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Part 16: I can't think of a badass enough title

~Whilst I live with words, they fail me at this time~

(34:02) Episode 19-1 p1 - My Inner Wesker|YouTube

(21:09) Episode 19-1 p2 - See You Around...|YouTube
(1:37) Episode 19-2 Files and Figures: Jake Chapter 5|YouTube
(5:16) Episode 19 EX - RECORDS!|YouTube


Is it really over

(P.S: I don't know why the Ustanak was radioactive in the cutscene. In fact, that wasn't even in my original recording. When I went to get extra clips it happened. That's what happens when the shaders are borked in this game though. Also, errr, NO idea why the ending was that bright. It shouldn't have been (I had two clips of it to remove the brightness on the first half but it doesn't make sense to me. Damn you RE6 and your stupid darkness making me have to brighten the video and be unable to change it midway but that's what happened somehow. I looked at the timeline and it was set up how I wanted but yeah) so hopefully it doesn't ruin the experience

There's still more to do though! For now, I need to kick back. That editing session took about 12-14 hours (starting from the morning too) when I did it yesterday. I hope this will be worth it, and I hope a certain guy doesn't kill me for failing to deliver For what was available, I think I've brought out the most, and I hope those who voted are happy that 10 won I feel pretty elated about all this, it's great to see what this has come to. I understand I probably shouldn't be this serious about it but I think what has been done is something to be proud of because it might have made somebody's day better or shown them a game they would have never given a second glance. For this update, I continued to learn new things about the game! Funnily enough I've talked more doing this commentary than I regularly have the past years!

I planned this chapter to be the best from the very beginning, didn't know how it would turn out. But here we are, and GOD DAMN did it feel good to put this together.

There's not much to say here, it's all in the video, you must all experience it first hand! RUN! GO!

Also if Jake's new dodges looked familiar, that's because they're reused assets! Except for the backstep. Why can't Jake do that cool horizontal flip as an attack?

Oh right, files.

~The first file talks about Wesker and Jake's ignorance of his genetic inheritance. The second file claims that the U.S. government had another reason for taking Sherry into custody: Protecting her from Wesker! (I wish I knew where this was coming from). Also I love in that same file someone apparently hit "enter" too soon and it looks all out of place. Third file is about the Ustanak again, and the fourth talks about the C-Virus vaccine we've been trying to get the hell out of here for. Called the Anti-C, it's not perfect but does provide a sense of security to the world.

I have something else to say. We HAVE NOT seen all the figures yet. In fact, even on my main profile where I've done 100% of everything possible in RE6, the game still says I'm missing a bunch of figures and there's no clue how the fuck to even get them. Eventually I'm going to edit my save file and try to give myself everything. What's more is, there are a bunch unlocked which aren't even selectable on the machines so you have to scroll through to see them. Some of these mystical, fabled bottle caps of yore are kind of funny so wait for that if you want!

Speaking of endings, this one's for me.

The REShades™ have been passed on to Jake Wesker.