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Part 18: Characters & Enemies


Chris Redfield
One of the founding members of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance(BSAA), he is a legendary soldier with roots in the Raccoon City Incident. After defeating his long-time rival Albert Wesker in the mouth of a volcano and ending the threat of Uroboros, he continued his service as one of the world’s heroes and strived to prevent any more catastrophes caused by viral outbreaks.

Due to an even that happened during the Edonia outbreak, he left the BSAA and drifted around Eastern Europe for six months before being tracked down by his partner Piers Nivans and other BSAA members, taken back into the fold as Alpha Team Captain. Suffering from amnesia, he’s forced to command a new squad as he enters the burning, shattered streets of China’s Lanshiang District. Despite his condition, he still retains his convictions, and will give his life to save the innocent from the threat of bioterrorism.

Piers Nivans
A prodigy soldier who comes from a family line of commandos, he walked in his father’s image and trained as a soldier as soon as he was able to carry a gun. Eventually, Chris found him and recruited him to the BSAA based on his superior talents that could be better put elsewhere. Already having great respect for Chris, he joins.

Known as a man who never misses his target, he is the BSAA’s top sniper and, when it comes to a leadership role, thinks of all his team mates as a family instead of subordinates. Members like Piers are whom the BSAA value most, so much so they claim that the future of the Alliance is carried on the shoulders of men like him. He holds strong morals and believes that the strength of the BSAA hinges on the bonds of all its agents.

Leon S. Kennedy
An experienced government agent at the top of the food chain. He is a member of President Benford's personal group known as the DSO (Division of Security Operations), and he, like Chris, is a veteran and has seen much action since Raccoon City. Caught in the midst of another zombie nightmare, he is forced to shoot the president, his friend, to save his new partner Helena Harper, a young secret service agent and escape from the campus where the late president was to give his campaign speech, and reach the cathedral of Tall Oaks, the town hit by this latest catastrophe, in order to get to the bottom of their predicament.

Helena Harper
A Secret Service agent charged with protecting the president, she claims it was her fault that Tall Oaks, and the president, were killed. She volunteers to guide Leon to the Tall Oaks cathedral where she will apparently expose the mystery about the outbreak, and hopefully shed some light on the hidden truth.

Ingrid Hunnigan
Leon’s liaison within Field Operations Support(FOS). Having served alongside Leon for several years, she acts as a guiding hand and provides any kind of support necessary for him to make it through alive.

Sherry Birkin
Last seen free in Raccoon City, Sherry Birkin has returned seemingly as a U.S. Government Agent. She has come to Edonia to find and safeguard the mercenary Jake Muller, who has the antibodies to the new C-Virus. The world is in danger and a vaccine must be made to counter the threat, so no matter her callous partner's demands, she will make sure he gets out alive. She is naive but strong, believing that the world can be saved while Jake on the other hand acts facetious.

Jake Muller
A mercenary formerly aligned with the group "La Vita Nuova," or "A New Life," tagging along with Sherry Birkin and under the protection of the U.S. Government. He possesses the antibodies to the C-Virus and has demanded $50,000,000 for his cooperation in making a vaccine. He is strong, spry and clever with a bit of a suave side topped with an aura of cocksure indifference. His talents are unequaled in the field of martial combat, almost superhuman in nature. His services definitely shouldn't come cheap.

Ada Wong(?)
Ada is the enigmatic spy seen throughout the world of Resident Evil, but what she has to do with the Edonia incident is anyone's guess. Why she has done what she has is also a question left to be answered. All of these actions go against the nature already established for her, could she really be responsible for the C-Virus?

Ada Wong
The Chinese-American spy herself, Ada Wong has reappeared seemingly as a helping hand and as both the enemy, but like she says: it's complicated.

Derek C. Simmons
The National Security Advisor of the United States is a man of dubious personality and even darker, hidden intentions. His role in the story to come is still a mystery, but he seems to have longstanding connections with many of the elements in the world of Resident Evil...



Serbian for "demon," the J'avo are mutated people capable of regeneration and transformations based on where they take damage. They're hard to kill fairly easy to kill but have an unpredictable nature, causing chaos wherever they go. They are not limited to a single transformation, and should you fire wildly, you will soon find that they can gain more abilities and become a greater threat than before. Their transformations are separated into four categories: leg, arm, head, and torso.


