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Part 6: The Boob Chapter (NWS)

Very NSFW! Lots of nudity and women covered in slime, even self-fondling.

(33:27) Episode 6-1 p1 – The Zog Graveyard|YouTube

(26:18) Episode 6-1 p2 – Of Slime and Women|YouTube

(4:24) Episode 6-2 – Bonus Reel 6 (Opening all the cells)|YouTube
(0:40) Episode 6-3 – Files and Figures (Leon and Helena Ch2)|YouTube

~This chapter takes place immediately after Leon Chapter 1, and the duo find themselves closer to their goal: the cathedral. Again, nothing else happens concurrently with this until near the end.

-After learning of Neo-Umbrella’s claim to the attack on Tall Oaks, Leon and Helena find themselves again in deep after their bus swerves off the road and then knocked down the hill into the cathedral’s cemetery. After a slog through the rain-slick road they navigate through a series of crypts and find themselves at the front door to the cathedral. Although one of the survivors was adamant about preventing their entry, they hold off an oncoming zombie swarm long enough to get inside. Once inside, Helena and Leon work together to uncover the secret entrance to an underground laboratory within. However, after the door is opened a hideous monster that also carries the C-Virus within it emerges and eradicates the survivors, and the two have no choice but to press onwards. The lab itself seems to be very old, even still using VHS tapes for information storage, and after Helena strings Leon along looking for a woman named Deborah, he finds a tape that shows his flame Ada Wong emerging from a Chrysalid cocoon, leaving him stunned and unable to comprehend his situation.

-The two work their way through the rest of the lab and drop down to a primitive altar where Helena finds Deborah lying there seemingly fine but exhausted. After making their way down a few levels, Deborah suddenly combusts and becomes a cocoon, thereby hatching into a B.O.W. herself to Helena’s dismay. Ada Wong herself makes an appearance by shooting Deborah with her crossbow, and the three work together to bring Deborah down, only for Ada to leave a cryptic hint at the end for Leon…

I did say before that this chapter was the longest in the game and it is, but I made it look short by avoiding a lot of the elements. It’s easily one of the more tedious and unmemorable chapters, for me anyway, save for the key plot elements, and at average, even for me on my first time, everybody takes 2 hours to beat it, but in my case I was just wandering around all the time. That forced boss fight halfway through undoubtedly led to many deaths for a lot of people. We're introduced to our main villains, we find out some new intel, and there's just a lot to see, so it's definitely not to be missed!

The files generally talk about things we already know, like who Ingrid Hunnigan is and Leon's history with Raccoon City. The most important file is the third one, which talks about Derek Simmons, the National Security Advisor and how he is behind the underground lab we visit, and how he has a connection to the C-Virus. The 4th file talks about the new boss we see, Lepotitsa.

Hope you enjoy! Next up will be Leon Chapter 3.

SatansBestBuddy posted:


I am drowning in stupidity and explosions every time I watch these videos. Jesus.

Lunethex posted:

Move out
Fall Back
Good job/praise

Every character usually says something unique with each one, and it also changes depending on their tone of voice.

Jake (Move out)
Go and get 'em! (Normal voice)
Kill 'em all!" (Tense/action)


See this video: Resident Evil 6 Character Speeches

Beware, a lot of what they say there isn't actually what you can say in the game like "Ok let's move" or "Good, you're still alive." Some phrases can be really confusing as well and most people probably don't understand some because they are pretty vague, and later on when I get into Ada's campaign you'll see what I mean.


Ada Wong
The Chinese-American spy herself, Ada Wong has reappeared seemingly as a helping hand and as both the enemy, but like she says: it's complicated.

Derek C. Simmons
The National Security Advisor of the United States is a man of dubious personality and even darker, hidden intentions. His role in the story to come is still a mystery, but he seems to have longstanding connections with many of the elements in the world of Resident Evil...


This disgusting porous creature reminiscent of when Frylock grafted Carl's head to a body made entirely of eyeballs is responsible for spreading the C-Virus across Tall Oaks. Simply by moving around the cerulean gas squirts from its body endlessly, immediately killing and reanimating any person it touches into a C-Virus Zombie. Extremely hard to kill, fast and mobile, this dangerous enemy needs to be taken down fast and hard. Ironically, its namesake is the Serbian term for "feminine beauty."

Phone picture coming up. Somehow when I joined this guy's game I was trapped in this room as Helena with no way to get out. Damnit, Capcom!