leon encountered, with more whoppers and even Napads hatching to block her path. Thankfully the battle is short and easy won, and she discovers the truth of the matter: she was cloned with the C-Virus. With this knowledge in mind, she exposes the one calling under Simmons' guise and then gives Derek himself a call, and thus, the race is on and China will be the stage of this perverted tryst...

Well this took a long time, so since I wasted a week I present a double feature! I've got the rest of the chapters planned out and the quality should increase some more. Thank you to all who watch as usual! I'm sure you'll get a kick out of chapter 2 as well.

With this update marks the big intersection of the game: everybody is in China at the same time in their next chapters, and pretty much all characters are going to meet each other, so it made picking my next chapter a little harder because it can go any way now that we've seen everyone's prelude up to this point, but you know what, Chris hasn't gotten any love and he deserves to be the next update, so Chris Chapter 3 will be next week! And there are plenty of great moments that should build on the momentum of these two chapters, so look forward to those!

I did a bit of an experiment with Ada Chapter 2 and tried out a quick recap for the first few seconds. Let me know if it will work out for you all.

P.S. I think the 007 theme really made that scene a lot better than it could ever be in Capcom's hands
P.P.S. I wonder what that painting in the submarine was?


Ada Wong
The Chinese-American spy herself, Ada Wong has reappeared seemingly as a helping hand and as both the enemy but the one we play as is clearly the real one. She comes back with her signature Crossbow and super and vague statements.

(Throw, Head-Front) Leg Grab - Ada jumps up, grabs the victim's head and brings them down.
(Stealth, Head-Back) Head Throw - Ada mounts the victim's shoulders and uses her thighs to fling them over her body.
(Basic, Varies) Fan Kick - Ada's signature kick comes back with the widest radius of all melee moves in the game.
(Coup-de-grace) Somersault Kick - Ada steals Sheva's somersault from RE5 and uses it to destroy mutant heads.

NOTE: I forgot to do it a lot playing as Ada but using Quick-shot with her Crossbow has a lot of great animations to go along with it. All but the forward roll are changed with it equipped as well.

Quiet Python posted:

Leon: "What's going on?"
Ada: "It's complicated."
Leon: "Why would he do this?"
Ada: "Long story."
Leon: "Why are we still appearing in this franchise?"
Ada: "I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you."


This awful creature called the Gnezdo, which is Serbian for "nest," is the last of the Chrysalid mutations. It takes the form of a swarm of bugs, flies most likely, that will attack you by launching bug-made projectiles or trying to come into contact with you and swarming. The most dangerous attack it has is swarming you which is likely to kill you should your health be less than full. Outside of combat it takes the appearance of a feminine figure and slowly, silently, walks around the area, but the buzzing gives it away clear as day. Shooting the swarm will poke holes in its form and eventually bring out the queen bug, a larger insect that somehow hides within its nest and controls them. Destroying this insect is the only way to be rid of the Gnezdo. This is the most difficult to kill of the Chrysalid mutations.

I don't believe Ada's crossbow was based on anything but because it's considered a silent weapon we can at least deduced it's spring-loaded.

ADA WONG: Ammo Box 50

Some enemies are armed with MP9s. Ada Wong carries this weapon in her campaign. It holds 50 rounds. Called the "Ammo Box 50" in game. Much like in Resident Evil 4, Ada will hold this weapon from the hip. (I call it a Mac 10 all the time but I really hate this gun!)

JAKE & SHERRY, ADA WONG: Bear Commander

A composite rifle that comes with an M320 grenade launcher as standard armament. The rifle seems to resemble the DSA SA58 Para Tactical Carbine (with some visual modifications), which is a variant of the FN FAL. Unlike the "Grenade Launcher", this weapon can only use the HE grenade.


Before we end up this update I would like to talk about No Hope difficulty real quick and in the process go over how difficulty works in RE5-RE6

Lunethex posted:

Difficulty in both RE5 and RE6 is dynamic, here's a quick rundown of numbers on how RE5 works:
Amateur Difficulty - 1-3
Normal Difficulty - 4-6
Veteran Difficulty - 7-9
Professional Difficulty - 10

Depending on how well you do (which translates to just how many hits you take versus how many you don't) the difficulty either goes up or down. If you do really well and avoid damage for a while, the next hit will do a lot of damage and if you keep taking more, the difficulty drops. Professional in RE5's case just results in instant dying.

RE6 is a little different.

Amateur Difficulty 0-3
Normal Difficulty - 4-6
Veteran Difficulty - 7-9
Professional Difficulty - 10
No Hope Difficulty - 15

On Professional in RE6 you can take a little more punishment than in Veteran. As with both games, Professional numbers never change. No Hope is a completely different story. Not only are all the enemy parameters bumped up by at least 200%, you are not allowed to use skills, you do not heal on continuing if you die, and you will die in one hit easily from all but the very weakest attacks, that's why I never saw fit to really play the mode or show it off because it's more an exercise in frustration than anything. Plus, playing solo would just make some bosses impossible. I have gone through the majority of it solo however and I really don't want to do that again!