This horrific looking mutation causes a J'avo to go into a frenzy no matter what weapon it has, be it the claw of a Srp, the machine pistol or the machete, they will start running at you and swinging wildly and dealing even more damage than before, true to their namesake of Begunac which is "runaway" in Serbian. They are very easy to kill as long as you stay out of their warpath. Use counters for simplicity.


This dangerous mutation known as the Smec, or spike(?) in Serbian, is an enemy best avoided and taken care of from a decent range. Their only attack is to grab you and crush you between their mandibles, which is guaranteed to be an instant kill circumstances depending. It is possible to break free but only if you have at least one health square left. Shooting the glowing core in their mouths enough will cause them to explode, but shooting it once or in the fissure on their chest will stun them, allowing you to slide into them and coup de grace.


This centipede-like mutation is capable of spitting white web-like slime at you, fitting to their namesake "Sluz," which is Serbian for "Slime." This slime will stick you in place. While trapped you are still able to fire albeit at a limited radius. It's hard to break out without the use of the skill "Breakout" but thankfully they have to pick a zone to spray and once they start charging up they can't move. While spraying web their weak-point, an orb at the back of their heads, is raised even higher, just tempting you to shoot it. A few shots from even a handgun can bring them down, but you can also counter their web attack. Beware of sludge they spit out as well which comes with very little warning.


"Dim" is Serbian for "smoke." This transformation fires out a red dart that explodes into a crimson fog that blinds you in the same way the Telo-Magla does. Utterly incapable of fighting, it is easily killed by shooting the red spherical objects on the back of its head, much like the Sluz.


Telo is the Serbian word for "body," and "magla" means aerosol or fog. Regardless, it is the most harmless of any of the J'avo's effects. Upon being shot in the torso, they will keel over and a strange set of wings or some such will sprout from their body, spraying the area with a green fog that does nothing to an agent or the J'avo's allies. Probably just unfinished and left in the game for the sake of "variety." The only danger it poses is that the J'avo will get back up, with a critical amount of health, and start running around without a shirt on which is pretty funny.


Krljust is the word for "scale," and just like the Oklop leg armor transformation, these enemies have the same resilience, although they are a much rarer variant that you may encounter only 2-3 times in the entire game that is still as easily taken out with a clean rifle headshot. However, they are almost immune to counter-attacks and melee of any kind, making them slightly more dangerous.


The Eksplozija, Serbian for "Explosion," is a gas bag maggot-like creature that waltzes around slowly and will fall to its knees when close to an enemy and let out a cry before exploding. It is very easy to avoid this and even easier to use against your enemies. Any forceful attack like a jumping kick or punch will bat the creature away and cause it to explode on impact like a living grenade. Shooting its legs will cause it to explode soon after. Shooting the top white part will do nothing without the right weapons.


Ruka is Serbian for "arm" or "hand," while Srp means "sickle." Fitting, as these types of J'avo wield a claw-like arm that doles out heavy damage, enough to knock you straight into the dying state if you are only lightly wounded. Difficult to counter, resilient to some attacks, and somewhat mobile, they should be prioritized as landing a headshot gives you a free coup-de-grace attack.


Bedem means "bulwark," "bastion," or quite literally, "wall." They can charge, hunker down, or slam their shields downward. If they happen to grow the Hvatanje's arm, they will pull you towards themselves and then smash you with the shield for an extra attack. Incredibly easy to kill however by just meleeing them once in the face and pulling off an immediately coup-de-grace. They pose very little threat to a trained agent.


"Hvatanje" means to capture or seize. This is one of the more unsettling transformations the J'avo can undertake, this agile enemy wields what appears to be a living worm-like creature from its arm. The scaly shell hides a much more dangerous aspect within, a prehensile, malleable organ with three strong talons capable of gripping a human being by the neck and dragging them through the air even out of waist-high cover. They are good at staying back from the action and are hard to evade when they launch their arm. Having a large wall of some kind between you will cause them to recoil after a failed attack. If you happen to go into a critical state, the worm-like entity can swallow you whole and digest you on the spot. Prioritize this enemy at all costs. Simply meleeing them in the face will open them up for a coup-de-grace, just like the Ruka-Bedem.


Noga is the Serbian word for "leg," and "let" means "flight." It's a flying moth-like J'avo that transforms into this state when its legs are damaged. It is extremely weak but has the ability to throw grenades rarely which deal huge damage. They can be countered and killed with a single stomp. Beware of Noga-lets that also grow a claw-like arm as well.


