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Part 4: Father's Legacies

(36:14) Episode 4-1 - I Get It Ok, Relax!|YouTube
(1:22) Episode 4-2 - Bonus Reel: Killing The AI With Bad Advice|YouTube
(0:38) Episode 4-3 - Files and Figures (Jake Ch2)|YouTube

Date: December 24th-25th, 2012

~This chapter takes place in the second half of the Edonia arc, exclusive to both Sherry and Jake. Their helicopter ride given by the BSAA is lost and they fall into the mountains. This chapter marks the end of Chris & Jake's preludes to China.

-After surviving their descent from heaven when their parachute was torn by helicopter debris, Jake and Sherry barely recover from the ordeal, although Sherry is seemingly critically wounded from the drop. After removing the metal from her torso, she regenerates from her grievous injury in only a few seconds, prompting much surprise from Jake. After realizing that most of the data on Jake was lost, the means to make a vaccine and for him to get his 50 million, the two set out into the blizzard to find the devices. J’avo hound them at every turn and new mutations seek to bury them in the icy crevasses, but despite the dangers of environment and freak alike, they gather up the devices and take shelter in an innocuous cabin, having time to share a heart-to-heart with each other for only a few minutes before the J’avo launch another assault. Because of the heavy fighting, an avalanche is caused and the two make good their escape on a pair of snowmobiles, but even at the end of a harrowing flight from darkness, there is one last indomitable obstacle in their way…

Chapter went really well, and I was beyond scared when it came to the avalanche bit, but I’m pretty happy about how this turned out! Hope you enjoy the (although fairly obvious) secret that is revealed at the end of this.

Going to try paraphrasing the files you see in the video text-wise first. Let me know if you think this is a good idea.

-The first two of the new files talk about Sherry Birkin and the G-Virus, although the text on the G-Virus is more of what abilities she has and that it affects her appearance, giving her a youthful visage even at 26-years old.

-The first file talks about how she is now working under the direct command of an unnamed presidential aide and how she was taken into the custody of the government so that they might study the virus, monitor it, and see in what ways it affected her physiology. She lived as a human guinea pig. Later on, she was offered a position as a special agent, and she accepted quickly to escape her life of imprisonment. Despite everything, her lack of experience and hellish childhood, she still believes in the good of people.

The last two files go into detail on two new enemies we’ve seen in this update, mostly enemy fluff but Capcom’s always been somewhat interesting in their files I think.

Skills: Last Shot, Firearm, Defense.
Challenge: No Counters - Succeeded.


This vulture-like creature is called the "Mesec," which is Serbian for "moon." It is a midnight black avian that takes to the skies in the mountainside and harasses its prey by swooping down and trying to grab them, then lifting them into the air and slamming them into the earth. Utterly pathetic overall as a flash grenade can instantly kill them, rendering their very being obsolete and an embarrassment to the advancement of viruses used to create the J'avo. They are the easiest mutation to kill.


This dangerous mutation known as the Smec, or spike(?) in Serbian, is an enemy best avoided and taken care of from a decent range. Their only attack is to grab you and crush you between their mandibles, which is guaranteed to be an instant kill circumstances depending. It is possible to break free but only if you have at least one health square left. Shooting the glowing core in their mouths enough will cause them to explode, but shooting it once or in the fissure on their chest will stun them, allowing you to slide into them and coup de grace.


This horrific looking mutation causes a J'avo to go into a frenzy no matter what weapon it has, be it the claw of a Srp, the machine pistol or the machete, they will start running at you and swinging wildly and dealing even more damage than before, true to their namesake of Begunac which is "runaway" in Serbian. They are very easy to kill as long as you stay out of their warpath. Use counters for simplicity.

How about a look at the weapons we've found so far?

SHERRY: Triple Shot

Sherry's primary sidearm is called the "Triple Shot". It appears to mostly be a Frankenstein gun that appears to be based off of the Beretta 93R with elements of a SIG-Sauer P220 SL Sport. It has a red dot sight on the slide and a select-fire mode, allowing the player to alternate between single shots and three-round bursts.

JAKE & SHERRY: Elephant Killer

The Smith & Wesson Model 500 returns again. It's called "Elephant Killer" in-game.

JAKE & SHERRY: Sniper Rifle

It's a rifle likely based on or similar to a SIG-Sauer SSG 3000 or a Steyr Scout. Also I really like this gun, it has a good impact to it.