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Part 8: House of Inconsistent Horror

(41:01) Episode 8-1 - The Hunter Is The Prey|YouTube
(0:38) Episode 8-2 - Files and Figures (Jake Ch3)|YouTube

Date: June 30th, 2013

~This chapter takes place during Chris and Piers' rescue operation of the U.N. Workers at the Ace of Spades. Leon and Helena are making plans to go to China right now.

-Six months an agent and her charge were kept cooped up as human lab rats in a Neo-Umbrella research facility, they endured test after harsh test and finally took the opportunity to escape when Jake was able to rebel. After navigating through their respective detainment areas and helping each other along the way, they reunite, suit up, and look for a way out of a place they don't even know. To neither one's surprise, this being the enemy's base meant they'd be hounded every step of the way by trained, order-following J'avo soldiers dressed in suits and unfitting masks as they collected Neo-Umbrella medallions carried by certain guards and found in niches across the recreation and living quarter. After they make their way through a bizarre and luxurious set of rooms, they gather the emblems and get to the security station, where Sherry finally restores contact with her superior who also happens to be in China, and the two make their way to the exit, only to be stopped by the sudden entrance of an old tank. After escaping from it, it still is on their trail, bursting through rock walls and giving them no chance to breathe. Only after Jake commandeers a motorbike do the two finally get away from the endless horde of J'avo and into China proper...

My favorite chapter in the game and the one I think is the best outside of Jake's Ch5!

This recording took some time, and I hope it's worth the wait. After all, it's Jake & Sherry, the best campaign! This update features the appearance of the Agent Hunt mode and how badly it can mess up your game, but hey, I only came away with one spray, so it wasn't that breaking! (And fuck that tank). The files from this chapter are MUST-SEE as they go into detail about Jake and his past, as well as a strange lab report! The first three files aren't to be missed I think, but the 4th simply talks about the Strelats.

I said that I was going to compile data from but I realize that what was there were just summaries that I write out on my own every update anyway, so it's pointless to get anything from there. Not only that, I was thinking of a big bonus video with Agent Hunt highlights but I though I could just stream that instead and it wasn't worth its own video that much.

I also mentioned in the video that I would tell a quick story about that tank and what happened to me one day I was playing RE6 and at the end of the chapter you have to evade a tank for a while. The problem was that when me and my then partner got up to a walkway, he died after getting shot by the tank twice and was immediately, with no chance for any survival, was just executed by a J'avo. Ok whatever. But when we restart...all of a sudden there are no enemies on the walkway, in fact they all run down to us and just run by us and are just running into a wall and won't react to us shooting them. Also you can tell it was bugging out hardcore because there was no music even playing, and then for no reason when I stepped out into the water, out of nowhere the tank appeared and I was crushed, instantly killing me, with no warning or anything. Something like that just can't be recreated!

And, there was another glitch I managed to catch a few updates prior to this when I happened to have recording potential on. Just a small thing. Maybe if I join the DSO (Which Leon, Sherry, and even Helena are part of) I can phase through matter as well, and use the air itself as cover. Jake Chapter 3 Table Glitch|YouTube

(Also this update's teaser pic is so perfect, it happened naturally in the game and is just so fitting!)

On more side-notes, I'm rather curious about a lot of the decor in this level, especially those paintings. I'm not sure what great meaning they hold, but I can at least tell that there's a lot of Chinese zodiac going on with all the animal statues and whatnot. That bath-house was great too, it's always fun to get in a huge fight there as well.

Kerris posted:

"This love burns my body and heart like fire"

Kerris posted:

The Chinese J'avo speak Cantonese, here's some of it translated.

0:30 instead of "Keep moving" he's actually saying "Hey, what are you doing / what do you think you're doing?".
1:10 "You're definitely going to die"
3:54 "You're mine" followed by "You can't run away" (you won't get away by running)

That's archaic-poetic Chinese, reads in vertical columns from right to left on those pictures The feel of the text is a bit "off", probably written by someone who knew Chinese but didn't really get the archaic style that he/she wanted. Here's my shitty translation.

You are like water,
sometimes pounding like strong waves,
sometimes flowing like a creek

When you meet evil, you will punish it
When you meet the weak, you will help them

Your heart feels for the prosperity of the nation
Your mind thinks about leading the masses
Those are the things you'll act upon

Your proud dazzling smile
like crashing waves
Your proud steadfast belief
is how you'll live

Lunethex posted:

Let's go over Agent Hunt a bit in text! The easiest comparison to make is to Demons Souls/Dark Souls where other players can invade your game. In the case of RE6, they join as Creatures, but they have limited options. For example, Agent Hunters can never use guns or ranged attacks and whenever they are J'avo they always have the Knife or Machete. After a while, they usually start transforming into Chrysalid and their Chrysalid cannot be destroyed. Shooting their bodies in certain chapters will cause mutations dependent on the place of story.

Agent Hunters respawn forever and immediately after they die. They don't drop ammo and only, occasionally, drop a First Aid Spray, making it a great mode for farming healing items though it is unnecessary. I made myself look like a hypocrite in this chapter for good reason though

Agent Hunters can select their own Creature skills like more damage, health, stamina etc, still very limited. Their options are also completely restricted to the attacks of enemy's and have nothing distinct, letting them blend into the crowd. Except that doesn't really help because most of them start charging at you and strafing regardless of where they are, few people actually show a little tact and hide.

Lag also plays a major part in these games and it's just Japanese people playing now (at least on PS3) so be careful and remember that wherever a model is and it's shot, it WILL ALWAYS register that damage. Sometimes it's possible for people to cheat and become an invincible strelats due to lag, but this is rare and almost never happens. There's not much depth to it outside of the fact it gives other players the option to try and use the levels against you, and you don't gain anything for winning as an Agent Hunter, instead, you just help the Agent players themselves get free full-healing items.

Oh Boy

I took these pics on my phone way before this update. First pic is self-explanatory, 2nd pic is someone who lagged while transforming into a Strelats and they were a disembodied black head of a Strelats. Was hilarious!


This centipede-like mutation is capable of spitting white web-like slime at you, fitting to their namesake "Sluz," which is Serbian for "Slime." This slime will stick you in place. While trapped you are still able to fire albeit at a limited radius. It's hard to break out without the use of the skill "Breakout" but thankfully they have to pick a zone to spray and once they start charging up they can't move. While spraying web their weak-point, an orb at the back of their heads, is raised even higher, just tempting you to shoot it. A few shots from even a handgun can bring them down, but you can also counter their web attack. Beware of sludge they spit out as well which comes with very little warning.


"Dim" is Serbian for "smoke." This transformation fires out a red dart that explodes into a crimson fog that blinds you in the same way the Telo-Magla does. Utterly incapable of fighting, it is easily killed by shooting the red spherical objects on the back of its head, much like the Sluz.


The Noga-Skakanje is a jumping mutation capable of powerful kicks and has a deceptively weak attack. (If you are behind it, it does a back kick which does at least half your health even with Defense 3. Obvious dev oversight on balance.) It jumps around, can scale tall buildings in an instant, and is still capable of using firearms and melee weapons to attack you. Sliding into their legs will knock them over for quick head stomps, but if you are a male character, you can also elbow them for coup-de-grace. Their weak-spot is under their abdomens, a bright sac that when shot will down the Skakanje in only 1 or 2 shots.