Trcanje is the Serbian word for "runner." Their lower half mutates into something similar to a spider when their legs are shot. They crawl on the walls, on the ceiling, and pounce very fast. Easy to counter however, but getting swarmed can lead to a quick demise. As with the Noga-Let, one stomp will kill them.


Oklop means "armor" in Serbian tongue. A more effective armor it is than the Ruka-Bedem's namesake, they are almost invulnerable to stuns of any kind. It is possible to pull off a coup de grace but it requires cooperation. They often jump in the air and flail wildly, however this attack rarely hits and should not be worried about. Overall, safe to leave alone for the most part and they do not pose much of a threat. They also have a roundhouse kick that can be countered(but I've never done it before. I'll practice that sometime and see if it does a cool animation!).


The Noga-Skakanje is a jumping mutation capable of powerful kicks and has a deceptively weak attack. (If you are behind it, it does a back kick which does at least half your health even with Defense 3. Obvious dev oversight on balance.) It jumps around, can scale tall buildings in an instant, and is still capable of using firearms and melee weapons to attack you. Sliding into their legs will knock them over for quick head stomps, but if you are a male character, you can also elbow them for coup-de-grace. Their weak-spot is under their abdomens, a bright sac that when shot will down the Skakanje in only 1 or 2 shots.


The C-Virus' namesake, these cocoons are what all J'avo eventually become, as well as anyone giving a strong dose of the C-Virus. These poor souls are beyond rescue. All one can do is wait until it hatches to kill the monster incubating in their bodies. The Chrysalid itself can be destroyed, but they take an unbelievable amount of punishment before being shattered. Do not waste your ammo, supplies, or time.


Literally, the word "Napad" means "attack." These fearsome walking tanks can deal heavy damage and move fairly quickly. They pose very little threat when you use the proper weapons however, and their weakspot is easily revealed. Under a combined assault, they fall like wheat to a scythe. They are one of four mutations that can hatch from a Chrysalid, and rank 3rd in terms of easiest to kill. They can charge at you, they can grab you, and they will punch at you wildly. Stay away unless they are dazed.


The word "strelats" seems to be a misspelling, as the proper word is "strelac," which means "archer." They are fast moving lizards that will shoot spines at you. They can also cover the ground in a semi-circle with corrosive vomit that will outright destroy you should you be cornered by it. As well, they can create a sudden smoke screen that will cause an agent to recoil and use that to either vomit their acid or get some distance. They are capable of climbing up walls, but cannot cling to them. They rank 2nd on easiest to kill.


This vulture-like creature is called the "Mesec," which is Serbian for "moon." It is a midnight black avian that takes to the skies in the mountainside and harasses its prey by swooping down and trying to grab them, then lifting them into the air and slamming them into the earth. Utterly pathetic overall as a flash grenade can instantly kill them, rendering their very being obsolete and an embarrassment to the advancement of viruses used to create the J'avo. They are the easiest mutation to kill.


This awful creature called the Gnezdo, which is Serbian for "nest," is the last of the Chrysalid mutations. It takes the form of a swarm of bugs, flies most likely, that will attack you by launching bug-made projectiles or trying to come into contact with you and swarming. The most dangerous attack it has is swarming you which is likely to kill you should your health be less than full. Outside of combat it takes the appearance of a feminine figure and slowly, silently, walks around the area, but the buzzing gives it away clear as day. Shooting the swarm will poke holes in its form and eventually bring out the queen bug, a larger insect that somehow hides within its nest and controls them. Destroying this insect is the only way to be rid of the Gnezdo. This is the most difficult to kill of the Chrysalid mutations.


It's name literally means "huge." Despite the imposing features on this monster, it is of no concern to even a rookie agent, as its attacks are easily avoided and it is easily stunned and humbled by its own spiky features. Never stay at ground level under its feet, or you will be killed instantly by its constant stomping. It can also grab you, but all it simply does is hold you and your health drains steadily. Of no threat whatsoever, interestingly...


The Serbian word for Rebellion or Uprising is Ustanak, and this hulking brute effortlessly chases after Sherry and Jake, intending to apprehend Jake for reasons unknown. Like the Nemesis that once hounded Jill Valentine, this unassailable behemoth is impossible to permanently stop, and never seems to give up. Thankfully, it lacks the ability to transform in the ways that Nemesis did, but Neo-Umbrella did not skimp on its survivability. Truly, this foe of iron flesh will pose a never-ending problem to the mercenary and the government agent assigned to protect him.


