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Part 7: Why and How?

(40:46) Episode 7-1 – Anger|YouTube
(1:01) Episode 7-2 – Files and Figures (Leon and Helena Ch3)|YouTube

~This is an important moment in the story. At the end of this chapter, Chris Chapter 1 actually begins and he enters China. Leon and Helena make preparations to go to China as well, and not only that, Jake is preparing to enter China too.

-After a conversation with the National Security Advisor, Derek C. Simmons, Leon and Helena enter into the crypts underneath the Tall Oaks laboratory that belongs to the Family, which is an organization seemingly run by Simmons and the one Ada alluded to controlling the entire country. Their ordeal is laced with booby traps and zombies doing their best to bar their path, Ada’s gift prior to this trek proves invaluable to their progress. After making their way through the catacombs they fall into another trap, ending up in a massive hollow cave filled with water where they are perched atop a precarious set of precipices. As they escape from a horde of dynamite-strapped zombies, a flood traps them underwater where a mutated shark makes its home, and after thinking themselves safe, they are beset by the monster and barely manage to repel it, only to be attacked once again and finally making it out, only to find that no matter what they might have done earlier, Simmons’ plans had included evidence removal as well…

Update was fairly standard, but I also discovered some new things and it made me all the more excited. The next update is going to be my favorite chapter in the whole game! It just keeps getting better from here. I know I shouldn’t say these things but this chapter is easily forgettable in the grand scheme of things, however, what’s there is definitely worth watching I think!

I really wish I could fancify the LP a bit more with some banner images but I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to image work like that. Also, first update without a bonus reel, not likely to see much more in the future. I'm really glad everybody's digging the LP so far, too! All the posts I've seen so far are really the reason I get so disappointed when I have to postpone it. I'm being honest when I say that I enjoy contributing things that people enjoy, it's that simple for me, and I can guarantee you that my enthusiasm hasn't died down one bit, especially as we're getting to the mid-game now and even I'm impatient to get to the amazing moments later on that I'm absolutely positive nobody else has captured or done justice with.

The files for this chapter are fairly important and are worth reading. They discuss Helena Harper and her sister Deborah, as well as give some backstory on the area we're visiting, the crypts. We've discussed so far what Helena and Deborah are like but this goes into a little bit more detail and if you are trying to keep a full image of the characters, then this is definitely something to check out.

This chapter also features the notorious reveal of an old friend that Chris once knew, he stopped in with his brother to say hi to Leon before getting the hell outta there.

Ok, so, this is something I've neglected throughout the LP is to use Leon's Akimbo Gunkata style. With both pistols equipped his Quick-shot is changed to feature him firing up to 5 times and looking like a total cowboy doing it. It consumes a bit of stamina but is good for pushing enemies back. The damage however is mediocre. When an enemy is on the ground, Leon fires both guns at once at them. After initiating the Quick-shot, hold L1 and just tap R1 to shoot wildly!

The Hydra in this game does much less damage and it really lacks the impact it had in RE5, however its best usage lies in being Quick-shot. Use Quickshot then just keep pressing R1. At the end of the three-shot combo, Helena automatically reloads all the shells at once. She's quite the stunt woman and the animations all look awesome and she is very well protected from damage doing this.

Using the Assault Rifle RN changes your Basic Melee hit to stabbing the enemy with the Bayonet on the rifle. Your ground strike is replaced by stabbing the bayonet into them as well. Not only that, your basic R1 melee combo is replaced with a rifle butt and a bayonet slash. It does a little more damage but all of these attacks are slow and leave you vulnerable.

Barf Wight posted:

I can't loop gifs worth a damn so you'll have to settle for gifs as good as Leons swimming.

He sure doesn't move much, even with all that paddling.

Blastinus posted:

For comparison, here's how fast Leon could go in RE4:

Maybe he's just gotten old.


This mutated shark whose namesake is Serbian for "rapids" is a creature living in the vast underground terrain feeding on rotten corpses and waiting for the rarity of live prey. With conventional weapons it is unstoppable, and it is always on your tail when you least expect it. It waits and watches for the moment to strike...

Time for more Gun talk!

LEON: Wing Shooter

The "Wing Shooter" is the handgun(s) used by Leon in his campaign, adding to the long line of Frankenstein guns in the Resident Evil universe. It seems to be a combination of the H&K VP70 and Walther P5, but longer than both. Leon is capable of dual-wielding this pistol which can be toggled by using the alt-fire command. When using it during quick shot, Leon will alternate firing each weapon left and right. He carries the second pistol at the start of his campaign and can be toggled on the fly. Has a magazine capacity of 18 rounds.

HELENA: Picador

Helena's primary sidearm appears to be a Steyr M9. Ada Wong is also briefly seen with one in the opening cutscene of her campaign, however she never uses it in-game. The Imposter Ada also wields one in her brief tag-along section in Chris' campaign. Oddly, it also appears in Chris' holster, even though the gun he pulls out is a "Nine-oh-Nine". The M9 named "Picador" in-game and holds 16 rounds in the magazine.


The fictional, triple-barreled Hydra shotgun from Resident Evil 5 makes a return. Helena carries this weapon at the start of Leon's campaign. However, it doesn't fire 12 gauge rounds like the regular shotgun or assault shotgun, but rather, specialized 10 gauge rounds that are hard to find. When firing quick shots, Helena will dodge acrobatically in the direction of her target, allowing her to both obliterate the target if close enough and dodging other enemy attacks.

LEON & HELENA: Shotgun

A pump-action shotgun that resembles the Ithaca 37 makes an appearance with pistol grip, wooden pump, a heat shield/rails combo and red-dot sight.

LEON & HELENA: Assault Rifle RN

A rifle most closely resembling the AEK-971 is also usable. Outfitted with a bayonet and side-folding stock. Listed in-game as the "Assault Rifle RN"


A sniper rifle that appears to be based on the Remington MSR is seen being used in this game. It holds five rounds and fires in semi automatic.

Leon's Anger knows no bounds

Hmmm, I swear something was off here...