The Serbian word for "illusion" is Iluzija, the namesake of this giant snake creeping around the Chinese tenements of Poisawan. It attacks Chris' team and he gives chase, ruthlessly sacrificing the lives of his colleagues to kill this monster in his vengeance streak against Ada Wong's clone. It can camouflage itself and infiltrate tight duct work, but head on gives little fight and is eventually killed.


This freakish, nigh-immortal monster named after the Serbian word for "Murder" has a chainsaw for a hand and all of his vital organs are located right in the center of its cage of bone and flesh-rending blades. Able to instantly kill you should it get the chance, this fearsome foe has no need for stamina and will never give up should it decide on a target. It's fast, dangerous, and difficult to keep down. All firepower should be used to eliminate it quickly!


The new zombies are the same flesh-eating shamblers as ever, but with a bit of a twist. More a mixture of the T-Virus of years gone by and a rage virus, these zombies are capable of charging at you and are much more mobile than anything seen before. They can leap and crawl at imposing speeds and if they manage to grab a hold of you, will learn the folly of letting them get that close in the first place. They come with all sorts of weapons in hand or in torso, and there a variety of ways to take them out. Experiment but be cautious when dealing with a horde. To be swarmed leads to early death.

Zombie Dog

A returning enemy from the days of Raccoon, they are no different and possess the same mobility and speed. Do not let them pounce on you. Keep a distance. Fragile and weak, easy to kill.


A new type of enemy with only one method of attack: to scream at you then run away. Although the scream only stuns and doles out little damage, it will incite all the nearby zombies to leap at you, and that would be a serious problem. Aim for the glowing sack that is their neck and fire away, or if you can, knock them over. Do not let them get away to regenerate their sonic attack. If you pop their neck, then the ensuing scream will explode the heads of all nearby zombies, so they work for you just as well as they work against you.

Bloodshot Crimson Head 2.0

The Bloodshot Crimson Head 2.0 is a monster that transforms from zombies. It is easy to identify which zombies will become this fearsome foe. Look for a zombie with a head that is crimson in color and/or glowing red eyes. To shoot them in the head or just damage them in general will force the transformation, however, some with these features may not transform. They are impossible to stun and only high powered weaponry will make them kneel. Master the art of counter-attacking if you want to fell them with ease, so you do not waste your ammo trying to bring these monsters down. Aim for the torso, as that is where their heart is located.


This fat zombie is a force to be reckoned with. It has a lot of health but it can be quickly toppled with well placed shots to its leg, and both players can team up for coup de grace attacks to bring it down quickly. It can charge, grapple with you, and knock you out, but its slowness is its greatest weakness.


This disgusting porous creature reminiscent of when Frylock grafted Carl's head to a body made entirely of eyeballs is responsible for spreading the C-Virus across Tall Oaks. Simply by moving around the cerulean gas squirts from its body endlessly, immediately killing and reanimating any person it touches into a C-Virus Zombie. Extremely hard to kill, fast and mobile, this dangerous enemy needs to be taken down fast and hard. Ironically, its namesake is the Serbian term for "feminine beauty."


This mutated shark whose namesake is Serbian for "rapids" is a creature living in the vast underground terrain feeding on rotten corpses and waiting for the rarity of live prey. With conventional weapons it is unstoppable, and it is always on your tail when you least expect it. It waits and watches for the moment to strike...


This featureless creature has a malleable body capable of crawling through small, tight holes, and is capable of repairing itself if a body part is ripped off. Rasklapanje is the Serbian word for "demolish" or "dismantling," and that refers to the fact their body is easily destroyed. Even if it is, however, they will come back to life and start the chase again. Overall not very threatening if you keep your distance and keep them down, but the fact they will never stop is enough to cause constant tension. If they get close they will try to grab you and go for an instant kill. You can shoot their torso off and their hands. The hands will try to stun you in place by grabbing your face. The legs on their own can spew acid around and kick you, as well as stomp on you if you're lying down. The torsos will smack at you and jump. If you destroy all the body parts of a Rasklapanje in a certain order, there is a chance of 3,000 skill points dropping!

Throwing a fire grenade at them or hitting them with Acid grenades causes the parasite inside their exoskeleton to emerge, allowing you to damage it, but you cannot kill it permanently. On that note, these creatures are weak to fire gameplay wise, however outside of scripted events they can't really be killed.